Family Ties

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Family Ties
団結! リーリエ一家! '
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Event notification image
Type Story event
Start date September 10, 2020
September 7, 2021
End date October 1, 2020
September 17, 2021
Featured sync pairs Lillie and Clefairy
Gladion and Silvally
Lusamine and Pheromosa
Sync pairs with reward bonus
1.6× Lillie and Clefairy
Gladion and Silvally
Lusamine and Pheromosa
1.4× Brendan and Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile
Wally and Gallade
1.2× Koga and Crobat
Janine and Ariados
Norman and Slaking
Theme skills with reward bonus None
Theme skills with strength bonus None

Family Ties (Japanese: 団結! リーリエ一家!) was a story event in Pokémon Masters EX. It was focused on the sync pairs Lillie and Clefairy, Gladion and Silvally, and Lusamine and Pheromosa.

First run

The event first ran from September 10 to October 1, 2020. The "Lusamine Spotlight Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Lusamine and Pheromosa for the duration of the event. The "Gladion Spotlight Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Gladion and Silvally starting on September 14, 2020 and lasting until the end of the event. The "Lillie Spotlight Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Lillie and Clefairy starting on September 17, 2020 and lasting until the end of the event.

In this run, players could earn travel tokens from "Challenge Pasio's Trainers" single-player battles. All battles could be challenged an unlimited number of times except Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 5, which could only be challenged once per day. The player could use travel tokens to move to an adjacent space on the event map, collecting the item on that space. Reaching the checkpoint on a map would allow the player to unlock a new story area, if one was available, and advance to the next map. In addition, the maps would occasionally include a story sub-area that could be unlocked when the player moved to that space. Once all the story sub-areas had been unlocked, the player could find grand prizes on the map, which included Power-Up items, a Strike Move Candy Coin, a Tech Move Candy Coin, and Co-op Sync Orbs. Extra travel tokens were automatically exchanged with coins once the event was finished.

The player could battle using Lusamine and Pheromosa, Gladion and Silvally, or Lillie and Clefairy to obtain +0.6× bonus travel tokens; Brendan and Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile or Wally and Gallade to obtain +0.4× bonus travel tokens; and Koga and Crobat, Janine and Ariados, or Norman and Slaking to obtain +0.2× bonus travel tokens.

Full-Force Battle areas were added on September 17, 2020. Players were challenged to defeat a large group of strong opponents. Similar to the Legendary Arena, players could use multiple teams with a limited number of total sync pairs, with the opponents' health carrying over between rounds and with previously used pairs unable to be used again until the challenge is reset. Medals could be earned by completing specific missions.

In addition, players could earn a medal for completing all the story areas in the event.

Second run

The event reran from September 7 to 17, 2021 as a part of the Two-Year Anniversary Rerun Event. This run only contained the story areas and the battles between them; the event map, travel tokens, Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3, Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 4, Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 5, and Full-Force Battles did not return. In addition, no medals could be earned.


The player is first introduced to Lillie, Gladion, and Lusamine at the Pokémon Center, where Lillie asks the player if they could help them train for an upcoming family event. Outside, the player character teams up with Koga and Janine to help Lillie and her family learn the battle style of Pasio; however, the three have trouble getting into sync. When the player steps in for Lusamine, the team appears to be in better sync, and Lusamine seems to think she understands what is wrong. Later, the day of the family battle has arrived, however, the trio note that they are still having trouble with battling together.

At the family battle event, the trio find out that they are battling against Norman, Brendan, and Wally. Against such a tough team, Lusamine decides to bow out of the team as she feels that her actions in the past have driven a wedge in the family, which is why they haven't been able to fight well together. She asks the player character to take her place, but Lillie calls out Lusamine for her selfishness. Norman helps Lusamine to realize that battling along with her children would be best. The three then go on to defeat Norman, Brendon, and Wally.

