Rosa's Party

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Rosa's Party
メイのパーティー '
Masters Rosa's Party.png
Event notification image
Type Story event
Start date December 12, 2019
End date January 1, 2020
Featured sync pairs Rosa (Holiday 2019) and Delibird
Siebold (Holiday 2019) and Octillery
Sync pairs with reward bonus
1.6× None
1.4× None
1.2× None
Theme skills with reward bonus None
Theme skills with strength bonus None

Rosa's Party (Japanese: メイのパーティー) was a story event in Pokémon Masters EX. It was focused on the sync pairs Rosa and Delibird and Siebold and Octillery. It also marked the debut of Mallow as an NPC.

The "Seasonal Scout A" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Rosa (Holiday 2019) and Delibird, Karen and Houndoom, and Hilda and Tepig for the duration of the event. The "Seasonal Scout B" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Siebold (Holiday 2019) and Octillery, Brendan and Treecko, and Blue and Pidgeot for the duration of the event.

During this event, players could earn Vouchers K from co-op battles that could be redeemed in the Shop. Extra vouchers were automatically exchanged with coins once the event was finished.

The story event A Special Present was a direct follow-up to this event.


The player meets Rosa and Maylene on the streets of Pasio, searching for the legendary chef Siebold who is currently scouting for an assistant. Rosa is keen to become his assistant so that she can throw a party for her friends with her own home-cooked meals. They come across a Black Belt who is also wanting to apply as Siebold's apprentice.

After defeating the Black Belt, they successfully find Siebold and Rosa ask to become his assistant. Satisfied after a brief interview and Pokémon battle, Siebold decides to hire Rosa as his assistant. Mallow then arrives a moment too late to apply for the same position and instead asks Siebold for a Pokémon battle and cook-off to test whether she would also receive his stamp of approval.

Rosa and Siebold change to their festive uniforms for the battle, and Rosa finds that a Delibird has followed her, likely a stowaway from the parcels the uniforms were sent in. Mallow then dishes up her special "Z-Set" dish which inspires Siebold to create a new recipe. Rosa later gives the player a Replay Ticket for helping her out.


Single player

Name Trainer Pokémon
Left Middle Right
Siebold's Hopeful Applicants  
Black Belt Tobin
Challenge Siebold  
Challenge Mallow  
Take Down Siebold! Round 1  
(Holiday 2019)
Take Down Siebold! Round 2  


Name Difficulty Trainers Pokémon Completion Rewards
Left Middle Right
Take Down Mallow! Round 1 Normal  
(Holiday 2019)
400 coins
Voucher K ×11
Take Down Mallow! Round 2 Hard 1,500 coins
Voucher K ×22


Item given Item received Max exchanges
Voucher K ×300
Limited-Time 5★ Power-Up
Voucher K ×300
Limited-Time 4★ Power-Up
Voucher K ×300
Limited-Time 3★ Power-Up
Voucher K ×50
2★ Level-Up Manual
Voucher K ×10
Voucher K ×30
1★ Level-Up Manual ×5
Voucher K ×100
Replay Ticket


