The Haunted Museum

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The Haunted Museum
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Event notification image
Type Story event
First run October 12 to November 1, 2023
Featured sync pairs Phoebe (Fall 2023) and Cofagrigus
Roxanne (Fall 2023) and Runerigus
Sync pairs with reward bonus 
1.6× Phoebe (Fall 2023) and Cofagrigus
Roxanne (Fall 2023) and Runerigus 
1.4× Iris (Fall 2022) and Naganadel
Allister (Fall 2022) and Gourgeist
Morty (Fall 2021) and Banette
Caitlin (Fall 2021) and Sableye
Hilbert (Fall 2020) and Mightyena
Acerola (Fall 2020) and Mimikyu
Lenora and Watchog 
Theme skills with 1.2× reward bonus Ghost

The Haunted Museum (Japanese: 呪われたミュージアム?) was a story event in Pokémon Masters EX. It was focused on the sync pairs Phoebe and Cofagrigus and Roxanne and Runerigus. It also marked the debut of Lenora as an NPC.

The "Phoebe Seasonal Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Phoebe (Fall 2023) and Cofagrigus for the duration of the event, and the "Roxanne Seasonal Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Roxanne (Fall 2023) and Runerigus starting on October 14, 2023 and lasting until the end of the event.

During this event, players could earn Prize Coins from battles that could be used to draw items from a prize box pool. All battles could be challenged an unlimited number of times except Daily Extreme Battle 1, which could each only be challenged once per day. If the grand prize was drawn from the prize box, players could advance to the next prize pool. The grand prizes in the prize box included area info for event story areas, 5★ Scout Tickets, Power-Up items, Skill Spheres, Special Skill Feathers, and a Tech Move Candy Coin. Extra Prize Coins were automatically exchanged with coins once the event was finished.

The player could battle using Phoebe (Fall 2023) and Cofagrigus or Roxanne (Fall 2023) and Runerigus to obtain +0.6× bonus Prize Coins; Iris (Fall 2022) and Naganadel, Allister (Fall 2022) and Gourgeist, Morty (Fall 2021) and Banette, Caitlin (Fall 2021) and Sableye, Hilbert (Fall 2020) and Mightyena, Acerola (Fall 2020) and Mimikyu, or Lenora and Watchog to obtain +0.4× bonus Prize Coins; and any unlisted Ghost- or Ground-type sync pairs to earn +0.2× bonus Prize Coins.

This event featured the Battle Challenge, where players were challenged to defeat a team of strong opponents. Players could complete event missions by clearing these areas with teams using various theme skills, earning medals and other rewards.

In addition, players could earn a medal for completing all the story areas in the event.


Lenora and Roxanne enter the museum, excited to open it to the public. Lear walks over from nearby. He asks the two if they'll be alright with managing the exhibit, which will contain recently excavated artifacts from an archaeological site. Lenora is happy to help, mentioning her background of being a director of a certain museum. Lear reveals there is an issue that they must address—a security guard has reported hearing sobbing at night. He worries that something in the museum is haunted, which would result in the cancellation of the exhibition for the safety of the visitors. He asks Roxanne and Lenora to investigate the problem, and they readily agree.

After sunset, Roxanne goes to meet with Lenora. She sees her speaking with Phoebe in the city, which is decorated for the Midnight Parade. Phoebe mentions that she came over when she had the feeling that someone was calling out to her from the museum. Lenora and Roxanne tell her about the sobbing that was heard. She is eager to help investigate the mystery, and Roxanne is relieved to have her join. When the three arrive at the museum, they are surprised to see that the lights are already on. Phoebe notes that her feet are feeling cold, and Roxanne notices an Icy Rock on the floor beside her. As the group wonders what it is doing there, they begin to hear someone sobbing and leave to follow the sound.

The three find a Preschooler crying next to a couch. When Lenora asks her what is wrong, she tells them that she was playing hide-and-seek but got lost. Lenora tries to bring her outside, but the Preschooler tells her that her friends are still in the museum. She asks the three to help find them. As they prepare to keep looking, Phoebe is silent.

