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グラジオ Glazio
Sun Moon Gladion.png
Art from Sun and Moon by Ken Sugimori[1]
Age Unconfirmed[2]
Gender Male
Eye color Green
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Aether Paradise
Region Alola
Relatives Lillie (little sister)[3]
Lusamine (mother)
Mohn (father)
unnamed grandfather[4]
Trainer class Team Skull, Pokémon Trainer
Generation VII, VIII, IX
Counterpart(s) Gladion (Masters)
Games Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Masters EX
English voice actor Alan Lee[5] (Masters EX)
Japanese voice actor Kōki Uchiyama[6] (Masters EX)
Member of Team Skull
Rank Enforcer
Anime series Pokémon the Series
Pokémon Evolutions
Debut A Glaring Rivalry! (Series)
The Eclipse (Evolutions)
Counterpart(s) Gladion (anime)
English voice actor Eddy Lee (Series)
Unknown (Evolutions)
Japanese voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto (Series)
Shogo Sakata (Evolutions)
Manga series Pokémon Adventures
Debut The Decision and the Tournament of Six

Gladion (Japanese: グラジオ Glazio) is a character introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. He works for Team Skull as an enforcer, and serves as a rival character to the player in Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon. He is the only character in the games to have the Trainer class Team Skull (Japanese: スカルだん Skull Gang).

In the core series games

Gladion and his Silvally in artwork by Megumi Mizutani

Character profile

Gladion is a young boy who has made his debut in Pokémon Sun and Moon, who serves as a rival to the player. As a part of Team Skull in the Alola region, he lends them their strength as an enforcer, often performing small tasks for the group. Other members of the organization don't often consider Gladion to be a true member of Team Skull, and will often antagonize him. Gladion starts off as quite rebellious, and along with his partner, a Type: Null, wishes to get stronger. Due to this behavior, Gladion comes off as unfriendly, telling others how and when to be serious and often doing things on his own. Despite this, Gladion cares deeply about his friends, family and Pokémon, thriving to get stronger to protect them. Gladion has many skills, including strength in Pokémon battles, often participating in Battle Royals. His English concept art describes the character as having middle-school arrogance. According to Pokémon Masters EX, Gladion taught himself how to sew.

Over the course of the games, Gladion warms up to doing things as a group and appreciative of the people he has met in Alola, such as Hau and the player. In Sun and Moon, Gladion acts as the president of the Aether Foundation in his mother's place as she has gone to Kanto to be cared for.

Gladion also appears to be quite knowledgeable about Pokémon, including Cosmog, the Type: Null line and the Ultra Beasts, Pokémon being researched by the Aether Foundation. He had named the Silvally species.

Gladion's known relatives include his parents, Lusamine and Mohn, he also has a little sister by the name of Lillie. Gladion's grandfather, and Lusamine's father, goes unnamed, but he was known as a wealthy man who had loved Pokémon, creating the Aether Foundation. He had originally lived on Aether Paradise with his family before leaving with Type: Null. Like his sister, Gladion had been treated poorly by his mother, being told to dress and act the way she had wanted, Gladion compares himself to Null in this instance. Despite having prioritizing Type: Null over Lillie, Gladion appears to have a good relationship with his sister and had worried for her.


Gladion's concept art from Pokémon Sun and Moon

Gladion is a young teenage boy. Like his family, he has blonde hair and green eyes. His hair is mainly short, but he has long bangs that cascade over his right eye and the rigth side of his face. Gladion has sharp angular eyes, he has thick eyebrows that are the same color as his hair. Gladion has four cuts in his hair show his skin, two on each side of his head. He has two metal pierecings on the top side of his left ear.

Gladion wears a black sleeveless sweatshirt that rests. This sweatshirt has a large spiked hoodie, with two gray draw strings. A giant red gash goes through the middle. Underneath, Gladion wears a darker tight-fitting black shirt, the long sleeves reach down to his wrists and also contain multiple cuts. Gladion has a hair of black pants that reach down to his shins, again, multiple cuts and gashes are seen through his pants. These scrapes are likely from his Type: Null,, creating holes in his outfit. Gladion's red shoes have gray soles and black laces. He has a red waise bag with a single flap, a gray button is seen on the front of the flap, containing a 3 oval symbol. This symbol also appears throughout both of Lillie's outfits.