Event banner


  • Intro
Name Text
(Pokémon Center)
Rosa Hi, <player>! I'm thinking of throwing a holiday party for everyone!
I want to have yummy food I make myself at the party, and I think I found a way to learn how to make some!
But I'm gonna need your help! What do you say? Wanna team up and spread some holiday cheer with super yummy food?!
  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Rosa I wanna cook some good food and make people smile!
Rosa Maylene told me there's a legendary chef here on Pasio and he's looking for an assistant chef right now!
What better way to learn how to cook than to be taught by a master chef?! Ready to polish your skills in the kitchen? I sure am!
  • The Legendary Chef
Name Text
Rosa Hey, Maylene? Are you sure this is the spot you heard Chef Siebold would be?
Maylene Yep! My sources tell me he's a legendary chef who's looking for an assistant on Pasio...and my sources don't lie!
Rosa All right, then! Let's go find him! He should be around here somewhere...
Maylene You know, you really are amazing, Rosa!
Rosa Huh? Wh-where'd that come from?
Maylene The fact that you thought of throwing a party for all your teammates and you want to give everyone a home-cooked meal...
and you want to go study under a top-notch chef so that everything's perfect... I mean, you're really going the extra mile!
Rosa Y-you think so? I just figured that if I was gonna cook for everyone, I should make something tasty.
Maylene And that's what's so amazing about you! Let me know if there's anything you need help with, OK?
Rosa Thanks, Maylene! I know I can always count on you.
Maylene Anytime! I'm bummed we haven't run into Siebold yet, though...
??? Hey... Did you just say Siebold?
(A Black Belt appears)
Rosa Oh, hello! You wouldn't happen to know where we could find him, would you?
Black Belt I believe he should be just up ahead... But tell me, do you seek to train under Siebold as an apprentice as well?
Maylene Apprentice... If you're talking about the assistant chef position, then yes!
Black Belt Hmph... That changes things. I am afraid this is the end of the road for you.
Rosa Huh?! What's that supposed to mean?
Black Belt Many hopeful applicants, myself included, have traveled here today for the chance to learn the techniques of a legendary chef.
However, I heard that Siebold only wishes to take on a single apprentice... Therefore, I must kick my rivals out of the running here and now.
Rosa No way... I'm not gonna give up and go home before I've even had the chance to meet Chef Siebold in person!
Black Belt Errgh! Then you leave me no choice... The path to becoming a master chef is a brutal one. Leave now, or I will strike hard and without mercy!
Maylene Come on, Rosa, <player>! Let's take him on! We can't let bullies like him go unchecked!
Besides, I'm a martial artist myself! It would be dishonorable to run away from a challenge!

  • A Chef's Philosophy
Name Text
Siebold Ahh, new customers. Welcome, welcome!
Rosa A-actually, um, I'm here to apply to be your assistant chef, Siebold!
Siebold Ah, I see. I didn't realize you were a candidate. Well then, I have one question for you...
I've asked this question to everyone who has applied for the position so far, and that is...why do you wish to work with me?
Rosa Well... This is something I want to do for my friends.
Siebold Is that so?
Maylene Yep! Rosa's throwing a party for her friends, and she wants to serve everyone delicious home-cooked food.
Rosa That's why I want to be your assistant chef—so I can learn to cook something fantastic!
Siebold What delightful ambition! I can tell you have a knack for service and hospitality.
Maylene Does that mean you'll take her on?!
Siebold Well, she's passed the interview portion of the application, but now I'd like to see what she's capable of in action.
Rosa In action... You mean you want me to show you what cooking skills I already have?
Siebold No, no. I'd like to see your Pokémon battling skills in action!
Maylene Huh? A Pokémon battle?! What does Pokémon battling have to do with cooking?
Siebold Everything! The two may seem different on the surface, but deep down both are forms of art that share the same philosophy.
The end results only last for a few brief, passing moments, so we devote ourselves to making those moments last in our memories forever.
Rosa So your theory is...if you watch me battle, you'll understand my philosophy on cooking, too?
Siebold Precisely. Now, the final question is...will you indulge my curiosity?
Rosa To be honest, I'm still pretty confused about all of this, but I'll give it a shot!
I guess my philosophy always put my heart and soul into every battle. I'll do my best!
Siebold I'd expect nothing less! Now, prove it to me in action!

  • The Other Chef
Name Text
Siebold What a delectable battle. Well done! Your love and passion shined through each and every move.
Rosa Does that mean...
Siebold You're hired! I'd be delighted to have you on as an assistant chef, Rosa.
Rosa Really?! This is so amazing! Thank you so much!
Siebold The pleasure is all mine. Now, shall we go ahead and start prepping for—
??? Hey there! I heard you're in need of a talented cook!
(Mallow appears)
Siebold Hm? And you are...?
Mallow Mallow here, at your service! I came to apply for the open assistant chef position!
Siebold Ah, another candidate! My deepest apologies, but the position has already been filled.
Mallow What?! You already hired someone?! Aw, darn... I was really hoping I'd get the chance to train under a legendary chef...
Siebold Thank you for coming out, but I'm afraid there's nothing I can do.
Mallow W-wait a sec! I came all this way...
Could we at least have a battle? You could do that for me, couldn't you? I'm not asking much!
Rosa Wow, you really won't take no for an answer, will you?
Mallow I just want to see if my skills are good enough to get the stamp of approval from a legendary chef! C'mon, pleeease?
Siebold Hmm...
I sense you have a very frank, forthright passion for your craft... It would be wrong of me to simply turn you away.
I accept. What sort of battle do you propose?
Mallow I want a Pokémon battle and a cooking battle... Er...cook-off? Yeah, a cook-off! And I'm gonna go all out for both!
Siebold All right. If you want to prove yourself that badly, then Rosa and I have no choice but to accept your challenge with utmost hospitality.
In fact, I had a few uniforms imported to Pasio in case a situation like this were to arise! Rosa, could you fetch them for me, please?
Let's put them on and give Mallow here the full-service Pokémon battle she deserves!
Rosa R-right away, Chef!
Mallow All right. I'm ready when you are!
Time to serve up a Super Mallow Special!

