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The Memory Girl (Japanese: 思い出娘 Memory Girl) is a character in the Generation VI games that tells the player about a Pokémon's experiences with its current Trainer and original Trainer. In Pokémon X and Y, she stands outside the Pokémon Center in Anistar City, and has the appearance of a Furisode Girl. In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, she stands outside the Pokémon Center in Lilycove City, and has the appearance of a young girl.



A Pokémon can be selected from either the party or the Pokémon Storage System. An Egg cannot be selected. The memories of Pokémon range from meeting the Trainer for the first time, defeating wild Pokémon or Gym Leaders, using HM moves outside of battle, exploring various locations, evolving, etc. A Pokémon's memory may change over time as it has new experiences with its Trainer.

For example, the Memory Girl may say of a Bulbasaur hatched from an Egg: "Bulbasaur hatched from an Egg and saw original Trainer for the first time at... a large city. The Pokémon remembers that it was restless." Taking the Bulbasaur to be rated by the stats judge may change the memory to: "Bulbasaur was stared at by the Judge intensely when it met him with original Trainer. The Pokémon remembers that it felt proud." If the Bulbasaur is then traded to another player, in addition to the most recent memory with the original Trainer, the Memory Girl may add: "And... Bulbasaur became other Trainer's friend when it arrived via Link Trade at... a snow-swept road. The Pokémon remembers that it got nervous." If the Bulbasaur is then returned to its original Trainer, it will retain its memory from the previous Trainer, but it will not remember this Trainer if traded to a third Trainer.

Pokémon received from events or transferred from a Generation V game won't have any memories of their original Trainer; the Memory Girl will say "The Pokémon seems to have a good memory, but it doesn't seem to be able to remember..." They may still make new memories with their current Trainer however. Pokémon who have a memory exclusive to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will also display this message in Pokémon X and Y; the memory will be displayed correctly if traded back to a copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire.

Pokémon with a memory exclusive to Pokémon X and Y will cause a blank dialogue box to appear if this memory is checked in Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire.


Pokémon X and Y
"I can read Pokémon memories. People call me the Memory Girl. Do you want to know the memory of your Pokémon?"
No: "Come back anytime. Memories never fade away."
Yes: "Which Pokémon's memory do you want to know?"
  • After reading a memory
"Do you want to know another Pokémon's memory?"
Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
"I'm the Memory Girl! I can read Pokémon memories. Do you want to know the memory of your Pokémon?"
No: "Come back anytime!"
Yes: "OK! Which Pokémon's memory do you want to know?"
  • After reading a memory
"Do you want to know another Pokémon's memory?"
Response structure

A Pokémon will have two sets of memories if it has been traded. If this is the case, then the Pokémon's memories with its current Trainer will be Memory 2 and Feelings 2; if the current Trainer is also the Pokémon's original Trainer, then Memory 1 and Feelings 1 will be from its previous owner, otherwise they will be from the Pokémon's original Trainer.

"<Memory 1> <Feelings 1>"
  • If there are two memories, followed by
"And... <Memory 2> <Feelings 2>"

