Sweet Shenanigans

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Sweet Shenanigans
Masters Sweet Shenanigans.png
Event notification image
Type Story event
Start date January 31, 2022
February 6, 2023
End date February 19, 2022
February 23, 2023
Featured sync pairs Marnie (Palentine's 2022) and Mawile
Bea (Palentine's 2022) and Vanilluxe
Sync pairs with reward bonus 
1.6× Marnie (Palentine's 2022) and Mawile
Bea (Palentine's 2022) and Vanilluxe 
1.4× Serena (Palentine's 2021) and Whimsicott
Dawn (Palentine's 2021) and Alcremie
Mallow (Palentine's 2023) and Appletun
Elesa (Palentine's 2023) and Togetic
Theme skills with 1.2× reward bonus Ice

Sweet Shenanigans (Japanese: 愛のスイーツ大作戦!) was a story event in Pokémon Masters EX. It was focused on the sync pairs Marnie and Mawile and Bea and Vanilluxe.

During this event, players could earn two types of tickets from battles that could be redeemed in the Shop. All battles could be challenged an unlimited number of times except Daily Extreme Battle 1, which could only be challenged once per day. Extra tickets were automatically exchanged with coins once the event was finished.

This event featured the Battle Challenge, where players were challenged to defeat a team of strong opponents. Players could complete event missions by clearing these areas with teams using various theme skills, earning medals and other rewards.

In addition, players could earn a medal for completing the first five story areas in the event.

The story areas Marnie's Cheer and Bea's Secret could be unlocked by purchasing Marnie's Letter and Bea's Letter, respectively, from the Shop. Completing these areas rewarded the player with Marnie's Fudge Heart and Bea's Truffle Hearts, respectively. These four items are not automatically exchanged for coins.

First run

The event first ran from January 31 to February 19, 2022. The "Marnie Seasonal Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Marnie (Palentine's 2022) and Mawile for the duration of the event, and the "Bea Seasonal Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Bea (Palentine's 2022) and Vanilluxe starting on February 2, 2022 and lasting until the end of the event.

In this run, the two types of items that players could earn were Sweet Tickets and Sweet Tickets S. The player could battle using Marnie (Palentine's 2022) and Mawile or Bea (Palentine's 2022) and Vanilluxe to obtain +0.6× bonus tickets; Serena (Palentine's 2021) and Whimsicott or Dawn (Palentine's 2021) and Alcremie to obtain +0.4× bonus tickets; and any unlisted Ice- or Steel-type sync pairs to obtain +0.2× bonus tickets.

Second run

The event reran from February 6 to 23, 2023. The "Super Spotlight Seasonal Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Marnie (Palentine's 2022) and Mawile, Bea (Palentine's 2022) and Vanilluxe, Serena (Palentine's 2021) and Whimsicott, and Dawn (Palentine's 2021) and Alcremie for the duration of the event.

In this run, the two types of items that players could earn were Sweet Tickets B and Sweet Tickets B+. The player could battle using Marnie (Palentine's 2022) and Mawile or Bea (Palentine's 2022) and Vanilluxe to obtain +0.6× bonus tickets; Serena (Palentine's 2021) and Whimsicott, Dawn (Palentine's 2021) and Alcremie, Mallow (Palentine's 2023) and Appletun, or Elesa (Palentine's 2023) and Togetic to obtain +0.4× bonus tickets; and any unlisted Ice- or Steel-type sync pairs to obtain +0.2× bonus tickets.

If the player had obtained Marnie's Letter or Bea's Letter in the previous run, the area Marnie's Cheer or Bea's Secret would be unlocked immediately. If the player exchanged tickets for these letters in the Shop, the duplicate letter would be converted into a 3★ Power-Up. However, playing through Marnie's Cheer or Bea's Secret again would not give the player a duplicate of Marnie's Fudge Heart or Bea's Truffle Hearts.