In a series of vignettes, Lillie takes the player to search for her Clefairy along the mountain path, and they find her waiting with Gladion for Lillie to arrive; Gladion searches for a Pokémon that can produce string so he can fix a rip in his clothes, but when he obtains it from a Trainer with a Spinarak, he instead uses it to fix the players clothes, which were ripped while they were searching; Hapu introduces Gladion to Grimsley, whom Gladion recognizes as someone of a similar personality who can help him become stronger, and Hapu gives him the nickname "Gladion the Gladiator" to Lillie, Grimsley, and Shauntal's delight and Gladion's dismay; Lillie teams up with Erika and Caitlin to battle, and Gladion and Darach note the hard work she is putting into improving as a Trainer; Nanu and Olivia encounter Pheromosa, but Lusamine stops them from attacking it, explaining that it appeared to her one-day and has joined her in a sync pair, and when Bugsy and Viola arrive and begin admiring Pheromosa, Nanu backs off; Acerola and Serena find Lusamine watching Lillie shopping for clothes with Lisia and Candice from a distance, and they try to convince her to let Lillie make her own choices, even when Clair joins the shopping group; Lusamine and Guzma encounter each other on the street, and Guzma notes that Lusamine has changed from the power-hungry person he used to admire, but he says that Lillie and Gladion deserve to have the current Lusamine, who cares for them, and Lusamine muses that Guzma has also changed as he leaves; Lillie and Gladion join Lance, Clair, Tate, and Liza in the field to train, and Gladion notes how the relationships between them affect their teamwork in battles, but the others reply that he and Lillie have a similarly good relationship, as well; Lusamine encounters Silvally while searching for Pheromosa on the beach, and she wonders if it hates her for her role in its creation, but Gladion arrives and tells her Silvally prefers to look to the future over dwelling on the past and encourages her to do the same; and after a battle against another Trainer team, Gladion notes that Lusamine and Pheromosa are stronger than him and Silvally and declares his intention to get stronger, and when Lillie makes a similar declaration, Lusamine challenges to try to surpass her strength.


Single player

Name Difficulty Trainer Pokémon Stamina First-Time Rewards Completion Rewards Battle Rewards
Left Middle Right
Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 1 Normal  
Beauty Charlotte
20 First run:
Gems ×30
Second run:
Gems ×100
4★ Level-Up Manual ×5
3-Pack Great Drink ++ Set ×10
3-Pack Drink ++ Set ×15
3-Pack Ultra Drink + Set ×20
3-Pack Great Drink + Set ×30
3-Pack Drink + Set ×40
3-Pack Ultra Drink Set ×50
3-Pack Great Drink Set ×60
First run:
400 coins
Travel Token ×8
Second run:
200 coins
Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 2 Hard 20 First run:
Gems ×30
Second run:
Gems ×100
4★ Level-Up Manual ×5
3-Pack Great Drink ++ Set ×10
3-Pack Drink ++ Set ×15
3-Pack Ultra Drink + Set ×20
3-Pack Great Drink + Set ×30
3-Pack Drink + Set ×40
3-Pack Ultra Drink Set ×50
3-Pack Great Drink Set ×60
600 coins
First run:
Travel Token ×11
A Two-Way Street  
Gems ×10 None None
Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3* Very Hard  
20 Gems ×30 400 coins
Travel Token ×13
Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 4* Super Hard 20 Gems ×30 1500 coins
Travel Token ×16
Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 5* Normal  
Ace Trainer
20 Gems ×30 400 coins
Travel Token ×50
Full-Force Battle! Round 1* Super Hard  
Masked Man


Alolan Form




Gems ×100
3★ Strike Move Candy
None None
Full-Force Battle! Round 2* Ultra Hard Gems ×100
4★ Support Move Candy
None None

Grand prizes

September 10 to October 1, 2020

Grand Prize Number Available
Strike Move Candy Coin
Tech Move Candy Coin
4★ Power-Up
3★ Power-Up
Co-op Sync Orb ×1,000


Event banner (Initial run)
Event banner (Two-Year Anniversary Rerun)
1★ Family Ties
2★ Family Ties
3★ Family Ties
One of the Family
Artwork by Naoki Saito Artwork by 7Repose


  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Lusamine Together as a family, with my dearest Lillie and Gladion...
Gladion Hmph. I never thought I'd end up on a team with you two.
Lusamine But this will be such a good opportunity for us to show our bond as a family!
Lillie Yeah! Let's train hard so we can show the competition the full power of our family!

  • Intro
Name Text
(Pokémon Center)
Lillie Alola, <player>!
Gladion Hey! We've been looking all over for you. Got a favor to ask.
Lillie went and entered us into this family battle competition that's coming up soon...
Lusamine But we don't really have any experience battling together as a team, you see.
We were hoping you could introduce us to a good instructor who could show us the ropes.
Lillie I want us to be able to show our full power in the competition as a family—me, my brother, and our mother, all together!
Will you help us, <player>?