Possible memories

# Hex Memory
00 0x00 "The Pokémon seems to have a good memory, but it doesn't seem to be able to remember..."
01 0x01 "<Pokémon> met <Trainer> at...<location>. <Trainer> threw a Poké Ball at it, and they started to travel together."
02 0x02 "<Pokémon> hatched from an Egg and saw <Trainer> for the first time at... <location>."
03 0x03 "<Pokémon> met <Trainer> at... <location>."
04 0x04 "<Pokémon> became <Trainer>'s friend when it arrived viaXY/came throughORAS Link Trade at... <location>."
05 0x05 "<Pokémon> went to a Pokémon CenterXY/Poké MartORAS with <Trainer> to buy <item>."
06 0x06 "<Pokémon> went to the Pokémon Center in <place> with <Trainer> and had its tired body healed there."XY
07 0x07 "<Pokémon> went fishing with <Trainer>, and they caught <other Pokémon>."
08 0x08 "<Pokémon> went fishing with <Trainer>, but the hooked Pokémon got away!"
09 0x09 "<Pokémon> saw <Trainer> paying attention to <other Pokémon>."XY
10 0x0A "<Pokémon> got treats from <Trainer>."
11 0x0B "<Pokémon> went clothes shopping with <Trainer>."
12 0x0C "<Pokémon> learned <move> from <Trainer>."XY
13 0x0D "<Pokémon> helped <Trainer> hatch <other Pokémon> from an Egg."
14 0x0E "<Pokémon> was with <Trainer> when he/she caught <other Pokémon>."
15 0x0F "<Trainer> used <item> when <Pokémon> was in trouble."
16 0x10 "<Pokémon> used <move> at <Trainer>'s instruction, but it had no effect."XY
17 0x11 "<Pokémon> battled at <Trainer>'s side and defeatedXY/beatORAS <other Pokémon>."
18 0x12 "<Pokémon> was defeated byXY/lost toORAS <other Pokémon> and <Trainer> ran away."
19 0x13 "<Pokémon> was raisedXY/brought upORAS by <Trainer> and evolved at <location>."
20 0x14 "<Pokémon> surfed across the water, carrying <Trainer> on its back."
21 0x15 "<Pokémon> saw <other Pokémon> carrying <Trainer> on its back."XY
22 0x16 "<Pokémon> battled at <Trainer>'s side and defeated a Gym Leader."
23 0x17 "When <Trainer>XY/<Pokémon>ORAS challenged the Battle Maison, <Pokémon>XY/<Trainer>ORAS got soXY/reallyORAS nervous."
24 0x18 "<Pokémon> flew, carrying <Trainer> on its back, toXY/fromORAS <location>."
25 0x19 "<Pokémon> and <Trainer> were surprised when <other Pokémon> jumped out!"XY
26 0x1A "<Pokémon> saw <Trainer> using <item>."
27 0x1B "<Pokémon> battled at <Trainer>'s side and defeated the Champion."
28 0x1C "<Pokémon> was with <Trainer> when he/she completed his/her Pokédex."
29 0x1D "<Pokémon> encountered <other Pokémon> when it was with <Trainer>."
30 0x1E "<Pokémon> battled at <Trainer>'s side and defeated a Battle Chatelaine."
31 0x1F "<Pokémon> searched for hidden items with <Trainer> using the Dowsing Machine at... <location>."XY
32 0x20 "<Pokémon> rode a BicycleXY/BikeORAS with <Trainer> at... <location>."
33 0x21 "<Pokémon> checked a destination with <Trainer> using the Town Map at... <location>."
34 0x22 "<Pokémon> planted <Berry> with <Trainer> and imagined a big harvest."
35 0x23 "<Pokémon> proudly used Strength at <Trainer>'s instruction in... <location>."XY / "<Trainer> asked <Pokémon> to use Strength, and it proudly used the move in... <location>."ORAS
36 0x24 "<Pokémon> proudly used Cut at <Trainer>'s instruction in... <location>."XY / "<Trainer> asked <Pokémon> to use Cut, and it proudly used the move in... <location>."ORAS
37 0x25 "<Pokémon> shattered rocks to its heart's content at <Trainer>'s instruction in... <location>."XY / "<Trainer> asked <Pokémon> to shatter rocks, which it did to its heart's content in... <location>."ORAS
38 0x26 "<Pokémon> used Waterfall while carrying <Trainer> on its back in... <location>."
39 0x27 "<Pokémon> saw <Trainer> secretly picking up something in... <location>."
40 0x28 "<Trainer> had <Pokémon> hold items like <item> to help it along."
41 0x29 "<Pokémon> headed forXY/went toORAS Victory Road with <Trainer>."
42 0x2A "<Pokémon> checked the sign with <Trainer> at... <location>."XY
43 0x2B "<Pokémon> was impressed by the speed of the train it took with <Trainer>."
44 0x2C "<Pokémon> encountered <other Pokémon> with <Trainer> using the Poké Radar."XY
45 0x2D "When <other Pokémon> jumped out, <Pokémon> was surprised and ran away with <Trainer>."
46 0x2E "<Pokémon> got a high score at the Battle Institute where it challenged othersORAS with <Trainer>."
47 0x2F "<Pokémon> was stared at by the Judge intenselyXY when it met him with <Trainer>."
48 0x30 "The Move Deleter that <Pokémon> met through <Trainer> made it forget <move>."
49 0x31 "<Pokémon> was able to remember <move> at <Trainer>'s instruction."XY / "<Trainer> asked <Pokémon> to remember <move>, and it was able to remember the move."ORAS
50 0x32 "<Pokémon> was taken to theORAS Pokémon Day Care by <Trainer> and left with <other Pokémon>."
51 0x33 "<Pokémon> was excited when <Trainer> won with his/her Loto Ticket and won prizes like <item>."
52 0x34 "<Pokémon> was with <Trainer> when he/she used a RepelXY/repellentORAS at... <location>."
53 0x35 "<Pokémon> had a very hard training session with <Trainer>."
54 0x36 "<Pokémon> took an elevator with <Trainer>."
55 0x37 "<Pokémon> was taken to the Name Rater by <Trainer> and given a fateful name."
56 0x38 "<Pokémon> was with <Trainer> when he/she went to a boutique and tried on clothes, but he/she left the boutique without buying anything."
57 0x39 "<Pokémon> went to a nice restaurant with <Trainer> and ate until it got totally full."
58 0x3A "<Pokémon> was taken to a nice lady by <Trainer> and pampered."
59 0x3B "<Pokémon> checked a trash can with <Trainer> at... <location>."
60 0x3C "<Pokémon> fought hard until it had to use Struggle when it battled at <Trainer>'s side against <other Pokémon>."XY
61 0x3D "<Pokémon> looked down at the world from a tall tower where it went with <Trainer>."XY / "<Pokémon> went to a tall tower with <Trainer> and looked down at the world."ORAS
62 0x3E "<Pokémon> saw itself in a mirror in a mirror cave that it went toXY/exploredORAS with <Trainer>."
63 0x3F "<Pokémon> almost got lost when it explored a forest with <Trainer>."
64 0x40 "<Pokémon> went to a factory with <Trainer> and saw a lot of machines that looked very complicated."
65 0x41 "<Pokémon> was with <Trainer> when he/she built a Secret Base."ORAS
66 0x42 "<Pokémon> participated in a contest with <Trainer> and impressed many people."ORAS
67 0x43 "<Pokémon> participated in a contest with <Trainer> and won the title."ORAS
68 0x44 "<Pokémon> soared through the sky with <Trainer> and went to many different places."ORAS
69 0x45 "<Trainer> asked <Pokémon> to dive. Down it went, deep into the ocean, to explore the bottom of the sea."ORAS

