Mechanized—Love and Solitude

Mechanized—Love and Solitude
機械仕掛けの孤独と愛 Mechanical Loneliness and Love
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Event notification image
Type Story event
First run February 19 to March 4, 2024
Featured sync pairs Sygna Suit Gladion & Magearna
Sync pairs with reward bonus 
1.6× Sygna Suit Gladion & Magearna 
1.4× Lillie (Anniversary 2021) & Lunala
Sygna Suit Lusamine & Necrozma
Colress & Klinklang 
Theme skills with 1.2× reward bonus Theme skill icon region.png Alola

Mechanized—Love and Solitude (Japanese: 機械仕掛けの孤独と愛 Mechanical Loneliness and Love) was a story event in Pokémon Masters EX. It was focused on the sync pair Sygna Suit Gladion & Magearna.

The "Sygna Suit Gladion Master Fair Scout" gave players an increased chance of recruiting Sygna Suit Gladion & Magearna from the beginning of the event to April 1, 2024.

During this event, players could earn Event Vouchers L from battles that could be redeemed in the shop. All battles could be challenged an unlimited number of times except Daily Extreme Battle 1, which could only be challenged once per day. Extra vouchers were automatically exchanged with coins once the event was finished.

The player could battle using Gladion & Magearna to obtain +0.6× bonus vouchers; Lillie (Anniversary 2021) & Lunala, Sygna Suit Lusamine & Necrozma, or Colress & Klinklang to obtain +0.4× bonus vouchers; and any unlisted Alola sync pairs to obtain +0.2× bonus vouchers.

This event featured the Battle Challenge, where players were challenged to defeat a team of strong opponents. Players could complete event missions by clearing these areas with teams using various theme skills, earning medals and other rewards.

In addition, players could earn a medal for completing all the story areas in the event.

For the duration of the event, a splash screen featuring art of Sygna Suit Gladion, Sygna Suit Lusamine, and Lillie (Anniversary 2021) was displayed when opening the game.


Lusamine asks Gladion and Lillie for their help finding the Trainer of a Magearna that was sent to an antique shop in Alola. Accepting the task, the two go to Centra City and ask around, but to no avail. As Gladion is frustrated over not finding Magearna's Trainer, Colress approaches. He asks to study Magearna in order to research communication between humans and Pokémon, but Gladion cuts him off with a refusal. Gladion sends out Silvally to guard Magearna, an action that Colress interprets as an invitation for a battle. Before they can fight, Lusamine enters the area to stop them, explaining Magearna's situation to Colress. He is disappointed that he can't research it, but requests that they give it to him if they are unable to find its Trainer.

Colress exits, but Gladion is still angered. He explains that Colress reminded him of the way Nebby and Silvally were mistreated for research purposes, and that he is determined to reunite Magearna with its Trainer to prevent the same thing from happening to it. Lusamine warns him that he may never find its Trainer, and that someone could attempt to steal it, telling him that it's vital for a trusted Trainer to keep it safe. Lillie begins to suggest that Gladion could be Magearna's Trainer, but he declines, refusing to leave it separated from its family. He walks away to continue his search, and Magearna follows him.

Later, as Gladion and Magearna search for its Trainer, Lillie meets up with them. She reveals that Lear will be holding a party at his manor with a number of antique collectors in attendance. She suggests going to it to find more information about Magearna's Trainer. Dressed formally, Lillie and Gladion attend the party with Magearna. There, the guests are mesmerized by the Mythical Pokémon. Gladion asks two of them if they know of its Trainer, but neither has any idea. After Gladion walks away with Magearna, Lusamine approaches the two guests and asks if they are "ready." They agree, and she leaves them.

As Gladion continues speaking with the party guests, there is a sudden scream. He and Magearna turn to see a Lady cornered by a Magcargo and a Sharpedo. The two guests Gladion spoke with earlier are now shown wearing Team Break masks. Threatening the Lady, they demand for Gladion to give them Magearna.

Gladion pauses, then sends Magearna toward them. He calls out to it, and it opens its metal arm, filling the area with blinding light. When it dissipates, the people in Team Break masks are shocked to see that the Lady has vanished. They turn around to see Gladion, standing in front of both Magearna and the Lady.