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Background and pre-game

Website blurb: This young man lends his strength to Team Skull as an enforcer. He places a high value on being strong in Pokémon battles. His partner Pokémon is the mysterious Type: Null.

Gladion had originally lived on Aether Paradise together with his mother, Lusamine, and his sister, Lillie. However, over time, he noticed his mother's obsession with the Ultra Beasts and realized that she could harm Alola if she let Ultra Beasts into the region. He decided to leave Paradise, only telling Wicke of his departure. Before leaving, he stole one of the three Type: Null, Pokémon created to be weapons to attack Ultra Beasts, having felt bad for it and hoping to get stronger.

Upon leaving the Aether Foundation, Gladion had two goals: to stop his mother and to free Type: Null from the helmet that was meant to subdue it. He eventually worked as an enforcer for Team Skull but was never considered an actual member of the team.

Main story

Gladion first meets the player on Route 5 as a Team Skull member, but he does not seem to be interested in Team Skull's affairs, unlike the Grunts near him. In this interaction, he seems to be berating Hau for not treating Pokémon battles with seriousness. The player encounters him again at the Battle Royal Dome, to which he has a battle in a Battle Royal against the player, Hau and the Masked Royal. The player can meet him again in a motel on Route 8, but he will tell them to leave. Gladion won't appear again until he encounters the player with Hau on Route 13. At this moment, he informs the player to avoid letting anyone know about a Cosmog if they happen to know of it, as this could threaten the safety of the region. At Aether House on Route 15 Lillie gets captured by Team Skull while the player is battling Guzma in Po Town. Gladion appears before the player upon their return to the Aether House and battles them to express his frustration. There, he finds out that Lillie had stolen Nebby from Aether, prompting him to take the player and Hau to Aether Paradise to face Lusamine and save Lillie.

On Aether Paradise, Gladion, Hau and the player meet Faba, who has already alerted the organization of their presence, After battle, he takes the two to Paradise' secret labs, going into Secret Lab A while they take Secret Lab B. Gladion reveals that Secret Lab B was where the Type: Null were originally created, and he relates to them, being told to act and heave a certain way. After the player learns more about Cosmog, they make it back upstairs and he battles alongside the player in a multitude of battles against the Aether Foundation, including against another battle with Faba. Gladion and Hau battle a group of Team Skull Grunts as the player make their way to Lusamine's mansion. After the player has met up and protected Lillie from Lusamine, Gladion and Hau catch up, and it is revealed that him and Lillie are Lusamine's children. Lusamine has kept Nebby in a cage since Lillie's kidnapping, in hopes to use the Pokémon's power to open an Ultra Wormhole. Gladion and his sister plead to Lusamine to not use Nebby's power. Lusamine ignores their pleas, saying that despite all the love she had given them, they had rejected her and didn't deserve to listen after stealing Type: Null. Lusamine opens Ultra Wormholes around Alola, inclduing in the trophy room they are currently in. This has caused Nebby to evolve into Cosmoem (but nobody seems to be aware of this). During this time, Gladion fights against any Ultra Beats that may come from the wormhole. Lusamine and Guzma leave for Ultra Space. The group resides in Aether Pradise for the night under the protection of Wicke. Gladion provides the player with a Master Ball and Lillie with the Sun FluteS/Moon FluteM before taking them to Seafolk Village on Poni Island.

At Seafolk Village, Gladion and his sister have a conversation about eachother and their mother, apologizing for leaving Lillie alone while Lusamine had treated her horribly. Gladion leaves to train, and trusts the player and Lillie with saving his mother. Gladion isn't encountered again until the player makes their way to the newly finished Pokémon League on Mount Lanakila. He thanks the player for stopping Lusamine and reveals that not only has he received a Z-Ring, but also managed to release his Type: Null from its restraint, evolving it into Silvally. His Silvally will be holding the memory of the type that is strong against the player's first partner Pokémon's type. After defeat, he also explains that he came to relay a message from his sister, to tell the player that they are the best Pokémon Trainer in the world, and provides them with 3 Max Ethers.

