The Light Devourer

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The Light Devourer
光を喰らう黒の化身 '
Masters The Light Devourer.png
Event notification image
Type Story event
Start date November 30, 2021
End date December 16, 2021
Featured sync pairs Sygna Suit Lusamine and Necrozma
Sync pairs with reward bonus
1.6× Sygna Suit Lusamine and Necrozma
1.4× Lusamine and Pheromosa
Lillie (Anniversary 2021) and Lunala
Lillie and Clefairy
Gladion and Silvally
1.2× None
Theme skills with reward bonus Alola
Theme skills with strength bonus None

The Light Devourer (Japanese: 光を喰らう黒の化身) was a story event in Pokémon Masters EX. It was focused on the sync pair Sygna Suit Lusamine and Necrozma.

The "Sygna Suit Lusamine Master Fair Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Sygna Suit Lusamine and Necrozma from the beginning of the event to December 29, 2021.

During this event, players could earn Prize Coins from battles that could be used to draw items from a Prize Box pool. All battles could be challenged an unlimited number of times except Daily Extreme Battle 1, which could only be challenged once per day. If the grand prize was drawn from the Prize Box, players could advance to the next prize pool. The grand prizes included area info for event story areas, 5★ Scout Tickets, Power-Up items, Skill Spheres, a Tech Move Candy Coin, and a Strike Move Candy Coin. Extra Prize Coins were automatically exchanged with coins once the event was finished.

The player could battle using Sygna Suit Lusamine and Necrozma to obtain +0.6× bonus Prize Coins; Lusamine and Pheromosa, Lillie (Anniversary 2021) and Lunala, Lillie and Clefairy or Gladion and Silvally to obtain +0.4× bonus Prize Coins; and any other sync pair with the Alola theme skill, with the exception of Grimsley (Kimono), to obtain +0.2× bonus Prize Coins.

This event featured the Battle Challenge, where players were challenged to defeat a team of strong opponents. Players could complete event missions by clearing these areas with teams using various theme skills, earning medals and other rewards.

In addition, players could earn a medal for completing all the story areas in the event.


Team Break discover the appearance of Dusk Mane Necrozma and unsuccessfully attempt to catch it. Having being alerted of its appearance, Lillie, Hau, and the player search for Necrozma but are interrupted by Team Break. Lillie sends out Lunala and the bond between them makes Lillie's sync stone glow. This attracts Necrozma; however, Team Break attack Necrozma, making it grow mad. Necrozma escapes through an Ultra Wormhole and sends Pasio into darkness. Lillie finds her mother for help who believes that Necrozma is searching for more light despite having already absorbed Solgaleo. They move to a mountain and attempt to stop Necrozma by luring it to Lunala again. Once Necrozma appears, rather than using oppressive force, Lusamine shares her honest feelings with Necrozma and has her Clefable heal Necrozma's wounds. Necrozma finds Lusamine worthy for battle and Necrozma uses Pheromosa for the battle. Days later, it is revealed that Lusamine has partnered with Necrozma which Lillie believes is because her mother's heart is full of light. Lusamine and Necrozma then decide to battle Lillie and Lunala.

Area info

Area name Unlock condition Completion Rewards
 A Striking Familiarity Available from start None
 Dark Tidings Pull from the prize box (Pool 1)  Gems ×10
 Encroaching Darkness Pull from the prize box (Pool 2)  Gems ×10
 Confronting the Darkness Pull from the prize box (Pool 3)  Gems ×10
 A Love That Conquers All Pull from the prize box (Pool 4)  Gems ×10


Single player

Name Difficulty Trainer Pokémon Stamina First-Time Rewards Completion Rewards Battle Rewards
Left Middle Right
Challenge Team Break: Part 1 Normal  
Masked Man
10  Gems ×30  200 coins
 Prize Coins ×12
Challenge Team Break: Part 2 Hard 15  Gems ×30  400 coins
 Prize Coins ×23
Challenge Team Break: Part 3 Very Hard 15  Gems ×30  1000 coins
 Prize Coins ×29
Challenge Team Break: Part 4 Super Hard 20  Gems ×30  1500 coins
 Prize Coins ×50
Daily Extreme Battle 1 Ultra Hard 30  Gems ×30  2000 coins
 Prize Coins ×225
Battle Challenge! Round 1 Super Hard  
Masked Woman
 Gems ×100
 3★ Support Move Candy
None None
Battle Challenge! Round 2 Ultra Hard  Gems ×100
 4★ Strike Move Candy
None None

