Crossing Slope

Crossing Slope 渡りのなぞえ
Crossing Slope
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Map description:
Location: West Cobalt Coastlands
Region: Hisui
Generations: VIII
File:Hisui Crossing Slope Map.png
Location of Crossing Slope in Hisui.
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Crossing Slope (Japanese: りのなぞえ Crossing Slope) is an area located in the western region of the Cobalt Coastlands of Hisui. It is located just to the east of the Beachside Camp and to the west of Ginkgo Landing.


Crossing Slope is a hilly regionn of land that borders a mountainous region to the far west. A passageway through the mountain, which contains the Beachside Camp, opens out into the center of the area, overlooking the shoreline of Ginkgo Landing and the waters of Tranquility Cove below. The path leading toward the shore from the camp is unobstructed by trees and gently slopes downward. The hills on either side of the path are steeper and terrace-like. The highest part of the hill extends to the southeast, terminating above warden Iscan's house on Aipom Hill. The flora here is an even mix of evergreen and brightly-colored trees.


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Pokémon Levels Alpha
Time of day Weather
27-30 42-45
27-30 42-45
27-30 42-45
27-30 42-45
38-41 53-56
In the air
10-13 25-28
27-30 42-45
27-30 42-45
24-27 39-42
28-31 43-46
Shaking trees
16-19 31-34
27-30 42-45
Shaking ore deposits
21-24 36-39
27-30 42-45
Mass outbreak
27-29 42-44
30-32 45-47
Space-time distortions
30-58 45-73
30-58 50-78
30-58 45-73
30-58 45-73
42-70 57-85
30-58 50-78
30-58 45-73
30-58 45-73
30-58 45-73
34-62 49-77
30-58 45-73
35-63 50-78
42-70 62-90
Non-fixed alpha Pokémon do not spawn until the player quelled the frenzy of the subregion's noble.
Some of the Pokémon marked with (‡) may only spawn near the area's borders.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 通海坡 Tūnghói Bō
Mandarin 通海坡 Tōnghǎi Pō
  French Coteau du Passage
  German Übergangshang
  Italian Clivo del Passaggio
  Korean 건넘의 비탈 Geonneom-ui Bital
  Spanish Paso Costanero

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