Shining Star

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Shining Star
シャイニングスター '
Masters Shining Star.png
Event notification image
Type Story event
Start date February 28, 2020
End date March 16, 2020
Featured sync pairs Sygna Suit Elesa and Rotom
Sync pairs with reward bonus
Sygna Suit Elesa and Rotom
1.5× Elesa and Zebstrika
1.2× Skyla and Swanna
Theme skills with reward bonus None
Theme skills with strength bonus None

Shining Star (Japanese: シャイニングスター) was a story event in Pokémon Masters EX. It was focused on the sync pair Sygna Suit Elesa and Rotom.

The "Sygna Suit Elesa Spotlight Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Sygna Suit Elesa and Rotom for the duration of the event.

During this event, players could earn travel tokens from "Challenge Team Break" single-player battles. The player could use travel tokens to move to an adjacent space on the event map, collecting the item on that space. Reaching the checkpoint on a map would allow the player to unlock a new story area, if one was available, and advance to the next map. In addition, the maps would occasionally include a story sub-area that could be unlocked when the player moved to that space. Extra travel tokens were automatically exchanged with coins once the event was finished.

Once a day, each battle provided triple the travel token rewards. In addition, the player could battle using Sygna Suit Elesa and Rotom to obtain +1× bonus travel tokens, Elesa and Zebstrika to obtain +0.5× bonus travel tokens, and Skyla and Swanna to obtain +0.2× bonus travel tokens.


Spectators have filled the stadium in anticipation of a fashion show Elesa will be putting on. Observing the crowd, Marley is intimidated by Elesa's popularity and reputation, but Skyla encourages her to get to know Elesa, recounting some of Elesa's puns. Elesa arrives and greets the two trainers. They are interrupted by Team Break, who take over the main stage and demand Elesa's Sygna Suit. Elesa recruits Skyla, Marley, and the player to defeat Team Break.

As all but the last group of Team Break members are defeated, Elesa decides to start her fashion show. Skyla and her Swanna fly the group onto the stage, with Elesa now wearing her sygna suit, and Elesa challenges Team Break to a battle.

Team Break is driven off, but Elesa's Rotom uses a sign to point to a masked spectator in the crowd. Skyla assumes this is another Team Break member, but Elesa recognizes Will and challenges him to a battle to entertain the audience.

After the battle, Will congratulates Elesa's party for their victory and complains that he has been repeatedly confused for a Team Break member since coming to Pasio. Elesa praises Will's battling skills and fashion sense, and Will complements Elesa's showmanship. Elesa asks the others to assist in building a new, beautiful stage for Elesa's show.

A series of vignettes show Elesa testing jokes on Skyla; Elesa and the player battling each other to train; Rotom pulling a prank on Gardenia with a broken vending machine; Elesa and Blaine having a quiz-off, with Elesa's "quizzes" just being puns; Elesa telling a story of how Rotom once cheered her up when she was in a slump while Rotom plays hide-and-seek; Skyla, Phoebe, and a nearby Scientist taking pictures of Elesa and the player at Elesa's photoshoot, with mixed results, while they wait for Viola to arrive; Elesa and Will discussing fashion and agreeing to battle again in the future; Elesa getting distracted from her shopping by a starstruck Trinnia; Elesa and the player going down to the beach and having fun with other trainers; and Marley asking Elesa for advice on how to speak with people and Elesa encouraging her to speak her mind.


Single player

Name Trainer Pokémon First-Time Rewards Completion Rewards Battle Rewards
Left Middle Right
Challenge Team Break: Part 1  
Masked Woman
Gems ×30 Travel Tokens ×8
Challenge Team Break: Part 2  
Masked Man
Gems ×30 Travel Tokens ×10
Challenge Team Break: Part 3  
Masked Man
Gems ×30 Travel Tokens ×13
Part 2: A Dramatic Intro  
Masked Man
Gems ×30
Part 3: A Head-Spinning Twist  
Gems ×30

Event map rewards

Item Number obtainable
Sync Orb ×25
(Sygna Suit Elesa and Rotom)
Co-Op Sync Orb ×100
Elite Four Notes
Gym Leader Notes
3★ Level-Up Manual
2★ Level-Up Manual
1★ Level-Up Manual
Buff Blend +
Tech Tonic +
Aid Ade +
Ultra Buff Blend
Ultra Tech Tonic
Ultra Aid Ade
Great Buff Blend
Great Tech Tonic
Great Aid Ade
Buff Blend
Tech Tonic
Aid Ade


Event banner
Artwork by Mika Pikazo


  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Elesa I can't wait to see how the stage turns out.
Elesa I absolutely live for the butterflies I get in my stomach right before a fashion show.
I hope you get to experience the euphoria of stepping out onto a catwalk someday, too. There's nothing like it!

