Veevee on Pasio!

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Veevee on Pasio!
Masters Veevee on Pasio.png
Event notification image
Type Story event
First run November 10 to 30, 2023
Featured sync pairs Penny and Sylveon
Sync pairs with reward bonus 
1.6× Penny and Sylveon 
1.4× Hugh and Bouffalant
Bianca and Musharna 
Theme skills with 1.2× reward bonus Fairy

Veevee on Pasio! (Japanese: パシオでブイブイ!) was a story event in Pokémon Masters EX. It was focused on the sync pair Penny and Sylveon.

The "Penny Poké Fair Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Penny and Sylveon for the duration of the event.

During this event, players could earn Event Vouchers R from battles that could be redeemed in the shop. All battles could be challenged an unlimited number of times except Daily Extreme Battle 1, which could only be challenged once per day. Extra vouchers were automatically exchanged with coins once the event was finished.

The player could battle using Penny and Sylveon to obtain +0.6× bonus vouchers; Hugh and Bouffalant or Bianca and Musharna to obtain +0.4× bonus vouchers; and any unlisted Fairy-type sync pairs to obtain +0.2× bonus vouchers.

This event featured the Battle Challenge, where players were challenged to defeat a team of strong opponents. Players could complete event missions by clearing these areas with teams using various theme skills, earning medals and other rewards.

In addition, players could earn a medal for completing all the story areas in the event.


Area info

Area name Unlock condition Completion Rewards
 A Gathering Full of Eevee Available from start  Gems ×10
 You're Too Loud!
 You're Too Loud! Complete A Gathering Full of Eevee  Gems ×10
 Challenge Team Break: Part 1
 First Step in Making Friends Complete Challenge Team Break: Part 1  Gems ×10
 Challenge Team Break: Part 2
 The Stolen Treasure Complete Challenge Team Break: Part 2  Gems ×10
 Challenge Team Break: Part 3
 Have Confidence! Complete Challenge Team Break: Part 3  Gems ×10
 Challenge Team Break: Part 4
 Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Battle Challenge! Round 1


Single player

Name Difficulty Trainer Pokémon Stamina First-Time Rewards Completion Rewards Battle Rewards
Left Middle Right
Challenge Team Break: Part 1 Normal  
Masked Man
10  Gems ×30
 First Step in Making Friends
 200 coins
 Event Voucher R ×7
 Event Voucher R ×1-2
Challenge Team Break: Part 2 Hard 15  Gems ×30
 The Stolen Treasure
 600 coins
 Event Voucher R ×14
 Event Voucher R ×1-3
Challenge Team Break: Part 3 Very Hard 15  Gems ×30
 Have Confidence!
 600 coins
 Event Voucher R ×16
 Event Voucher R ×1-3
Challenge Team Break: Part 4 Super Hard 20  Gems ×30  1500 coins
 Event Voucher R ×26
 Event Voucher R ×1-4
Daily Extreme Battle 1 Ultra Hard 30  Gems ×30  2000 coins
 Event Voucher R ×100
Battle Challenge! Round 1 Super Hard  
Alolan Form
 Gems ×100
 Battle Challenge! Round 2
 3★ Tech Move Candy
None None
Battle Challenge! Round 2 Ultra Hard  Gems ×100
 4★ Support Move Candy
None None