  • A Family against All Odds
Name Text
(Gladion, Lillie, and Lusamine battle Janine, Koga, and the player at the beach)
Koga Fwahahaha! The victory is ours!
Gladion Did you see how in sync they were? How could there be that much of a gap between us...
Lusamine Going from three individuals battling to one cohesive unit is proving rather difficult, isn't it.
Lillie, dear, why don't we try battling with just the two of us first and see how it goes?
Lillie OK!
(Lillie and Lusamine battle Janine and Koga)
Janine Good battle! Guess that's another victory for us!
Lillie I'm sorry, Mother...
Lusamine No need to apologize, dear. I know you did the best you could.
Gladion, let's try the same thing with you.
Gladion All right.
Lusamine and her family continued to fight hard, battle after battle.
But it wasn't enough to defeat the father-daughter combo of Koga and Janine.
(the player teams up with Gladion and Lillie and battle Janine and Koga)
Lusamine ... ... ...
??? Look at them go.
(Norman appears)
Lusamine Norman! I thought you couldn't make it today. Did your plans change?
Norman Brendan has some things he has to take care of today, but I gave in to curiosity and decided to come check things out on my own.
How's it going? Has the training worked out well for you?
Lusamine I wish I could say it was going smoothly.
I assumed that our love for each other as a family would make syncing up in battle a trifle.
It seems I was wrong.
Norman Ah, don't worry.
Brendan and I had a tough time finding our groove together in the beginning, too.
We kept at it, though, and somewhere along the way, it just started to click for us.
That's family, though, eh?
Lusamine Family...
Norman Don't trouble yourself over it too much, all right? You'll get there in time.
Lusamine ... ... ...
That may have been true for you and your son, but we have very different families.
I have a feeling I know the reason mine hasn't been successful in this...
Norman Lusamine...?
Koga Yes! That was quite good!
Janine <player>, Gladion, Lillie, you're doing great! You're really starting to move with confidence!
Lillie Lillie moved like the wind!: Aw! Thank you, <player>!
Gladion Gladion was on fire!: Yeah. I feel like my reaction time's getting quicker.
Koga At the rate you're going, the two of you will be able to sync up in battle without <player>'s help in no time.
I would expect no less from a pair of siblings like yourselves.
Lillie Of course! We're giving this our all!
Gladion Hmph. We've got this.
Come on, Lillie! Let's finish 'em together!
Lusamine ... ... ...'

  • A Family Divided
Name Text
Several days after the training session with Koga and Janine...
the day of the family competition finally arrived.
Lillie Today's the day.
We've got one match to prove ourselves. I hope we do well.

You don't sound very excited.: Oh, no, I am excited. It's just...
Have some confidence!: Y-you're right. I know. It's just...
I wish we'd had a little more time to prepare. That's all.
Gladion We did some more training after that first session with Koga...
but the three of us are still struggling to get in sync with each other as a team.
Lusamine ... ... ...
Lillie Well, moping around won't fix anything, will it? Come on, let's try to cheer up!
I promise to fight with my full power!
Gladion You're right. Our strategy should be more than enough to defeat most of the teams here.
We're gonna win this!
??? Hey, Gladion! Hey, Lillie!
Gladion Brendan? I didn't know you were gonna be competing today.
Brendan Yep! I'm here with my dad and Wally.
Wally Have you gone over to check the matchups yet?
Lillie What? No, we haven't had a chance yet.
Brendan Ha! I'll save you the trip, then!
You're looking at your opponents right here!
Gladion What?!
Lillie We're matched up with you?!
Brendan Haha! Hope you're prepared, 'cause we're in it to win it!
Norman Brendan, Wally.
You should start getting ready for the match soon.
Brendan You got it, Dad.
Lusamine I never would have guessed I'd be fighting against you, Norman.
Norman It came as a surprise to me as well.
Best of luck to both of us. Let's give it our all out there.
Gladion ... ... ...
Hey... We need to change our strategy.
Lillie What?! What are you talking about, Gladion?
Gladion Did you see who we're matched up against? There's no way we're gonna win against a powerhouse team from Hoenn like this.
If we wanna win, we've gotta give up trying to get in sync with each other. It's just not working.
Our only chance is to throw everything we've got at them individually!
Lillie Gladion, we can't just change our strategy like that right before the match.
Gladion If we want our team to win, that's just what we're gonna have to do.
Lillie But...
I...I think we should try our best to fight together as a family, even if it means we don't have a chance to win!
Gladion Huh?! What's the matter with you? There's no point in competing if you're not trying to win!
Norman All right, you two. Calm down. Talking things out is good, but getting into an argument right before a match isn't going to help anyone.
Lusamine ... ... ...
I understand why you two are upset.
Lillie Mother...
Gladion We're running out of time. Come on, we need to start preparing.
Lusamine That won't be necessary.
There's only one solution that can solve our problem.
I'm removing myself from this team.
Lillie What...?