Gladion appears at the festival in Iki Town after the player has become Champion. Gladion appears with his Silvally in a photograph, in Sun and Moon's credits sequence.

After the player has become the Champion of the Alola region, Gladion has taken over as acting president of the Aether Foundation while Lusamine is away. He may be spoken to at Aether Paradise's conservation area, where he will give the player a Type: Null of their own, along with all of Silvally's memory drives. He thanks the player for helping out his family, especially for Lillie who he claims has never seen such a smile on her before. Gladion then explains to them that the cause for Lusamine's actions were likely a result of his father's research on Nihilego.

Gladion is one of the possible challengers who may appear at the Pokémon League as the player defends their title as Champion.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Gladion's role is mostly similar as in Sun and Moon, although with several changes. As Lusamine is not obsessed with Ultra Beasts in this continuity, he instead left Aether Paradise with Type: Null due to Mohn's disappearance, seeking to become stronger to protect Lillie and Lusamine. After the player becomes Champion, Gladion leaves the Alola region to train at Kanto and Johto. Before leaving, he leaves a Type: Null and a set of memory drives in the possession of Wicke, who gives them to the player at Ancient Poni Path during the post-game.

A month after Ultra Necrozma's defeat, Gladion returns to Alola and can be faced in a Pokémon League Title Defense battle, where he will wield the fully-evolved form of a Kanto first partner Pokémon, whose type matches the player's first partner Pokémon's type. After Gladion has been defeated in a Title Defense battle, the player can visit Aether Paradise to see Gladion witnessing a meeting between Lusamine and Mohn, with Lusamine letting her amnesiac husband continue his life of running Poké Pelago. Gladion asks Lusamine if she's sure about wanting to leave him in his current state, but Lusamine is simply satisfied to see Mohn being happy with his life.


Gladion has a Type: Null that evolves into a Silvally, having stolen it from his mother at Aether Paradise. Silvally's type and form will change to the type that is stronger against the player's first partner Pokémon.

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Gladion will gain an additional Pokémon when the player is defending their title as Champion after exploring Kanto and Johto. Here he will have either Venusaur, Charizard or Blastoise, whichever is the same type as the player's first partner Pokémon at the beginning of the game.

Pokémon Sun and Moon

First battle

Second battle

The battle will end on the turn where any one of the participants in the Battle Royal is eliminated, including the player. The player will not black out and the story will progress regardless of the outcome.

Third battle

Winning this fight is not mandatory. The player will not black out and the story will progress either way.

Multi Battle with the player

Fourth battle

  If the player chose Rowlet:

  If the player chose Litten:

  If the player chose Popplio:

Title Defense battle

  If the player chose Rowlet:

  If the player chose Litten:

  If the player chose Popplio:

Given to the player
Normal Unknown
Battle Armor
Held item:
Type: Null Lv.40
Crush Claw
Normal Physical
Scary Face
Normal Status
Bug Physical
Take Down
Normal Physical

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

First battle

Second battle

The battle will end on the turn where any one of the participants in the Battle Royal is eliminated, including the player. The player will not black out and the story will progress regardless of the outcome.

Third battle

Winning this fight is not mandatory. The player will not black out and the story will progress either way.

Multi Battle with the player

Fourth battle

  If the player chose Rowlet:

  If the player chose Litten:

  If the player chose Popplio:

Title Defense battle

  If the player chose Rowlet:

  If the player chose Litten:

  If the player chose Popplio:

In the spin-off games

Gladion in the Family Ties story event banner

Pokémon Masters EX

Main article: Gladion (Masters)

Gladion forms a sync pair with Silvally, Golbat, and Magearna in Pokémon Masters EX. His Silvally can change into an opponent's type weakness once per battle. Gladion became a playable sync pair on September 14, 2020.