As they walk through the museum, Roxanne enthuses over an exhibition of rock formations, and Phoebe notes that her eyes are "sparkling." Roxanne explains that she is no longer afraid of the mysterious sobbing noise, and is happy to look at the stones in the museum. Phoebe walks off to another exhibit, where there is a coffin and a slab. Right as she and Roxanne wonder what the two are doing inside of a museum of geology, the objects suddenly spring to life. Roxanne wonders if the museum really is haunted, but Lenora points out that the two objects are Pokémon.

Lenora identifies the coffin as Cofagrigus and Roxanne realizes that the slab is Runerigus, a Pokémon she had learned about from Trainers from the Galar region. Roxanne wonders if the two are wild Pokémon who were brought in after being mixed up with the artifacts. When Lenora suggests exiting the museum in order to avoid a battle that could be harmful to the exhibits, the Preschooler suddenly runs up to the two Pokémon. From their happy expressions, Phoebe realizes that the Pokémon are friends with the Preschooler. The Preschooler reveals that the Pokémon have wanted to become sync pairs since they came to Pasio. She tells the group that she can't be their Trainer, and asks if they would like to partner up with them. Phoebe agrees, causing Cofagrigus to cry out in joy. Roxanne is alarmed by the noise, and Lenora points out that Runerigus seems to like her. Roxanne pauses to look at Runerigus. When she realizes that its body seems to be made of stone and clay, she realizes the two of them will get along with no problem. Lenora determines the mystery to be solved and suggests for the group to go home.

Around the city, Trainers dressed in their fall costumes celebrate the Midnight Parade. Lenora, Roxanne, Phoebe, and the Preschooler exit the museum with Runerigus and Cofagrigus. They celebrate making new friends and being able to open the museum to the public. Roxanne tries to ask the Preschooler about the two Pokémon, but finds that she has vanished. As Roxanne and Lenora look for her, Phoebe stands in place with a knowing smile on her face. She turns to Runerigus and Cofagrigus, understanding that the Preschooler had brought them to Pasio from far away and was worried about them. Facing the camera, Phoebe wishes the Preschooler a good night, telling her that her friends are safe.

Later by the fountain, Phoebe and Roxanne speak to Emma and Looker, who are intrigued by the mystery at the museum. Looker commends the two for solving the mystery, and Roxanne gives credit to Phoebe and her power. Emma notes that she and Looker have solved a case in the past thanks to Mimi's power. Impressed, Roxanne turns to Mimi and asks if it knows what she is hiding. Mimi uses its powers to communicate with Emma, who tells Roxanne that Mimi detects something inside of her pocket. Roxanne is impressed, revealing that she had brought Pewter Crunchies to share with everyone. Looker silently admires Roxanne and Phoebe for solving the case with their "kind hearts," and Roxanne calls on him to eat with them.

At the ruins, Lenora, Roxanne, Steven, and Roark admire Runerigus. Steven mentions a theory that Runerigus is a remnant of an ancient structure. Roxanne is fascinated and asks Lenora if she has come across any documentation of ruins similar to Runerigus. Lenora says that she hasn't, and Cynthia suddenly appears to ask if they should examine Runerigus from an archeological perspective. The group is shocked to see her, but she doesn't elaborate on when she arrived. Instead, she explains that Runerigus are rumored to show "horrifying memories" to anyone who touches them. She suggests touching Roxanne's Runerigus to figure out how old its clay tablets are, and Steven is impressed by her bravery. The group continues to discuss Runerigus throughout the night.

Back at the museum, Phoebe asks Shauntal about Cofagrigus. Shauntal explains that Cofagrigus is the Coffin Pokémon, and that coffins were a symbol of wealth in ancient times. She goes on to explain that Cofagrigus as a species like to eat gold, and Phoebe notes how expensive it would be to feed them. Shauntal explains that only a king would be able to give them what they want. She then asks what her Cofagrigus has been looking at while they were talking. Phoebe turns to it, and seeing that it is staring at Lear's gold statue, tells Shauntal that it wants to eat it. Phoebe ponders asking Lear for the statue, and Shauntal is pleased to see how close she and her new Cofagrigus have become.