Single player

Name Difficulty Trainer Pokémon Stamina First-Time Rewards Completion Rewards Battle Rewards
Left Middle Right
Challenge Team Break: Part 1 Normal  
Masked Man
10 Gems ×30 200 coins
First run:
Sweet Ticket ×5
Sweet Ticket B ×5
Challenge Team Break: Part 2 Hard 15 Gems ×30 600 coins
First run:
Sweet Ticket ×8
Sweet Ticket S
Sweet Ticket B ×8
Sweet Ticket B+
First run:
Sweet Ticket ×1-3
Sweet Ticket B ×1-3
Challenge Team Break: Part 3 Very Hard 15 Gems ×30 600 coins
First run:
Sweet Ticket ×12
Sweet Ticket S ×2
Sweet Ticket B ×12
Sweet Ticket B+ ×2
First run:
Sweet Ticket ×1-4
Sweet Ticket B ×1-4
Challenge Team Break: Part 4 Super Hard 20 Gems ×30 1500 coins
First run:
Sweet Ticket ×14
Sweet Ticket S ×3
Sweet Ticket B ×18
Sweet Ticket B+ ×4
First run:
Sweet Ticket ×1-5
Sweet Ticket B ×1-5
Daily Extreme Battle 1 Ultra Hard 30 Gems ×30 2000 coins
First run:
Sweet Ticket ×62
Sweet Ticket S ×45
Sweet Ticket B ×62
Sweet Ticket B+ ×45
Battle Challenge! Round 1 Super Hard  
Gems ×100
3★ Tech Move Candy
None None
Battle Challenge! Round 2 Ultra Hard Gems ×100
First run:
4★ Strike Move Candy
4★ Support Move Candy
None None


January 31 to February 19, 2022

Item given Item received Max exchanges
Sweet Ticket ×400
5★ Power-Up
Sweet Ticket ×800
Marnie's Letter
Sweet Ticket ×800
Bea's Letter
Sweet Ticket S ×300
Support Move Candy Coin
Sweet Ticket S ×300
Tech Move Candy Coin
Sweet Ticket S ×200
4★ Strike Move Candy
Sweet Ticket S ×100
3★ Support Move Candy
Sweet Ticket ×200
5★ Scout Ticket
Sweet Ticket ×200
4★ Power-Up
Sweet Ticket ×100
3★ Power-Up
Sweet Ticket S ×30
Skill Sphere ×10
Sweet Ticket ×50
Sync Orb ×50
(Marnie & Mawile)
Sweet Ticket ×50
Sync Orb ×50
(Bea & Vanilluxe)
Sweet Ticket ×60
Co-op Sync Orb ×200
Sweet Ticket S ×60
3-Pack Great Drink ++ Set ×50
Sweet Ticket S ×50
Steel Codex, Vol. 1 ×10
Sweet Ticket S ×50
Ice Codex, Vol. 1 ×10
Sweet Ticket ×40
Steel Tome, Vol. 1 ×10
Sweet Ticket ×40
Ice Tome, Vol. 1 ×10
Sweet Ticket ×80
3-Pack Drink ++ Set ×50
Sweet Ticket ×70
3-Pack Ultra Drink + Set ×50
Sweet Ticket ×60
3-Pack Great Drink + Set ×80
Sweet Ticket ×50
3-Pack Drink + Set ×100
Sweet Ticket ×30
Elite Four Notes
Sweet Ticket ×30
Gym Leader Notes ×10
Sweet Ticket ×30
3★ Level-Up Manual ×10
Sweet Ticket ×30
Skip Ticket ×10
Sweet Ticket ×60
Sweet Ticket S ×10
Sweet Ticket S ×300
3★ Power-Up
Sweet Ticket S ×10
3★ Level-Up Manual ×3
Sweet Ticket ×30
3-Pack Ultra Drink Set ×10