Gladion first appeared as an NPC during the story event Family Ties. He has also made notable appearances in one of the game's Main Stories, the Villain Arc.

Sync Dex Trainer NDex Pokémon Type Weakness Role Base Potential Availability
#102   Gladion #0773   Silvally
all forms
  ★★★★★☆EX Sync Pair Scout
#102   Gladion #0042   Golbat
  ★★★★☆☆EX Trainer Lodge Friendship Level 100
#102   Sygna Suit
#0801   Magearna    
  ★★★★★☆EX Master Fair Sync Pair Scout


Main article: Gladion/Quotes

In the anime

Gladion in the anime
Gladion and his family in the Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer

Main series

Main article: Gladion (anime)

In the anime, Gladion is a recurring character and Ash's rival in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon. He first made a cameo appearance in a photo along with his mother Lusamine and sister Lillie. His first proper appearance was in A Glaring Rivalry!.

Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer

Main article: Gladion (Masters)

Gladion briefly appeared in the Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer as part of a team with his mother, Lusamine, and his sister, Lillie.


Gladion briefly appeared in GOTCHA!.

Pokémon Evolutions

Gladion appeared in a flashback in The Eclipse, in which he, Lillie, Selene, Hau, and Guzma witnessed Lusamine use Nebby's power to open an Ultra Wormhole in Aether Paradise.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Gladion in Pokémon Adventures

Gladion debuted in The Decision and the Tournament of Six. He first appeared as a participant at an Iki Town festival tournament. He was absent when the tournament roster was being determined, but returned by the time the tournament started. He explained he was away checking an Ultra Wormhole his Type: Null had sensed.

In The Announcement and the Prize, Gladion faced against Hau. When Hau mentioned he joined the tournament because he thought it'd be fun, Gladion called him weak and won the battle. In The Party Crasher and Guzma the Destroyer, Gladion's next opponent was Moon, who wanted to know about the Ultra Wormhole. Gladion agreed to tell her about it, but only if she managed to defeat him. Despite Moon's skill, Gladion eventually won the battle through luck.

In The Final Match and a Surprising Finale!, Gladion and Sun faced each other in the finals. During the battle, Sun's attitude annoyed Gladion, who questioned the boy's motivation for joining the tournament. Gladion's words angered Sun, who accidentally activated a powerful Inferno Overdrive that defeated Type: Null before passing out from exhaustion. Though Gladion still had an active Pokémon, Sun was declared the winner. Afterward, Gladon left to find a place to train so he may prepare to face the Ultra Beasts, mentioning that he lost his chance to meet the tapu.

In Going Ashore and Neighboring Akala Island, Gladion traveled to the Ruins of Conflict to meet Tapu Koko. There, he met Guzma, who praised Gladion's performance in the Iki Town tournament and offered him a job as an Enforcer for Team Skull. Gladion immediately accepted, but asked to know about the person Guzma mentioned when he left during the tournament. Guzma feigned ignorance about his earlier statement and had Gladion follow him to Team Skull's hideout.

In Homecoming and the Brilliant Professional Golfer, Sun and Moon found an injured Kiawe, who was attacked by Gladion in order to learn where the Ruins of Life were located. After healing Kiawe, the three traveled to the ruins, where they found Gladion trying to take Tapu Lele, who was healing from injuries it sustained from an earlier clash with a Xurkitree. Realizing Gladion wanted Tapu Lele to help fight off the Ultra Beasts, Moon suggested they work together. Sun refused to team up with someone who works for villains and decided to defeat him with his newly-mastered Z-Move. Due to not having a Z-Ring, Sun attempted to borrow Kiawe's, but it was destroyed by Type: Null before he could take it. Although Gladion claimed Sun wouldn't have won even with the Z-Move, a voice appeared, claiming that Gladion wouldn't have destroyed the Z-Ring if he believed that. The voice is revealed to be Kahili, who has her Pokémon distract Type: Null before delivering Sun his own Z-Ring.

