The Importance of Elegance

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The Importance of Elegance
エレガントな大輪の花 '
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Event notification image
Type Story event
Start date October 31, 2019
June 18, 2020
End date November 14, 2019
July 2, 2020
Featured sync pairs Caitlin and Reuniclus
Sync pairs with reward bonus
1.6× None
1.4× None
1.2× None
Theme skills with reward bonus None
Theme skills with strength bonus None

The Importance of Elegance (Japanese: エレガントな大輪の花) was a story event in Pokémon Masters EX. It was focused on the sync pair Caitlin and Reuniclus.

During this event, players could earn vouchers from co-op battles that could be redeemed in the Shop. Extra vouchers were automatically exchanged with coins once the event was finished.

First run

The event first ran from October 31 to November 14, 2019. The "Caitlin Spotlight Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Caitlin and Reuniclus for the duration of the event. In this run, the type of voucher that players could earn was Voucher H.

Second run

The event reran from June 18 to July 2, 2020 as part of the Unova Rally. In this run, the type of voucher that players could earn was Psychic Voucher.


In Centra City, Caitlin watches on as the player battles against another team. After the battle, Caitlin approaches the player and comments that the player may improve their battling by adding a touch of elegance. She clarifies that elegance is remaining calm and collected during the battle to show dignity, refinement and grace.

Candice then joins the conversation thinking they are talking about fashion. Caitlin explains that they were discussing battling and that elegance is of utmost importance. They decide to battle to see how grace and elegance can improve one's battling prowess.

After battling another team, Candice remarks that her battle style is all about focusing hard. Despite being far from elegant, Caitlin appraises Candice's strength and energy, and that it suits her and her Pokémon. Caitlin reflects that she was once forbidden to battle because she could not control her psychic powers when she would lose. She states that she learnt to control her negative emotions from Psychic-type Pokémon as they could manipulate their power at will. Caitlin states she would like to learn more about focus, while Candice replies she would like to learn more about elegance.

After the next battle, Roxie joins in on the conversation and remarks that she thinks it is the rhythm and passion of the battle that is more important than focus or elegance. They decide to battle Roxie to see exactly what she means by the beat of battle.

Despite losing to them, Caitlin and Candice remark that they were impressed by Roxie's battling and that they were able to feel the beat. Caitlin concludes that each Trainer has their individual styles which make them unique and that one should not push others to follow their own personal methods. She reflects that the player values kindness above all else.


Single player

Name Trainer Pokémon First-Time Rewards
Left Middle Right
Grace and Refinement?  
Black Belt Deacon
Gems ×30
Elegance vs. Focus  
Pokémon Ranger Aubrey
Gems ×30
The Rhythm of Battle  
Gems ×30
Unite with Caitlin: Round 1  
Poké Fan Gerald


Gems ×30
Unite with Caitlin: Round 2  
Street Thug Brandon


Gems ×30


Name Difficulty Trainers Pokémon First-Time Rewards Completion Rewards Battle Rewards
Left Middle Right
Take Down Caitlin: Round 1 Normal  
Gems ×30 400 coins
Voucher H/Psychic Voucher ×11
Voucher H/Psychic Voucher ×1-4
Buff Blend / Tech Tonic / Aid Ade
Great Buff Blend / Tech Tonic / Aid Ade ×1-2
Training Machine
Super Training Machine ×1-2
Skill Capsule
Take Down Caitlin: Round 2 Hard Gems ×30 1,500 coins
Voucher H/Psychic Voucher ×13
Voucher H/Psychic Voucher ×1-5
Buff Blend / Tech Tonic / Aid Ade ×1-3
Great Buff Blend / Tech Tonic / Aid Ade
Ultra Buff Blend / Tech Tonic / Aid Ade
Super Training Machine
Skill Capsule
Gym Leader Notes


October 31 to November 14, 2019

Item given Item received Max exchanges
Voucher H ×300
Limited-Time 5★ Power-Up
Voucher H ×300
Limited-Time 4★ Power-Up
Voucher H ×300
Limited-Time 3★ Power-Up
Voucher H ×50
2★ Level-Up Manual
Voucher H ×10
Voucher H ×30
1★ Level-Up Manual ×5
Voucher H ×100
Replay Ticket