Event missions

Mission Name Objective Reward
Mission 1 Complete any of the following areas ×3
• Challenge Team Break: Part 1
• Challenge Team Break: Part 2
• Challenge Team Break: Part 3
• Challenge Team Break: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×50
 Battle Points ×40
Mission 2 Complete any of the following areas ×10
• Challenge Team Break: Part 1
• Challenge Team Break: Part 2
• Challenge Team Break: Part 3
• Challenge Team Break: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×50
 Battle Points ×40
Mission 3 Complete any of the following areas ×20
• Challenge Team Break: Part 1
• Challenge Team Break: Part 2
• Challenge Team Break: Part 3
• Challenge Team Break: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×100
 Battle Points ×40
Mission 4 Complete any of the following areas ×30
• Challenge Team Break: Part 1
• Challenge Team Break: Part 2
• Challenge Team Break: Part 3
• Challenge Team Break: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×100
 Battle Points ×40
Mission 5 Complete any of the following areas ×40
• Challenge Team Break: Part 1
• Challenge Team Break: Part 2
• Challenge Team Break: Part 3
• Challenge Team Break: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×100
 Battle Points ×40
Mission 6 Complete any of the following areas ×50
• Challenge Team Break: Part 1
• Challenge Team Break: Part 2
• Challenge Team Break: Part 3
• Challenge Team Break: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×100
 Battle Points ×50
Mission 7 Complete the following area ×1
Have Confidence!
 1★ Veevee on Pasio!
Mission 8 Complete the following area ×1
Battle Challenge! Round 1
 2★ Veevee on Pasio!
Mission 9 Complete the following area ×1
Battle Challenge! Round 2
 3★ Veevee on Pasio!
Mission 10 Complete the following area with 1 or fewer sync pairs falling to 0 HP:
Battle Challenge! Round 2
 Paldea's Genius Hacker
Mission 11 Complete Battle Challenge! Round 2
with 1 or more sync pairs that share the following theme
and with 1 or fewer sync pairs falling to 0 HP:
• Fairy
 Strike Move Candy Coin
Reward for completing 10 missions  Gems ×200


Item given Item received Max exchanges
Event Voucher R ×400
Strike Move Candy Coin
Event Voucher R ×400
Support Move Candy Coin
Event Voucher R ×400
5★ Power-Up
Event Voucher R ×400
Special Skill Feather 7[note 1]
Event Voucher R ×200
Skill Bracelet
Event Voucher R ×200
Skill Bandanna
Event Voucher R ×200
Skill Pin
Event Voucher R ×200
5★ Scout Ticket
Event Voucher R ×100
Skill Sphere ×10
Event Voucher R ×30
Green Skill Feather ×1
Event Voucher R ×15
Yellow Skill Feather ×1
Event Voucher R ×50
Co-op Sync Orb ×200
Event Voucher R ×50
Sync Orb ×50
(Penny and Sylveon)
Event Voucher R ×100
Fairy Codex, Vol. 1 ×10
Event Voucher R ×50
Fairy Tome, Vol. 1 ×10
Event Voucher R ×30
Elite Four Notes ×10
Event Voucher R ×20
Gym Leader Notes ×10
Event Voucher R ×150
5-Pack Great Drink ++ Set ×50
Event Voucher R ×100
5-Pack Drink ++ Set ×50
Event Voucher R ×80
5-Pack Ultra Drink + Set ×50
Event Voucher R ×60
5-Pack Great Drink + Set ×50
Event Voucher R ×50
4★ Level-Up Manual ×10
Event Voucher R ×30
Skip Ticket ×10
Event Voucher R ×750
3★ Power-Up
Event Voucher R ×10
3★ Level-Up Manual ×3
Event Voucher R ×10
5-Pack Drink + Set ×30
Event Voucher R ×10
5-Pack Ultra Drink Set ×40
Event Voucher R ×10
5-Pack Great Drink Set ×50


Event banner
1★ Veevee on Pasio!
2★ Veevee on Pasio!
3★ Veevee on Pasio!
Paldea's Genius Hacker
Splash screen artwork


  • Pokémon Center (event conversation)
Name Text
Penny I'm a Veevee... I have incredible potential...
Penny I can change... I can be anything I want! All right!
... ... ...
*sigh* It would be so easy if self-hypnosis actually worked...

  • A Gathering Full of Eevee
Name Text
(Forest; Leaf, Valerie, Kris, Lyra, and Lucas are chatting)
Penny Th-this is where the Eevee fans are gathering!
Well, if I'm someplace new that's different from Paldea, I might as well make the most of it...
Yeah! Time to make my Pasio debut!
(Penny admires Leaf's Eevee and Valerie's Sylveon from afar)
Penny ... ... ...
(Penny admires Kris's Jolteon, Lyra's Vaporeon, and Lucas's Flareon from afar)
Penny They're all adorable...
I-I can't... It's impossible to join the conversation...
??? Hey.
Penny Wh-who are you?