In Unleashing the Incredible Z-Move, Sun and Dollar fired a perfected Inferno Overdrive at Type: Null, causing its mask to crack. After switching for Porygon, Sun tried the Z-Move again, but failed, leading to Dollar's defeat. Gladion gave up on Tapu Lele, declaring it too weak to help him with the Ultra Beasts. As he left, Gladion revealed that something must be trying to break into their world through the wormholes.

In Flash and Cosmog's Secret, Gladion arrived at Po Town. There, he was attacked by the Team Skull Admin, Plumeria, who wanted to see if Gladion was skilled enough to be an Enforcer. Though Gladion proved himself, his negative attitude angered Plumeria to the point where she refused to accept him as a true member of Team Skull. When Plumeria told Gladion to follow her, Gladion complied, but was momentarily distracted when a Zygarde Core jumped past him.

In Truth and the Mastermind Behind Team Skull, Gladion appeared at Po Town to battle the Ultra Beasts that Guzma summoned with the Cosmog he received from the Aether Foundation. Gladion revealed Guzma was being used by the Aether Foundation president, Lusamine, so she could create a paradise for herself and the Ultra Beasts she covets. Guzma rejected Gladion's accusation, but was captured by a Nihilego and dragged into a wormhole. The other Ultra Beasts escaped from Po Town's barriers, allowing them to wreak havoc on the rest of Ula'ula Island. When the Captains asked Gladion how they could help, Gladion refused to help and said they wouldn't be of any use before riding off with Type: Null.

In The Truth and Island Kahuna Hapu, Gladion, Professor Kukui, Molayne, Sophocles, and Acerola fought off a Celesteela and Guzzlord at Route 10 to prevent them from reaching Hokulani Observatory, which was being used as a shelter for those caught up in the Ultra Beasts' rampage. While Type: Null easily defeated Celesteela, Gladion was momentarily distracted when Lillie appeared and called out to him. Taking the opportunity, Guzzlord leapt in to attack Lillie, only to be easily swatted away by Type: Null, who evolved into a Silvally while doing so. Lillie revealed that three months ago, she stole Nebby and ran away from Aether Paradise after Lusamine tried to use Nebby's power for her own goals. When Lillie revealed she also stole a Sun Flute from Lusamine, Gladion decided that they should head towards the Poni Altar.

In Battle in Vast Poni Canyon, Gladion and Lillie traveled through Poni Island. Gladion revealed he planned on getting the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala to help him destroy the Ultra Beasts. As they traveled, a Xurkitree appeared and attacked them. Gladion and Silvally fought Xurkitree, but Nebby flew out of his hands and met with another Cosmoem. After Xurkitree was defeated, Lillie and Gladion met with Sun and Hapu. They learned that the Sun and Moon Flutes were a pair meant to played at the Poni Altar. The guardian deities of Alola appeared and took Sun and both flutes to the Poni Altar while Lillie, Gladion, and Hapu chased after them.

In Summon the Emissaries of the Moon and the Sun, Gladion and Lillie helped Anabel corner and capture Faba. At the Altar, Gladion and the others found that Sun and Moon managed to evolve Nebby and the other Cosmoem into Lunala and Solgaleo, respectively. Anabel received a call from Looker, who told her that a large number of Ultra Beasts made their way to Poni Island. While Moon, Gladion, Anabel, and Hapu fought off the beasts, Solgaleo was possessed by a Necrozma that appeared from a wormhole. Necrozma grabbed Sun and dragged him into the wormhole, forcing Moon and Lunala to chase after them.

Six months later, in Adventure in the Dark Dimension, Lusamine disappeared while Faba had managed to take control of the Aether Foundation, running it like a dictatorship. At the Aether House, Wicke told Gladion and Lillie that Lusamine was found on Poni Island playing with a group of Ultra Beasts. Gladion suggested going to get Lusamine, but was told to stay behind as he hadn't fully recovered from the injuries he sustained from being exposed to the energy from Silvally's evolution. Wicke decided the best option was for her to return to Aether Paradise and gather information before making their next move.

