Cobalt Coastlands

Cobalt Coastlands 群青の海岸
Ultramarine Coast
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Map description:
Location: Eastern Hisui
Region: Hisui
Generations: VIII
Hisui Cobalt Coastlands Map.png
Location of Cobalt Coastlands in Hisui.
Pokémon world locations

The Cobalt Coastlands (Japanese: 群青海岸 Ultramarine Coast) are a large area in Hisui. It is home to a Noble Hisuian Arcanine and Basculegion. All Burmy that battle here will turn into their Trash Cloak form.

In the future, the Cobalt Coastlands become parts of eastern Sinnoh including the Sendoff Spring, Sunyshore City, and the Pokémon League.


Map of Cobalt Coastlands
Name Description
Beachside Camp   The starting point of expeditions, situated in the west.
Crossing Slope   A hilly region south of Beachside Camp that borders a mountainous region.
Ginkgo Landing   An expanse of shoreline that gently slopes down toward Tranquility Cove.
Aipom Hill   A hilly area with many Aipom. It is bordered by a mountainous area in the southeast, with a crevice that allows passage to Bathers' Lagoon. A valley just south of the border gives direct passage to Hideaway Bay.
Bathers' Lagoon   An area with two large lakes which are a short distance from the shoreline.
Hideaway Bay   A secluded shoreline at the southernmost part of the Cobalt Coastlands.
Deadwood Haunt   The middle portion of the Cobalt Coastland's southern peninsula with a path that runs through a forest of dead trees. Many Ghost-type Pokémon inhabit this region at night.
Coastlands Camp   A second camp set up east of Deadwood Haunt.
Tombolo Walk   A collection of three islands that sit a short distance from the southeastern shore of Sand's Reach. The islands are connected by a shallow sandbar.
Sand's Reach   The terminal end of the Cobalt Coastland's southern peninsula. It is uniquely shaped like a five-fingered hand, with five thin strips of land extending outward. A pair of stone pillars stick out from the ocean.
Tranquility Cove   An oval-shaped bay with several islands.
Castaway Shore   A rugged shoreline in the northernmost part of Tranquility Cove.
Tidal Passage   A short cave that opens from the norther and southern end of Veilstone Cape.
Windbreak Stand   An elevated section of land adjacent to Veilstone Cape.
Spring Path   A mountainous region with a lake and cave in its crater.
Turnback Cave   A cave in Spring Path where Giratina can be encountered.
Islespy Shore   The northernmost shore of the Cobalt Coastlands. It is shaped like a crescent.
Veilstone Cape   A long stretch of mountain that extends from the mainland out to the sea, isolating the southern shore of the Cobalt Coastlands from the northern shore.
Lunker's Lair   A water boundary between Tranquility Cove and the northern waters.
Seagrass Haven   An archipelago in the northern waters of the Cobalt Coastlands.
Seaside Hollow   A cavern where the Mythical sea guardians Manaphy and Phione can be encountered.
Firespit Island   An island in the northeast with a tall, skinny volcano sitting at the center of the island. Pools of impassable lava puddles simmer around the base of the volcano.
Molten Arena   Situated at the base of the central volcano of Firespit Island, the noble Arcanine, Lord of the Isles, is battled here.
Lava Dome Sanctum   A cavern inside of the volcano of Firespit Island where Heatran can be encountered.


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Overworld items

Main article: Cobalt Coastlands/Items

In brief, the following items can be found in the overworld around the Cobalt Coastlands.

Fire Stone Thunder Stone Water Stone Leaf Stone Stardust
Nugget Pecha Berry Rawst Berry Leppa Berry Oran Berry
Sitrus Berry Razz Berry Nanab Berry Pinap Berry Apricorn
Caster Fern Tumblestone Dazzling Honey Plump Beans Springy Mushroom
Wood King's Leaf Bugwort Iron Chunk Black Tumblestone
Sky Tumblestone Pop Pod Spoiled Apricorn Sticky Glob Stealth Spray
Medicinal Leek Vivichoke Pep-Up Plant Swordcap Iron Barktongue
Direshroom Poké Ball Great Ball Ultra Ball Scatter Bang
Smoke Bomb Honey Cake Grain Cake Bean Cake Mushroom Cake
Salt Cake

Lava Dome Sanctum

Main article: Lava Dome Sanctum

In brief, the following items can be found in the overworld in the Lava Dome Sanctum.

Ball of Mud


Detailed information on wild Pokémon can be found on the individual location pages.

For fixed alpha Pokémon, and Pokémon found exclusively in space-time distortions or mass outbreaks, use the following links:


  • The Cobalt Coastlands' Hisui Pokédex sublisting is the only one without Zubat or its evolutionary relatives.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 群青海岸 Kwàhnchīng Hói'ngohn
Mandarin 群青海岸 Qúnqīng Hǎi'àn
  French Côte Lazuli
  German Kobalt-Küstenland
  Italian Costa Oltremare
  Korean 군청 해안 Guncheong Haean
  Spanish Costa Cobalto

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