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Grit (Japanese: ガンバリ Tenacious) is a type of item introduced in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. When used on a Pokémon, it increases their effort level for one of their stats by 1 point, up to a maximum amount depending on the type of grit used.

List of Grit

Name Min. level Max. level
  Grit Dust 0 2
  Grit Gravel 3 5
  Grit Pebble 6 8
  Grit Rock 9 10


In Legends: Arceus, Grit can be acquired by releasing Pokémon from the pastures at Jubilife Village, as well as, but more rarely, when breaking ore deposits.

Wild Pokémon can also drop Grit when they are defeated.

Level requirement Chance of wild Pokémon dropping Grit
Level 15+   Grit Dust (10%)
Level 30+   Grit Dust (20%)   Grit Dust (1%)
Level 45+   Grit Dust (30%)   Grit Gravel (10%)
Level 60+   Grit Dust (50%)   Grit Gravel (20%)   Grit Pebble (1%)
Level 75+   Grit Dust (70%)   Grit Gravel (30%)   Grit Pebble (10%)
Level 90+   Grit Dust (100%)   Grit Gravel (50%)   Grit Pebble (20%)   Grit Rock (1%)
Level 100   Grit Gravel (70%)   Grit Pebble (30%)   Grit Rock (10%)

Additionally, it is also possible to exchange Grit with Zisu at the training grounds in Jubilife Village.

Items given Items received
  Grit Dust ×10   Grit Gravel ×1
  Grit Gravel ×10   Grit Pebble ×1
  Grit Pebble ×10   Grit Rock ×1

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 奮鬥 Fáhndau
Mandarin 奮鬥 / 奋斗 Fèndòu
  French Effort
  German Leistungs
  Italian Impegno
  Korean 노력의 Noryeog-ui
  Spanish Esfuerzo

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