  • A Personal Invitation
Name Text
Elesa Guess what, <player>? Pasio's getting a fashion show organized by yours truly! You should come check it out.

  • Part 1: A Surprise Opening Act
Name Text
Pokémon Ranger Can you believe that the famous supermodel Elesa is putting on a fashion show right here on Pasio?!
Scientist According to my sources, she's so popular in Unova that tickets to her shows sell out instantly!
Preschooler Yaaay! I'm so excited!
Scientist Rumor has it there's a Pasio photo shoot in the works as well...
Gyaaah! What I wouldn't give to be a Cutiefly on the wall during Elesa's photo shoot!
Street Thug Guess you better hover around town for the next few days then, Doc. Or the Pokémon Center. Maybe you'll get lucky and bump into her!
Who knows? If you're in the right place at the right time, you could ask her for a selfie, dude! That'd be sick.
Scientist Y-yes, sick! Sick, indeed! As in the mere thought of bothering Elesa with such a request makes me ill...
Marley So popular...
Skyla Elesa's actually a close friend of mine!
She's a super-tough Gym Leader, but she also does a ton of modeling work!
Ever since she came to Pasio, we've been hanging out and chatting a lot.
Marley Elesa sounds so cool...
I wonder if she would want to chat with me, too...
Skyla I'm sure she would! And she's more than just cool. She has a really quirky sense of humor, too!
Marley Quirky?
Skyla Yeah! Like, when I saw her the other day...
Elesa Throw that misbehaving Klink in the clink!
Cofagrigus is so cool! Don't you *cough* agree, Gus?
(Flashback ends)
Skyla That's what she said to me! Quirky, right?
Marley Are those...puns?
Skyla *giggle* Elesa likes to call them jokes, but they really are just bad puns, aren't they?
Marley Hehe... Maybe she'll be easier to talk to than I thought...
??? Oh, Skyla! Retelling my jokes again, huh?
(Elesa appears)
Elesa And who's this new face? I hope my friend hasn't been making a Muk-ery of me!
Marley Hehe... Muk-ery.
Elesa *giggle* I've got a Magne-ton more where that came from. So, what's your name, sweetie?
Marley Oh, I'm...Marley. I'm a Pokémon Trainer.
Elesa Well, thanks for coming to see my show, Marley.
I hope you enjoy the glitter and glam! Have a dazzling time!
You too, <player>!
Skyla Huh? What's all the commotion about? Wait a sec... Oh no! Look!
Elesa Is that Team Break?!
(Team Break appears)
Masked Man Testing... Testing one, two, three! Is this mic working?
All right! Listen up, everybody! This show's officially been hijacked by yours truly!
If you want the stage back, you gotta give us your sygna suits, too! Hand ‘em over!
Elesa But my sygna suit is one of a kind... It was designed to be a symbol of my bond with Rotom.
Even if I gave it to you—which I won't—it's not something just anyone can wear. You could never pull it off!
<player>, Skyla, Marley! Could you lend me a hand?
It's time to show these Team Break fashion victims how to make a battlefield sparkle!

