Ancient Retreat

Ancient Retreat 古の隠れ里
Ancient Hidden Village
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Hisui Ancient Retreat Map.png
Location of Ancient Retreat in Hisui.

The Ancient Retreat (Japanese: Ancient Hidden Village) is a small settlement in the northeastern portion of the Hisui region. The area was most likely founded by the original inhabitants of Hisui. Cogita is the only known inhabitant of the Ancient Retreat.


The Ancient Retreat is a small, secluded riverside camp which lies at the outskirts of an unnamed wooded area. The retreat is accessible from a narrow grass path that carves through a rocky hill, which leads to a river which can be crossed via a crude wooden plank bridge. The sole inhabitant, Cogita, tends to the land, with patches of gardens growing various flora spread about. A single house lies across the bridge, where Cogita resides. A crafting station and item storage box sit outside the house for the player to use.



During the climax of the story of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Cyllene's Abra teleports to the Ancient Retreat to aid the player. Abra can transfer Pokémon to and from the pastures of Jubilife Village. After the player is able to return to Jubilife Village, Cyllene's Abra vanishes.

When the player first meets Abra at the Ancient Retreat, it holds a letter from Cyllene addressed to the player:

To <player>:
You may use my Pokémon as a go-between to
access the pastures in Jubilife Village.

I've also ensured that you'll be able to utilize
our base camps without issue.

I have every confidence in your ability as an
adept Survey Corps member to bring this bizarre
situation under control promptly.

Survey Corps Captain, Galaxy Expedition Team


In the Ancient Retreat, the player can accept the following tasks:

  • Missions:
    • Mission 14: "The Trial of Lake Verity"
    • Mission 15: "The Trial of Lake Valor"
    • Mission 16: "The Trial of Lake Acuity"
    • Mission 21: "The Plate of the Lakes"
    • Mission 22: "The Plate of the Firespit Island"
    • Mission 23: "The Plate of the Moonview Arena"
    • Mission 24: "The Plate of Snowpoint Temple"
    • Mission 25: "The Plate of Prelude Beach"
    • Mission 26: '"Seeking the Remaining Plates"
  • Requests:
    • Request 94: "Incarnate Forces of Hisui"


Item Location Games
  Pixie Plate Given by Cogita for giving her three pieces of Wood during Mission 26: "Seeking the Remaining Plates"  LA 
  Reveal Glass Given by Cogita for completing all Pokédex entries for the Forces of Nature during Request 94: "Incarnate Forces of Hisui"  LA 


  • The Ancient Retreat could possibly expand to be Celestic Town in the modern day:
    • Celestic Town is at a similar position to the Ancient Retreat.
    • Celestic Town is said to be one of the oldest towns, settled when Sinnoh was first created.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 古昔隱居地 Gúsīk Yángēuideih
Mandarin 古昔隱居地 / 古昔隐居地 Gǔxí Yǐnjūdì / Gǔxī Yǐnjūdì
  French Hameau Oublié
  German Uralte Siedlung
  Italian Dimora Remota
  Korean 숨겨진 옛마을 Sumgeojin Yenmaeul
  Spanish Antigua Aldea Oculta

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