  • A Two-Way Street
Name Text
Gladion What do you mean you're removing yourself from the team?!
Lillie Where's this coming from, Mother?
Lusamine The two of you should understand how I came to this conclusion. It's simple.
There's an obstacle preventing our team from bonding together as a cohesive unit... Me.
Lillie That's not true!
Lusamine It's all right, Lillie. I know this is my fault. I have to face the consequences of the mistakes I made in the past.
I opened up Ultra Wormholes across Alola, subjected our beautiful islands to so much chaos...
And my selfish behavior tore our family apart.
It's no wonder our efforts to unite as a team have been a struggle.
I'm the one to blame.
Lillie Mother...
Gladion ... ... ...
Lusamine <player>... Please take my place in the competition and fight with Lillie and Gladion.
Are you sure?: I'm sure.
But...: Please.
With you by their side...
I'm sure this team will be able to fight as one cohesive unit.
With me out of the picture, this team may even stand a chance to win.
Lillie How can you be so selfish, Mother?!
The whole reason I entered us into this competition was so that the three of us could fight together!
And at the first turn, you want to leave us?
Without you, there isn't even a reason to take part anymore!
Lusamine Lillie...
Gladion Did you forget why we started practicing for this in the first place?
This is a FAMILY competition. We wanted to win it together as family!
If you won't even be on the team, I'd rather just withdraw altogether!
Lusamine Gladion...
Norman Lusamine, I don't claim to be a perfect parent either, but let me say this.
Just as parents love their children and want what's best for them...
children love their parents, too, and want what's best for us. It's not a one-way street.
Lusamine I really am a poor excuse for a mother, aren't I.
Once again, I tried to force my decision on them without stopping to consider how they might feel.
This time will be different.
Lillie, Gladion...
I was so focused on doing what I thought was best for you, I never even stopped to ask if that was what you wanted.
The two of you are already so strong. And not only that, you're also incredibly kind and caring.
As your mother, I could learn a thing or two from you when it comes to that.
So come on! Let's join together and show the competition the full extent of our power!
We're going to win this as a family!
(Gladion, Lillie, and Lusamine battle and defeat Brendan, Norman, and Wally)
Gladion We did it. We defeated Brendan's team.
Lillie We did it, Mother!
Brendan Aw, man! I can't believe we lost to them!
Norman Congratulations, Lusamine. That was a good battle.
The evidence should be as clear as day after a victory like that. The three of you make a good team.
And you make a good family.
Lusamine ...Thank you, Norman.
Gladion When I heard our family would be fighting as a team, I had no idea how things would turn out.
But I'm glad we did it.
Lillie Me too! It turned out to be so much fun!
Promise we'll do this together again sometime?
Lusamine I promise.
Gladion Hmph.
Lusamine (Honey...)
(I will continue to love our children and strengthen the bond of our family.)
(I'll protect these wonderful smiles of theirs in the hope that one day, they'll be as bright as yours.)

