Battle Chatelaine (Trainer class)

Battle Chatelaine
バトルシャトレーヌ Battle Chatelaine
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Art of Morgan and Evelyn from X and Y
Other names
Introduced in Generation VI
Appears in X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Gender Female only
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Notable members Nita, Evelyn, Dana, Morgan
Anime debut
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A Battle Chatelaine (Japanese: バトルシャトレーヌ Battle Chatelaine) is a type of Pokémon Trainer introduced in Generation VI and is a title only held by four people. They are the leaders of the Battle Maison.



Art of Nita and Dana from X and Y

Sprites and models

Nita's VS portrait from
Generation VI
Evelyn's VS portrait from
Generation VI
Dana's VS portrait from
Generation VI
Morgan's VS portrait from
Generation VI
Nita's overworld model from
Generation VI
Evelyn's overworld model from
Generation VI
Dana's overworld model from
Generation VI
Morgan's overworld model from
Generation VI

Trainer list

Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire

  • On the 20th consecutive battle in Multi Battle format, Evelyn will pair up with either Dana or Morgan, each of them using two Pokémon randomly selected from their Normal Course teams
  • On the 50th consecutive battle in Super Multi Battle format, Nita will pair up with either Dana or Morgan, each of them using two Pokémon randomly selected from their Super Course teams

In the manga

The Battle Chatelaines in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

The Battle Chatelaines debuted in Pinsir Glares. At the shore of Kiloude City, the they found an unconscious Blaine, who was injured after being sent flying by the firing of the ultimate weapon. They took Blaine to the Battle Maison and allowed him to rest and recuperate there. Later, in Malamar Traps, the sisters saw a recovered Blaine off.


  • The Battle Chatelaines are named after different times of the day.
  • The Battle Chatelaines use every Legendary trio (save for the game mascot trios, which are banned from the Battle Maison), except for the lake guardians.
  • Regardless of the music theme chosen by the player for battles in the Battle Maison, the Battle Chatelaines always have Battle! (Elite Four) as their battle theme in X and Y, and a remix of the Generation III Frontier Brain theme as their battle theme in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
  • The length of their gloves represent their age. For example, Morgan, who is the oldest, has gloves all the way up from her hands to her shoulders, while Nita, who is the youngest, only has gloves that cover her hands.
  • In the Japanese version, they speak the Hakata dialect, which is spoken in Fukuoka city, located in Kyūshū, which Hoenn is based on.[1] In the English version, they speak using a Irish or Scottish dialect instead.
  • Their personalities may have been inspired by Little Women's four March sisters.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 對戰女城主 Deuijin Néuihsìhngjyú
Mandarin 對戰女城主 Duìzhàn Nǚchéngzhǔ
  French Châtelaine Combat
  German Kampf-Châtelaine
  Italian Dama della Lotta
  Korean 배틀샤틀레느 Battle Chatelaine
  Spanish Dama del Combate


  1. Hidden Power of Masuda: No. 15 (Japanese) / (English)

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