Possible locations

# Hex Location XY locations ORAS locations
00 0x00 "somewhere" If withdrawn from Pokémon Bank; if the location text is ORAS-exclusive If withdrawn from Pokémon Bank
01 0x01 "the first town" Vaniville Town Littleroot Town
02 0x02 "home" Player's house in Vaniville Player's house in Littleroot
03 0x03 "a friend's house" Serena/Calem's house (eastmost) in Vaniville, Trevor's house in Lumiose May/Brendan's house in Littleroot, Wally's house in Petalburg
04 0x04 "someone's house" Most generic houses in cities, towns, and some routes; makeshift Pokémon Center in Aquacorde Dewford Hall, Pokémon Fan Club, Trick House, Inverse Battle Stop, TV Mauville, Route 114 (Fossil Maniac's house, including tunnel), Cove Lily Motel, Contest Spectacular Trainer Club, Mossdeep City (Steven's house), Battle Resort (Team Magma/Aqua Grunt's house)
05 0x05 "a lively town" Aquacorde Town Oldale Town
06 0x06 "a boutique" Any boutique
07 0x07 "a shop" Potion and Poké Ball shops in Aquacorde; Poké Ball Boutique, Juice Shoppe, Stone Emporium, Herboriste, and Loto-ID Center in Lumiose; Bicycle shop in Cyllage Any Poké Mart, Pretty Petal flower shop, Rydel's Cycles, Crooner's Café, Herb Shop, Secret Base Guild, Lilycove Department Store
08 0x08 "a simple town" Camphrier Town Dewford Town, Verdanturf Town, Fallarbor Town
09 0x09 "a Pokémon Center" Any Pokémon Center; Pokémon Link Any Pokémon Center; Pokémon Link
10 0x0A "a castle" Shabboneau Castle, Battle Chateau
11 0x0B "a hotel" Hotel Camphrier, Hotel Ambrette, Hotel Cyllage, Hotel Marine Snow, Hotel Coumarine, Hotel Richissime, Hotel Couriway
12 0x0C "a town with a mysterious air" Geosenge Town Lavaridge Town, Pacifidlog Town
13 0x0D "a windswept town" Dendemille Town
14 0x0E "a gate" Any gate except the Pokémon League Gate Seaside Cycling Road gates
15 0x0F "a town on a river" Couriway Town
16 0x10 "a lab" Sycamore Pokémon Lab, Fossil Lab Professor Birch's Lab, Professor Cozmo's house, Weather Institute
17 0x11 "an aquarium" Ambrette Aquarium
18 0x12 "a town on a cliff" Ambrette Town
19 0x13 "a gorgeous city" Santalune City, Kiloude City Petalburg City, Ever Grande City (south of Victory Road)
20 0x14 "a Pokémon Gym" Any Gym, Prism Tower Any Gym
21 0x15 "a school"' Trainers' School Trainers' School
22 0x16 "a large city" Lumiose City Mauville City (including Mauville Food Court, and Mauville Hills hallway and balconies)
23 0x17 "a building" Any unmarked building on the outer edge of Lumiose City, or the Vacant Storefront/Looker Bureau or Lumiose Press Devon Corporation, Oceanic Museum, Mauville Hills apartments (except balconies), Mossdeep Space Center
24 0x18 "a stylish café" Any cafe (in Lumiose City, Cyllage City, Laverre City, and Anistar City)
25 0x19 "a secret base"XY/"a hideout"ORAS Lysandre Labs, Team Flare Secret HQ Team Magma Hideout, Team Aqua Hideout
26 0x1A "a museum" Lumiose Museum Lilycove Museum
27 0x1B "a studio" PR Video Studio
28 0x1C "a train station" Seaside or Hillcrest Stations at Coumarine, Lumiose Station, Kiloude Station Cable Car Stations (Route 112, Mt. Chimney)
29 0x1D "a battling spot" Battle Institute, Battle Maison Battle Resort (including Battle Maison)
30 0x1E "a beauty salon" Coiffure Clips or Friseur Furfrou in Lumiose
31 0x1F "a restaurant" Restaurants Le Nah or Le Yeah, or Sushi High Roller
32 0x20 "a high-class restaurant" Restaurant Le Wow
33 0x21 "a seaside city" Cyllage City, Shalour City, Coumarine City Rustboro City, Slateport City (including Slateport Market and Slateport Harbor), Lilycove City
