PS391 : Luring in a Lickilicky
Diamond & Pearl arc
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Well Met, Weepinbell
Big House and the Butler
VS ウツドン
VS Utsudon
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 392 in Vol. 35
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 55 in Vol. 6
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Sandgem Town

Well Met, Weepinbell (Japanese: VS ウツドン VS Weepinbell), titled VS Weepinbell in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 392nd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 55th chapter of the Diamond & Pearl arc. It is subtitled Big House and the Butler (Japanese: 豪邸と執事 Mansions and Butlers) in the VIZ Media translation and Mansions and Butlers in the Chuang Yi translation.


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Having found Kit's stash of stolen items, Diamond takes it to visit several homes in order to return the items and apologize. Diamond tracks down the owner of a Proteam Omega toy by using a name written on its foot, leading him to a house. A woman opens the door and tells him that the toy was thrown away some time ago. She gives him permission to keep it, and Diamond ecstatically takes a seat on the ground to play with it. He turns the toy on and begins to sing the theme song, but to his surprise, the toy's limbs begin to spin at a rapid pace. The toy flings itself into the air, flying over a wall and into a tree. Diamond hops onto the wall and tries to have Kit grab the toy with its tongue, but both of them slip and fall to the other side.

As he picks himself off of the ground, Diamond is amazed to find that he is inside of a beautiful garden. He figures that he is in a park, then sends out his Pokémon to walk around with him. After unsuccessfully trying to find an exit, Diamond sits down to have a picnic. Soon after he and his Pokémon start eating, a bright light shines on the group. They look up to see a man riding a carriage drawn by Rapidash. The man, revealing his name as Sebastian, claims that he knows everyone in Sandgem Town. Because he does not know Diamond, he accuses him of being an intruder. To drive Diamond and Kit away, Sebastian sends out a Weepinbell and has it use Gastro Acid on them. He then commands two Chinchou to use Water Pulse, making Kit dizzy with confusion, as he's no longer protected by his Own Tempo Ability. Kit accidentally attacks Diamond and his Pokémon, throwing them to the ground. Blowing into a whistle, Sebastian summons three Tyrogue to surround Diamond.

Sebastian compliments himself on the security of Berlitz Estate, and Diamond is surprised. When Diamond reveals that he is friends with Platinum and was accompanying her to Mt. Coronet, Sebastian becomes apologetic. He takes Diamond to the mansion on the estate.

Inside the mansion, Diamond's Pokémon happily eat a meal prepared for them, while Diamond sits uncomfortably in new clothes. Sebastian enters and apologizes again for not recognizing Diamond. He expresses his gratitude toward Diamond for protecting Platinum, but fears that danger is still lurking. Diamond tells him that there is one day left until Team Galactic begins attacking the lakes, and then asks where Professor Rowan and Mr. Berlitz are. Sebastian reveals that the two are still receiving care from the injuries caused by their abduction. He then points out Rowan's lab through a window, and Diamond is surprised to see someone inside. Sebastian explains that Rowan has another assistant, named Roseanne.

Frustrated as she searches through the laboratory, Roseanne complains about being unable to find something. She decides to step outside to calm herself down, but when she looks up at the falling snow, she is shocked to see a swarm of Yanmega in the sky.

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  • When Diamond attempts to identify the owner of a Proteam Omega figure, he finds the owner's name written on its foot, which may be a reference to Toy Story in how Andy writes his name on the shoes of his toys.


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PS391 : Luring in a Lickilicky
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS393 : Yikes, Yanmega! I
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