Area info

Area name Unlock condition Completion Rewards
 Spooky Rumors Available from start  Gems ×10
 Sobbing Cries Pull from the prize box (Pool 1)  Gems ×10
 Exhibits with Issues? Pull from the prize box (Pool 2)  Gems ×10
 They're OK Now Pull from the prize box (Pool 3)  Gems ×10
 The Power to Solve a Mystery Pull from the prize box (Pool 4)  Gems ×10
 The Adventurers' Curiosity Pull from the prize box (Pool 5)  Gems ×10
 A Royal Treat Pull from the prize box (Pool 6)  Gems ×10


Single player

Name Difficulty Trainers Pokémon Stamina First-Time Rewards Completion Rewards
Left Middle Right
Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 1 Normal  
Hiker Jackie
10  Gems ×30  200 coins
 Prize Coins ×12
Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 2 Hard 15  Gems ×30  400 coins
 Prize Coins ×20
Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3 Very Hard 15  Gems ×30  1000 coins
 Prize Coins ×25
Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 4 Super Hard 20  Gems ×30  1500 coins
 Prize Coins ×40
Daily Extreme Battle 1 Ultra Hard 30  Gems ×30  2000 coins
 Prize Coins ×150
Battle Challenge! Round 1 Super Hard  
 Gems ×100
 3★ Strike Move Candy
 Battle Challenge! Round 2
Battle Challenge! Round 2 Ultra Hard  Gems ×100
 4★ Support Move Candy

Event missions

Mission Name Objective Reward
Mission 1 Complete the following area ×1
Spooky Rumors
 Co-op Sync Orb ×200
Mission 2 Complete the following area ×1
Sobbing Cries
 Co-op Sync Orb ×200
Mission 3 Complete the following area ×1
Exhibits with Issues?
 Co-op Sync Orb ×200
Mission 4 Complete the following area ×1
They're OK Now
 1★ The Haunted Museum
Mission 5 Complete the following area ×1
The Power to Solve a Mystery
 Skill Bracelet ×1
Mission 6 Complete the following area ×1
The Adventurers' Curiosity
 Skill Bandanna ×1
Mission 7 Complete the following area ×1
A Royal Treat
 Skill Pin ×1
Mission 8 Complete any of the following areas ×3
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 1
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 2
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×50
 Battle Points ×40
Mission 9 Complete any of the following areas ×10
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 1
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 2
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×50
 Battle Points ×40
 Yellow Skill Feather ×5
Mission 10 Complete any of the following areas ×20
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 1
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 2
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×100
 Battle Points ×40
 Yellow Skill Feather ×5
Mission 11 Complete any of the following areas ×30
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 1
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 2
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×100
 Battle Points ×40
 Yellow Skill Feather ×5
Mission 12 Complete any of the following areas ×40
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 1
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 2
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×100
 Battle Points ×40
 Yellow Skill Feather ×5
Mission 13 Complete any of the following areas ×50
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 1
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 2
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×100
 Battle Points ×50
 Purple Skill Feather ×5
Mission 14 Complete the following area ×1
Battle Challenge! Round 1
 2★ The Haunted Museum
Mission 15 Complete the following area ×1
Battle Challenge! Round 2
 3★ The Haunted Museum
Mission 16 Complete the following area with 1 or fewer sync pairs falling to 0 HP:
Battle Challenge! Round 2
 Lively Night at the Museum
Mission 17 Complete Battle Challenge! Round 2
with 2 or more sync pairs that share the following theme
and with 1 or fewer sync pairs falling to 0 HP:
• Hoenn
 Support Move Candy Coin
Mission 18 Complete Battle Challenge! Round 2
with 1 or more sync pairs that share each of the following themes
and with 1 or fewer sync pairs falling to 0 HP:
• Ghost
• Ground
 Tech Move Candy Coin
Reward for completing 16 missions  Gems ×200

Prize box

Prize Pool Grand Prize
1  Sobbing Cries
2  Exhibits with Issues?
3  They're OK Now
4  The Power to Solve a Mystery
5  The Adventurers' Curiosity
6  A Royal Treat
7  5★ Scout Ticket ×6
8  Skill Sphere ×200
9  Special Skill Feather 3 ×1[note 1]
10  Special Skill Feather 4 ×1[note 2]
11  Tech Move Candy Coin ×1
12  5★ Power-Up ×1
13  3★ Power-Up ×1


Event banner
1★ The Haunted Museum
2★ The Haunted Museum
3★ The Haunted Museum
Lively Night at the Museum


  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Roxanne The sound of sobbing... Quite unusual, isn't it?
Roxanne We must explain the sounds of sobbing heard in the museum at night...
A lost visitor? No, no, that's not possible...
Phoebe Ahahaha! You could actually be right?
After all, it's not just people that get lost!