February 6 to 23, 2023

Item given Item received Max exchanges
Sweet Ticket B ×800
Marnie's Letter
Sweet Ticket B ×800
Bea's Letter
Sweet Ticket B+ ×300
Strike Move Candy Coin
Sweet Ticket B+ ×300
Support Move Candy Coin
Sweet Ticket B+ ×200
4★ Strike Move Candy
Sweet Ticket B+ ×100
3★ Support Move Candy
Sweet Ticket B ×200
5★ Scout Ticket
Sweet Ticket B ×200
4★ Power-Up
Sweet Ticket B ×100
3★ Power-Up
Sweet Ticket B+ ×30
Skill Sphere ×10
Sweet Ticket B ×60
Co-op Sync Orb ×200
Sweet Ticket B+ ×60
3-Pack Great Drink ++ Set ×50
Sweet Ticket B+ ×50
Steel Codex, Vol. 1 ×10
Sweet Ticket B+ ×50
Ice Codex, Vol. 1 ×10
Sweet Ticket B ×40
Steel Tome, Vol. 1 ×10
Sweet Ticket B ×40
Ice Tome, Vol. 1 ×10
Sweet Ticket B ×80
3-Pack Drink ++ Set ×50
Sweet Ticket B ×70
3-Pack Ultra Drink + Set ×50
Sweet Ticket B ×60
3-Pack Great Drink + Set ×80
Sweet Ticket B ×50
3-Pack Drink + Set ×100
Sweet Ticket B ×30
Elite Four Notes ×10
Sweet Ticket B ×30
Gym Leader Notes ×10
Sweet Ticket B ×30
3★ Level-Up Manual ×10
Sweet Ticket B ×30
Skip Ticket ×10
Sweet Ticket B ×60
Sweet Ticket B+ ×10
Sweet Ticket B+ ×300
3★ Power-Up
Sweet Ticket B+ ×10
3★ Level-Up Manual ×3
Sweet Ticket B ×30
3-Pack Ultra Drink Set ×10
Sweet Ticket B ×30
3-Pack Great Drink Set ×20


Event banner
1★ Sweet Shenanigans
2★ Sweet Shenanigans
3★ Sweet Shenanigans
Sweet Support
Artwork of Marnie and Mawile by Ponyui Artwork of Bea and Vanilluxe by Ponyui


  • Pokémon Center
Name Text
Bea All over town, that sweet, sweet aroma...
Bea My heart is full just from being surrounded by the scent of baked goods...
Marnie She's practically melting...
I hope my presents make everyone just as happy as you look right now!

  • Our First Palentine's
Name Text
(Pokémon Center)
Bea So this Palentine's Day on Pasio...
It's an event for showing thanks to others by giving them sweets, I hear.
Marnie Yup. That's what I've heard.
It sounds like some people also give presents to a person they fancy, too.
I hear if you walk around town this time of year, you can see a lot of couples givin' each other gifts.
Bea What a lovely event.
The only problem is, it's difficult to focus on my training when the smell of baked goods is in the air.
Marnie Come to think of it, didn't Dawn and Serena mention that they've made something for Palentine's Day before?
I wanna learn from them how to make some homemade chocolates!
Wanna come with me? We can make them together!
Bea Chocolates? Oh, I couldn't... I-I've got training to do...
Ack! <player>! Were you listening to us just now?
Marnie This is a secret, OK?! Especially from my big bro and Gloria!
If you keep it a secret, maybe I'll make some for you, too!

  • We Are Team Heartbreak!
Name Text
??? Arrrgh!
Masked Man There's couples everywhere!
We can't just sit by and watch this!
C'mon! Somebody's gotta take a stand and fix this nonsense...
(Team Break proceeds to cause trouble)
Camper Ack! Hey! That guy just stole my present!
Ace Trainer (1) Aw, thanks! I'm sure I'll love it—Wait... This has somebody else's name on it.
Ace Trainer (2) Huh? That's not the present I made for you! How'd it get swapped?!
Masked Woman Tee-hee-hee! Mission accomplished.
(Marnie appears)
Marnie I really gave this chocolate-makin' thing my best shot and made 'em extra sweet...
I sure hope they like it.
??? Hah! Thanks for the chocolate, sucker!
Marnie Wha—?!
(Team Break appears)
Masked Man We're the Champions of Justice—out to save the world from this twisted trash tradition you call Palentine's Day!
We are...Team Heartbreak!
You'll see! We're going to wreck Palentine's Day for everyone!
(Team Heartbreak leaves)
Marnie Hey! Where do you weirdos think you're going with those?!
(Marnie chases after Team Break, Gloria, Piers, and the player appear)
Marnie I thought I saw them run this way...
Piers Hey, Sis. I've been lookin' for ya.
Marnie Oh! Hey!
Gloria <player> said he/she saw you earlier, so we all came to find you!
Piers I wanted to sing you a song for Palentine’s Day.
Marnie Aw, that sounds amazing! It's just—I'm a little tied up at the moment!
You haven't seen any weirdos around here calling themselves Team Heartbreak, have you?
They stole the presents I made!
Then they prattled on about how they're out to wreck Palentine's Day or somethin'!
I put a lot of love into those presents...
Piers ... ... ...
So that's what happened. Don't worry, Sis. No need to be sad.
'Cause your big bro's gonna find those punks and teach 'em a lesson!
Marnie Really? You'll help me out?
Piers Course I will. You lot don't mind coming along, do you?
Gloria No, not at all!
Piers Let's split up and find 'em. Gloria and I'll go this way.
Marnie OK. <player>, I'll be with you, then.
There's no way I'm lettin' those jerks keep my Palentine's Day presents!
(Bea appears in her Palentine's outfit)
Bea Oh. You two seem a bit flustered. Is everything all right?
Marnie Um... Actually, some chocolate—
Bea Chocolate?! Who said anything about me sneaking out to eat chocolate?
Marnie Huh? No, I was just saying someone's stolen the chocolate I made...
Bea O-oh, I see...
Hang on—someone stole your chocolate?!
Marnie Yeah... Hear me out, will ya?
Bea How completely unacceptable!
You worked so hard to make that chocolate, and they've gone and stolen it?! Unbelievable!
I want to help you find them!
Marnie Thanks, Bea!
Bea I'll have to hold off on finding my own dessert until this is resolved...
Marnie Hm? Did you say something, Bea?
Bea Oh, it's nothing! Don't mind me!
Let's go catch Team Heartbreak and give them a good scolding!