34 0x22 "the inside of a tall building" Tower of Mastery Sky Pillar (including edge of space, but not entrance cave)
35 0x23 "a city with a mysterious air" Laverre City Fortree City, Sootopolis City (surface outside)
36 0x24 "a riverside city" Anistar City
37 0x25 "a snowcapped city" Snowbelle City
38 0x26 "the Pokémon League" Pokémon League (including the League building) Pokémon League (including the League building)
39 0x27 "a palace" Parfum Palace
40 0x28 "a cave" Reflection Cave, Glittering Cave, Connecting Cave, Terminus Cave, Chamber of Emptiness, Sea Spirit's Den, Unknown Dungeon Route 134 (underwater), Rusturf Tunnel, Granite Cave, Fiery Path, Meteor Falls, Scorched Slab, Shoal Cave, Seafloor Cavern (cave and underwater), Cave of Origin, Sky Pillar (entrance cave), Fabled Cave, Gnarled Den, Nameless Cavern, Mirage Cave (Orlando's Glalie)
41 0x29 "a forest" Santalune Forest, Route 20, Pokémon Village Petalburg Woods, Trackless Forest
42 0x2A "a tree-lined road" Route 1, Route 6
43 0x2B "a riverside road" Route 2, Route 7, Route 21 Route 103, Route 110, Route 118, Route 119
44 0x2C "a tranquil road" Route 3, Route 22 Route 101, Route 102, Route 104 (north), Route 111 (northern/southern ends), Route 116, Route 123
45 0x2D "a road in bloom" Route 4 Route 117
46 0x2E "the Pokémon Day Care" Pokémon Day Care Pokémon Day Care (Route 117), Pokémon Day Care Annex (Battle Resort)
47 0x2F "a rugged mountain pass" Route 5, Route 10, Route 11, Route 18, Route 19 Route 112, Route 114, Mt. Chimney, Jagged Pass, Mt. Pyre (non-summit outside)
48 0x30 "a stone-lined area" Route 9 Mt. Pyre (inside)
49 0x31 "a road above the sea" Route 8, Route 12 Route 104 (south), Route 115, Route 121
50 0x32 "a mired road" Route 14 Route 120
51 0x33 "a sand-swept road" Route 13 Route 111 (desert)
52 0x34 "a leaf-strewn road" Route 15, Route 16
53 0x35 "a snow-swept road" Route 17
54 0x36 "a factory" Poké Ball Factory Stern's Shipyard
55 0x37 "Victory Road" Victory Road, Pokémon League Gate Victory Road
56 0x38 "a snowy mountain" Frost Cavern
57 0x39 "a power plant" Kalos Power Plant
58 0x3A "a field" Berry fields (Route 7) Berry Master's garden (Route 123)
59 0x3B "a ruin" Lost Hotel Sea Mauville, New Mauville
60 0x3C "a sewer"XY/"a watery route"ORAS Azure Bay Route 105, Route 106, Route 107 (surface), Route 108, Route 109, Route 122, Route 124 (surface), Route 125, Route 126 (surface), Route 127 (surface), Route 128 (surface), Route 129 (surface), Route 130 (surface), Route 131, Route 132 (surface), Route 133 (surface), Route 134 (surface)
61 0x3D "a safari" Friend Safari Safari Zone
62 0x3E "a Secret Base"ORAS Mirage Mountain, Secret Base
63 0x3F "a Contest Spectacular Hall"ORAS Contest Spectacular Hall
64 0x40 "a place deep in the ocean"ORAS Route 107 (underwater), Route 124 (underwater), Route 126 (underwater), Route 127 (underwater), Route 128 (underwater), Route 129 (underwater), Route 130 (underwater), Sootopolis City (underwater)
65 0x41 "a Mirage spot"ORAS Mirage Cave, Mirage Forest, Mirage Island
66 0x42 "a large ship"ORAS S.S. Tidal
67 0x43 "an ash-covered path"ORAS Route 113
68 0x44 "a tiny island"ORAS Southern Island, Secret Islet, Secret Shore, Secret Meadow, Crescent Isle, Pathless Plain
69 0x45 "a mystical place"ORAS Mt. Pyre (summit), Desert Ruins, Island Cave, Ancient Tomb, Sealed Chamber
70 0x46 "oh, while soaring in the sky"ORAS Soaring in the sky

