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Roxy and Oli

Roxy and Oli
ユミとタク Yumi and Tak
Sprite from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Gender Female (Roxy), Male (Oli)
Eye color Black (Roxy)
Hair color Turquoise (Roxy)
Hometown Unknown
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Interviewers
Generation IV
Games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

Roxy (Japanese: ユミ Yumi) and Oli (Japanese: タク Tak) are a pair of interviewers from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and Pokémon Platinum.

They can be battled at the Jubilife TV station in Jubilife City, on Thursdays in Diamond and Pearl. In Platinum they can be battled in different Pokémon Centers daily. Specifically:



Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Pokémon Platinum

The team player will face depends on how much progress player has made in the game.

First battle

Second battle

Third battle

Fourth battle

Fifth battle onwards


  • Roxy was named after the main character in a Something Awful user's Let's Play of Crystal, who used a Wooper as her main Pokémon after leaving her "evil" Totodile with her mother. Nob Ogasawara, the lead translator for Diamond and Pearl, is a member of the Something Awful forums and was a reader of the Let's Play thread in question.

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