  • A Beautiful Soul
Name Text
Marnie Where did Team Heartbreak go...
Bea Hey, look over there.
(Masked Man watching a Beauty and her Ponyta)
Masked Man Oh wow... Still as beautiful as ever.
Bea Halt right there!
Marnie You're planning on stealing presents from those two, aren't ya!
Masked Man H-huh?
Wait, I've got no idea what you're talking about, honest!
Marnie You're not a member of Team Heartbreak, then?
Masked Man What? Wh-who's that? I may be in Team Break...
but I don't know nothing about Team Heartbreak! I swear!
Bea The fact that you're in Team Break makes you rather suspicious.
Marnie Yeah. Why were you watching that sync pair, anyway?
Masked Man I was trying to figure out the best way to express my thanks to them...
Y'see, they helped me out before, when I was injured.
Bea They didn't run off at the sight of your Team Break mask?
Masked Man Well, I wasn't wearing it when they saw me. My mask broke when I got hurt.
I was a nasty mess, but they carried me all the way back into town.
It was such a beautiful gesture, y'know?
I mean, I was completely awestruck!
Marnie Well, I guess that makes sense since they were so kind to you...
Bea I don't know, I feel like any decent person would have done the same.
Masked Man Are you kidding me?
She's the most angelic creature I've ever seen!
Marnie Sure...
Masked Man Look at the way her mane flutters in the wind!
Marnie Um...
Masked Man And those soft, red flames glowing with warmth and kindness!
Marnie Uh...hang on. So when you said you were awestruck, you meant...
Masked Man Ponyta, of course!
I mean, who wouldn't be over the moon after an angel like that practically saves your life!
Bea Huh. I... OK.
Well. That certainly wasn't what I was expecting to hear, but I suppose Palentine's Day IS all about showing thanks to those you care about.
Marnie True. It sounds like it was a pretty life-changing moment for you.
I get why you'd want to give them a proper thank-you!
But you need to stop worrying about it so much! Just march over there and tell them how ya feel.
Masked Man What if they get scared of me 'cause I'm in Team Break...
Marnie Forget about Team Break for a minute, all right? Just go over there and be yourself!
Bea I agree. I think you should take off that mask, walk up to them, and let them know how thankful you are.
Masked Man But...I'm in Team Break! I can't just betray my comrades like that!
I do want to thank them, though...
Ohhhh, what do I do?
Marnie Once you're ready to say something to them, come see me, all right?
I'll lend you a hand.
But if you get up to any trouble with Team Break, I won't be so nice.
Come on. Let's go.
Masked Man What do I doooo...