  • Spooky Rumors
Name Text
(Museum; Roxanne appears wearing her fall outfit, and Lenora walks up behind her)
Lenora We're almost ready to open the museum!
Roxanne We have fine art, historic artifacts, geological specimens... I can't wait for the grand opening!
Lear Of course! This is MY collection, after all.
This exhibition will also feature valuable items just excavated from a certain archeological site!
Both of you are experts in fossils and history. I don't think you'll have any problem managing the exhibits, will you?
Lenora Of course not! I'm the director of a museum, after all. Leave management to me!
Lear Unfortunately, there's a different kind of problem we need to resolve.
Roxanne A problem?
Lear After the exhibits were brought into the museum, a rumor started circulating that you can hear the sound of sobbing there at night.
Lenora Really? That's kind of spooky.
Lear A security guard actually heard the crying, so perhaps there's an object among the exhibits that's haunted...
If we can't guarantee the safety of our visitors, we may have to cancel the exhibition.
Roxanne Oh no! But that'd be such a waste of these wonderful exhibits!
Lear So, I want the two of you to help me identify what's causing this strange phenomenon.
Roxanne Understood! We'll figure out what's going on!
Lenora Sure, I'll help as well. I'd feel sorry for the exhibits if they were just put away without anyone enjoying them.
Lear I'll leave it to the two of you, then!

  • Sobbing Cries
Name Text
(City, decorated for the holiday)
Roxanne and Lenora waited until nightfall and met just before the strange phenomenon was rumored to occur. And then...
(Phoebe appears, wearing her fall outfit, and waves to Roxanne)
Phoebe Good evening, Roxanne!
Roxanne Phoebe? What brings you here?
Lenora Oh, she showed up when I was waiting for you.
Phoebe Recently, I've been getting this feeling that someone's calling out to me.
It was coming from the museum, so I thought I could come inside and figure out who it was.
Roxanne You're friends with Ghost-type Pokémon, aren't you, Phoebe?
Lenora Maybe that feeling you had is connected to our strange phenomenon somehow.
Phoebe "Strange phenomenon"?
Roxanne Yes, you see...
(Fade to black; fade back to the city)
Phoebe The sound of sobbing, huh...
Ahaha! Then we better get going and check inside!
Lenora It's great to have a Ghost-type expert helping us!
I'm getting excited, too!
Roxanne Y-you both have nerves of steel...
Anyway, if Phoebe is with us, I'll feel safe no matter what we encounter!
(Museum; Roxanne, Phoebe, and Lenora are looking around)
Roxanne That's strange... There shouldn't be anyone here right now, but the lights are on.
Phoebe It feels a little chilly around my feet...
Roxanne What?! Your feet?
(Something sparkles near Phoebe's feet)
Roxanne Wait, is that an Icy Rock?!
Lenora It's a stone you give to Pokémon, right?
Roxanne Exactly. You'd usually give it to Pokémon that can make it snow.
You'd give a Heat Rock to Pokémon that control sunlight, and a Damp Rock to Pokémon that control rain.
Phoebe Ahahaha! You know a lot, Roxanne!
Lenora But I wonder why there's one on the floor.
Phoebe Maybe someone touched the display?
Roxanne Do you think there's...a thief?
Then again, none of our exhibits have been stolen, so probably not.
??? *sniffle* *sob*
Phoebe Hmm? Did you hear that?
Roxanne Huh?! Wh-what is that?!
Phoebe Just as I thought! It's coming from over there!
Roxanne Whoa! R-really?
Lenora I don't think we're imagining things.
(Roxanne, Phoebe, and Lenora head off to investigate)