  • The Joy of Cooking
Name Text
Rosa Wow, this uniform's a little...flashier than I expected.
And where'd this Delibird come from?
Siebold Huh. It must be a stowaway from the parcel our uniforms were sent in. I'm not sure how it got here...but it may be just what we need.
Hospitality is the most important quality of any good chef, and if there's any Pokémon that knows the true meaning of hospitality, it's Delibird.
If you spend some quality time with Delibird, its kind, charitable nature may rub off on you. It can help you grow as a chef!
Octillery has opened my eyes to a whole new realm of culinary possibility since we first met... Perhaps it will be the same for you.
Rosa The true meaning of hospitality, huh... All right! Delibird and I are gonna be best friends in no time!
Let's do our best, partner!
Mallow Phew! You really crushed it in that battle back there. If your team were a meal, it would be a pretty tasty one!
Speaking of which, can we move on to our next battle now? Er—I mean cook-off! I'll go prepare my dish first!
So? What do you think of my dish?! I call it the special Z-Set! Olivia and Hau are huge fans of it back in Alola.
Rosa I, uh... Um... It's a little...different than what I was expecting.
Maylene Y-you don't say... I can tell Mallow really put her heart into it. What else is there to say except...mmmm!
Siebold Yes. It's certainly an acquired taste... I taste intense creativity—a flavor that immediately gets my brain buzzing.
*gasp* Goodness gracious! I just thought of a new recipe! I need to begin prepping right away.
No, wait! I lack the ingredients to fully execute it right now. First, I'll have to gather everything I need.
Mallow Are you gonna go shopping for ingredients now? That sounds like it could take a while.
Why don't I cook up another dish in the meantime? It'd be my pleasure!
Maylene What? Oh, no... You're too kind.
Rosa Uhhh... I'm gonna go help Siebold with the shopping! I am his assistant chef, after all. See you later!
Maylene W-wait! I can help you, too!
Siebold Would you mind staying back to help Mallow, <player>? We'll be right back!
Mallow C'mon, <player>! Let's get cooking! I'm feeling a Super Mallow Special coming on!
Rosa We'll leave you two to it, then! Thanks!
(Transition to the Pokémon Center)
Rosa Phew! That cook-off definitely took a turn I wasn't expecting...
That battle was really something else, though! I feel like it sparked a new passion for cooking in me!
I'm gonna keep working hard and learn whatever I can from Siebold. This party's gonna rock your socks off. I promise!
But before that...
Here! I've got a little surprise for you as thanks for helping me out today!
I hope you like it, <player>...

Thank you!: Tee-hee! You're welcome! I was afraid you wouldn't like it.
You shouldn't have!: Tee-hee! I've been keeping it a secret.
It's thanks to you that I was able to become Siebold's assistant chef and sync up with such an adorable new partner.
This is just my way of letting you know how superduper grateful I am!
So thank you, <player>! I hope you have tons of fun at my party, too!


  • Mallow's sync move in both the single-player and co-op battles in this event was Fighting Sync Impact, despite Tsareena not being a Fighting-type Pokémon.

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese メイのパーティー
Mandarin Chinese 鳴依的派對
  French La fête d'Écho
  German Rosys Party
  Italian La festa de Rina
  Korean 명희의 파티
  Spanish La fiesta de Nanci

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