  • Show of Gratitude
Name Text
(Bea, Gloria, Marnie, Piers, and the player reunite in town)
Marnie No traces of 'em whatsoever, huh...
Piers Where would they even hide?
Gloria Why don't we try a different approach?
Maybe instead of looking for them, we can get them to come to us!
Here, I've got an idea...
(Transition to the Beauty and a Pokémon Ranger)
Beauty What? A Palentine's Day battle featuring Leon and Diantha?!
Pokémon Ranger Yeah! After the battle, they're even doing a meet-and-greet with their fans!
Beauty Oh, I have to be there! I'd love to give Diantha a present!
Masked Man A Palentine's Day battle?
No, I can't be thinking about that! I still have to decide what to do!
Beauty OK. I'll see you later, then!
... ... ...?! Team Break?!
Masked Man Oh no!
Beauty C'mon, Ponyta! Let's chase him away!
Huh? What's wrong?
Masked Man Eeep!
(The Masked Man leaves)
Beauty Weird. Why do I get the feeling that I've seen that guy before?
(Transition to the forest)
Masked Man They saw me! But I got away somehow...
But that look in Ponyta's eyes...
Did she...recognize me?
And because of that, she let me go? Even though she knew this time that I'm in Team Break?
Why did I spend so much time worrying?!
(The Masked Man removes his mask)
Swimmer I HAVE to tell them how thankful I am!
(Transition the player's group in town)
Bea The time to battle has come!
Marnie I've been wonderin'... Why'd you partner up with Vanilluxe?
Bea It's...to train myself to resist temptation.
I met Vanilluxe when I was training on a snowy mountain.
I've been training myself to resist craving sweets, even when faced with such a yummy-looking Pokémon.
Marnie Could it be that you've got a bit of a sweet too—
??? Hey there!
(The Swimmer appears)
Bea His mask is gone!/It's that guy from Team Break!: You've finally made it.
Marnie So you've decided what you're gonna do?
Swimmer Yeah... I have to be honest about my feelings.
Marnie OK. All that's left is to get them a present, then!
Bea How about something sweet?
Marnie Uh...sure, I think makin' some chocolates might be nice...
Bea Chocolates! Yes, that's an excellent choice!
Swimmer OK! Please help me make them!
Marnie Sure thing!
I can teach you how to make the sweetest chocolates ever!
Bea I'll help you out, too!
(Transition the player's group meeting Dawn and Serena at Professor Bellis's Lab)
Marnie Hey! Could you two help me out again?
Dawn Yeah, leave it to us!
Serena Bea! Lookin' good!
Looks like the clothes I picked out match you perfectly!
Bea Thank you for your help, Serena.
I was able to walk around town without being recognized.
Serena Always happy to help! But honestly, look at how cute you are!
Bea Oh! Really?
Marnie All right! Let's get started on these desserts!