  • Gladion the Gladiator?
Name Text
Gladion Hapu, who's this guy you want me to meet up with? Just spill it already!
Hapu Don't be impatient, Gladion. You'll see for yourself soon enough.
Ah! Here he is now!
Grimsley This must be Gladion.
I see what you meant, Hapu. He does have a sharp look in his eyes.
Gladion And you are...?
Grimsley Hmph.
I'm Grimsley, one of the Unova Elite Four.
Gladion Hmph.
Lillie Wait, that's it?!
Hapu I had a feeling the two of you would see eye to eye. It seems I was correct.
Shauntal "Two men clad in all black stood before one another..."
"In naught but a moment, a new friendship was born."
Gladion I could learn a thing or two from someone like you, Grimsley.
You can teach me things that'll take me to even greater heights as a Trainer! I'll be stronger than ever!
Grimsley And I'll be waiting to battle you myself once you get there.
Lillie That's great, Gladion! I've never seen you look so excited before.
Hapu Indeed! I can feel a new strength starting to rise within him already...
I've got it!
Gladion, who fights with all of his might to rise to greater heights...
We should call him Gladion the Gladiator! Haha!
Gladion G-Gladiator?! Not exactly the nickname I had in mind...
Grimsley Hmph. Give it your best shot, Gladion the Gladiator.
Lillie We'll make quite a formidable pair, won't we! Never-lily-livered Lillie and Gladion the Gladiator!
Gladion Sure... Yeah...
Shauntal "The young man in black had earned a new name for himself..."
"Yet with this new name came new troubles as well."

  • Pasio's Elegant Ladies
Name Text
Erika That was splendid, Lillie.
Caitlin I really enjoyed battling together.
Lillie Thank you! I had a lot of fun, too!
Darach Excellent battle, Miss Lillie.
I could tell you were giving it your absolute best. Well done indeed!
Gladion Lillie used to be so shy and reserved, always taking things slowly at her own pace...
Hmph. Now she's like a totally different person.
Lillie I don't have time to take things slowly anymore.
I became a Pokémon Trainer much later than you and Hau did.
I want to catch up to your level as fast as I can, so I need to train extra hard.
That's why I try to do my very best every single day! Like Hapu says—no one can call me lily-livered!
Gladion Hmph. Right.
Darach I think it's wonderful that you're working so hard to improve yourself.
Wouldn't you agree, Lady Caitlin?
Lillie Oh my gosh! Are you two feeling all right?!
Darach Hoho, it seems your hardworking spirit must have rubbed off on the two of them, Miss Lillie. They look perfectly exhausted.
Gladion (These two sleepyheads seem to have grown pretty powerful, slow pace or not... Could that actually be the secret to their strength?!)
(I guess it would've been possible for Lillie to grow stronger in a similar way, even if she'd continued to take things slow...)
(But as her brother, I kind of like this new Lillie... It's good to see her working hard and doing her best.)

  • Beast or Beauty?
Name Text
Nanu This is bad news.
Olivia Ultra Beasts like this are a threat to people and Pokémon alike.
For one to appear here on Pasio...
Nanu Well, we can't just ignore something like this.
??? Wait! Don't!
Lillie That Pheromosa isn't a danger to anyone!
Lusamine It appeared before me out of the blue one day, and it's been with me ever since.
We've formed a sync pair together. It's been a very friendly companion to me.
Olivia You formed a sync pair with an Ultra Beast?!
Nanu Your track record with those hasn't exactly been the cleanest, ma'am...
??? Whoa! Is that what I think it is?!
Bugsy A Pheromosa! Wow! This is amazing! It's so beautiful!
Viola Look at how long and graceful its body is—and that gorgeous white coloration!
Yes! These shots are going to be fantastic!
Olivia Wait, don't go near it! That Pokémon is—
Nanu ... ... ...
Aw, crud. This isn't like me... I must be gettin' tired in my old age.
Right. I'm gonna go take a load off somewhere.
Olivia Nanu?!
Nanu The only threats I see around here are my own preconceptions.
Nothing to worry about, right, missy?
Lillie No, sir!
Ultra Beasts are Pokémon, too, after all!
Nanu You take care of that partner of yours, Miss President.