In Ray of Light!! Through the Crack in the Sky!, Lillie told Gladion that their father, Mohn, was still alive in Alola somewhere. Hoping that telling Lusamine the information would convince her to return to her old self, Lillie decided to go and meet with their mother. Before Lillie left, Gladion suggested she do so dressed in the clothes she picked for herself, not the ones Lusamine picked for her.

Later, Gladion traveled to Aether Paradise, where he found Moon locked in a cell after Faba captured her. After freeing her, Gladion and Moon confronted Faba, telling him that his plans were over. Faba retaliated by tricking Ryuki into battling Gladion and Moon, buying him enough time to try and escape. Gladion allowed Moon to use Silvally in place of her actual Pokémon, which were taken by Faba and hidden away. While Gladion kept Ryuki busy, Moon went ahead to retrieve her Pokémon and make medicine for Gladion's injuries. After taking down Ryuki's first Pokémon, Gladion called off the battle, revealing Faba was using it as a distraction so he could flee. Once he learned others were fighting the Ultra Beasts elsewhere in Alola, Ryuki ran off to join them. When Silvally returned, Moon was absent, having gone elsewhere with Lunala. Gladion then left to stop Faba from escaping, only to find the man cornered by Sun's Alolan Meowth, Cent, who aimed to make Faba pay for his crimes. Faba's intense fear attracted several Nihilego that emerged from a nearby wormhole. Gladion and Cent were forced to watch as Faba was dragged into the wormhole, his fear turning into happiness as he was affected by the Nihilego's neurotoxins.

Months later, Gladion teamed up with Dulse of the Ultra Recon Squad to traverse through Ultra Space and rescue Faba. Ryuki chose to accompany them, much to Gladion's annoyance.


On hand
Type: Null → Silvally
Main article: Gladion's Silvally

Silvally is Gladion's first known Pokémon. It was first seen as a Type: Null with its Trainer being entered in an Iki Town festival tournament. While the competitors in the tournament were being picked, Gladion was temporarily away due to Type: Null sensing a crack in the sky. During the tournament, Type: Null was called out to battle Hau's Komala, which it defeated. In the final round of the tournament, Type: Null battled Sun's Cent and Dollar. Although it easily defeated Cent, Dollar was able to defeat Type: Null with a powerful Inferno Overdrive. It later evolved into Silvally to protect Lillie from an attacking Guzzlord.

Debut The Decision and the Tournament of Six
Porygon is Gladion's second known Pokémon. It was first used at the Iki Town festival tournament, where it battled Hau's Pichu. Eventually, it won, forcing Hau to switch for his Komala. In the next battle, it fought Moon's Alolan Grimer and Mareanie, with both battles ending in Porygon's victory.

Porygon's known moves are Psybeam, Discharge, and Zap Cannon.

Debut The Announcement and the Prize
Main article: Gladion's Lycanroc

Lycanroc is Gladion's third known Pokémon. It was first used to battle against Ryuki's Turtonator.

Debut Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon chapter
Main article: Nebby

Gladion held on to Nebby (Japanese: ほしぐもちゃん Hoshigumo-chan) for a while as he and Lillie traveled to the Poni Altar. During a battle with a wild Xurkitree, Nebby flew out of Gladion's hand, where it met with another Cosmoem.

Debut The Decision and the Tournament of Six


Pokémon competitions

In the TCG

Full Art print of Gladion

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Gladion or his Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Gladion's Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a green background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Silvally    Cosmic Eclipse   184/236 Dream League   041/049
Cosmic Eclipse   227/236 Dream League   065/049
Cosmic Eclipse   262/236 Dream League   072/049
Other related cards
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Gladion Su Crimson Invasion   95/111 Awakened Heroes   050/050
Crimson Invasion   109/111 Awakened Heroes   055/050
      GX Ultra Shiny   131/150
      Sky Legend   052/054
Friends in Alola Su       SM-P Promotional cards   401/SM-P


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SM3 accessories

Rounding off the mainstream TCG releases on June 16, 2017 were a number of specially illustrated deck cases, card sleeves, and files. Deluxe items featuring Lillie and her relatives were subsequently released on June 17, 2017 as part of a Pokémon Center campaign.

