Reach for the Top

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Reach for the Top
頂点へと翔ける者 '
Masters Reach for the Top.png
Event notification image
Type Story event
Start date September 3, 2019
End date September 30, 2019
Featured sync pairs Blue and Pidgeot
Sync pairs with reward bonus
1.6× None
1.4× None
1.2× None
Theme skills with reward bonus None
Theme skills with strength bonus None

Reach for the Top (Japanese: 頂点へと翔ける者) was a story event in Pokémon Masters EX. It was focused on the sync pair Blue and Pidgeot.

The "Blue Spotlight Scout!" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Blue and Pidgeot for the duration of the event.

During this event, players could earn Vouchers A from co-op battles that could be redeemed in the Shop. Extra vouchers were automatically exchanged with coins once the event was finished.


The player meets Blue with his Pidgeot who remarks that he would love to have battled the player, except that he had already battled other Trainers today. However, he agrees to give the player some battling tips. He first introduces the player to Flannery but is surprised to find that the two are already acquainted. The three then have a battle with another team.

Blue next introduces the player to Misty, only again to find out that they are on the same team for the Pokémon Masters League. Blue states that the player could be much stronger if he was on the team, but Misty is incredulous that Blue always believes he is better than her. Flannery suggests a battle to resolve the argument, and Blue further suggests joining a team-on-team elimination battle. Blue and Flannery join the player to form a team and win against their first opponent.

After winning themselves to the finals, Blue is surprised to receive a Poryphone message stating that Misty had been defeated. Misty soon joins the player's team and Blue accuses her of being sloppy in battle. Misty pretends not to hear and delivers a message from the opponent who defeated her stating he wants a rematch with Blue. Misty leaves the arena and they soon find out that their finals opponents are Bruno from the Indigo Elite Four.

After the battle, Bruno commends how well the player's team worked together. Bruno's apprentice is dumbfounded that they lost against children, however, Bruno remarks that underestimating them as children indicated that he still harbours hubris and concludes that team battles are about how well Trainers work together, not on individual strength. Bruno, Blue, and Flannery all pledge to train even more. Flannery and Bruno begin training together immediately.


Single player

Name Trainer Pokémon
Left Middle Right
An Impromptu Team!  
Hiker Eliott
Team-on-Team Elimination Battles!  
Collector Kaden
Hoo Hah!  
Unite with Blue! Round 1  
Black Belt Emmett



Unite with Blue! Round 2  
Ace Trainer Elvin





Name Difficulty Trainers Pokémon Completion Rewards
Left Middle Right
Take Down Blue! Round 1 Normal  
400 coins
Voucher A ×11
Take Down Blue! Round 2 Hard 1,500 coins
Voucher A ×13


Item given Item received Max exchanges
Voucher A ×300
Limited-Time 5★ Power-Up
Voucher A ×50
2★ Level-Up Manual
Voucher A ×10
Voucher A ×30
1★ Level-Up Manual ×5
Voucher A ×100
Replay Ticket
Voucher A ×100
  10,000 100


Event banner


  • Intro
Name Text
Blue I think I'm gonna go do some training. You can come watch if you want, I guess.

  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Blue Today let's work on... Oh! I've got an idea!
Blue Bonjour, <player>! I was about to go train. You want to join me?
Flannery Guess Blue already left... I should go train, too!
Flannery I think Blue left to go do some training a little bit ago. If you hurry, you can probably still catch him!

  • Making New Friends with Blue?
Name Text
Blue Whew! I think that's good enough for today's training! How about we head back, Pidgeot?
Hm? What's up?
Oh, hey, it's <player>! Bonjour!
Bad timing! I would have let you battle me if you'd gotten here a little sooner. Oh well.
When you're as famous as we are, Trainers'll challenge you every time you walk down the street! Pidgeot needs some rest now.

So you do have a heart!: Of course I do! What kind of Trainer would I be if I didn't take care of my Pokémon?!
Good thinking!: Thanks! You've gotta get plenty of rest if you want to be on your A game. That goes for Pokémon AND for Trainers!
Hm? What is it? Ohhh... I know that look in your eye. You want me to give you some tips on battling, don't you.
All right! First, let me introduce you to some other Trainers that are here on Pasio!
(Transition to Flannery at the field)
Blue Hey! Flannery! Torkoal!
Flannery Oh, hey, Blue! You're here, too, <player>? What's going on here?
Blue Wait, you two know each other?
Flannery Of course! We're on a team, after all!
Blue Whoa, look at you! Sounds like you've already got a pretty good team going, don't you, <player>!
It's no easy feat to get a strong Trainer to acknowledge you as a teammate, so good going! Of course, she's not as good as me, but...
Flannery You just had to keep talking, didn't you. Well, you implied that I'm a strong Trainer, so I'll take the compliment.
Blue I wanted to introduce you two, but if you already know each other...I guess we can move on!

