Pecharunt (game)

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モモワロウ Momowarou
Pecharunt TUSPt.png
Pecharunt in The Untold Story of Pecharunt
Debuts in Mochi Mayhem
Caught at Loyalty Plaza
Gender Gender unknown
Ability Poison Puppeteer
Tera Type Poison
Nature Timid
Current location With the player/

At Peachy's

This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Pecharunt (Japanese: モモワロウ Momowarou), known by the Kitakami people as the Never-Rotting Peach[1] is a Mythical Pokémon and a major character in the Mochi Mayhem epilogue for the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet expansion, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero.

In the core series games

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Character profile

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Pecharunt pleased with the gifts it recieved, including the Mythical Pecha Berry.

Pecharunt is shown to be a childish Pokémon with a young mind. For that reason, it does everything in its power to gain as much attention and love as possible from its friends and family. However, this also makes it a greedy and spoiled Pokémon, determined to have what it wants no matter the cost, even "cursing" its caretakers so they love it even more. It also has a timid nature, either fleeing or cowering in fear should its allies be defeated. Despite the deceptive nature and its mind control methods, it still shows care for its retainers and family.

It reacts negatively when any of the Loyal Three are used in battle against it, perhaps angered by their apparent betrayal.

It's still a good Pokémon on the inside, actually seeing the ones it brainwashes as friends, as seen with the Loyal Three, and only does what it does for fear or loneliness, not capable of defending itself very well.


Pecharunt being cared for by an old couple.

A long time ago in a faraway unnamed region, an old couple cared for Pecharunt, as they had no children of their own, showering the small, timid Pokémon with love. Hoping to get even more of their affection, Pecharunt fed them Binding Mochi, created using the poison stored in its shell, placing them under its control. The Mochi drew out their greed, and the old couple soon began to make constant requests of Pecharunt, which it eagerly followed in hopes of receiving more love. One day, it used its Binding Mochi and Toxic Chain to tame and transform a small and weak Pokémon, Okidogi, into a big, strong one, turning it into its retainer. Pecharunt had Okidogi deliver various gifts to the couple, including several boxes of Mythical Pecha Berries and some clothes, only making their love for it grow.[2]

Eventually, the old couple requested that Pecharunt acquire a brilliant set of masks, rumored to exist in the land of Kitakami. Having grown tired of the same old requests, Pecharunt was excited to be given a novel task, and hurriedly set off to Kitakami with Okidogi. During their travels, the two met a clumsy and dim-witted Pokémon, Munkidori, and one that had short, dull feathers, Fezandipiti. Pecharunt subjugated both of them, transforming Munkidori into a clever Pokémon with the power to see into the near future, and granting Fezandipiti a beautiful look and mesmerizing pheromones.[2]

Pecharunt and its retainers VS Ogerpon.

After arriving in Kitakami during the Festival of Masks, Pecharunt and its three retainers spotted Ogerpon and its partner wearing two of the masks. After having Munkidori track down their home in the Dreaded Den at the top of Oni Mountain, Okidogi and Fezandipiti were tasked with stealing the masks while the two were away. Suddenly, Ogerpon's partner appeared, fighting the three thieves and managing to keep one of the masks safe. Pecharunt briefly reveled in its victory, when suddenly Ogerpon engaged them in battle. Despite their best efforts, the three retainers were unable to fight back against Ogerpon, who launched a final strike against Pecharunt, incapacitating it.[2]

Using the last of its strength, Pecharunt was able to clasp its shell closed, rolling away deep into the forest, left to slumber.[2]

A long time later at some point, an old lady would find the slumbering Pecharunt and confusing it for a simple decoration, displayed it in her store; Peachy's in Mossui Town. As time passed, the people of Kitakami started knowing it as the Never-Rotting Peach.[1]

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Brainwashed Nemona defending Pecharunt.

The slumbering Pecharunt can be seen on the counter of Peachy's in Mossui Town. Any time after the Indigo Disk, the player can obtain the Mythical Pecha Berry and bring it to Peachy's, allowing Arven to inform the player about his arrival at their house. The player interacting with Pecharunt while having the Mythical Pecha Berry in their bag causes it to wake up from its slumber. It vanishes along with the Mythical Pecha Berry when the player's back is turned.

Epilogue: Mochi Mayhem

Pecharunt feeds its Binding Mochi to the people of Mossui Town, including Carmine, supposedly to replace its former retainers after they were all slain by Ogerpon. Under the effects of the mochi, people begin to do the chicken dance and yell out "mochi mochi". As revealed by Nemona, Pecharunt had left a plate of Binding Mochi on the counter of Peachy's for anyone to eat. The last mochi was eaten by Nemona.[3]

Pecharunt is first fully seen by the player, Kieran, Arven, and Penny, floating atop the store as the group is trying to find Nemona. It fires several pieces of Binding Mochi at them, and is able to get Arven and Penny to eat it, but the player and Kieran are able to avoid it. Pecharunt then forces the possessed duo to battle their friends, and upon their defeat, flees towards Loyalty Plaza.

As the player and Kieran reach Loyalty Plaza, Pecharunt is seen with the possessed Nemona. The effects of the Binding Mochi are unable to control her obsession with Pokémon battles, thus leading to Pecharunt having Nemona battle the player, whilst Kieran holds off the rest of the people under Pecharunt's control. After Nemona's defeat, Pecharunt battles the player. After being defeated and caught by the player, the effects of the Binding Mochi come to an end, freeing everyone from its control.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero
Epilogue: Mochi Mayhem
Pecharunt Lv.88
Nasty Plot
Dark Status
Poison Status
Malignant Chain
Poison Special
Shadow Ball
Ghost Special



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