ムベ Mube
Legends Arceus Beni.png
Screenshot from Legends: Arceus
Gender Male
Eye color Gray
Hair color White and green
Hometown Former unknown hometown (destroyed)
Jubilife Village
Region Hisui
Generation VIII
Games Legends: Arceus
Member of Galaxy Team
Rank Member

Beni (Japanese: ムベ Mube) is a member of the Galaxy Team who runs the Wallflower, the village canteen in Jubilife Village. He also serves as Kamado's right-hand man.

He bears a striking resemblance to Wally, but the relationship between them, if any, is unknown.

In the core series

Beni immigrated to Hisui from an unspecified region, after he and Kamado's hometown was burned down by maddened Pokémon. Kamado and Beni started their new life in Jubilife Village, where Beni opened up the Wallflower on Floaro Main Street. His signature dish is potato mochi, made using Sootfoot Roots. His signature Smoke Bombs are also made from Sootfoot Roots. He serves people of Jubilife Village, as well as members of the Galaxy Team between expeditions.

During the game's climax, Beni obstructs the player's way at the Stone Portal on Mount Coronet, under the direction of Kamado. Using a Smoke Bomb, he changes into ninja attire, and tells the player about his experience as a ninja in his younger years. He challenges the player to battle, and after being defeated, Beni acknowledges his respect for the player's skills, and asks them to bring Kamado to reason.

If the player talks to Beni at the Wallflower with any Sootfoot Roots in their satchel, Beni will offer to buy them from the player for  100 apiece.

In the post-game, Beni can be battled at the Training Grounds by speaking to Ingo. He can be battled by himself or as part of the Galaxy Team's Path of Tenacity challenge.


First battle


Path of Tenacity

First clear

Second clear

Third clear

All Pokémon have effort level 3 in their stats.

Fourth clear

All Pokémon have effort level 5 in their stats.

Subsequent clears

All Pokémon have effort level 5 in their stats.


Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Jubilife Village - Wallflower
  • First encounter
"Well now, aren't you awfully suspicious?"
"The Wallflower's for Galaxy Team folk only. We don't have seats for outsiders. Move along!"
"Does the Survey Corps really have the leeway to be enjoying a leisurely meal with this outsider?"
"Your captain just ordered 10 whole portions of potato mochi, you know. The slow progress on that Pokédex of yours clearly has her on edge."
  • If talked to before starting the catching trial on Mission 2
"They say hunger is the best seasoning, but I'd rather rely on the quality of my Sootfoot Roots to make my potato mochi tasty."
"Have you all heard the grave news? That frenzied Kleavor from the rumors... It ended up mauling some of our Galaxy folks who went out to investigate it this morning. The Medical Corps has had a hard time getting all the injured back on their feet..."
  • After quelling Kleavor
"The whole village is gossiping up a storm about our young friend here, you know. He's/She's got quite some luck to have come back unharmed after facing off against that Kleavor."
  • If the player has Sootfoot Roots in their satchel
"Ah. I see what you have there. Oh...sorry. I couldn't help but notice you have something I need. Sootfoot Roots are the main ingredient for my potato mochi. Can't get enough of 'em."
"Think you could part with those Sootfoot Roots you've got? You've collected <number>, right? I'll buy them off you for <price> each."
I'll sell you 1/10/50/all I've got: "Much obliged! Here's your coin, as promised. Come speak with me again if you find more."
I'll keep 'em, thanks: "Well, that's your choice. I just hope I've enough ingredients for tonight's potato mochi..."
Galaxy Hall - Kamado's office
"<player>! We have a situation here!"
"Last I saw, she was at the Wallflower, polishing off a big ol' plate of potato mochi. Not that I blame her—my cooking is simply irresistible, after all."
Jubilife Village - Floaro Main Street
"Found her by the scent of my mochi, did you? Of course you did. When you have my level of skill, your handiwork can be recognized from a mile away."
"Remember to be thankful for getting to eat such masterful mochi when you come for dinner later."
"But first, don't you owe Kamado a report? Your meal can wait."
Jubilife Village - Wallflower
"There you go. Piping-hot potato mochi, fresh from the stove."
"If you notice that today's potato mochi taste a bit different, well, that's because I used a Pokémon's flames to roast 'em! Bon appétit!"
"Dinner's on Kamado tonight. Eat your fill!"
  • If talked to after receiving Mission 17
"At what point does a stranger become one of us? I wonder where that boundary lies..."
Coronet Highlands - Stone Portal
  • Before battle
"Oho. Still alive and kicking?"
"Sorry about having to shutter the Wallflower. I'd much rather be there now, serving up some freshly grilled potato mochi."
"But that taskmaster Kamado's gone and left me to oversee our food supply. He always finds a way to put even these old bones to work..."
"While I'm handling that, I suppose I'll handle you as well. Time we got rid of you once and for all."
Regardless of choice: "I'll make myself plain. As Kamado's right hand, I'm charged with executing all the gritty deeds Kamado can't or won't do himself. I gave him my word I'd get rid of any fools that might dream of getting in the way of his plans."
"And besides, it's not just Kamado who longs to live in a new home free of fear or strife. His dream is mine now, too."
"You've seen my Smoke Bombs before, right? Well, this is how you're meant to use them!"
"When I heard you managed to quell those nobles one after another, oh, did it ever make my blood run hot and my heart pound... At last..."
"One final opponent worthy of my great ninja techniques that have been left to molder all these long years!"
  • Upon being defeated
"It seems my ninja techniques will soon be consigned to history..."
  • After being defeated
"Very good, young one. Very good indeed."
"It's only a foolish ninja who tried to keep after a target they know they cannot beat..."
"And to be honest, I don't hate you. Might actually like you, after a fashion. At least for the skill you show in battle. But listen well, <player>: Pokémon are truly terrifying creatures."
"Kamado and I saw our hometown burned to the ground by maddened Pokémon running amok—we lost plenty of friends and comrades that day. That's why Kamado came here to Hisui to try to build a new home where people could live free from fear. But to achieve something truly great, you sometimes have to take extreme actions."
"If—hypothetical as it may be—a Pokémon were to appear from within that space-time rift... Kamado might lose hold of his reason."
"Save Kamado from himself. By force, if you must."
"Do that, and I'll stuff you full of more delicious potato mochi than a human stomach can handle."
Jubilife Village - Wallflower
  • If talked to after completing the main story
"I did what I came to do here in Hisui. Now I suppose it's time for me to head someplace with a more agreeable climate."
Jubilife Village - Photography Studio
  • In normal clothing
"I'm collecting keepsakes of the people who ate the most potato mochi! Come on, you! Let's get a snap of the two of us."
  • In ninja attire
"A ninja's clothes are meant to blend in and hide. I'm testing to see if they show up in photographs. Want to take a photo with me while I'm at it?"
Jubilife Village - Training Grounds
  • Before battle (Regular Pokémon battle)
"Doesn't matter to me who wins and who loses. I'm here to show you how a ninja fights—the style of a dying breed!"
  • Upon being defeated (Regular Pokémon battle)
"It seems my ninja techniques will soon be consigned to history..."
  • After being defeated (Regular Pokémon battle)
"S'pose I'll go prepare some potato mochi. I'd probably better start coming up with some new dishes, or everyone will get sick of these..."
  • Before battle (Path of Tenacity)
"I don't usually go about picking battles I can't win, but I'm doing this for Kamado's sake. I won't hold back!"
  • Upon being defeated (Path of Tenacity)
"A training match to help each other become the best we can be... I'll take that over a messy battle any day."