Event missions

Mission Name Objective Reward
Mission 1 Complete the following area ×1
Dark Tidings
 Sync Orb ×50
(Sygna Suit Lusamine & Necrozma)
Mission 2 Complete the following area ×1
Encroaching Darkness
 Sync Orb ×50
(Sygna Suit Lusamine & Necrozma)
Mission 3 Complete the following area ×1
Confronting the Darkness
 Sync Orb ×50
(Sygna Suit Lusamine & Necrozma)
Mission 4 Complete the following area ×1
A Love That Conquers All
 1★ The Light Devourer
Mission 5 Complete any of the following areas ×3
• Challenge Team Break: Part 1
• Challenge Team Break: Part 2
• Challenge Team Break: Part 3
• Challenge Team Break: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×50
 Battle Points ×40
Mission 6 Complete any of the following areas ×10
• Challenge Team Break: Part 1
• Challenge Team Break: Part 2
• Challenge Team Break: Part 3
• Challenge Team Break: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×100
 Battle Points ×40
Mission 7 Complete any of the following areas ×20
• Challenge Team Break: Part 1
• Challenge Team Break: Part 2
• Challenge Team Break: Part 3
• Challenge Team Break: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×100
 Battle Points ×40
Mission 8 Complete any of the following areas ×30
• Challenge Team Break: Part 1
• Challenge Team Break: Part 2
• Challenge Team Break: Part 3
• Challenge Team Break: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×100
 Battle Points ×40
Mission 9 Complete any of the following areas ×40
• Challenge Team Break: Part 1
• Challenge Team Break: Part 2
• Challenge Team Break: Part 3
• Challenge Team Break: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×100
 Battle Points ×40
Mission 10 Complete any of the following areas ×50
• Challenge Team Break: Part 1
• Challenge Team Break: Part 2
• Challenge Team Break: Part 3
• Challenge Team Break: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×100
 Battle Points ×50
Mission 11 Complete the following area ×1
Battle Challenge! Round 1
 2★ The Light Devourer
Mission 12 Complete the following area ×1
Battle Challenge! Round 2
 3★ The Light Devourer
Mission 13 Complete the following area with 1 or fewer sync pairs falling to 0 HP:
Battle Challenge! Round 2
 Love Conquers All
Mission 14 Complete Battle Challenge! Round 2
with 3 or more sync pairs that share the following theme
and with 1 or fewer sync pairs falling to 0 HP:
• Alola
 Support Move Candy Coin
Reward for completing 13 missions  Gems ×200

Prize Box

Prize Pool Grand Prize
1   Dark Tidings
2   Encroaching Darkness
3   Confronting the Darkness
4   A Love That Conquers All
5  5★ Scout Ticket ×2
6  4★ Power-Up ×3
7  5★ Scout Ticket ×2
8  4★ Power-Up ×3
9  Skill Sphere ×200
10  5★ Scout Ticket ×2
11  4★ Power-Up ×3
12  Skill Sphere ×200
13  5★ Scout Ticket ×2
14  5★ Power-Up ×1
15  Tech Move Candy Coin
16  5★ Power-Up ×1
17  Strike Move Candy Coin
18  3★ Power-Up ×1


Event banner
1★ The Light Devourer
2★ The Light Devourer
3★ The Light Devourer
Love Conquers All


  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Lusamine I can try to make things right this time.
Lusamine This is the second time I’m coming face-to-face with a Necrozma.
But I won't make the same mistakes as last time!

  • A Striking Familiarity
Name Text
(Team Break finds Dusk Mane Necrozma in the mountains)
Masked Man (1) Heh heh heh... Today's our lucky day!
A Legendary Pokémon came right to us!
Masked Man (2) That's odd... It's not even looking at us. It's like we're not even on its radar.
Masked Man (1) Doesn't matter! Once we capture it, it's ours!
Get it!
(Team Break sends out their Pokémon and attack Necrozma)
Masked Man (1) Hahaha! Nice! Keep wearing it down!
Masked Man (2) You're gonna be our Pokémon now!
Masked Man (1) Gwahahaha! Time for the finishing blow!
(Their Pokémon attack Necrozma again, Necrozma disappears)
Masked Man (2) Aaaaaaaah!
Masked Woman It's so bright!
Masked Man (1) Drat! And we were so close, too!
(Transition to Lusamine watching a light flicker in the distance)
Lusamine I recognize that light...
I see. That must mean one has come to Pasio, too.

