Stone Portal

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Stone Portal 岩の門
Stone Portal
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Map description:
Location: North Coronet Highlands
Region: Hisui
Generations: VIII
File:Hisui Stone Portal Map.png
Location of Stone Portal in Hisui.
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Stone Portal (Japanese: Rock Gate) is an area located in the northern region of the Coronet Highlands of Hisui. It is found between the Cloudcap Pass and the Temple of Sinnoh.

The entrance to the Stone Portal is initially blocked by a Galaxy Team member. The player is allowed access into the area during Mission 17: "Atop Mount Coronet", where they must pass through to confront Commander Kamado at the space-time rift. Upon their first arrival, the player's path is obstructed by Beni, much to the player's surprise. Beni challenges the player to battle by word of Kamado. After being defeated, Beni acknowledges his respect for the player's skills, and allows them passage.


As depicted in the game

The Stone Portal is a path that acts as the final checkpoint that connects to the Temple of Sinnoh. It has two sets of slopes, with a flat area between the two. There is an ancient drawing inside the cave, depicting multiple Legendary Pokémon.


In Mission 18: "The Counterpart", Volo will act as a temporary shopkeeper in the Stone Portal before confronting Dialga or Palkia. Volo will not be available to purchase items from after completing the mission.

  Poké Ball
  Great Ball
  Ultra Ball
  Super Potion
  Hyper Potion
  Max Potion
  Full Restore
  Full Heal
  Max Revive


Item Location Games
  Iron Chunk ×4 Found along the path  LA 


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 岩門 Ngàahmmùhn
Mandarin 岩門 / 岩门 Yánmén
  French Porte de Pierre
  German Steinpforte
  Italian Porta di Roccia
  Korean 바위의 문 Bawi-ui Mun
  Spanish Umbral Pétreo

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