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Mum is the mother of the player in Pokémon Sword and Shield. She is the only mother character to use the spelling "Mum" as opposed to "Mom"; this is most likely a reference to the Galar region being based on the United Kingdom, where the former spelling is more common.


In the core series games

Mum's appearance is dependent on which photo the player chooses at the start of the game.


Budew (×2)


  • Inside the player's house
"Hop! Didn't expect to see you here today, dear. Isn't this the big day?"
If the player tries to leave without a Bag :"If you’re looking for your Bag, <player>, didn’t you leave it in your room? And grab yourself a hat for the weather, as well!"
"Running off in that state, <player>? Didn’t Hop say you should bring your Bag? I last saw it in your room. And don't forget to grab a hat for the weather!"
"Oh, don’t you look a treat! I knew that Bag would suit you. Now hurry along. Hop is waiting, isn’t he? But remember—no going into the forest for the two of you!"
"Well now, isn’t Grookey/Scorbunny/Sobble just a sweetheart! And yes, I heard the news from young Leon. I’m glad someone bothered to tell me! Off to Wedgehurst, aren’t you?"
"Here we are! A little pocket money for your journey. Buy yourself a little something at the Pokémon Center. Maybe some Potions or something! Remember that Grookey/Scorbunny/Sobble will battle to the very end for you… So don’t you go pushing the poor dear too hard!"
"And you, Grookey/Scorbunny/Sobble! Look after my little <player>! Come home to rest anytime that you need. After all…east or west, home is best."
"Looks like your sweet Grookey/Scorbunny/Sobble might be running on empty. Let’s have you rest up."
"As long as you have Pokémon at your side and the energy to carry onward, you’ll naturally find that you always have a smile on your face!"
  • At the train station
"Professor Magnolia was kind enough to let us know that you two were setting out. So here—a last little gift to see you well set on your way. All the kit you’ll need for camping!"
"No matter what happens out there, if you and your partner are together, I know you’ll be fine."
  • Outside the player's house
"Haven’t you been watching the news at all? The tournament is off, Sonia! The chairman saw to that—and to sending the entire region into a state of havoc!"
"Well, for starters, there’s a great black storm or something raging over Hammerlocke Stadium. What’re they calling it? “The Darkest Day”? It’s thrown everything into disarray!"
"Still, I’m sure we don’t need to worry too much… The unbeatable Champion will be able to take care of everything, won’t he?"
"All that matters is that you do what you can. You’ve become a fine Pokémon Trainer, after all!"
  • Inside the player's house
If talked to during Darkest Day :"What a frightful situation this has become… Still, I suppose everything will be all right as long as we’ve got Leon taking care of it… And you wish to help him as well, don’t you? Don’t worry—I’m certain you’ll be of some help!"
If talked to after stopping the Darkest Day: "I suppose there must be many demands on you, love, now that you're Champion... But remember: the important thing is that you be the kind of Champion you want to be."
  • After the player becomes Champion
"Professor Magnolia! Why, you didn’t have to come all this way!"
"Poor Professor Magnolia… It seems she’s quite bothered by the chairman’s actions, since she helped carry out so much of the researching into Dynamaxing for him."
"The Master Ball's guaranteed to catch any Pokémon in one try, right?! That’s amazing! I'll bet you'll run into a Pokémon that'll deserve such an amazing Poké Ball one of these days!"
"Looks like your sweet <Pokémon> might be running on empty. Let’s have you rest up."
"Professor Magnolia mentioned something unbelievable the other day. She said that Dynamaxing doesn't actually make the Pokémon itself grow bigger! But they're still able to physically interact with others, right? They must really hold an amazing amount of power!"
"By the way, have you been to the Battle Tower in Wyndon? Leon’s mother was saying he’s been having a proper ball!"


  • Mum is the first mother character whose appearance changes depending on the preset appearance the player chooses. Her skin, eye, and hair color will match those of the player.
  • If the player speaks to Mum after stopping the Darkest Day but before having their Championship Match with Leon, she will still refer to them as the Champion.

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