  • Let It Go, Lusamine
Name Text
Lusamine Will she be all right? Maybe I should go... No, I can't walk away now...
??? What are you doing over here, Lusamine?
Lusamine A-Acerola! My goodness, you nearly scared me to death!
Acerola Oh! Isn't that Lillie over there?
Lusamine Shh! Stop! Stop!
Phew... That was close.
Serena Are you trying to keep an eye on her in secret or something?
Lusamine Actually, I am. Lillie is shopping for clothes with her friends right now.
But...I'm afraid she'll pick out something strange!
Acerola Hahaha! She'll be fine!
Serena Yeah! Lisia and Candice both have an amazing sense of style. Trust me—she's in good hands.
Lusamine You're right... As a parent, I need to learn to trust my children more.
Acerola Hold on... It looks like someone else is joining them.
(Clair joins Candice, Lillie, and Lisia)
Lusamine Who is that?! And what is that skintight aqua bodysuit she's strutting around in?!
She looks so bold and confident... What if she starts to rub off on Lillie? What if Lillie tries to imitate her fashion?! Oh dear...
Serena Umm, I'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen...
Lusamine I have to do something... I'm her mother, so it's my duty to step in and put a stop to this, right?
Serena It's not going to be easy to move on from your past ways if you continue on like this, Lusamine...

  • An Unexpected Reunion
Name Text
Guzma Well, well... I didn't think I'd run into Madam Prez herself way out here on Pasio.
Lusamine I see you made your way here as well, Guzma...
Guzma Meh. Alola was too small for us.
You sure seem to have changed a lot over the journey...
I saw that look in your eye.
You never made a face like that when we were on the same team. You ain't even the same person now.
Lusamine ... ... ...
Guzma You used to have this gleam in your eye... Like you knew you had the power to change the whole world right at your fingertips.
I used to wanna be like you...
But now?
Lusamine You're not wrong... I have changed.
Are you disappointed?
Guzma Nah.
Lusamine What?
Guzma That face you were makin' a minute ago... You looked kinda like a real mom.
Your kids deserve to have this person in their lives, not that power-hungry lady with a gleam in her eye.
This new you that's spendin' a quiet afternoon shoppin' with her kids...she'll make 'em much happier.
Guzma! What is wrong with you?! You're turnin' into a pile of mush...
See ya, Madam Prez. Next time, let's have a Pokémon battle or somethin'.
Lusamine (It seems I'm not the only one who's changed, Guzma...)

  • Sibling Advantages
Name Text
Lance All right, let's leave it there for today.
Lillie Thank you so much! I feel like I learned a lot!
Gladion It's crazy how much people's personalities come through when battling tag team.
You move like you have twin telepathy, Tate and Liza. It seems like you always know what the other is gonna do.
In a battle format where teamwork is key, that's a huge plus to have.
Lance and Clair, I know that you two are cousins...
Clair *chuckle* Aren't we fantastic?
Gladion Compared to Tate and Liza, you two seemed to move pretty independently of each other.
But that just proves how much you trust each other and respect each other's skill.
You don't need me to tell you how strong you are.
Lance Thanks for the analysis. You've got a good eye.
Tate Your coordination with Lillie was really great, too, Gladion!
Gladion It was?
Clair I thought so. It was a little awkward here and there, but both of you really shined through.
Liza Yeah! And I noticed that when Lillie looked like she was in trouble, you jumped in and covered for her.
You really looked like a big brother then!
Gladion Wha—
W-well, what else was I supposed to do...
Lillie *giggle*
Lance You're not twins or cousins—you're siblings. That relationship is something you can use to your advantage.
You would do well to utilize it moving forward.
Gladion An advantage, huh.
Seems like having a sibling on your team may not be a bad thing at all.
Lillie Yeah! Let's use it to our advantage!

  • Past vs. Future
Name Text
Lusamine Come on out, Pheromosa. Our little stroll is over now. It's time to go home.
Silvally? Is Gladion around here, too?
I like that name much better than Type: Null.
Gladion, Lillie, and I have become a family again...
but the mistakes I made in the past haven't just disappeared.
You were created for the purpose of fighting the Ultra Beasts. All that experimentation we put you through... It must have been terrible.
When you look at me now...
do you hate me for what I did?
??? Silvally doesn't hate you.
Lusamine Gladion...
Gladion Silvally's not the type to dwell on things that happened in the past.
When it destroyed its control mask, it let go of all the pain and hatred it felt with it.
Now, Silvally's focused on the future more than anything else.
Lusamine The future...
Gladion Yeah. And when it thinks about the future, I'm sure you and Pheromosa are there right along with us.
As our allies, fighting right there beside us.
You should try it sometime, too, Mother...
Focusing on the future, I mean.
Lusamine You're right...
Rather than dwelling on the past...what I should be doing is looking ahead at our future.