Places, items, moves, and other Pokémon

In the Pokémon data structure, two bytes are reserved for variable data in a Pokémon's memory. Depending on the variable in the memory text, these bytes can be read as the index number of a specific place, an item, a move, or the species of another Pokémon.

If the variable data is not recognized, the game will display one of the following placeholders in place of the actual name of the item, move, or Pokémon.

"a certain item"
"a certain move"
"a Pokémon"

Possible feelings

# Hex Feeling
00 0x00
01 0x01 "The Pokémon remembers that <emotion>."
02 0x02 "The Pokémon remembers that <emotion>."
03 0x03 "The Pokémon remembers that <emotion>."
04 0x04 "The Pokémon remembers that <emotion>."
05 0x05 "The Pokémon clearlyXY/stillORAS remembers that <emotion>."
06 0x06 "The Pokémon definitelyXY/alwaysORAS remembers that <emotion>."
07 0x07 "The Pokémon fondly remembers that <emotion>."

Possible emotions

# Hex Feeling
00 0x00 "it was happy"
01 0x01 "it had fun"
02 0x02 "it was glad"
03 0x03 "it grinned"
04 0x04 "it got overwhelmed by emotion"
05 0x05 "its feelings were indescribable"
06 0x06 "it felt good"
07 0x07 "it got teary eyed"
08 0x08 "it got lighthearted"
09 0x09 "it got nervous"
10 0x0A "it felt comfortable"
11 0x0B "it was restless"
12 0x0C "it got a bit carried away"
13 0x0D "it felt sorry"
14 0x0E "it got emotional"
15 0x0F "it felt nostalgic"
16 0x10 "it had some difficulty"
17 0x11 "it felt exhausted"
18 0x12 "it couldn't be true to its feelings"
19 0x13 "it felt proud"
20 0x14 "they ended up in a foul mood"
21 0x15 "it got angry"
22 0x16 "it got jealous"
23 0x17 "it got sleepy"


  • The location memory for Azure Bay and Hoenn water routes is 水道 in the Japanese version, which can be translated as either "water route" or "water supply". This ambiguity caused it to be mistranslated in English, German, and French versions of X and Y as "a sewer", and retranslated in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as "a watery route". In Spanish, it was mistranslated as "unas alcantarillas" (a sewer) and remained unchanged in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. In Italian, it was originally translated as "in un canale" (in a channel) and was retranslated as "in una via d’acqua" (in a water route).


Language Name Origin
French Sue Veunyre From souvenir (French for memory)
German Miss Memory From English memory
Italian Memory From English memory
Spanish Clari VidenteXY
From clarividente (clairvoyant)
From evocadora (evocative)
Korean 추억소녀 Memory Girl Same as Japanese name

See also

  • Jack, who performs a similar service in Galar

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