  • Part 2: A Dramatic Intro
Name Text
Skyla Wha—?! They just keep on coming!
Marley There' end to them...
Elesa It's almost time for the show to start.
Let's deal with them quickly!: I suppose we could... But I was thinking... What if we go ahead and start the show now?
Why not just start the show?: Haha! I was just thinking the same thing. Come on—let's do it! Let's start the show!
Skyla, would you mind giving me a hand?
Skyla Not at all!
With Swanna here, the stage is just a swoop away!
Elesa Thanks for your patience, everybody!
(Elesa appears in her sygna suit)
Pokémon Ranger No way! Is that a brand-new, never-before-seen outfit that Elesa's wearing?!
Scientist Oh my! This new look doesn't appear in my database at all! I believe your hypothesis may indeed be correct!
Elesa You may have noticed that I'm wearing a new design today. But it's not just any ordinary outfit!
Its designer crafted it specifically for me so that I can shine brighter than ever before here on Pasio...
It's my very own sygna suit!
So thanks for coming, everyone! I hope you're as excited as I am about the debut of my all-new look today!
And with that, let's start the show!
Masked Man Wha—? When did she do a costume change?!
Masked Woman Oh my gosh! Elesa, you look so GORGEOUS in that sygna suit!
Masked Man Hey, whose side are you on?!
Masked Woman Elesa! I'm your biggest fan!
Elesa Costume changes are essential to a good fashion show. The same can be said of Pokémon battles!
The stage is my battlefield, and you've decided to step into the spotlight today. I hope you haven't gotten cold feet.
Masked Man Huh? Why should I battle—
Masked Woman Of course not! I'd love to battle with you!
Masked Man Again, whose side are you on here, huh?!
Elesa Perfect! All right, then...
Skyla Let's take back the stage!: Yeah, it's time to battle! Let's have some fun!
Elesa It's show time!: Right! It's time to battle! What do you say we get this show started?

  • Part 3: A Head-Spinning Twist
Name Text
Masked Man How? How are you that strong?! And look what you did to my teammate...
Masked Woman Ahh... I can't help but be dazzled by Elesa's brilliance...
Masked Man Seriously! What did you do to her? Ergh...
Fine then! I'll retreat for now! But I'm gonna remember this!
(Team Break leaves)
Elesa Oh, totally! I mean, there's no way you could forget the fashion show where I made my sygna suit debut with Rotom!
Marley Um, I don't think that's quite what he meant...
Skyla Woo-hoo! We did it! Good riddance, Team Break! Wait a sec... What's that?
Skyla What's what?: That giant arrow that just appeared on the sign over there...
Is that your Rotom, Elesa?

What now?!: A giant arrow just appeared on that sign over there...
Is that your Rotom, Elesa?
Elesa Yeah, I think so! I wonder what it's doing.
Marley It looks like the arrow might be pointing down at something...
Skyla Oh! You're right! Look, there's another Team Break goon right where it's pointing!
(Blaine and Will appear in the crowd)
??? A Team Break what, you say?!
You've got it all wrong! I'm not a member of that loathsome crew!
Skyla What's that mask for then, huh? Admit it! You're a member of Team Break, aren't you!
Elesa Wait, I think I know that mask...
*giggle* I see we have a surprise visitor today!
You'll be a tough opponent to beat, but the show's just getting started, after all... And there are so many people watching us.
Getting to test out my brand-new sygna suit in a Pokémon battle against you would be a thrill! It'd definitely be a crowd pleaser!
??? Perhaps, but as I said before, I'm not a member of—
Let's turn this show up to 11!/Let's do it for the audience!: Wha—?!
O...K... I think I see what you're trying to do.
All right, then. I hope you're prepared for the power I'm about to bring to this stage!
How about some applause, people? It's show time!
Marley Hang on a minute... Isn't that Will...of the Indigo Elite Four?

