Grit Rock

The Grit Rock (Japanese: ガンバリのいわ Tenacious Rock) is an item introduced in Generation VIII. It is one of the types of grits that raise the effort level.

Grit Rock
Tenacious Rock
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Grit Rock
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Introduced in Generation VIII
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It has three counterparts: Grit Dust, Grit Gravel, and Grit Pebble.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price
LA N/A $3,000


If used from the satchel, it raises the effort level for one of a Pokémon’s stats to its maximum level, 10. It can be used only if the effort level has already reached level 9.


Games Description
LA A mysterious rock that can raise the effort level for one of a Pokémon’s stats. It can be used only if the effort level has already reached level nine.


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
LA Jubilife Village (×3; from Vessa for collecting 100 wisps)
Training grounds (reward for completing Request 88: "Steely Lucario")
Galaxy Hall (reward for completing Request 91: "On the Trail of Giratina")
Floaro Gardens (reward for completing Request 92: "A Token of Gratitude")*
Oreburrow Tunnel (reward for completing Request 103: "Digging for Tomorrow")
Training grounds (×3; reward for completing Request 104: "Battling the Security Corps' Secret Weapon")
Galaxy Hall (×10; from Cyllene for achieving Full Star rank)
Dropped by wild Pokémon
Pastures (after releasing Pokémon)
Training grounds (trade for 10 Grit Pebbles with Zisu)
Eternal Battle Reverie

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 奮鬥岩 Fáhndau Yán
Mandarin 奋斗岩 Fèndòu Ngàahmsehk
  French Rocher Effort
  German Leistungsfels
  Italian Roccia impegno
  Korean 노력의바위 Noryeog-ui Bawi
  Spanish Roca Esfuerzo

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