  • A Family of Rivals
Name Text
Lillie Wow! I think we did better in this last battle together than we did during the competition!
Lusamine I agree. Our team coordination has improved quite a bit.
Lillie Is something the matter, Gladion?
Gladion Just thinking about something that's been nagging at me...
You and Pheromosa basically have limitless potential when it comes to your strength. Who really knows what you're capable of?
Any way you look at it, you two are a lot stronger than Silvally and me...
Lusamine *chuckle*

Stop, Gladion. You're making us blush.

Gladion I don't plan on leaving it that way, Mother. I'll show you that Silvally and I can become stronger than any other sync pair!
Because...I want to protect you and Lillie.
I want to protect my family.
Lusamine Gladion...
Lillie I'm going to do my best, too!
I'm going to work hard to hone my skills as a Trainer. Someday, I'll be even stronger than you and Mother!
Like Hapu says—no one can call me lily-livered!
Lusamine Lillie...
*chuckle* It makes me so proud seeing how confident the two of you have become...
but you're still a long, long way from surpassing me, my dears.
My strength in battle comes from the deep love that I have for my Pokémon.
Gladion Hmph. That sounds like a challenge. Let's see which one of us can become the strongest!
We may be family...
but we're rivals, too!

  • Lost and Found
Name Text
Lillie Oh, <player>!
Clefairy seems to have gotten lost. Would you mind coming with me to look for her?
(When talking to Lillie)
Lillie I was just about to go up the mountain to look at the moon with Clefairy.
Would you like to come with us once we find her, <player>?
(When talking to the Rising Star)
Lillie What about this Pokémon?
Rising Star Isn't my Jigglypuff cute? We're practicing singing right now!
Here we go!
I'm feeling...kind of...sleepy...
(When talking to the Hiker)
Lillie What about this Pokémon?
Hiker My Blissey's eggs are the best in the world!
They say that Blissey's eggs are chock-full of happiness—and that anyone who eats them will be happy, too!
Lillie That's like something out of a fairy tale! How wonderful!
Hiker In fact, since I eat them every day...
you could say that my belly is chock-full of happiness!
(After talking to all the Trainers)
Lillie Hmm...I wonder where my little Clefairy could have run off to.
Did you hear that? That was Clefairy's cry!
(Further up the mountain)
Gladion Clefairy had just about given up on waiting for you.
Lillie What?
Gladion Unbelievable... I see your sense of direction is as bad as ever.
Lillie I guess it was actually you who was lost, Lillie?/Try not to get lost again, Lillie.: Heeey! <player>!
Oh, look!
The moon's so pretty!

  • Gladion's Predicament
Name Text
Gladion Hey, <player>.
Do you know any Pokémon that can make string?
My clothes got ripped while I was training. Some string should suffice for a quick fix.
(When talking to Gladion)
Gladion Let me know if you see any.
(When breaking a rock that reveals a Kakuna that evolves into a Beedrill)
Gladion Oh, great! If we could just get a little string...
Uh-oh! Let's get out of here!
While they were making their escape, <player>'s clothes got caught on a branch and ripped.
Gladion Phew. Looks like we got away safely.
Oh, come on...
You can't get your own clothes ripped trying to help fix mine. That defeats the purpose!
Camper Hurray! It finally evolved!
Gladion Hmph. Looks like he still has a long way to go in his training.
(When breaking a rock that reveals a Lass and her Steenee)
Gladion Hm? Are you hungry or something?
Hmph. Guess I have no choice. This is Silvally's, but I'll share some with you.
What? I'm not giving away all of it! I'll save some for you!
(After breaking all the rocks)
Gladion This is shaping up to be a tough search.
Hey! Isn't that...
(After talking to an Ace Trainer and his Spinarak)
Gladion All right. This should be enough.
I'll fix your ripped clothes. Come here.
OK. All done.

Thanks!: Hmph. It was no big deal.
What about your clothes, Gladion?: Hmph. My clothes can wait.
I'm used to having a few rips in my outfit.

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese 団結! リーリエ一家!
Mandarin Chinese 團結!莉莉艾一家!
  French Équipe Lilie-bérée !
  German Familienbande
  Italian Uniti in famiglia!
  Korean 단결! 릴리에 일가!
  Spanish La familia unida de Lylia

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