  • Part 4: A Genuine Supermodel
Name Text
Will Marvelous... You're far more skilled than I gave you credit for.
Clad in a sygna suit, a Gym Leader from Unova managed to unleash a power greater than my own.
Skyla For a Team Break member, you weren't so bad yourself!
Will I had complete confidence in my ability to win... But this time, I failed.
However, as I've already pointed out, I'm in no way, shape, or form connected to Team Break. I'm—
Marley Will, right? Of Elite Four fame?
Will Correct! My name is Will, and I do happen to be a member of the Indigo Elite Four, as a matter of fact.
I've traveled all over the world on a journey to strengthen my Psychic-type Pokémon. We train to be the best of the best.
Since coming to Pasio, I've been mistaken for a member of Team Break more times than I care to count, and I've been challenged just as many.
Allow me to set the record straight here and now. I'm NOT with Team Break!
Do you see the exquisite curves of this mask?
How could such an elegant design as this be mistaken for what those crude bullies wear?!
Elesa Point taken...
You know, I'd heard about an Indigo Elite Four member who conceals his face.
When I saw your mask and realized you were him, I almost hesitated... The idea of going up against someone so strong made me nervous.
But I wanted to test out my strength—to see how brightly I could shine dressed in my new look with Rotom.
In the end, we came out victorious...
But you're seriously powerful. Your fashion sense and battle prowess are so on point.
Will You decided to challenge me in the hopes that a battle would make your show a success, and <player> backed you up.
I knew that the battle had to be exciting, so as your opponent, I made sure to funnel every ounce of strength I had into the battle...
But I was defeated by the pure confidence that sparkled all around you in your sygna suit... You completely annihilated me!
Elesa Thanks, Will. That praise means a lot coming from someone like you.
Skyla *giggle* I guess that settles it then! Case closed!
Elesa Not so fast, Skyla. The show's not over yet. We're just getting started!
Marley Hm? What do you mean?
Elesa Skyla, Marley, Will, <player>...
Will you stay with me until the very end of the show? I need your strength.
Will Are you seeking another Pokémon battle?
Elesa No, no! I want you and your Pokémon to help me build a really beautiful stage!
Will Oh, it's Xatu's and my help you require. I see... That should be no problem at all.
Skyla You can leave the catwalk to Swanna and me!
Marley Arcanine, let's help Elesa carry her set pieces.
... ... ...
Elesa Would you mind lending us a hand, too, <player>?
Sure thing!/You can count on me!: Thank you so much! I owe you one!
All right, then. Time to return from intermission and continue on with the show!
Come on! Let's give this audience the most dazzling fashion show they've ever seen!

  • A Designer Debut
Name Text
Elesa Hey, Skyla, can I ask you a favor?
Skyla Sure, what's up?
Elesa Well, we've been through a lot ever since we arrived on Pasio, right?
And we keep meeting new sync pairs in battles, right? So of course, we need a good way to break the ice with them.
To help out with that, I've been cooking up some good ideas!
Ideas for some awesome jokes, that is!
And I wanted to test them out on you first! I'm sure these'll make your head spin!
Skyla Uh...sure.
Elesa OK, here goes.
Have you heard that Trainers who use Hypno are hip? No?
If your Cubone hasn't evolved yet, there's always to-Marowak!
Have you heard that Haxorus have a secret Evolution? They evolve when they try to lift something too heavy and become Baxorus!
Skyla Pfft!
Ahahaha! Haxorus evolves into...Back-sore-us...
Elesa I did it! I made you laugh!
Skyla But those aren't really jokes, are they? They're puns.
And besides, those might be a little too, uh...highbrow for normal people. It might go right over their heads.
Elesa think so? Then I guess you're the only one I can tell these masterpieces to.
Skyla Yeah!
(I bet she did her best to think those up...)
(But that's what makes Elesa so great! I love how she gives her all in everything she does!)

  • Quiz Off, Quiz On!
Name Text
Blaine Hah! I'm absolutely stumped!
Let's see... This is a quiz that a world-famous model thought up. The answer must have some artistic angle to it... Think, Blaine! Think!
Who's the biggest copycat? Hmm...
Elesa Hee hee. Time's up.
The answer is Flannery!
Blaine Flannery? The Gym Leader? Wha—? Why?
Elesa Well, that's because...
imitation is the sincerest form of Flannery!
Blaine ... ... ...
That was more of a pun than a quiz, though... I'll admit that it took a bit of inspiration, but...
Hah! No! I refuse to call that a quiz!
I'll show you what quizzes are all about!
Elesa All right, then it's your turn, Blaine! Hit me with your best shot!
Let the quiz-off continue!

  • All for the Fans
Name Text
(Pokémon Center)
Trinnia Oh wow... Elesa's show was sooo amazing!
Elesa Oh, why thank you!
Trinnia E-E-Elesa! Wh-what are you doing here?
Elesa I'm just running an errand. Are you still open?
Trinnia Oh, yes we are! Um... Would it be OK to ask you for an autograph?
Elesa An autograph? Of course.
Trinnia Thank you so much!
C-can I also get a picture with you?
Elesa Sure! How about we pose like this?
Trinnia Oh, this is so great!
Perfect! Thank you so much!
Elesa I should be thanking you. I can only do what I do thanks to fans like you, after all.
Well, I should get going.
Trinnia Thank you for coming! I'm looking forward to your next show!
Elesa ... ... ...
I completely forgot to buy what I needed! I gotta hurry back!
Oh no... She closed shop...