  • Dark Tidings
Name Text
(Pokémon Center)
The day after Necrozma was spotted on Pasio...
Kukui So, you may have heard the rumors already...
Apparently, a Legendary Pokémon, Necrozma, is here on Pasio.
Lillie Necrozma?!
Kukui Oh, yeah. You've met one before, haven't you, Lillie?
Lillie Yes... With my mother.
Hau Lusamine told me about it, too! So I have an idea of what it is!
Apparently, Necrozma is a vicious Pokémon that came from another world in ancient times!
Kukui And it seems this Necrozma appeared in the form it takes when it's absorbing power from Solgaleo.
Rumors about it appearing on Pasio have spread like wildfire. Word is some bad folks are starting to act on those rumors, too!
Lillie Oh, no... They must want to capture it!
Kukui Honestly, I wouldn't mind if this Necrozma formed a sync pair with someone, if that's what it really wants.
But if other Trainers are trying to force it, I can't stand by and watch, yeah.
Necrozma is a dangerous Pokémon. It can absorb enough light to send an entire world into complete darkness.
And it can also open up Ultra Wormholes, which is also scary because we could all get lost in other worlds.
Lillie Yes, Necrozma can be very dangerous.
But I don't think it actually means any harm.
Necrozma's suffering, too.
That's why I'd like to make sure that, if it does pair up with someone, it's with a Trainer whose heart is in the right place!
Kukui Agreed.
Hau Me too! If Necrozma's in trouble, I wanna help it out!
Kukui I hope Necrozma meets more Trainers like you!
That's actually why I called you here today.
Because if we don't do this the right way, things could get pretty hairy.
Lillie Let's head out soon, then!
Let's save Necrozma!:
We can do it if we work together and give it our all!
I'll help you out, too!:
Thanks, <player>!
Hau Yeah! As long as we're all together, it'll work out in the end!
Lillie I think so, too!
Let's find Necrozma as soon as possible!

  • Encroaching Darkness
Name Text
Gladion I hear a Necrozma is on Pasio now.
Lusamine Yes, I am aware.
Gladion So you already knew. Guess I should have seen that coming.
It's the same as last time...
We were on an artificial island when we faced a Necrozma before.
Lusamine ... ... ...
Pasio is an artificial island rich in nature, which makes it the perfect environment for injured Pokémon to recuperate.
It's just as splendid as Aether Paradise.
If anything were to happen to this beautiful island...
Or if this Necrozma were hurt and suffering somewhere all by itself...
I would find that most unacceptable.
Gladion ... ... ...
Lusamine I made many mistakes the last time I encountered a Necrozma.
I shouldn't have rejected it. I could have tried to find a way for us to work together.
I'll be sure not to make the same mistakes with this one.
Gladion Yeah... I'll do everything I can to help you out, too.
(Transition to Hau, Lillie, and the player looking in the field)
Lillie OK, team! Let's find Necrozma!
Hau Uh...Lillie?
I know you're excited and all, but do you even know where Necrozma is?
Lillie The last time I saw Necrozma, it was at the altar just past Vast Poni Canyon.
If we search for a similar place here on Pasio, I think that's where we might find it!
Hau Oh, that makes sense! That means we should head to the top of a tall mountain, huh.
Lillie Yup! Exactly!
??? No way! How could you?!
Hau Uh-oh! Is that an argument I hear?
Lillie Let's check it out!
(Hau, Lillie, and the player find Elio and Selene confronting Team Break)
Lillie What's going on here?
Selene Oh, Lillie! Hau! And <player>, too!
Elio These Team Break members say they saw Necrozma!
Lillie What?! Really?!
Elio They tried to capture it, but apparently it got away.
Masked Man (1) It was looking pretty run-down by the time we ran into it, so I figured it'd be easy to capture!
Too bad it ran away. And we were so close, too!
Masked Man (2) We won't let that happen next time.
Lillie Why were you trying to capture Necrozma?
Masked Man (1) Well, obviously we're gonna use it as a tool to capture even more Pokémon!
Elio You're only thinking about yourselves?!
Don't you know that Necrozma is wandering around because it's in pain?
If you try to control it by force, you'll only make things worse!
Masked Man (1) Pfft. I don't give a Rattata's tail about a Pokémon's feelings!
Hm? What're you looking at me like that for?
Lillie Don't you dare hurt Necrozma!
Masked Woman Spunky little girl, aren't ya.
You're trying to act all heroic, but you're just saying that because you want Necrozma all for yourself!
Lillie No, I don't!
I just can't stand it when people hurt Pokémon for selfish reasons!
If you're going to keep bothering Necrozma, then I'll take you on!
Masked Woman What IS that thing?
Masked Man OK, OK! Fine, we won't touch it! I promise!
(Necrozma appears)
Elio ... ... ...!
Lillie Necrozma?
Masked Man (1) ... ... ...
What're you all just standing there for? Attack it already!
Lillie That's not what you promised just now!
Masked Man (1) Like I care! Attack!
(Necrozma defeats Team Break's Pokémon)
Masked Man (1) Aaaaaaaah!
Elio This is bad! Necrozma looks really mad that it was attacked!
Lillie Please calm down, Necrozma!
If you lose control here, you'll hurt a lot of people and Pokémon!
(Necrozma disappears)
Masked Woman It disappeared!
Hau Oh! Is that what I think it is?
(An Ultra Wormhole appears)
Lillie Yes... An Ultra Wormhole!
What's that?: It's a tear in space that connects different worlds.
I never thought I'd see one here on Pasio.

