サザンカ Sazanka
Legends Arceus Sanqua.png
Screenshot from Legends: Arceus
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Silvery-blue
Hair color Silvery-blue
Hometown Jubilife Village
Region Hisui
Generation VIII
Games Legends: Arceus
Member of Galaxy Team
Rank Captain, Construction Corps

Sanqua (Japanese: サザンカ Sazanka) is the leader of the Galaxy Team's Construction Corps.

She bears a striking resemblance to Karen, but the relationship between the two, if any, is unknown.[1]

In the core series games

Sanqua usually spends her time in her office on the second floor of the Galaxy Hall, which is also the headquarters of the Construction Corps. She designed the Magikarp statues adorning Galaxy Hall, even though she wanted to make Gyarados statues instead.

Sanqua ends up recruiting the three bothersome Bidoof that infiltrate Jubilife Village into the Construction Corps. At some point, she also has trouble sleeping because of the strange occurrences inside her home. The player investigates her house and discovers a Pichu hiding out there. It turns out to be the Pichu Sanqua once nursed back to health. Supposedly, she adopts the friendly Pokémon.

After finishing the game, the player can talk to Sanqua about a painting she's working on inspired by the space-time rift. Once the player tells her about their experience with the phenomenon, Sanqua finally finishes the painting. Because the chaos the space-time rift caused is still fresh in people's minds, she gives the painting to Commander Kamado for safekeeping until a future date when it'll be appropriate to display her work.

Sanqua is possibly roommates with Nawaki, who is also a member of the Construction Corps, since there is more than one folded-up mattress in her home and Nawaki can be found hanging out there.





Sanqua when taking photos with the player.


Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Galaxy Hall - Construction Corps Office
  • If talked to after receiving Mission 2
"Maybe we oughta build some spare lodgings in case anyone else falls out of the sky."
  • If talked to after receiving Mission 8
"It'd sure be nice if we could gather materials in peace and have a safe home to come back to."
  • If talked to after receiving Mission 17
"All that matters right now is keeping our people alive. The village can be rebuilt."
  • If talked to after completing the main story
"I've heard talk lately that we might start building new villages while we keep expanding Jubilife."
  • After completing the main story
"Hey, <player>. Check out this photo of the space time-rift."
Regardless of choice: "Yeah—it's a photo Professor Laventon took to try and document what was happening."
"He was going on about how a bunch of universes were overlapping and generating some type of power overflow..."
"It went right over my head, basically. Might as well have been babble."
"But the photo kinda tickled my creative side, so I borrowed it, thinking I could maybe make a painting out of it."
"And since you saw the rift right up close, I wanted to ask you—what'd you think of it?"
Regardless of choice: "I get that. Must be chilling, facing power like that up close."
"All right, that gives me something to start with!"
"This won't be some neat, clean building blueprint like I usually deal in, though... This is gonna be a work of unbridled emotion!"
"And that's that done!"
"Once you told me what it was like falling out of that rift, it basically painted itself!"
Regardless of choice: "I'm'll be untitled."
"People can feel what they want from it. No need to force it into words."
Regardless of choice: "Yeah, that's the thing... All that terror and unease about the rift must still be fresh in everyone's minds. I think I'd better give people some time to cool off before I go hanging this up somewhere."
"Our collective memory of the space-time rift will fade in time, no doubt."
"I hope my painting is able to inspire the people of the future somehow—even if they don't know anything about the events behind the painting."
"I'll entrust it to the commander for safekeeping. Thanks for the help, <player>!"
Jubilife Village - Photography Studio
"Isn't this a fine building? The Construction Corps sure worked hard to get the ceiling this high. Doesn't hearing that make you wanna take a commemorative photo with me?"
Request 8 - "Bothersome Bidoof"
Jubilife Village - Front Gate
"Hold on!"
"It'd be a shame to just send those Bidoof back into the wild, no? My Construction Corps could find a use for 'em."
"They're just Pokémon being Pokémon. How're they supposed to know our village is a strict no-chewing zone?"
"Shows good taste on their part to come all the way here to gnaw on our woodwork, too."
"But if they're gonna stay here, they'll have to help with our work!"
"They've got the guts to keep trying to get into the village, plus the teeth to gnash through trees and rocks—just what our corps needs!"
"How about it, little ones? Meals taste better after a day's work, y'know!"
"Just what I wanted to hear!"
Request 16 - "Strange Happenings at Midnight"
Jubilife Village - Canala Avenue (Her House)
  • Receiving the request
"I can't get a good night's sleep like this..."
"Don't scare me like that!"
Regardless of choice: "No, no. Everything's fine. Whatever you need, come back later, all right?"
Regardless of choice: "Hmm. Maybe a Survey Corps type like you could figure out what's causing this..."
"Look, when I'm in my quarters trying to sleep at night, it feels... It feels like I'm not alone in there! Sometimes, there's this kind of crackling sound..."
"I've found burnt Berries a couple times, and once in a while, I hear something clatter..."
"So, Survey Corps kid, go survey my quarters! Figure out what's happening!"
"Just do it at night, would you? I've gotta be at work during the day."
  • If talked to again during the nighttime
"Ready to investigate my place?"
I'm ready: "I swear there's something in there. Check every nook and cranny for me, OK?"
  • If the player leaves her quarters before completing the request
"Doesn't seem you've solved my mystery yet... Need a break or something?"
Yes: "I know it's still lurking in there, whatever it is... Please, come back as soon as you can!"
  • Completing the request
"Survey Corps kid! Are you all right? I heard this strange noise..."
"Wait a minute. This Pichu—could it be..."
"It might sound absurd, but...I think this might be a Pichu I found injured in the forest a while back."
"A Berry? For me? What, because I fixed you up?"
"Wait—so the thing haunting my quarters was just...a grateful little Pichu?"
"Guess all that worrying was pointless! To think, I was afraid it was some spine-chilling thing."
"Regardless, I owe you! Have a token of my gratitude."


  • As part of Request 52 (Eevee's Evolutions), the player has to interact with the Umbreon inside Sanqua's office and feed it a Jubilife Muffin. This Pokémon is part of Karen's team in the core series.
  • While exploring Sanqua's home, the player comes across a closet that contains weird clothes and a cape, suggesting that she might be related to Lance, who also has an affinity for capes.
  • Sanqua's painting may be the same one displayed in the Foreign Building in the Sinnoh region.


Language Name Origin
Japanese サザンカ Sazanka From 山茶花 sazanka (sasanqua camellia)
English Sanqua From sasanqua
German Sazanka Transcription of her Japanese name
Spanish Sasha From Camellia sasanqua (scientific name of sasanqua camellia)
French Mélie From camélia (camellia)
Italian Amelia From camèlia (camellia)
Korean 산다화 Sandahwa From 산다화 (山茶花) sandahwa (sasanqua camellia)
Chinese (Mandarin) 茶花 Cháhuā From 茶花 cháhuā / chàhfā (camellia)
Chinese (Cantonese) 茶花 Chàhfā

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  1. Official Pokémon Legends: Arceus website (archived): "And it seems that there are other people in this game who might also be ancestors to familiar faces you may know."