The Eccentric Electrician

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The Eccentric Electrician
電撃に魅せられた男 '
Masters The Eccentric Electrician.png
Event notification image
Type Story event
Start date September 30, 2020
September 9, 2021
End date October 14, 2020
September 17, 2021
Featured sync pairs Volkner and Luxray
Sync pairs with reward bonus
1.6× Volkner and Luxray
1.4× Clemont and Heliolisk
Elesa and Zebstrika
1.2× Flint and Infernape
Player character and Pikachu
Player character and Torchic
Theme skills with reward bonus None
Theme skills with strength bonus None

The Eccentric Electrician (Japanese: 電撃に魅せられた男) was a story event in Pokémon Masters EX. It was focused on the sync pair Volkner and Luxray.

First run

The event first ran from September 30 to October 15, 2020. The "Volkner Spotlight Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Volkner and Luxray for the duration of the event.

In this run, players could earn Prize Coins from battles that could be used to draw items from a Prize Box pool. All battles could be challenged an unlimited number of times except Make Some Sparks! Round 5, which could only be challenged once per day. If the grand prize was drawn from the Prize Box, players could advance to the next prize pool. The grand prizes included area info for event story areas, Skill Spheres, 5★ Scout Tickets, a Tech Move Candy Coin, and a Strike Move Candy Coin. Extra Prize Coins were automatically exchanged with coins once the event was finished.

The player could battle using Volkner and Luxray to obtain +0.6× bonus Prize Coins; Clemont and Heliolisk or Elesa and Zebstrika to obtain +0.4× bonus Prize Coins; and Flint and Infernape, the player character and Pikachu, or the player character and Torchic to obtain +0.2× bonus Prize Coins.

Clearing Make Some Sparks! Round 4 unlocked Full-Force Battle areas, where players were challenged to defeat a large group of strong opponents. Similar to the Legendary Arena, players could use multiple teams with a limited number of total sync pairs, with the opponents' health carrying over between rounds and with previously used pairs unable to be used again until the challenge is reset. Medals could be earned by completing specific missions.

In addition, players could earn a medal for completing all the story areas in the event.

Second run

The event reran from September 9 to 17, 2021 as a part of the Two-Year Anniversary Rerun Event. This run only contained the story areas and the battles between them; the Prize Box, Prize Coins, Make Some Sparks! Round 4, Make Some Sparks! Round 5, and Full-Force Battles did not return. In addition, no medals could be earned.


Volkner and the player character are at the edge of the town where they meet a burned-out Flint. Volkner explains that they had planned on battling each other to determine whether Electric or Fire-types were superior; however, Volkner had to go searching for Flint when Flint had not shown up. Volkner asks the player to battle him, which could help reignite the fire in Flint. However, the lights suddenly turn off as the town experiences a blackout.

The lights are restored soon after, and the player notices Clemont who has come out to investigate the blackout. Volkner and Clemont converse briefly about machines before Volkner also asks Clemont to help in reigniting Flint. Volkner suggests a two-on-one battle, with the player and Clemont against him and his Luxray. A heated battle ensues between Luxray, Clemont's Heliolisk and the player's Pikachu. Despite another blackout, the battle continues with the light from the Electric-type Pokémon. The battle awakens Flint's passion, who thanks Volkner for helping him. Volkner in turn recalls a moment when Flint had helped him reignite his passion for the battle back at Sunyshore City, which subsequently moves Flint to tears. Flint then reveals that he had become so burnt out after training for his battle with Volkner, which included some rough training with a machine borrowed from some Black Belts.

Masked Men from Team Break then appear, hoping to steal away the Pokémon tired after the intense battle. However, Flint and Volkner battle and easily defeat the Masked Men. After the battle, Clemont attempts to get some water for them from a nearby vending machine but comes back after noticing the vending machine had gone through a strange renovation. It is revealed that Volkner had been the one responsible for renovating the broken vending machines, as well as the Black Belt training device (which in turn had been Clemont's production model of his Trainer-Grow-Stronger Machine). Flint reprimands Volkner for renovating these machines, as the excess electricity used by these machines were the likely cause of the blackouts.