  • Rotom's Tricks
Name Text
Elesa Hm? Is something the matter?
Gardenia Oh, Elesa! Great show today!
By the way, I think this vending machine might be broken. I just tried to buy some water, but it's not working...
Elesa Oh, that's not good.
Say, Rotom. Do you think you can fix it?
Gardenia Wah! Is that a G-G-Ghost type? I'm not good with scary stuff...
Ah! It disappeared into the vending machine!
Elesa Yup! Rotom can enter machines and manipulate them from within. I sure hope it can fix it...
Gardenia Oh wow, look at how much it's moving! That's pretty impressive.
After seeing how hard Rotom's working, I feel like I might have misjudged Ghost-type Pokémon.
Elesa That was fast, Rotom. Were you able to fix the vending machine?
Gardenia It's working again! See? The buttons are lit up!
Um, thanks, Rotom... Sorry I was scared of you.
Elesa It looks like Rotom's trying to tell you not to worry about it.
I'm proud of you for behaving, Rotom! I expected you to pull one of your usual pranks.
Gardenia Yeah, thanks a lot! Now I can get some water...
Youch, that's hot!
Huh, what happened? This water's piping hot!
Elesa I guess I spoke too soon...

  • Best Buddiezzz
Name Text
Elesa Thanks for going shopping with me, <player>. Why don't we head back?
Hm? What's wrong, Rotom?
It must have gone and hid in a machine again. Is it trying to play hide-and-seek now?
I guess it's having so much fun outside that it doesn't want to go back yet.
Finding Rotom might take a while. Why don't we chat while we look for it?

Tell me about Rotom!: Hmm, let's see. Oh, I know. I've got a story from a little while ago...
Does Rotom always pull pranks?: It does. But don't get me wrong—Rotom isn't a bad Pokémon.
When I first got to Pasio, I was in a bit of a slump. At the time, I couldn't get the results I was hoping for.
It was then that Rotom jumped into the TV.
It started showing me footage of Sabrina and Fantina battling, and they were dazzling.
Seeing them battle, I was reminded how important it is to show your best self and let it shine.
So, for once, it was Rotom's mischief that brought a smile to my face.
That was when I decided to aim for the top of the PML with Rotom as my partner.
I was confident that the two of us would be able to make everybody watching smile.
Heh heh... It's a little embarrassing talking about how I felt back then.
Oh, Rotom!
Maybe it heard us talking about it and got curious.
Don't worry, Rotom. I was just telling <player> how great of a partner you are.

  • Your Best Self
Name Text
Marley That was a great show, Elesa.
Elesa Hee hee! Thanks, Marley.
Marley Um...Elesa? Can you teach me how to be more like you?
I...have a hard time talking with people...
I sometimes hurt people's feelings when I speak honestly... Even if that's not my intention...
I'm jealous of how you can be so dazzling without holding anything back.
Elesa You're a really sweet person, aren't you, Marley?
Marley Huh?
Elesa I knew a girl like you once.
She was also afraid of hurting the people around her, so she would hold her true thoughts back.
The world is filled with different kinds of people. Everyone has their own opinions about things, and sometimes what others say can be hurtful.
But after trying over and over again, you get to see what makes you different from other people. That's the important part.
What I'm trying to say is that you don't have to be afraid to express yourself.
Besides, you have a great partner at your side. You have nothing to worry about!
Of course, I'll always be in your corner, too.
Marley Thank you, Elesa.
I think I found my answer. But if I need advice again, would you mind if I come ask you?
Elesa Not at all! I'm always down to parley with Marley!
Marley Parley with Marley... Ha ha...
Elesa There's a smile!
With a dazzling smile like that, I guarantee you'll be fine.

