Grueling Grove

Grueling Grove 険し林
Grueling Grove
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Grueling Grove LA.png
Map description:
Location: Northeast Obsidian Fieldlands
Region: Hisui
Generations: VIII
File:Hisui Grueling Grove Map.png
Location of Grueling Grove in Hisui.
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Grueling Grove (Japanese: Grueling Grove) is an area located in the northeastern region of the Obsidian Fieldlands of Hisui. It lies to the east of Horseshoe Plains and north of Worn Bridge. It is home to an alpha Vespiquen, which plays a role in Mission 20: "The Researcher of Myths".


The grove is a patch of land adjacent to a river in the northeastern Obsidian Fieldlands. A U-shaped lake sits in the middle of the grove. A small lake resides in the deepest part of the grove; it has a small island in the middle, with a single tree in which an Unown hides.


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Item Location Games
  Stone Plate Obtained after defeating or catching the alpha Vespiquen during Mission 20: "The Researcher of Myths"  LA 


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# Pokémon Levels Time of day Weather Presence of
Fixed Alpha
214   Heracross 30 Morning
267   Beautifly 13-24 Morning
269   Dustox 13-24 Night All
412   Burmy
Plant Cloak
? All All
413   Wormadam
Plant Cloak
? All All
414   Mothim 15-18 All All
415   Combee 6-20 All All
416   Vespiquen* 60 All All  


Unown appear after visiting Solaceon Ruins and the Unown Notes are added to the Pokédex.

# Pokémon Unown Notes Location Level
201   Unown               
Nestled in the tree in the pond 25

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 險林 Hím Làhm
Mandarin 險林 / 险林 Xiǎn Lín
  French Bocage Agité
  German Strapazenhain
  Italian Bosco Ostico
  Korean 험한 숲 Heomhan Sup
  Spanish Foresta Funesta

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