Single player

Name Difficulty Trainer Pokémon Stamina First-Time Rewards Completion Rewards Battle Rewards
Left Middle Right
Make Some Sparks! Round 1 Normal  
Pokémon Ranger Skylar
20 First run:
Gems ×30
Second run:
Gems ×100
4★ Level-Up Manual ×5
3-Pack Great Drink ++ Set ×10
3-Pack Drink ++ Set ×15
3-Pack Ultra Drink + Set ×20
3-Pack Great Drink + Set ×30
3-Pack Drink + Set ×40
3-Pack Ultra Drink Set ×50
3-Pack Great Drink Set ×60
First run:
400 coins
Prize Coins ×24
Second run:
200 coins
Make Some Sparks! Round 2 Hard 20 First run:
Gems ×30
Second run:
Gems ×100
4★ Level-Up Manual ×5
3-Pack Great Drink ++ Set ×10
3-Pack Drink ++ Set ×15
3-Pack Ultra Drink + Set ×20
3-Pack Great Drink + Set ×30
3-Pack Drink + Set ×40
3-Pack Ultra Drink Set ×50
3-Pack Great Drink Set ×60
First run:
600 coins
Prize Coins ×30
Second run:
450 coins
Make Some Sparks! Round 3 Very Hard 20 First run:
Gems ×30
Second run:
Gems ×100
4★ Level-Up Manual ×5
3-Pack Great Drink ++ Set ×10
3-Pack Drink ++ Set ×15
3-Pack Ultra Drink + Set ×20
3-Pack Great Drink + Set ×30
3-Pack Drink + Set ×40
3-Pack Ultra Drink Set ×50
3-Pack Great Drink Set ×60
1000 coins
First run:
Prize Coins ×38
Make Some Sparks! Round 4* Super Hard 20 Gems ×30 1500 coins
Prize Coins ×50
Make Some Sparks! Round 5* Super Hard  
Street Thug Denver
20 Gems ×30 2000 coins
Prize Coins ×150
Full-Force Battle! Round 1* Super Hard  
Masked Woman






Gems ×100
3★ Tech Move Candy
None None
Full-Force Battle! Round 2* Ultra Hard Gems ×100
4★ Support Move Candy
None None

Prize Box

September 30 to October 15, 2020


Event banner (Initial run)
Event banner (Two-Year Anniversary Rerun)
1★ The Eccentric
2★ The Eccentric
3★ The Eccentric
Electric Enthusiast


  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Volkner With a Thunderbolt that powerful, just maybe...
Volkner I'd be very grateful for your help. I'm counting on you!

  • Volkner's Request
Name Text
(Pokémon Center)
Volkner Aha... Your Thunderbolt may be just the thing to reignite that fire of his.
Hey, <player>, would you mind helping me with something? I'm in a bit of a bind right now.
Come find me when you're ready.

  • Burned to Cinders
Name Text
<player> came to the edge of town with Volkner.
Once there, he/she found Flint looking particularly burned-out.
Volkner Flint?/He's burnt down to cinders again...: You know him? Great. That saves me the trouble of explaining.
We don't exactly see eye to eye on everything, me and Flint. For starters, we're both very particular about what Pokémon type we use.
Today, we were going to settle once and for all the issue of whether Electric types or Fire types are the best, but...
I kept waiting for him at the spot we agreed on, and he never came. Then I found him here like this.
I've tried talking to him and shaking him, but he just stands there like he's had his flames snuffed out. He must have had a really intense battle.
I, for one, haven't forgotten what we were supposed to do today. That's where you come in.
I need you to help me reignite his fire. We need to show him a great Pokémon battle!
That should get him fired up, right? He'll want to join in the fun himself.
And to be completely honest, I'm also curious to see the power of your Thunderbolt for myself.
What do you say?

Let's do it!: Great. Thank you!
If you think I can do the job!: Of course. Thank you!
All right. Without further ado, show us the power of your Thunderbolt!
(Screen goes black)
Volkner Wha—?!/What's going on?!: *sigh* What terrible timing for a blackout.

  • A Pair of Tinkerers
Name Text
The sudden blackout seemed to surprise <player>. Volkner, however...
Volkner Don't worry. The power will be back on soon.
(Screen goes back to normal)
Volkner See? A simple blackout is no match for the technology in place here on Pasio.
(Clemont appears)
Clemont Oh? If it isn't <player>. Where are you headed at such a late hour?
I'm just here helping a friend.: I see. I've come to investigate the blackout that just happened!
Why are YOU out here so late?: Me? I came running out here to investigate the blackout that just happened.
Who is your friend there?
Volkner I'm Volkner. I'm a Gym Leader from Sinnoh. And you are?
Clemont My name's Clemont! I'm a Gym Leader from Kalos.
Volkner Judging by your partner Pokémon, it looks like we have something in common. I'm sure we'll get along just great.
Did you make that device on your back?
It looks like you got a bit of inspiration from Aipom for the arm.
Clemont That's right! Are you interested in inventions yourself, Volkner?
Volkner Yes. I love tinkering with machines.
If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to take a look inside that device of yours sometime to see how it works.
Clemont Of course!
Volkner Oh, I almost forgot. Would you mind helping us light a fire under our friend here?
Clemont Help you...light a fire?
Volkner He's "burnt right down to cinders," as he says. I want to reignite his fire with a heated Pokémon battle.
<player> and Clemont, both of you come at me at the same time!
Clemont Well, I guess I don't mind, but...
Volkner Are you sure you'll be fine alone?/Two-on-one? Really?: Hahaha! You're worried about me?
I may not look like it, but they say I'm the top Gym Leader in Sinnoh.
I'd be more worried about myself if I were you!