  • Exhibits with Issues?
Name Text
??? *sniffle* *sob*
Phoebe Erm... Ah, look! There she is!
(Phoebe points to a Preschooler crying by a couch)
Preschooler *sniffle* *sob*
Roxanne What is she doing here?
(The little girl continues to sob; Roxanne, Phoebe, and Lenora approach her)
Lenora What's the matter, little one? Come now, you can tell us.
Preschooler I was playing hide-and-seek, but this place is big and I got lost...
Roxanne Oh dear...
You're safe now. Well done for being so brave.
Lenora So there was nothing scary happening here after all.
Phoebe ... ... ...
Lenora Now then, let's take her outside.
Preschooler Wait... My friends are still inside.
Please help them too!
Roxanne OK, let's go find them!
Do you have any idea where they might be?
Preschooler No, I don't...
Roxanne I see... Well, come with us for now so you don't get lost again!
Preschooler OK!
Phoebe ... ... ...
(Transition to another part of the museum)
Roxanne This exhibition area has geological formations and rock excavations from various regions!
Phoebe Your eyes are sparkling, Roxanne.
Roxanne Well, I don't need to be afraid of the strange phenomenon anymore!
Oh, and this is a geological sample collected from Mt. Moon in Kanto!
There are many old strata in that area—you can even find Pokémon fossils!
Preschooler Wow! You know a lot about stones!
Roxanne I do! I have an acquaintance who is a rock maniac, but I'm no different!
Phoebe Wow...
(Phoebe notices another exhibit and walks over to it)
Phoebe Then what about these? They look like a coffin and a slab. I guess they don't have any association with geology...
Roxanne Hmm?
Maybe they're from an ancient excavation?
(The coffin and slab suddenly come to life and cry out)
Roxanne Eeeek!
Th-they moved?! Maybe there really was a haunted—
Lenora Hang on a minute!
Aren't they Pokémon?

  • They're OK Now
Name Text
Lenora That's Cofagrigus?! And the other one is...
Roxanne Runerigus! I've heard about them from Galar Trainers.
Maybe these wild Pokémon got mixed up with the objects we're putting on display and brought here by accident.
Lenora Yikes... If we battle here, our exhibits might get damaged. We probably should escape for now...
Roxanne But...
Phoebe Everyone, calm down. We don't need to panic.
Roxanne What do you mean?
(The Preschooler runs over to the two Pokémon)
Preschooler Hey! There you are!
Roxanne What?
Phoebe Cofagrigus and Runerigus are her friends.
Roxanne Wh-whaaat?!
Phoebe See? Both of them look happy! They're excited to see her again!
Preschooler These two are really nice Pokémon! They play games with me!
Lenora So, are they your Pokémon?
Preschooler No, but...
They wanna to become "sync pairs" and have lots of battles!
They felt that way after coming to this island!
But I can't be their partner...
Can you be "sync pairs" with them?
Phoebe Yup, I'd be happy to!
(Cofagrigus cries out)
Roxanne Eeeek!
Lenora Ahaha! It seems like she likes you!
Phoebe Don't be scared, Roxanne. Look closely at her.
Roxanne Erm...
Her body looks like clay, or even stone. That's a very unusual composition!
Sure! I think we'll get along!
Phoebe Ahahaha! Of course you'd notice that, Roxanne!
Lenora Anyway, case closed! Let's all go home now!
(Transition to the town, where Helena is talking to Naomi and Mitch;
Iris, Allister, and Acerola chat in their fall outfits; Morty, Caitlin, and Hilbert chat in their fall outfits;
Roxanne, Phoebe, Lenora, and the Preschooler walk up with Runerigus and Cofagrigus behind them)
Roxanne We were able to find out the truth behind the strange phenomenon!
Now we should be able to open the museum as planned!
Phoebe Yeah! All these great things happened, and we even made new friends!
Roxanne Let's learn more about Runerigus and Cofagrigus!
I know! Could you tell us what kind of games you played with Runerigus—
(Roxanne looks over at the Preschooler, but she's gone)
Roxanne Oh? Where did that girl go?
Lenora Hmm? She was there a minute ago...
(Roxanne and Lenora look around for the girl, but Phoebe stays put)
Phoebe Yeah, I know...
(Phoebe turns to Runerigus and Cofagrigus)
Phoebe She was worried about the two of you because you were brought here from somewhere far away, right?
(The Pokémon cry out; Phoebe turns around and approaches the camera)
Phoebe Good night. Your friends are OK now.
(The camera flies up and fades to white as Phoebe waves)