  • A Thorny Reunion
Name Text
Blue There she is. Heeey! Misty!
Misty Hey, Blue! Hey, <player>! Oh, and Flannery, too? What are you all up to? Doing some training?
Blue ... ... ...
Don't tell me... You're on <player>'s team, too, aren't you, Misty.
Misty Yup! <player>'s been working super hard to grow strong for the team!
Brock and I made sure to teach him/her the basics. He's/She's got a real knack for Pokémon battling.
Blue Hm, I see... Of course, if I were on the team, too, he/she would be even stronger.
Misty Hey! Are you trying to say I'm a bad teacher?
Blue I'm just saying...he/she could learn a lot more from a stronger sync pair.
Misty Ugh! I guess some things never change. You think you're better than me. Just admit it!
Flannery Hey, guys, I don't feel right saying this, but let's cool down a bit! Why not just settle this with a Pokémon battle?
Blue I'm game for that! But just a normal battle would be boring...
There are a bunch of event matches going on all over Pasio right now for the PML.
I heard one of them is a team-on-team elimination battle... You interested?
Misty That kind of feels like a roundabout way of solving things, but all right! Challenge accepted.
I guess it'll be more fun to settle this with a bang. Let's do it!
Blue All right! Then <player> and Flannery are with me!
Misty Wait, why do you get <player> on your team?!
Blue Because he/she can learn more that way.
Misty You really are a piece of work, aren't you... Fine, then I'll make my own Water-type team that'll knock your socks off!
Flannery This is getting pretty intense! I like it!

  • The Final Showdown Awaits
Name Text
Blue You guys aren't bad! I didn't think you'd be able to keep up with me! Not a bad team we have here!
Flannery No kidding! We even made it to the finals!
Blue Huh, it looks like I just got a Poryphone message from Misty... Wait—what?!
Flannery What's wrong?
Blue She lost?! There's somebody in this tournament that could beat Misty?
I thought that she and her Starmie would easily make it to the finals.

So you admit that she's good./You had faith in her, didn't you.: She's the Cerulean City Gym Leader. It's only common sense she would make it to the finals.
(Misty appears)
Misty Aww, man... I'm so bummed I lost that battle. I guess I won't be battling you in the finals after all.
Flannery Misty! What happened?!
Blue You got sloppy, didn't you.
Misty I'm just gonna pretend I didn't hear that... We had fun, and that's what matters. By the way, the guy that beat me had a message for you!
He said he wants a rematch with you, Blue.
Blue A rematch?! You mean I've battled this guy before?
Misty Oh, you'll know him when you see him... Watch out, though. He's strong! I guess I'll see you at the arena in a bit! I'm not missing this!
(Transition to Bruno and his team)
Bruno I've been waiting for you, Blue!
Blue Ahhh, Bruno. So you're the one who beat Misty, huh? Guess that's to be expected from a member of the Indigo League Elite Four.
Bruno It is all a result of my perseverance training from before and during my time on Pasio.
Blue ...
Flannery Indigo Elite Four?! Oh man, I have to put my game face on!
Blue Good call, Flannery. Bruno is the real deal.
Flannery, <player>, time to get serious!
Bruno Get ready for our superior power! Hoo hah!

  • Those Who Seek the Ultimate Strength
Name Text
Bruno's Apprentice We...lost?! To these children?!
We went through arduous training with Master Bruno... We even beat a Gym Leader!
Bruno This is nothing strange. They were just stronger than us.
And as long as you underestimate them as children, that means you still harbor hubris in your heart.
Team battles aren't about the power of each individual pair but of how well those pairs work together.
Blue, Flannery, and <player> unleashed their true potential as a team.
Blue You're right, Bruno. It's true. You guys are all strong sync pairs...
but my team went a step further, making sure we covered each other's weaknesses.
Flannery, <player>... I think that battle was the best this team has done yet! Good job, guys!
Bruno It's our loss. Blue, you are a really impressive Trainer.
No matter the situation or predicament, you strive to be the best there is, and you have the tenacity and serenity to actualize that desire.
I have trained to the absolute limit.
But perhaps you have the power to surpass that limit.
Blue I know a guy that I don't want to lose to. And I know that he continues to get even stronger.
That's why I can't afford to stop.
That's why I want strong Trainers to battle. So if you ever want another rematch, just let me know!
Bruno I shall train more and challenge you again.
Flannery So that's what makes you such a strong Trainer, huh, Blue? I gotta work harder, too!
Hey, Bruno! Can I train with you?
Bruno Of course! We can start immediately!
Blue Well, I guess that means our little impromptu team is disbanding. It's been fun, <player>.
I had fun, too!: Heh! Glad to hear that. You know you're on the right track if you're able to have fun.
I learned a lot!: Make sure you remember how strong Pidgeot and I are, all right?
Here's hoping we can see each other again at some other tournament event.
I have no intention of losing, so if you keep moving up the ranks, I'm sure we'll end up battling each other one way or another.
I look forward to seeing how strong you become!

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese 頂点へと翔ける者
Mandarin Chinese 飛向頂點的人
  French Envol vers le sommet
  German Die Gipfelstürmer
  Italian Allenatori al top
  Korean 정점을 향해 날아가는 사람들
  Spanish Los que aspiran a lo más alto

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