PS390 : Licking Lickitung
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS392 : Well Met, Weepinbell
Luring in a Lickilicky
Lickilicky and Treasure
VS ベロベルト
VS Berobelt
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 391 in Vol. 35
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 54 in Vol. 6
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Jubilife City

Luring in a Lickilicky (Japanese: VS ベロベルト VS Lickilicky), titled VS Lickilicky in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 391st chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 54th chapter of the Diamond & Pearl arc. It is subtitled Lickilicky and Treasure (Japanese: ベロベルトと宝物 Berobelt and Treasures) in the VIZ Media translation and Lickilicky and Butlers in the Chuang Yi translation.


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The Pokétch Co. President and his employees give Diamond several Poké Balls to catch Lickilicky. Diamond becomes nervous, as he has never caught a Pokémon before. He thinks back to the Safari Game at the Great Marsh, and decides to throw a Poké Ball right at Lickilicky. The wild Pokémon becomes angry, then uses Dig on Don. Before Don can retaliate, Lickilicky dives back down the hole it has just dug, then attacks Lax.

The president runs at Diamond and demands that he hurries up, causing Diamond to stumble backwards. He falls to the ground, then notices the Pokétch on his own wrist. Diamond walks to the holes that Lickilicky had dug, then rummages through Lax's fur. He finds that Lax's Iron Ball is missing, and realizes that Lickilicky is able to take anything with its tongue. To the president's surprise, Diamond sits down to read the Pokétch manual. Diamond explains that Lickilicky isn't stealing because it's hungry—only because it likes to collect things. He opens up the Dowsing Machine application on his Pokétch, then uses it to discover Lickilicky's stash, which is next to a hole.

Diamond calls down through the hole to Lickilicky, and the Pokétch Co. President worries that it's going to come back up to attack him. Diamond reveals he already knows where it will come to the surface. As soon as he says so, Lickilicky's tongue flings up from a nearby hole, and Lax grabs onto it. Diamond tells the president that Lickilicky only wants to protect its stash, and then uses the Pedometer on his Pokétch to find where Lax has grabbed it. With Lickilicky held still, Diamond throws a Poké Ball and catches it.

A crowd forms around Diamond, cheering him on and enthusing over how he used a Pokétch to catch a Pokémon. The Pokétch Co. President is thrilled to see so many people interested in his product. Diamond introduces Lickilicky to his other Pokémon, calling it Kit. The president thanks Diamond for his help, then reveals that he had actually met Lickilicky before at Lake Verity, where he had teased it. The crowd grows angry, then charges at the Pokétch Co. President. Diamond pulls him away from the crowd to ask how he got to Lake Verity, and the president reveals that it was unblocked, and that there was a television crew filming there.

Diamond begins to shake as he realizes that since Team Galactic is no longer preventing entry into the lake, they must be preparing to attack it.

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PS390 : Licking Lickitung
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS392 : Well Met, Weepinbell
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