  • The Power to Solve a Mystery
Name Text
(Fountain square, decorated for the holiday)
Looker Hmm, a nighttime mystery at the museum...
Great job solving such a peculiar case!
Roxanne It's all thanks to Phoebe and her mysterious power...or, I should say, her "special sense."
Emma We solved a past case with Mimi's mysterious power, too!
(Mimi cries out)
Roxanne Wow, is that so? Then Mimi...
can you guess what I'm hiding?
(Mimi cries out and sends a telepathic message to Emma)
Emma Hmm... Mimi says there's something in your pocket!
Roxanne Impressive!
You found the Pewter Crunchies I was hiding!
*giggle* I brought them so we could eat them together!
Phoebe Ahahaha! Well done, Mimi! I had no clue!
Looker Hahaha! Mimi must've read Roxanne's mind!
(Roxanne, Phoebe... You don't need to have special powers to solve a case.)
(Whether it's big or small, what you need is a kind heart, just like the two of you have.)
Roxanne Come on, Looker! Let's eat!

  • The Adventurers' Curiosity
Name Text
Lenora I must say...the more we look at Runerigus, the more captivating she becomes.
Roxanne Even though Runerigus began as an ancient painting, the pattern on her body is unique.
Roark The slab looks like stone, but it's actually made of clay, right?
Steven Apparently so.
Minerals are the main components of clay, so you could say it's technically stone. How fascinating...
There's even a possibility Runerigus was once part of an ancient structure—that she, herself, is an archaeological remnant.
Roxanne "Part of an ancient structure"?! That's extraordinary!
Have you come across any ruins in your documents that have a similar composition to Runerigus, Lenora?
Lenora I don't think we have any documents like that in my museum.
(Runerigus cries out)
Cynthia So, do we need to look at this from an archeological perspective?
(Everyone turns to look at Cynthia, shocked)
Roxanne Cynthia?! When did you get here?
Cynthia It's said that Runerigus shows horrifying memories to those who touch it.
We might be able to find out how old the clay tablets are if we touch her.
Steven How very adventurous! You're certainly not afraid to take risks!
That's definitely a method to consider when researching Runerigus.
And so, their discussion continued until late at night...

  • A Royal Treat
Name Text
Phoebe Shauntal, Cofagrigus is one of your Pokémon too, isn't it?
Can you teach me about Cofagrigus?
Shauntal Of course!
Cofagrigus is the Coffin Pokémon.
Coffins or tombs from ancient times symbolized a king's wealth.
Phoebe Oh, does that mean I look rich?
Shauntal Hehehe, maybe!
But there's actually another reason why Cofagrigus are said to be symbols of wealth.
Cofagrigus love to eat gold, especially if it's pure!
Phoebe Wow! That must be expensive!
Shauntal Well, it'd be nice if we could give Cofagrigus what they want to eat every day...
But unfortunately, only a king could do that.
Phoebe A king...
Shauntal By the way, what's your Cofagrigus been looking at this whole time?
(Phoebe turns around and looks at Cofagrigus)
Phoebe Ahahaha! I know!
Shauntal Hmm?
Phoebe She's looking at that gold statue and thinking it looks yummy!
Shauntal That's...Lear's statue.
I guess it's made of pure gold. It must be so different, being actual royalty...
Phoebe Do you want me to ask Lear if he'll give us this statue, Cofagrigus?
(Cofagrigus cries out happily)
Shauntal Hehe, you two are already close friends.
I'd love to hear stories about the two of you some day.

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese 呪われたミュージアム?
Mandarin Chinese 被詛咒的博物館?
  French Le musée hanté
  German Spuk im Museum
  Italian Il museo... infestato?
  Korean 저주받은 뮤지엄?
  Spanish El museo embrujado


  1. Unlocks 70 HP, 60 Attack, 20 Defense, 60 Sp. Atk, 20 Sp. Def, and 20 Speed for the corresponding skill gear. Activated for Ghost, Hoenn, and Elite Four sync pairs. Additional effects are Unscathed: Moves ↑ 4%, Physical S-Moves ↑ 2%, and Physical S-Move DR 3%.
  2. Unlocks 70 HP, 60 Attack, 20 Defense, 60 Sp. Atk, 20 Sp. Def, and 20 Speed for the corresponding skill gear. Activated for Ground, Hoenn, and Gym Leader sync pairs. Additional effects are Opp Trapped: Moves ↑ 4%, Sand Blaster 3%, and Healthy Benefits 4%.

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