  • You're Too Loud!
Name Text
(Hugh and Bianca appear)
Hugh You're not a Pokémon thief, are you?
Penny What?
Hugh What were you doing there?! Answer me!
Penny Gyah! Can you tone it down or something?!
Bianca can't be shouting like that.
I'm so sorry. We heard that people like Team Break have been stealing Pokémon recently.
So we've been calling out to people we find suspicious.
Penny I-I'm just a student from Paldea...
Here. This is my student ID.
Hugh I see... Sorry for treating you like a criminal.
I'll definitely make up for this! Tell me if there's something I can do!
Penny GUH! You're being too loud again!
Anyway, what's Team Break?
Hugh They're a group of people who do bad things on Pasio, like steal Pokémon.
Penny Wow. Textbook villains, huh?
Bianca They all wear the same mask—if you see them, be careful!
Penny Wait, they wear matching masks? That's kinda cringe...
Hugh So what were you doing, anyway?
Penny I-I was trying to join the Eevee fan gathering...
Hugh So you were trying to join by...watching from a distance?
Penny Ugh... You don't beat around the bush, do you?
Um... I'm still not so great with people face-to-face...
But coming to Pasio's made me want to try and become a new version of myself!
It hasn't been that easy, though...
Bianca If that's the case, there's something we'd like you to help us with!
You seem to like Eevee, so you must know a lot about them, right?
Penny Huh? I mean, I guess...
Bianca There are some people we'd like to introduce you to. Could you come with us?
Penny Um, what—?
Hugh Aha! I know what you're thinking, Bianca!
Let's go, Penny!
(Fade to black)
Penny W-wait! Ahhh!
(Hugh and Bianca bring Penny to a Lass, an Ace Trainer, and a Preschooler with an Espeon, Umbreon, and Eevee)
Bianca All these people are having trouble connecting with the Eevee they've recently partnered with.
Hugh You have to listen to these people's problems and give them advice!
Penny O-OK...
Lass My little furball's so cute, I just can't handle it...
Penny Yeah, I know what you mean. I was like that at the beginning. You don't even want to let them battle.
Ace Trainer But that's no good, right? I read online that you shouldn't just smother them with affection...
Penny True. That's why you start with watching Eevee play around with each other.
Hugh She doesn't seem to have an issue talking to people...
Bianca Hehe, seems like she's having fun.
Penny Eevee are they'll grow strong and healthy on their own.
Preschooler Even me? Will I be able to raise Eevee too?
Penny Yup, of course.
If you treat them with love, they'll definitely respond.
Preschooler OK! I'll do my best, Eevee!
Hugh Oh yeah...
There's been an increase in Pokémon theft recently. If you see anyone suspicious, let me know.
Lass Ew, that's scary...
Ace Trainer We should be careful too.
Preschooler Yup...
(Transition to a Masked Man and a Masked Woman watching the scene)
Masked Man Oh dear, you shouldn't be showing off your wonderful partner Pokémon like that...
Masked Woman It only makes me want to steal them more.