I may have heard of that...: I'm sure you have... Though, I never thought I'd see one here on Pasio.
(Transition to the sky turning dark)
Camper Whoa! What's going on?!
Scientist Unfathomable! Why'd it go dark all of a sudden?
Lillie This is exactly the same as last time...
All light is disappearing from the sky!

  • Confronting the Darkness
Name Text
Gladion ... ... ...!
Lusamine Is that...
Hiker What's happening?!
Ace Trainer I heard about this before from a friend of mine from Alola!
They said this is caused by a Pokémon called Necrozma!
Hiker So this Necrozma is the troublemaker behind all of this?
Pokémon Ranger If that's so, let's take it down!
Hiker Yeah! We should stop it right away!
Lusamine Calm down, all of you!
I understand you may not have been ready for this, but it's important to stay calm!
Ace Trainer B-but...
Lusamine There, there. There's nothing to worry about. I'll fix everything soon.
That's my duty as the President of the Aether Foundation.
??? Mother!
(Lillie's group appears)
Lusamine What's wrong, dear?
Lillie Necrozma showed up where we were out of the blue!
It opened up an Ultra Wormhole and disappeared! Right after that, all the light got sucked out of the sky!
Lusamine So you ran here to tell me in person?
Lillie No, not just that.
I came to help you stop Necrozma!
Lusamine I see... You've become so reliable, Lillie.
Lillie Well, I am your daughter, after all!
Lusamine ... ... ...
OK. Let's fight together.
Did anything strange happen before Necrozma showed itself to you?
Lillie Now that you mention it, I think my sync stone might've lit up!
Lusamine I knew it.
Lillie What do you mean?
Lusamine Necrozma is still searching for light, even after taking in Solgaleo.
I think the reason why Necrozma came to you is because you have Lunala.
Your feelings must have resonated strongly and made your sync stone glow.
I believe Necrozma was drawn to that light.
Lillie So, in order to find Necrozma again...
Lusamine Mm-hm. You and Lunala will play a big part in that.
(Transition to the mountain)
Gladion Hau and the others are helping people evacuate the area so nobody gets hurt.
Now's our opportunity to get the ball rolling.
Lillie OK!
Lusamine Actually, there are two ways we can stop Necrozma.
Lillie Huh?
Lusamine The first is to use Lunala's light to lure it here and work together to stop it.
The other way is to have Lunala open up an Ultra Wormhole...
and have one person go by themselves to face Necrozma alone.
Lillie ... ... ...
Gladion Just like last time...
Lusamine But seeing the looks on your faces, I know I've chosen the right course of action this time.
We can put a stop to Necrozma's rage if we all join forces!
Let's help Necrozma together—as a family!'
Gladion Yeah.
Lillie Yes, mother!
Lusamine Listen, Lillie. What you need to do now is wish from the bottom of your heart to save Necrozma.
Your love will become the light that brings Necrozma back to us.
Lillie Please, Necrozma... Could you give us—give humans—another chance?
We won't let anything hurt would you please come out?
(Lunala cries, and Necrozma appears)
Lillie It worked!
Lusamine We finally meet, Necrozma.