The Gladion & Silvally Deck Case & Sleeves (Japanese: デッキケース&シールド グラジオ&シルヴァディ Deck Case & Shield: Glazio & Silvady) is another special release that comes packaged with a deck case and a set of 64 card sleeves. Both products feature Gladion and his partner Silvally. The artwork was illustrated by Megumi Mizutani.

Deck case images:

Gladion & Silvally Deck
Case & Sleeves
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

General merchandising

Gladion has appeared on multiple pieces of merchandise since 2016.

He, along with Lillie and Lusamine, were given their own merchandise line titled (Japanese: リーリエ&グラジオ&ルザミーネ Lilie & Glazio & Lusamine) and released in Japan.

Below is a list of non-TCG related products that Gladion, or his Pokémon has been featured on.

Lillie & Gladion & Lusamine merchandise line

The Lillie & Gladion & Lusamine merchandise line primarily focused on the family and their Pokémon during the events of Pokémon Sun and Moon. This merchandise line had multiple products made featuring illustrations from GAME FREAK's Megumi Mizutani. The featured artwork in relation to the line was also used in TCG products. Gladion and his Silvally are featured on two illustrations in this merchandise line.


For images on Gladion's anime counterpart, see: Gladion (anime)
For images on Gladion in Pokémon Masters EX, see: Gladion (Masters)



Art from Sun and Moon by Ken Sugimori[7] Sun and Moon key art of Gladion with Silvally illustrated by Hitoshi Ariga
Promotional artwork for
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Concept art

Conceptual artwork from
Sun and Moon
Concept art of Silvally's forms with Gladion being used
for size comparison for Pokémon Sun and Moon


Gladion and Silvally illustrated by Megumi Mizutani as part of a merchandise line
3DS Theme artwork for Team Skull, illustrated by Hitoshi Ariga

Raw TCG artwork

For all images and products relating to this character in the TCG, see their In the TCG section

Raw artwork of the Gladion full art
by TOKIYA for Crimson Invasion

Game assets

Ending screenshot with Silvally from Sun and Moon

Sprites and models

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Reason: second high-poly model for SM and USUM both of which has either a Z-Ring or a Z-Power Ring
High-poly model from
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
VS model with a Z-Ring from
Sun and Moon
VS model with a Z-Power Ring from
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
Overworld model from
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon


  • Gladion shares some similarities with Silver: both are rivals who stole their first Pokémon, are children of main antagonists and are initially cold to those around them until they go through character development and become warmer to others.
  • Only in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, if the player character picks Litten as their first partner Pokémon, Gladion's Lucario will be level 55 during the battle at Mount Lanakila, while it will be level 53 if either Rowlet or Popplio was chosen.


The Japanese names of all important members of the Aether Foundation and the members of Lusamine's family are based on German words for plants.

Language Name Origin
Japanese グラジオ Glazio From Gladiolus, also called "sword lily"
English, Indonesian Gladion Similar to his Japanese name
German, Spanish, French,
Brazilian Portuguese
Gladio From his Japanese name
Italian Iridio From Iridaceae, the family that contains the genus Gladiolus
Korean 글라디오 Gladio From his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 格拉吉歐 / 格拉吉欧 Gélāji'ōu Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 格拉吉歐 Gaaklāaigāt'āu
Hindi ग्लैडियॉन Gladion Transcription of his English name
Russian Гладион Gladion Transcription of his English name
Thai กลาดิโอ Kladio Transcription of his Japanese name

See also


  1. Gladion (Crimson Invasion 95)
  2. The Pokémon Sun and Moon guidebook translates Gladion's concept art as having "middle-school arrogance and being emo" implying attitude associated with teenagers. His actual age is not otherwise known.
  3. Gladion, Pokémon Masters EX: "I have a little sister."
  4. Scientist on Aether Paradise, Sun and Moon: "The current president's father was a very, very wealthy man and a great lover of Pokémon. He built the Aether Foundation to protect them."
  5. Alan Lee on Twitter
  6. Nintendo DREAM (vol. 329)
  7. Gladion (Crimson Invasion 95)

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