  • First Step in Making Friends
Name Text
Penny *sigh* I've talked enough for a lifetime...
Bianca Once you take that first step, the rest will fall into place!
Penny That first step might be really difficult, but I guess you have to take it...
Hugh So now it's time for the next step!
Penny Huh?
Hugh Start a conversation with those two over there on your own!
(Hugh and Penny look at Nate and Rosa, who are talking to each other)
Penny N-No way! That's way too much!
Hugh Don't worry, I know those people.
Penny F-for real? I guess that's...well...
Bianca We'll be watching from close by, too!
(Penny approaches Nate and Rosa, with her Poryphone hovering behind her)
Penny Uh...umm... Uhh...
(Rosa and Nate turn to look at Penny)
Penny Wh-what nice weather we're having today...
Rosa I...guess so?
Nate Do you know this girl, Rosa?
Rosa Nope...
Penny Umm... Hehe...
(Hugh's voice comes over Penny's Poryphone)
Hugh Hey! You're making yourself seem suspicious! Be more natural!
Penny I-I know! And quiet down—they'll hear you!
Rosa Um, is everything OK?
Nate I thought I heard Hugh's voice...
Penny N-nothing! It's all.
I'm a student from Paldea, and...I just wanted to interact with people!
(C'mon, think of a topic—any topic...)
Uhh...what are your hobbies?
Hugh You sound like you're on a date or something!
Penny Shut it! Enough with the wisecracks!
Rosa She's definitely talking to some—
Penny Things you like! Tell me about things you like!
Rosa Umm, Pokémon battling, and...I was in a Pokéstar Studios movie once...
Penny Wh-what? You're an actor?!
What kind of movie? What genre?
Rosa Oh, ummm...
Nate Wasn't it a movie called "The Riolu Girl" or something...?
Rosa Yup. I had to battle Brycen-Man at an amusement park...
Penny A hero, huh? Films with special effects are so nice!
The plot twists in taking down a great evil always get me excited.
Rosa Same! I like those movies too!
Penny That sounds so fun... I'd love to play heroes with my Veevees!
(Nate notices Penny's backpack)
Nate Hey, that bag—do you like Eevee?
Penny Hm? Oh yeah, I like Veevees so much.
Hugh All right! This is going well!
Once you find a topic, you can talk endlessly!
Rosa I was wondering who you were talking to...
Nate I knew that was Hugh's voice earlier...

  • The Stolen Treasure
Name Text
Penny *pant pant* I'm exhausted from doing so much...
Hugh You did well, though!
Bianca If you keep this up, you'll find that new you for sure!
Penny I-I hope so...
Anyway, why are you helping me out so much?
Hugh Well, you're having a rough time, yeah? I just wanted to help.
Penny It's nice that you can say that so easily...
I can't imagine helping someone I just met.
Bianca But you're trying to change, right?
People can change if they try their best, even if it's just a little bit.
That was true for me, at least.
Penny R-really?
Hugh This is the first time I'm hearing of this.
Bianca Before I got my first Pokémon, my worrywart parents were always making my choices for me, so I never got a feel for what I really wanted.
But I wanted to change that.
That was one of the reasons I started my journey.
I couldn't get better at battling, but because my Pokémon kept going, I could carry on.
And that made me want to get to know the Pokémon I love!
So now I'm working as a Pokémon Professor's assistant.
I don't know what's going to happen in the future, but...
to keep on wanting to always take "the first step"... Thatְ's always important.
And if you do that, I think anyone can become a proud and wonderful adult!
(Hugh smiles)
Hugh ... ... ...
Penny The first step...
(It was the same for everyone in Team Star.)
(Everyone went back to school and started taking steps forward...)
(A Preschooler walks onto the path, crying)
Bianca Huh? That's the kid we met a while ago.
Is she crying?
(Hugh, Bianca, and Penny approach the Preschooler)
Hugh Hey! What happened?!
Preschooler Team Break told me to give them my Eevee...
Hugh What?!
Preschooler T-Team Break told me to give it to them...
Hugh Argh! Team Break...
Preschooler What do I do? I'm all alone...
Penny ... ... ...
Hugh Bianca! Take care of this kid! I'll get Eevee ba—
Penny I'm coming too.
Bianca Huh? But...
Preschooler *sniff* *sob*
Penny Don't worry, you won't be alone.
I won't let anyone steal your important treasure.
Hugh That's right.
Help me out, Penny! We're going to get this kid's partner back!
Penny Sure!
Bianca I'm counting on you two!
Preschooler *sniff* Thank you...
Bianca You're gonna wait here with me, OK?
Preschooler OK...
Hugh All right! Let's go, Penny!
Penny Wait, if we're going to raid them, we should have a plan, and proceed with caution—
Hugh No need for all that! We're going straight in!
(Hugh runs off)
Penny Um, excuse me?!
Ughhh! Are you wearing an Assault Vest or something?!
(Forest; the Preschooler's Eevee is angry, but the Masked Man and Masked Woman just laugh)
Hugh Hold it right there!
(Hugh, Penny, and Sylveon appear)
Hugh You're the Team Break members who stole Eevee!
Penny Surrender and hand it over.
Masked Woman Sadly, we must decline your request.
Masked Man But wait...that's an awfully nice partner Pokémon you got there.
We might have to take it as well!
(The Masked Man and Masked Woman send out a Haxorus and Obstagoon)
Hugh Just to let you know...
Penny We're going to be the Veevee victors here!
(Hugh sends out his Bouffalant)

