Avalugg's Legacy

Avalugg's Legacy クレベース氷塊
Crebase Iceblock
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Avalugg's Legacy.png
Map description:
Location: Central Alabaster Icelands
Region: Hisui
Generations: VIII
File:Hisui Avalugg's Legacy Map.png
Location of Avalugg's Legacy in Hisui.
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Avalugg's Legacy (Japanese: クレベース氷塊 Crebase Iceblock) is an area located at the heart of the Alabaster Icelands of Hisui. It is situated south of Lake Acuity and north of Bonechill Wastes. The Icepeak Camp is permanently established in the northwestern section of the area after completing Request 78: "Setting Up the Icepeak Camp", near the base of Glacier Terrace.


Avalugg's Legacy is a collection of glacial structures that have been embedded into the ground. The site consists of a large, conical central glacier surrounded by smaller glaciers of various shapes, with some taking the shape of ramps and others the shape of thin spires. Additional ice formations lie at the top of the central glacier which contain Eternal Ice, a favorite of the noble Avalugg of the region. The glaciers are unable to be scaled by Sneasler, requiring the use of Braviary to access the top of some of them.


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Item Location Games
  Eternal Ice At the top of the tallest ice formation (requires Braviary)  LA 


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# Pokémon Levels Time of day Weather Presence of
Fixed Alpha
133   Eevee 21-62 All All
215   Sneasel
Hisuian Form
24-56 All All
220   Swinub 20-47 All All
221   Piloswine 20-50 All All
361   Snorunt 21-41 All All
362   Glalie 45-65 All All
399   Bidoof 11-14 All All
400   Bibarel 11-54 All All
425   Drifloon 11-27 Night All
426   Drifblim 11-56 Night All
459   Snover 24-39 All All
460   Abomasnow 24-56 All All  
473   Mamoswine 52-54 All All  
478   Froslass 45-62 Night All
712   Bergmite 21-36 All All
713   Avalugg
Hisuian Form
21-53 All All


Unown appear after visiting Solaceon Ruins and the Unown Notes are added to the Pokédex.

# Pokémon Unown Notes Location Level
201   Unown                        
On a glacial structure northeast of the tallest glacier 25

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 冰岩塊 Bīngngàahmfaai
Mandarin 冰岩塊 / 冰岩块 Bīngyánkuài
  French Glacier Séracrawl
  German Arktilas-Eisblock
  Italian Blocchi d'Avalugg
  Korean 크레베이스 빙괴 Crebase Binggoe
  Spanish Témpano Avalugg

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