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This article is about the base camps in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. For the base camp in Pokémon Quest, see Base camp (Quest).

Base camps (Japanese: ベースキャンプ base camp) are locations established by the Galaxy Team Survey Corps throughout the Hisui region. They serve as hubs for which the player begin survey expeditions from, and they also act as checkpoints for fast-travel. Members of the Galaxy Team provide services for the player to use at each location. They serve as areas for the player to heal their party, access their pastures, as well as purchase, sell, store, and craft items.

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List of base camps

Obsidian Fieldlands

Name Picture Location Description
Fieldlands Camp   Northwest of Aspiration Hill
  • Accessible after starting Mission 2: "The Galaxy Team's Entry Trial"
  • Morel offers Request 6: "Mushroom Cake Marketing" here
  • Yeo offers Request 11: "The Timbre of the Fields" here
  • Medi offers Request 92: "A Token of Gratitude" here*
  • Mai offers Request 95: "A New Anomaly" here
Heights Camp   In the center of Deertrack Heights
  • Established after completing Mission 5: "A Request from Mai"
  • The Balloon Race NPC offers Request 15: "Balloon Race in the Fieldlands" here

Crimson Mirelands

Name Picture Location Description
Mirelands Camp   Northwest of the Golden Lowlands
  • Accessible after starting Mission 8: "Arezu's Predicament"
  • The player receives the Unown Notes from Professor Laventon here
  • Berra offers Request 30: "A Beautiful Rose..." here
  • Ren offers Request 35: "Battling with Pachirisu" here
Bogbound Camp   North of the Sludge Mound and south of the Scarlet Bog
  • Established after completing Request 31: "Setting Up the Bogbound Camp"
  • Odo offers Request 36: "Watering with Care" here
  • Yojiro offers Request 40: "The Charm Lost in the Swamp" here

Cobalt Coastlands

Name Picture Location Description
Beachside Camp   West of Crossing Slope
  • Accessible after starting Mission 10: "The Lordless Island"
Coastlands Camp   In the center of Sand's Reach
  • Established after completing Request 46: "Setting Up the Coastlands Camp"
  • The Balloon Race NPC offers Request 47: "Balloon Race in the Coastlands" here

Coronet Highlands

Name Picture Location Description
Highlands Camp   Southeast of Heavenward Lookout
  • Accessible after starting Mission 11: "Scaling Perilous Heights"
  • Gully offers Request 68: "A Nosepass to Guide the Way" here
Mountain Camp   South of Lonely Spring and east of Sonorous Path
  • Established after completing Request 65: "Setting Up the Mountain Camp"
Summit Camp   North of Sacred Plaza and east of Moonview Arena
  • Established after starting Mission 17: "Atop Mount Coronet"
  • Mission 18: "The Counterpart" is received here
  • The Balloon Race NPC offers Request 105: "The Ultimate Balloon Race" here

Alabaster Icelands

Name Picture Location Description
Snowfields Camp   South of Whiteout Valley
  • Accessible after starting Mission 12: "The Slumbering Lord of the Tundra"
  • Pippa offers Request 74: "A Bit of Help from Blissey" here
  • Keaka offers Request 83: "Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow" here
Icepeak Camp   Northwest of Avalugg's Legacy and southeast of Glacier Terrace
  • Established after completing Request 78: "Setting Up the Icepeak Camp"
  • The Balloon Race NPC offers Request 79: "Balloon Race in the Icelands" here
  • Brice offers Request 81: "In Search of a Fiery Pokémon" here


Each base camp shares the same set of services which the player can access.

Reporting Pokédex data

Professor Laventon appears at any base camp that the player visits. He offers to check off any new research tasks that the player completed during their expedition, as well as review any Pokémon caught. He grants the player research points with every completed research task. He will continue to give research points even if the player exceeds the points required to reach the next rank. After the report is finished, Laventon will give the player the option to return to Jubilife Village or to continue on their expedition in the area.

Starting with Mission 13: "Disaster Looming", Professor Laventon temporarily disappears from all base camps, preventing the player from reporting any new data. He returns to his usual role after receiving Mission 17: "Atop Mount Coronet".

Healing and resting

The player can either speak to the Galaxy Team member or interact with the open tent to rest. The player can choose to rest for just a little while, which causes no time to pass at all. The player can also choose to rest until morning, midday, evening, or nightfall to manually change the time. Taking a rest will fully restore the HP of all Pokémon in the player's party.


Items can be bought and sold from the Galaxy Team member stationed at the camps. The stock of the shop is the same as the stock sold by Choy in the general store in Jubilife Village. The shop inventory grows as requests from Tao Hua get completed.

Base Camp Galaxy Member
After completing Request 23
After completing Request 43
After completing Request 61
After completing Request 71


Main article: Pastures

The player can conveniently access their pastures without returning to Jubilife Village by speaking to the Galaxy Team member at any base camp.

Item storage

There is an item storage container at every base camp for the player to sort their items or move items between their satchel and item storage. Items can be moved in bulk or individually.


Every base camp has a crafting bench, allowing players to craft items from their available recipes. Unlike the Crafting Kit key item, which allows players to craft using only materials from their satchel and requires space in the satchel for the crafted items; using the crafting bench allows players to craft using materials in either their satchel or storage, and the crafted item is sent to storage if there is not room in their satchel.


As of Version 1.1.0, Mai and her Munchlax will station at base camps. Munchlax has the power to reveal all of the Pokémon in outbreaks during a massive mass outbreak in the area, at the cost of 5 Aguav Berries. The player must talk to Mai to activate this effect.

From Request 97: "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Mirelands" to Request 101: "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Icelands", Mai and Munchlax will only be stationed in the respective area corresponding to the request. After completing Request 102: "Daybreak", they can be found at any base camp.


Item Location Games
  Max Potion ×3 Summit Camp; from Volo during Mission 17: "Atop Mount Coronet"  LA 
  Candy Truffle ×3 Summit Camp; from Melli during Mission 18: "The Counterpart"  LA 
  Aguav Berry ×20 Mirelands or Bogbound Camp; from Melli during Request 97: "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Mirelands"  LA 
  Aguav Berry ×30 Snowfields or Icepeak Camp; from Lian during Request 99: "Tricky Treat Strategy"  LA 
  Spoiled Apricorn ×100 Highlands, Mountain, or Summit Camp; from Adaman during Request 100: "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Highlands"  LA 
  Ball of Mud ×100 Highlands, Mountain, or Summit Camp; from Adaman during Request 100: "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Highlands"  LA 
  Caster Fern ×100 Highlands, Mountain, or Summit Camp; from Adaman during Request 100: "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Highlands"  LA 



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In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 基地營 Gēideihyìhng
Mandarin 基地營 / 基地营 Jīdìyíng
  French Bivouac
  German Basislager
  Italian Campi base
  Korean 베이스캠프 Base camp
  Spanish Campamentos base

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