Caster Fern

The Caster Fern (Japanese: タマゼンマイ Ball Osmund) is a type of item introduced in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Caster Fern
Ball Osmund
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Caster Fern
Pokémon Legends: Arceus artwork
Introduced in Generation VIII
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In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price
LA  140  35


The following items can be crafted using the Caster Fern:


Games Description
LA A fern used for crafting items made to be thrown. When these curled leaves are unfurled, they can serve as nature’s wrapping paper.


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
LA Highlands/Mountain/Summit Camp (×100; from Adaman during Request 100: "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Highlands")
Snowfields/Icepeak Camp (×20; reward for completing Request 101: "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Icelands")
Crimson Mirelands, Cobalt Coastlands, Coronet Highlands, Alabaster Icelands (overworld items)
Crimson Mirelands (haystacks)
Dropped by wild Carnivine, Lickitung, Lickilicky, Glameow, Purugly, Hisuian Voltorb, and Hisuian Electrode
Farm (vegetable harvest)

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 彈子萁 Daahnjíqí
Mandarin 彈子萁 / 弹子萁 Dànzikèih
  French Feuille Ronde
  German Rundblatt
  Italian Felcetonda
  Korean 둥근고비 Dunggeun Gobi
  Spanish Helecho Rizado

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