June 18 to July 2, 2020

Item given Item received Max exchanges
Psychic Voucher ×300
Limited-Time 5★ Power-Up
Psychic Voucher ×300
Limited-Time 4★ Power-Up
Psychic Voucher ×300
Limited-Time 3★ Power-Up
Psychic Voucher ×35
Elite Four Notes
Psychic Voucher ×20
Gym Leader Notes ×10
Psychic Voucher ×20
Buff Blend + ×100
Psychic Voucher ×20
Tech Tonic + ×100
Psychic Voucher ×20
Aid Ade + ×100
Psychic Voucher ×10
Ultra Buff Blend ×100
Psychic Voucher ×10
Ultra Tech Tonic ×100
Psychic Voucher ×10
Ultra Aid Ade ×100
Psychic Voucher ×7
Great Buff Blend ×100
Psychic Voucher ×7
Great Tech Tonic ×100
Psychic Voucher ×7
Great Aid Ade ×100
Psychic Voucher ×5
Buff Blend ×100
Psychic Voucher ×5
Tech Tonic ×100
Psychic Voucher ×5
Aid Ade ×100
Psychic Voucher ×25
3★ Level-Up Manual ×10
Psychic Voucher ×10
2★ Level-Up Manual ×10
Psychic Voucher ×10


Event banner


  • Intro
Name Text
Caitlin I could use a pick-me-up right about now. A magnificent battle or two should do the trick... Would you care to join me, dear?

  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Caitlin Now that I'm awake, a battle would be nice.
Caitlin What does it really mean to be elegant? Would you care to find out?

  • Heart of Elegance
Name Text
Centra City was abuzz with Trainers and Pokémon.
As usual, <player> didn't have to wait long to be challenged to a battle.
This time, his/her opponents looked particularly strong.
Ace Trainer C'mon, team! These guys are nothing to panic over. This battle's gonna be ours!
We won't lose to you!/Attack with everything we've got, team!
In the end, <player> won... But he/she was surprised to find Caitlin watching the battle from nearby.
Caitlin Well, fancy running into you here, <player>. Lovely battle.
I saw you fighting out of the corner of my eye as I was walking into town, and then I found I couldn't take my eyes off of you.
I do have to point out one thing, though... You could stand to win your battles with a touch more elegance, if I had any say in the matter.

Elegance?/What did I do wrong?: A Trainer must always remain calm and collected. We must present an image of dignity, refinement, and grace.
That, my dear, is elegance... Once you find peace and gain a bit of emotional leeway, you begin to see things you couldn't before.
If you wish to fully utilize your skills in battle, elegance is of the utmost importance.
??? Hey, you two aren't talking about fashion without ME, are you?!
(Candice appears)
Candice I heard something about grace and elegance... Well? What's the gossip? I want to know all the juicy details!
Caitlin I think you may have misheard us. I wasn't talking about fashion...
I was just teaching my dear friend here that elegance is of the utmost importance when it comes to Pokémon battling.
Candice Gee, do you really think so? I guess I've never thought about elegance like that before... Now I'm curious!
Caitlin Very well. Perhaps I can show you both how grace and elegance can elevate one's prowess in battle...
Candice Oh, perfect! I'll watch super closely—Pokémon battling is all about focus!

  • All about Focus!
Name Text
Caitlin Well done, both of you. That battle was quite splendid.
Candice I just focused as hard as I could, as always! It's what I'm best at!
Caitlin I don't think I would choose the word "elegant" to describe you in that battle...
but you certainly had an air of strength and toughness about you. I could feel your energy across the battlefield.
Candice Oh wow! Yeah! You were probably feeling that Candice focus that I'm known for! Pokémon, fashion, romance... It's all about focus!
My Abomasnow's focus is always top-notch, too!
Caitlin Tee-hee! It's a style that suits you and your partner very well, I think.
I used to be unable to control my own emotions or the psychic powers I possess.
Whenever I lost a battle, they would spin entirely out of control... So much so that I was once forbidden from battling at all.
All of that changed when I began interacting with Psychic-type Pokémon. They are able to manipulate their power at will, you see.
With their help, I learned to keep my negative emotions at bay. I learned how to remain calm, elegant, and at peace in any battle.
I take great pride in my elegance, but I must admit that your focus has piqued my interest quite a bit, Candice.
Candice Well gee, I'd still love to learn more about elegance, too! Sounds like we should do a lot more battling together!