  • Will's Foresight
Name Text
Elesa I gotta say...
your mask, your outfit—it's all so unique. I can tell you spent a lot of time thinking it up.
Will Oh, you sure have an eye for fashion, don't you?
But I can say the same about you. Your show was absolutely fantastic.
I don't remember the last time I felt such passion from an audience like that.
By the way, you and I aren't finished yet.
We'll be battling again in the future. I'm sure of it.
Elesa Did you have Xatu look into the future?
Will Heh... I don't need to see the future to know this.
I just want to challenge you again sometime. That's all there is to it.
It's up to us to create the future we want, right?
Elesa Hee hee. I guess you're right. I'm looking forward to battling you again!

  • Head-Spinning Enthusiasm
Name Text
Elesa Rotom, Thunder Shock!
Hm... You're pretty good.
Then how about this? Here we go!

Don't let up—keep attacking!: Ooh, so aggressive! I like it!
Wait for an opening, and hit it hard!: Ah, turning defense into offense, huh?
I love it! You guys are totally making my head spin!
Good work out there! Both you and your partner were absolutely dazzling!

We're just getting started!: I like that enthusiasm! I know you two will shine even brighter!
Thanks!: It's true! But I know you two can shine even brighter than that.
Oh boy! I thought I would try to pay you back for helping me out with my show, but I just ended up enjoying myself!
Spending time with you is always so exciting! Let's have another Pokémon battle sometime soon!

  • A Friendly Outing
Name Text
(Pokémon Center)
Elesa There you are, <player>! I thought I would find you here!
I wanted to show you my gratitude for helping me out with my show the other day.
Come with me. Trust me, you won't be forgetting today anytime soon.
(Transition to the beach)
Elesa Mmm! I love the ocean breeze! And check out this great weather!
Come on. Won't you walk with me? We came all this way, so let's enjoy the view together!
(When talking to Elesa)
Elesa I'm so glad we were able to come here today! It's so much fun having you along!
(When talking to the Swimmer (1))
Swimmer (1) Whoooaaa! It's Elesa! Heeey!
Check out my outfit! It's the pinnacle of fashion, don't you think?!
Behold! The almighty swimming trunks!
(When talked to again)
Swimmer (1) It's a good look, right?
(When talking to the Beauty)
Beauty What a lovely beach... I just wish I had brought my swimsuit. *sigh*
Elesa It's not so bad, is it? I mean, you can enjoy the beach without swimming, right?
Beauty You just don't get it, do you? I should be wearing a swimsuit that fits a beach as beautiful as this.
I'd look great swimming in the ocean here!
Elesa Yeah, it's true that people can bring out their charm by focusing on the right outfit and setting.
But as a model, no matter where I am or what I'm wearing, the real dazzle comes from me.
That's what I strive for.
What do you think, <player>?

A swimsuit would be awesome, too!: You've got a point. A swimsuit does make its wearer shine on a beach. But I can shine in any outfit!
Your sygna suit makes you stand out even more on the beach!: Aw, thanks! It makes me really happy to hear you say that!
I'll dazzle everyone with this sygna suit!
(When talked to again)
Beauty The real dazzle comes from...yourself?
That's pretty deep.
(When talking to the Youngster)
Youngster I'm gonna get strongeeerrr!
It feels great to shout at the ocean! You should try it, too!
Elesa Sounds like fun. Let's see... What should I yell?
Something bursting with passion!: Sounds good! I'll show you my passion!
Wooper stubbed its toe and cried out! "Wooowww!"

Something blazing with passion!: I like that! I'm fired up!
Rhydon's my favorite Pokémon! I think it's "right on!"
Youngster Something bursting with passion!: Wooo... Owww... A pun?! How did I feel such passion from a pun?!
Something blazing with passion!: Rhydon... Right on... A pun?! I didn't expect that!
I can't believe you put so much emotion into a pun!
(When talked to again)
Youngster I never knew puns could be so awesome! Let me try one out, too!
Unown is...uh...ya know...
... ... ... This is just embarrassing!
(When talking to the Swimmer (2))
Swimmer (2) Ahahaha! You look like you're in a good mood, Surskit!
Elesa Look at those two over there. They look like they're having a lot of fun!
Hey, <player>, let's join in the fun! Come on—we don't come to the beach often!

