Grandtree Arena

Grandtree Arena 巨木の戦場
Giant Tree Arena
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Grandtree Arena LA.png
Map description:
Location: Southeastern Obsidian Fieldlands
Region: Hisui
Generations: VIII
File:Hisui Grandtree Arena Map.png
Location of Grandtree Arena in Hisui.
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Grandtree Arena (Japanese: 巨木戦場 Giant Tree Battlefield) is an area located in the southeastern region of the Obsidian Fieldlands of Hisui. It lies in the deepest part of The Heartwood. It is the place where the noble Kleavor, Lord of the Woods (Japanese: キング King of the Woods), resides. Kleavor is fought here as part of Mission 7: "The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods" to calm him of his frenzy. Warden Lian of the Pearl Clan tends to Kleavor here.


The arena itself is a large, circular depression in the ground, about as deep as the height of the player. At the center of the arena, a gigantic tree stands tall, giving the arena its signature name. The tree has a wide diameter, which takes up a portion of the center of the arena, forming it into a ring. The tree has many branches full of leaves at the top, with a single dead branch jutting off the middle section of the tree. An Unown rests on this branch.


Item Location Games
  Forest Balm Obtained prior to battling Kleavor  LA 
  Insect Plate Given by Kleavor after quelling its frenzy during Mission 7: "The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods"  LA 
  Sitrus Berry ×3 Given by Irida after quelling Kleavor's frenzy in Mission 7: "The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods"  LA 
  Exp. Candy M ×3 Given by Lian after defeating Kleavor in a rematch  LA 
  Exp. Candy L Given by Lian after defeating Kleavor in a rematch without taking damage  LA 


# Pokémon Levels Time of day Weather Presence of
Fixed Alpha
123   Scyther 13-27 All All  


Unown appear after visiting Solaceon Ruins and the Unown Notes are added to the Pokédex.

# Pokémon Unown Notes Location Level
201   Unown                     On a broken branch partway up the tree 25

Noble Pokémon

Kleavor must be stunned first in order to initiate a Pokémon battle. Kleavor cannot be caught.

Mission Rematch
Bug Rock
Kleavor Lv.18
Aerial Ace
Flying Physical
Double Hit
Normal Status
Stealth Rock
Rock Physical
Air Slash
Flying Special
Bug Rock
Kleavor Lv.70
Stone Axe
Rock Physical
Air Slash
Flying Special
Bug Physical
Close Combat
Fighting Physical


Mission 7: "The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods"

In other languages

Grandtree Arena

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 巨木戰場 Geuihmuhk Jinchèuhng
Mandarin 巨木戰場 / 巨木战场 Jùmù Zhànchǎng
  French Arène du Grand Arbre
  German Baumriesenkampffeld
  Italian Arena del Colosso
  Korean 거목의 전장 Geomog-ui Jeonjang
  Spanish Arena del Gran Árbol

Lord of the Woods

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 森林王 Sāmlàhm Wòhng
Mandarin 森林王 Sēnlín Wáng
  French Roi de la Forêt
  German König des Waldes
  Italian Re delle foreste
  Korean 숲의 왕 Sup-ui Wang
  Spanish Señor de los Bosques

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