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テル Teru
Legends Arceus Rei.png
Art from Legends: Arceus
Gender Male
Eye color Black*, Light blue*
Hair color Slate gray*, Blonde*, Black*
Hometown Jubilife Village
Region Hisui
Unknown (as player character)
Trainer class The Survey Corps'
Generation VIII
Games Legends: Arceus
Member of Galaxy Team
Rank Member, Survey Corps
English voice actor Tatsuya Katono
Japanese voice actor Tatsuya Katono
Anime cameos JNS04

Rei (Japanese: テル Teru) is the male player character of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and acts as a non-playable character in the same game if the player chooses to play as his female counterpart, Akari. He is a member of the Galaxy Team's Survey Corps. Along with Akari, he's the only Trainer to use the Trainer class The Survey Corps' (Japanese: ちょうさたい).

He bears a striking resemblance to Lucas of the modern day, but the relationship between the two, if any, is unknown.

In the core series

As the protagonist

Rei finds himself in a strange void and is sent back in time to Hisui by Arceus, who tasks him with seeking out all Pokémon and transforms his smartphone into the Arc Phone. A stranger to the land and wearing odd clothes, he meets Professor Laventon, who invites him to join the Galaxy Team Survey Corps of Jubilife Village as a way of obtaining food and shelter. The Survey Corps also wish to fill out the Pokédex, and so, after proving himself worthy, Rei is admitted into their ranks.

As part of his duties, he is commanded by Kamado to seek out the recently frenzied Noble Pokémon and quell their frenzy. After all of them are quelled, the rift in the sky that caused the frenzies expands even further. As such, Commander Kamado banishes Rei from Jubilife Village on suspicion. He meets with Cogita and the merchant Volo, and with their guidance seeks out the lake guardians to obtain the Red Chain. While the Chain fails to work as planned, Rei is still able to catch both Dialga and Palkia, one of which is caught with the Origin Ball crafted from the Red Chain, causing the rift to disappear.

Afterwards, Rei collects the Plates with Volo and Cogita's help. Once 17 of the 18 Plates have been collected, Rei meets with Volo atop Mount Coronet, where it is revealed that Volo's consorting with Giratina was the cause of the rift. He attacks Rei in an attempt to take the Plates for himself. After being defeated, he gives Rei the final Plate, the Spooky Plate, allowing Rei to obtain the Azure Flute.

Once Rei has completed the Pokédex, he returns to the summit of Mount Coronet and plays the Azure Flute, revealing a glowing stairway that leads him to the Hall of Origin, where Arceus challenges him. After being defeated, Arceus grants Rei a fragment of itself and the Legend Plate.

As a non-playable character

Rei works as Professor Laventon's assistant, helping to teach the player how to catch Pokémon and how crafting works. Each time the player completes a mission, he joins the Professor and the player for some potato mochi. During the game's climax, he assists the Professor in crafting the Origin Ball.


First battle

Second battle

Pikachu has effort level 1 in all its stats.

Third battle

Pikachu has effort level 1 in all its stats.

Fourth battle (Version 1.1.0 onwards)

All of Rei's Pokémon have effort level 5 in their stats, except for Pikachu which instead has effort level 7.

  If the player chose Rowlet:

  If the player chose Cyndaquil:

  If the player chose Oshawott:

Before Request 98

Pikachu has effort level 3 in all its stats.

After Request 98 (Version 1.1.0+)

  If the player chose Rowlet:

  If the player chose Cyndaquil:

  If the player chose Oshawott:


Key artwork from Legends: Arceus Artwork at a base camp from Legends: Arceus Artwork conducting research from Legends: Arceus Concept art of Rei and Akari from Legends: Arceus


Choosing the player's appearance
at the beginning of Legends: Arceus

In the anime

Rei in the anime

Rei appeared in JNS04, where he was seen crafting a Hisuian Poké Ball before setting off on a journey.



  • As the player, while taking him in as a member of the Galaxy Team's Survey Corps, Cyllene guesses that Rei is "15 or so".[1]


Language Name Origin
Japanese テル Teru From 照る teru (to shine)
English Rei From ray
German Lumius From lūmen (Latin for light)
Spanish Luka From lux (Latin for light) or λευκός leukós (Ancient Greek for bright)
French Aurel From aurore (dawn) or aurum (Latin for gold, luster), similar to Aurore.
Italian Luca From luce (light)
Korean 영빈 Yeongbin From 영 (映) yeong (shine) and 빈 (彬) bin (shine) or 빛나다 binnada (to shine)
Chinese (Mandarin) 明耀 Míngyào From 明 míng / mìhng (bright) and 耀 yào / yiuh (shine)
Chinese (Cantonese) 明耀 Mìhngyiuh
Russian Рей Transcription of his English name


  1. Cyllene: "Hmm. You look to be 15 or so. Quite old enough to work for your keep." (Emphasis added.)

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