  • Sweet Heart Present
Name Text
(Diantha and Leon battle in town)
Leon You live up to your reputation, Champion Diantha!
Diantha I'm also happy to face an opponent as fierce as you, Leon!
Gloria Welp, looks like they're gonna battle for real!
Piers Fine by me. If they're enjoyin' it, it'll be a more convincing ploy.
That works in our favor.
Masked Man *snort* Gimme a break. A Palentine's battle?
We're gonna steal all those presents from their fans—down to the very last one!
Marnie Bingo.
We know you're plannin' on making a mess outta this match, but we're not gonna let you do that!
Masked Man Ugh! No need to deal with these brats! Let's go!
(Team Heartbreak attacks the Beauty and her Ponyta, the Swimmer protects them)
Swimmer ... ... ...
Beauty Oh! You're that guy who was injured that one time...
Masked Man Hey! Aren't you one of us?
Where'd you put your mask?!
Beauty Wait... You're in Team Break?
Gloria C'mon. We've got to help him!
Marnie Wait!
Let's wait for him to say what he's gonna say first. Just watch!
Masked Woman What, so he's, like, a traitor? Let's punish him!
Bea I'll have to ask you to refrain.
If you truly are that hungry for a battle, we'll take you on.
Swimmer I won't let you lay a single finger on them!
Masked Man Bwahahaha! Look at you! You're so scared, your legs are shaking!
Marnie Pull it together! You know what you wanna say, right?
Masked Man Y-yeah! I have to say it!
Marnie I believe in you!
My cheers will really get you goin'!
(The Swimmer battles and defeats Team Heartbreak)
Swimmer W-we won!
Marnie Well done! Leave the rest to us!
(Bea and Marnie battles and defeats the rest of Team Heartbreak)
Bea It's over.
Masked Woman How can they look like that yet be so strong?
Marnie Don't let your guard down just 'cause we're cute! We'll eat you right up!
My partner Mawile is fierce AND cute!
(Transition to the group with Diantha and Leon)
Leon Our match got canceled, so we'll have it another day, huh.
Well, even if everything did go according to plan, it's a shame we couldn't finish our battle.
Diantha It was just getting exciting, too.
Swimmer I'm glad you're both safe!
Beauty Um... So you're in Team Break?
Bea Put that aside for now, and try to see the person behind the mask.
Beauty ... ... ...
Um... Thank you for your help just now.
Swimmer No, I should be the one thanking you!
Thank you so much for helping me when I was injured!
Given it's Palentine's Day and all, I wanted to do something to thank you...
Beauty Oh! So you made chocolates for me and Ponyta?
I'm sorry, but my Ponyta actually isn't very fond of sweets.
Swimmer Oh... I didn’t know...
Beauty Ponyta's...eating it? I've never seen her eat something sweet with such gusto!
Swimmer Ahaha!
I'm so glad she understands how I feel!
Masked Man Aww, why do they get to have all the fun?!
Marnie Sheesh...
If ya want presents that bad, I'll make ya some chocolates, OK?
But you'd better shape up!
Masked Man Presents? For us?
Yippee! Thanks! I promise I won't do anything bad ever again!
Gloria I sure hope so...
Piers Quickly moved are the hearts of fickle souls...
Marnie By the way, what happened to those presents you stole from me?
Masked Man Uh...sorry! I couldn't help myself! They looked so tasty that I ate 'em all up!
Marnie What?!
Oh no...
Um... Big Bro... Gloria...
Actually, the presents they stole were supposed to be for you two.
Piers Really, Sis?!
So...you really were plannin' on givin' me some chocolates...
Gloria That's too bad, huh. I know it's disappointing not to get a present...
Piers Well...actually, I've gotten a present, haven't I.
It's not something I can eat, but I definitely felt those feelings Marnie was sendin' me.
Gloria Y'know what? Me too! I'm just happy to know how you feel, Marnie!
Marnie Oh, cut it out. You're embarrassin' me!
Leon I suppose our little mission to spread the thanks on Palentine's Day was a huge success!
Diantha Seems so.
Marnie Why do I always hafta deal with these sweet, softhearted feelings?
Bea Your words are so sweet, they've even started to melt my heart, Marnie.
Sweet things are the best!

  • Marnie's Cheer
Name Text
Marnie Sorry for callin' you here like this.
Here. This is some homemade fudge I made for Palentine's Day.
Team Heartbreak didn't actually steal the present I made for you, <player>.

Thanks!: I'm glad you like it.
I'll treasure this present!: I'm glad and all, but make sure you eat it.
I've got to redo the presents I made for Gloria and my big bro.
That means you're the only one gettin' a present right now, <player>... So don't tell anyone yet, OK?
You helped us out again, big time. Thanks for always bein' there for us.
But that doesn't mean I'm gonna be relying on you forever, OK?
If you're ever in trouble, you can count on me!
I can help you out!
For example...
When you're about to take on a huge challenge, I've got your back!
My cheers will really get you pumped!
If you decide to give something your all, I'll be there, rootin' for ya with everything I've got! Just leave it to me!

  • Bea's Secret
Name Text
Bea I'm relieved that everyone is safe after all that chaos Team Heartbreak caused.
It's all thanks to you, <player>.
Actually, I've got a Palentine's Day gift for you.
I made some truffles with Marnie and the others, you see...
And I made some for you as well!
You've been a huge help every day, so please accept this token of my gratitude.

Maybe we can share it!: Oh...really? Share it?
Looks yummy!: I think so, too.
I did make a huge batch, so maybe we can have some together!
Mmmm... It's sooo delicious...
Er... Ahem.
This is a reward for keeping to my strict training regimen every day...
But please don't tell anyone you saw me smiling after eating something sweet!
Let's just keep that between you and me, OK?

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese 愛のスイーツ大作戦!
Mandarin Chinese 愛的甜點大作戰!
  French Une mission sucrée
  German Ein süßer Plan
  Italian Dolci piani
  Korean 사랑의 스위트 대작전!
  Spanish Una historia muy dulce

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