  • A Fiery, Electric Showdown!
Name Text
(Clemont and the player battle Volkner)
Volkner Good! Now that's a shocking jolt!
The air's vibrating with electricity! The flashes are practically blinding!
This is why I love Electric-type Pokémon!
(Screen goes black)
Clemont What?! Another blackout?!
(Screen goes back to normal)
Volkner Not a problem! If the lights are out, we'll just have to shine brighter in their place!
Hey, Flint! How long are you going to just stand there all burned-out like that?!
The battle's going to end if you don't hurry up and snap out of it! Don't you want to join the fun?!
Flint ... ... ...!
Clemont All right! It's about time for Flint to power back on!
Flint Yeeeaaaaaah!
I could feel your fiery spirits! Let me in on some of that action!
Volkner You finally snapped out of it, I see.
Flint Volkner?! Why are you here?!
Volkner Don't burn out on us like that! It's a real bother, you know.
Clemont He's awake!/Oh, good! He's back!: Good morning, Flint!
Oh, well, I guess it's not morning right now. Good evening, I guess?
<player> and friends got Flint up to speed on what had happened so far.
Flint I see. Thanks, everyone!
Thank you, too, Volkner! I was just about to have to skip out on the battle I promised you.
Volkner Don't worry about it. Consider this payback for what you did for me in Sinnoh.
Flint What I did for you in Sinnoh?
Volkner Back when I'd forgotten how to enjoy battles as a Gym Leader.
You often came to Sunyshore City despite being busy with your duties as a member of the Elite Four, remember?
You would find promising Trainers and have them come challenge me.
Your efforts helped me remember how to enjoy Pokémon battles. I really am grateful to you for that.
Flint Volkner...
Volkner What? Did I move you to tears?
Flint I'm not crying! I'm just practicing using Scald with my eyes!
Clemont Well, great! Flint's back to normal, and the blackout seems to have ended as well!
By the way, Flint, what got you so burned-out that you couldn't even move?
Flint Well, I was doing some last-minute training to get ready for my battle with Volkner...
and I just had so many great battles with great challengers that I burned away every last bit of my stamina!
Volkner Well, I can't say I'm surprised hearing that coming from you.
Flint The training machine I borrowed from the Black Belts this afternoon was pretty rough, too. Wait...
Volkner! There's something I'd like to ask you about that...
??? No time for small talk! It's time for you to face us! We just love picking on tired sync pairs!
(Team Break appears)
Flint Team Break?!

  • The Blackout Sparker
Name Text
Masked Man The blackout seemed like a great chance to steal some Pokémon, but the power kept coming right back on again!
But here we find a bunch of worn-out sync pairs. What luck!
We can't let this good luck go to waste, can we?!
Volkner Looks like they're serious. Are you up for a battle, Flint?
Flint You bet! I think we've caused enough trouble for <player> and friends!
Volkner You heard him. <player>, Clemont, feel free to sit this one out.
(Flint and Volkner battle Team Break)
Masked Man Wh-what?! But you'd just finished a battle! You were supposed to be all worn out!
Volkner Octillery is certainly a good Pokémon...
but you didn't do a very good job raising it!
(Flint and Volkner defeat Team Break)
Masked Man Argh! Let's get outta here!
(Team Break leaves)
Volkner Thanks!: Don't mention it. I didn't even break a sweat.
Flint You guys did great!: Heh! There's no way Sinnoh's strongest tag team would lose!
Clemont You two sure are strong! We've got to work hard, too.
Oh, are any of you thirsty after all that battling?
I know I am. I'll go get water for everyone!
Flint What's wrong, Clemont?!
Clemont That vending machine must have gone through some crazy renovations. It's flashing, changing shape, and all sorts of unusual things.
Ah! There are other ones just like it all over the place!
I bet they use a lot of electricity. Maybe they're what caused the blackouts?
Flint Hey, Volkner. I didn't get a chance to ask this a second ago, but...
You didn't happen to do any of your renovations on the training machines recently, did you?
Volkner The one that the Black Belts were using broke, so I fixed it for them.
Clemont The one the Black Belts were using?
You mean the production model of my Trainer-Grow-Stronger Machine?
Flint Were the vending machines "broken," too?
Volkner Yes. So I fixed them.
Flint I knew it was you, Volkner! You know you aren't supposed to go around doing your renovations on random machines!
Volkner I didn't do any renovations! I just fixed them in my own unique way!
Flint *sigh* I bet you just couldn't help yourself once you started poking around inside those machines, huh?
You know you're going to have to revert them all back to normal, right? Before Lear and his gang catch wind of it.
Volkner I was so sure that the machines here on Pasio could withstand my special repairs. I guess I was wrong.
Flint As you can see, he's a bit irresponsible, but don't hold that against him.
Volkner Irresponsible? Me? I tell everyone that YOU'RE the irresponsible one.

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese 電撃に魅せられた男
Mandarin Chinese 為電擊痴狂的男人
  French Garçon Élexcentrique
  German Der Elektro-Enthusiast
  Italian Il fascino dell'elettricità
  Korean 전격에 매료된 남자
  Spanish El amante de la electricidad

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