Beni's pose and expression when taking photos with the player in his ninja attire.

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Beni or his Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Beni's Pokémon
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Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Gallade    Lost Origin   TG19/TG30 Dark Phantasma   089/071


  • Beni is the creator of the Smoke Bomb, made using a Sootfoot Root, the main ingredient for his potato mochi.
  • Beni shares a couple of similarities with Wally, whom he resembles greatly.
    • Like Wally, he uses both of Ralts's final evolutions, Gardevoir and Gallade, as well as Magnezone and Roserade.
    • The Wallflower canteen that Beni runs shares its name with Wally's English namesake.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ムベ Mube From 郁子 mube (Japanese Staunton vine)
English Beni From mube and the genus Stauntonia or 紅芋 beni-imo (purple sweet potato; ube)
German Mubeshi From his Japanese name and possibly the name Musashi
Spanish Ardizo From lardizabaláceas (Lardizabalaceae), the family that contains Stauntonia
French Lardi From Lardizabalacées (Lardizabalaceae)
Italian Rampei From Ranunculales, the order that contains Stauntonia
Korean 야모 Yamo From 야목과 (野木瓜) yamokgwa (Japanese Staunton vine)
Chinese (Mandarin) 石月 Shíyuè From 石月 shíyuè / sehkyuht (Staunton vine)
Chinese (Cantonese) 石月 Sehkyuht
The Wallflowers
Language Name Origin
Japanese イモヅル亭 Imozuru-tei From 芋蔓 imozuru (vines of Japanese mountain yam or sweet potato), ミツル Mitsuru (Wally), and 亭 tei (common suffix in restaurant names)
English The Wallflowers From wallflowers and Wally
German Heiße Kost From heiße Kost (hot meal) and an acrostic wordplay of Heiko (Wally)
Spanish El Boniato Trepador From boniato (sweet potato) and trepador (climbing)
French Le Hardi Gourmand From hardi (bold) and gourmand (gourmet) with the former being both a wordplay on Lardi (Beni) and an antonym of the timide in Timmy (Wally)
Italian La Tovaglia di Lino From tovaglia di lino (linen tablecloth) and Lino (Wally)
Korean 덩굴정 Deonggul-jeong From 덩굴 deonggul (vine) and 정 (亭) jeong (common suffix in restaurant names)
Chinese (Mandarin) 芋滿亭 / 芋满亭 Yumǎntíng From 芋 yù / wuh (taro; yam), 滿充 / 满充 Mǎnchōng / Múhnchūng (Wally), and 亭 tíng / tìhng (common suffix in restaurant names)
Chinese (Cantonese) 芋滿亭 Wuhmúntìhng

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