Yeah, let's do it!: That's what I wanted to hear! Let's go talk to them!
Time for some serious fun!: I like your style! Let's go talk to them!
Hey, can we join you?
Swimmer (2) Wait, are you...THE Elesa?! Omigosh, of course! You don't mind, right, Surskit?
Elesa Thanks! Now, let's do something fun! Any ideas?
Swimmer (2) How about a foot race? OK, let's go!
Elesa That was so much fun! It feels great to run all-out once in a while, doesn't it?
(When talked to again)
Swimmer (2) Ahhh! Elesa running on the beach... So gorgeous!
(After talking to all the Trainers)
Elesa Are you headed out?
Yeah, I think I'll be heading home.: Oh, OK. Hey, thanks for spending the day with me.
I'm always so busy. Days off don't come along too often, so today was a fantastic change of pace.
So, again...thanks, <player>.
It made me so happy when you said yes to coming here with me.
I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Why don't we stay here a little longer?: Sure. We can relax a bit longer.
(When talked to again after declining)
Elesa Ready to go?

  • Photo Shoot Frenzy
Name Text
One day, <player> was invited to Elesa's photo shoot. It was bustling with activity when he/she arrived at the meetup spot.
Elesa All right! Let's shoot some photos!/Sorry for the wait!: There you are! Thanks for coming!
Skyla Oh! Hey, <player>! I didn't know you were invited, too!
Phoebe Elesa invited us to be in the shoot, too!
Elesa All that's left is Viola, but where is she? I wonder if she's having trouble with her camera.
Hmm... Well, we can't waste too much time waiting for her. Let's get this shoot started without her for now.
Come on over here! Oh no, you're not getting out of a picture with us!
(When talking to Skyla)
Skyla While we're waiting for Viola, you can count on me behind the camera!
Elesa Thanks, Skyla! All right, then let's get started!
Skyla OK then, Swanna! It's time to fly into the Pasio skies!
All right, everybody, smile! 3, 2, 1...
Looking good! You wanna see how it turned out?
Elesa You can even see the arena!: Wow, you're right! It looks so small!
There's so much ocean!: Yeah. It really puts into perspective how impressive Pasio is, doesn't it? were too far from us, Skyla. I can't even make out our faces.
Skyla Oof, did I mess up?
Elesa You know what? It's a nice picture. Thanks, Skyla!
(When talked to again)
Skyla Of course! And if you ever want to see that view for real, let me know!
Leave it to The Highflying Girl! I'll take you as high up as you want!
(When talking to Phoebe)
Phoebe Hmm, Viola's not here yet. Why don't I take that picture for you?
I take pictures of my Pokémon from time to time, so I think I'd be a good photographer!
Elesa Oh, I didn't know you were into photography. Then yeah! If you wouldn't mind.
Phoebe Sure! Leave it to me!
Ahahaha! Look, look! I think it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself!
Elesa There are more shadows than there are people.../Are those...ghosts?: Yeah, it sure looks like there are ghosts all around us in this photo... It would probably scare most normal people.
(When talked to again)
Phoebe Haha! Taking pictures is so much fun! Next time, I'll take even more amazing ones!
(When talking to the Scientist)
Elesa Hi, sorry. Would you mind taking our picture?
Scientist E-E-Elesa...talked to m-m-me! Of course! I-I-I'd love to!
Elesa Thanks! Make sure <player>'s in the shot too, OK?
Scientist Of course! Here I go!
Say, "Chansey!"
(More Scientists appear when the picture is taken)
Scientist Sorry, they're all fans of you, too.
(When talked to again)
Scientist You got a picture with Elesa! What I wouldn't give to be in your shoes!
(After talking to all the Trainers)
??? That's fantastic! Just fantastic!
Elesa Wha—? Viola?! Were you there this entire time? What were you doing?
Viola Sorry, sorry. I've been watching all of you for a while now!
Thanks to that, I got some great candid shots of you, Elesa!
Let me take a picture of the two of you. It's the least I can do for these great shots I got to take!
Now, line up over there for me!
All right! Say, "Butterfree!”"


  • Shining Star was the first event to give players reward bonuses for using certain sync pairs in their team.

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese シャイニングスター
Mandarin Chinese 閃耀之星
  French Étoile brillante
  German Ein strahlender Stern
  Italian Una stella brillante
  Korean 샤이닝 스타
  Spanish Una estrella brillante

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