  • The Beat! The Passion!
Name Text
Caitlin Well, <player>? Would you say that was an elegant battle?
Candice What about me? Did you see how focused I was?
Caitlin Very elegant, Caitlin!: Naturally. I do my best to make every battle as graceful and refined as an elegant dance.
Candice Very focused, Candice!: I know, right?! I just kept telling myself there was no way I could lose—wished for it from the bottom of my heart!
??? Hey! Just wanted to say your battle just now was suuuper rad!
(Roxie appears)
Roxie What's all this about elegance and focus, though? Did I miss something, or...
Caitlin Well, you see...
(Screen fades to black, then back)
Roxie Ahh, I think I get it now...
You want my honest opinion? After watchin' you guys battle...
I don't think elegance OR focus are what's really most important when it comes to Pokémon battling.
Candice Well, what IS then? With enough focus, you can pretty much do whatever you set your mind to! It's the best!
Caitlin I'm interested to hear what you have to say. Do go on.
Roxie Well, in MY opinion, it's gotta be the beat! The passion!
You start riffin', you build up a killer rhythm, and then BAM! You smash your opponents in the face with it!
Candice The...beat? Not focus or elegance? Can beats be elegant?
Caitlin Passionate beats... Um... You've lost me, I'm afraid.
Roxie I guess it's kinda hard to put it into words... Let's just skip 'em! C'mon! I'll make you guys FEEL what I mean instead!
I'll show you a Pokémon battle so wild it'll blow your mind!

  • Strength and Kindness
Name Text
Roxie Gahh! What's goin' on, Roxie?! You weren't supposed to lose!
*sigh* Guess I blew my chance at showin' you guys what I was talkin' about.
Caitlin I wouldn't say that. It's true that we won the battle this time...
but you certainly made an impression! Your attacks were like a raging rapid, threatening to knock me down at any moment.
Candice Caitlin's right! You were seriously impressive! I felt like we were an inch from losing through the whole thing!
Roxie Really? But what about the beat? Did you feel the BEAT?!
Caitlin As a matter of fact, I believe I did feel it. And after this last battle with you, I think I finally understand...
When it comes to Pokémon battling, each and every Trainer has their own belief about what is most important—it's individual to them.
And I think that's lovely. It's our differences that make us so interesting.
Roxie I guess you've got a point. When I'm playin' music, sometimes it's less about the beat and more about just chillin' and enjoyin' myself.
Candice Yeah! I know not everybody is as superfocused as I am...
but more often than not, it's easy to tell when somebody really cares about their Pokémon and how much battling means to them.
Caitlin In other words, a Trainer should never push others to follow their own personal methods...even if they believe they are correct.
<player>... It didn't really come up in our conversation before, but after what I witnessed today...
I would say that you seem to value kindness more than anything else when it comes to Pokémon battling.
You shine with both kindness and strength in every battle you compete in... I saw that very clearly today.
I should thank you, <player>. For helping me learn a valuable lesson today.

I should be the one thanking you!: You're too kind. Really, I feel as though you all have shown me an entirely new world.
It was a lot of fun!: Indeed. Really, I feel as though you all have shown me an entirely new world.
Something tells me I'm going to have very sweet dreams tonight, thanks to you. I can't wait to see what I dream about...


  • The rerun of The Importance of Elegance was the last time co-op battles were included in a story event.

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese エレガントな大輪の花
Mandarin Chinese 優雅的大朵花兒
  French Une fleur élégante
  German Die elegante Blume
  Italian Un fiore elegante
  Korean 엘레강트하고 커다란 꽃
  Spanish La flor exuberante

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