  • Have Confidence!
Name Text
(Hugh and Penny defeat Team Break's Pokémon)
Hugh Give it up. We win.
Masked Man Eek!
Penny We'll be taking the Eevee back.
Masked Man Th-that's all?
Masked Woman No...revenge...or anything?
Hugh ... ... ...
Penny We managed to get the Eevee back safely. Our job is done.
If you do this again...we'll turn you into stardust.
Masked Man We're sorryyy!
(Team Break runs away)
Penny I wonder if they've learned their lesson.
Hugh I hope so.
If they decide to do it again...we'll just deliver on that promise of yours.
(Town; Hugh and Penny are talking to Bianca)
Bianca That was great! That girl was so happy!
Hugh Yeah! That's a job well done!
Bianca But you two let the Team Break members go?
Penny Well, they were scared of us...
and I don't want to repeat the same mistakes on Pasio.
Bianca The same mistakes? What happened before?
Penny At my school in Paldea...
I teamed up with my friends to get revenge for being bullied, but we went too far.
In the end, my team started looking like the bullies we were trying to get revenge on in the first place...
That wasn't what we wanted. We just wanted to be bright, shining stars...
Bianca Penny...
Penny Wronging others is inexcusable, but...
I don't think that justifies revenge.
That's all.
Hugh I see...
I was planning to stop you if you went too far, but...I guess my worrying was for nothing.
Penny Hey, that's what I was gonna say!
(Hugh and Penny laugh)
Hugh I know someone else who regrets how they acted in the past.
That person's now facing their crimes on Pasio...
and he's trying to change and move forward with his friends that support him.
Penny Friends...
Hugh So you better keep your chin up and legs moving, just like you did today!
Penny Wha—?
Bianca You managed to take loads of first steps today!
Hugh Be confident, and you can become anything you want—even a star!
Believe in those who worked hard with you today, and believe in yourself!
Penny C'mon...keep it down.
??? Huh? Penny?
(Nemona and Hilda appear)
Penny Huh?! Nemona?!
Nemona You're here too?! I'm kinda surprised!
Hilda What's everyone all huddled up for? Pokémon battling?
Penny Ugh, she's found someone else just like her...
But it's kinda annoying—part of me is at ease with the classic Nemona energy...
Bianca What were you two doing?
Hilda Isn't it obvious? We were battling!
Nemona Hilda and I have been challenging people to Pokémon battles since this morning!
Penny You don't change at all, do you?
Nemona Now then! Since our eyes met, we have to have a Pokémon battle! Let's get it going!
Penny Huh?! Oh no! The customs in Paldea don't apply here!
Wait, calm down, Nemona. There are regions with those rules, but...
Hugh Interesting! I'm in!
Penny! I'll be counting on you!
Penny Ahhh! You're one of them!
*sigh* All right, all right.
If someone challenges you to a battle, you have no choice but to accept.
I have to warn you... I won't hold back when I battle!
(Penny and Hugh prepare to battle Nemona and Hilda)


  • Hugh mentioning someone else who regrets how they acted in the past is a reference to the events of the Unova chapter of the Villain Arc, where he meets N and encourages him to move forward with his friends instead of dwelling on what he did as the king of Team Plasma.

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese パシオでブイブイ!
Mandarin Chinese 在帕希歐布布!
  French Les évolutions d'Évoli à Passio
  German Evoli und Co. auf Passio!
  Italian Vivì a Pasio
  Korean 파시오에서 브이브이!
  Spanish Los Vivis de Passio


  1. Unlocks 70 HP, 60 Attack, 20 Defense, 60 Sp. Atk, 20 Sp. Def, and 20 Speed for the corresponding skill gear. Activated for Normal, Dark, and Fairy sync pairs. Additional effects are Fairy Moves ↑ 2%, Special S-Moves ↑ 2%, and Dragon P-Move DR & S-Move DR 4%.

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