Icebound Falls

Icebound Falls 鬼氷滝
Glalie Falls
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Icebound Falls LA.png
Map description:
Location: Southwest Alabaster Icelands
Region: Hisui
Generations: VIII
Hisui Icebound Falls Map.png
Location of Icebound Falls in Hisui.
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Icebound Falls (Japanese: 鬼氷滝 Onigohri Falls) is an area located in the southwestern region of the Alabaster Icelands of Hisui. It is located southeast of Avalanche Slopes, south of Arena's Approach, and west of Whiteout Valley and Bonechill Wastes.


The Icebound Falls consists of a backwards J-shaped valley surrounded by steep cliffs. A tunnel at the eastern tip of the valley bores through the snowy mountain and grants passage between the valley and Bonechill Wastes. The mountain range that borders the southernmost end of the area is decorated with cliff edges that are arranged in a formation similar to a terrace, albeit much steeper and with a longer distance between edges. Some of the cliffs contain ore deposits which can be reached using Sneasler. At the center of the cliffs to the south is the area's namesake: a frozen waterfall, whose top is completely covered in snow. The now-frozen river cuts through the mountaintop, forming an elevated valley. In the middle of the lower valley is a path which leading to the Arena's Approach. The eastern part of the Icebound Falls contains the southern entrance to Hibernal Cave.


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Pokémon Levels Alpha
Time of day Weather
33-36 48-51
47-50 62-65
47-50 62-65
47-50 62-65
26-29 41-44
33-36 48-51
47-50 62-65
47-50 62-65
47-50 62-65
47-50 67-70

Fixed Alpha
Shaking trees
16-19 31-34
47-50 62-65
Shaking ore deposits
39-41 54-56
55-58 70-73
Mass outbreak
34-36 49-51
54-56 69-71
54-56 69-71
Unown Research Notes
Non-fixed alpha Pokémon do not spawn until the player quelled the frenzy of the subregion's noble.
Some of the Pokémon marked with (‡) may only spawn near the area's borders.
  1. After visiting Solaceon Ruins and the Unown Research Notes are added to the Pokédex, on a snowy ledge midway up the frozen waterfall


  • The waterfall's name in every language except for English and Italian features a pun of Glalie's name.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 冰鬼瀑 Bīnggwái Buhk
Mandarin 冰鬼瀑 Bīngguǐ Pù
  French Chute d'Oglacé
  German Firnfälle
  Italian Cascata Tuttogelo
  Korean 얼음귀신 폭포 Urumkisin Pokpo
  Spanish Cascada Glaliar

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