  • A Love that Conquers All
Name Text
Gladion It looks pretty worked up.
Lillie Necrozma wasn't in great shape when it came to Pasio in the first place.
And then Team Break attacked it, so it hasn't been able to heal its wounds.
Gladion We can't talk to it like this.
Should we try to calm it down with a battle?
Lusamine No, dear.
If we try to force it to submit to us, it will just fight back.
Much like how people do.
Gladion ... ... ...
Lusamine Love isn't about using oppressive force. True love means facing the other party head on and showing them your honest feelings.
I learned that from a certain Trainer I know.
Lillie Mother! I'll help y—
Gladion Wait, Lillie. Mom'll be fine.
Lillie ... ... ...
OK! I'll stay here with you, Gladion!
Gladion Heh.
Lusamine Clefable, please heal Necrozma's wounds.
You are struggling because you can't find the light you seek. And now you're causing pain to those around you.
I'm here to stop you from doing that.
I've come to protect my beloved world, Pokémon, and children...but I've also come to protect you.
Oh, you wish to see my power?
Perhaps you'd like to test me to see if I am worthy of your trust.
(Lusamine recalls Clefable and sends out Pheromosa)
Lusamine Very well. I'll take you on.
I'll set you free from your pain right away...
with all the love my heart can muster!
Days later...
Lillie That outfit looks great, mother! And it matches Necrozma perfectly!
Lusamine Is that so? Thank you, darling.
Really, it's thanks to all your help that Necrozma and I are now a sync pair.
Lillie I'm so glad to hear that!
And I'm glad you didn't only rely on yourself this time...that you asked us for help, too!
Lusamine We've both changed quite a bit.
Lillie Hehe!
Lusamine By the way...I received this item, but we ended up not using it.
Lillie What does it do?
Lusamine A researcher gave it to me. Apparently, it can be used to separate or fuse Necrozma and Solgaleo.
Lillie Really? I didn't know there was an item that can do that!
I guess that means they were able to understand Necrozma's power with science!
Lusamine Yes. I considered using this, but...
Lillie Does Solgaleo really want to be separated from Necrozma?
Lusamine It doesn't seem like Necrozma or Solgaleo are suffering in their current state.
I suppose now that they have the light of our sync stone, they're able to coexist peacefully.
Lillie I don't think that's the only reason.
Mother's heart is full of light right now.
I think that's why Necrozma decided to partner up with her!

That's probably it!: Yes, absolutely!
I think so, too!: Yup! That's what I believe!
Lusamine Necrozma, Solgaleo...I look forward to working together with you.
My goal is to help all Pokémon that are suffering or in pain, just like you were.
Will you lend me your power when it's time to do that?
*chuckle* Thank you.
Hm? What's the matter, Necrozma?
Do you want to have a battle with them?
Lillie I'd love to!
You too, right, Lunala?
Lusamine I never thought you and Lunala would be our first opponents.
Very well. We'll show you what we can do!
(Necrozma transforms into Ultra Necrozma)
Lusamine Lillie! Lunala! Are you ready for us?
Lillie We'll give this everything we've got! Let's go, Lunala!
Lusamine Show them our love, Necrozma!
Unleash your power to protect our beloved world...and all the people and Pokémon within it!

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese 光を喰らう黒の化身
Mandarin Chinese 吞食光的黑暗化身
  French Dévoreur de lumière
  German Der Lichtverzehrer
  Italian Il divoratore di luce
  Korean 빛을 삼키는 검은 화신
  Spanish La criatura que usurpa la luz

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