Gladion yells at the masked people, saying he will do everything he can to protect Magearna as if it were part of his own family. This causes Gladion's sync stone to shine, startling him. The two masked people are delighted, noting that Gladion has formed a sync pair with Magearna. Gladion is confused, causing Lusamine to apologize. She walks over to explain this was all a test for Gladion to admit how he really felt about Magearna. The guests remove their masks and the Lady smiles. Gladion calls Lusamine's actions "low," but appears to be far from upset.

Later by the fountain, Gladion explains to Colress what happened with Magearna, telling him that he can't give it to him. Gladion instead offers to let him visit Magearna, and Colress is pleased. Watching from close by, Lillie asks Lusamine if she had always intended for Gladion to be Magearna's Trainer. Lusamine answers ambiguously, but she smiles at Gladion as he stands with Magearna.

Area info

Area name Unlock condition Completion Rewards
 The Unclaimed Antique Available from start  Gems ×10
 Contrary Thoughts
 Contrary Thoughts Complete The Unclaimed Antique  Gems ×10
 Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 1
 A True Family Complete Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 1  Gems ×10
 Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 2
 A Luxurious Party Complete Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 2  Gems ×10
 Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3
 Gladion's True Feelings Complete Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3  Gems ×10
 Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 4
 Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Battle Challenge! Round 1


Name Difficulty Trainer Pokémon Stamina First-Time Rewards Completion Rewards Battle Rewards
Left Middle Right
Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 1 Normal  
Collector Vale
10  Gems ×30
 A True Family
 200 coins
 Event Voucher L ×7
 Event Voucher L ×1-2
Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 2 Hard 15  Gems ×30
 A Luxurious Party
 600 coins
 Event Voucher L ×14
 Event Voucher L ×1-3
Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3 Very Hard 15  Gems ×30
 Gladion's True Feelings
 600 coins
 Event Voucher L ×16
 Event Voucher L ×1-3
Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 4 Super Hard 20  Gems ×30  1,500 coins
 Event Voucher L ×26
 Event Voucher L ×1-4
Daily Extreme Battle 1 Ultra Hard 30  Gems ×30  2,000 coins
 Event Voucher L ×100
Battle Challenge! Round 1 Super Hard  
Sygna Suit
Alola Form
 Gems ×100
 Battle Challenge! Round 2
 3★ Tech Move Candy
None None
Battle Challenge! Round 2 Ultra Hard  Gems ×100
 4★ Support Move Candy
None None

Event missions

Mission Name Objective Reward
Mission 1 Complete any of the following areas ×3
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 1
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 2
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×50
 Battle Points ×40
Mission 2 Complete any of the following areas ×10
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 1
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 2
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×50
 Battle Points ×40
Mission 3 Complete any of the following areas ×20
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 1
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 2
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×100
 Battle Points ×40
Mission 4 Complete any of the following areas ×30
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 1
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 2
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×100
 Battle Points ×40
Mission 5 Complete any of the following areas ×40
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 1
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 2
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×100
 Battle Points ×40
Mission 6 Complete any of the following areas ×50
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 1
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 2
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 3
• Challenge Pasio's Trainers: Part 4
• Daily Extreme Battle 1
 Gems ×100
 Battle Points ×50
Mission 7 Complete the following area ×1
Gladion's True Feelings
 1★ Mechanized—Love and Solitude
Mission 8 Complete the following area ×1
Battle Challenge! Round 1
 2★ Mechanized—Love and Solitude
Mission 9 Complete the following area ×1
Battle Challenge! Round 2
 3★ Mechanized—Love and Solitude
Mission 10 Complete the following area with 1 or fewer sync pairs falling to 0 HP:
Battle Challenge! Round 2
 You Won't Be Lonely with Me
Mission 11 Complete Battle Challenge! Round 2
with 1 or more sync pairs that share each of the following themes
and with 1 or fewer sync pairs falling to 0 HP:
• Alola
• Fairy
 Strike Move Candy Coin
Reward for completing 10 missions  Gems ×200


Item given Item received Max exchanges
Event Voucher L ×400
Sprint Move Candy Coin ×1
Event Voucher L ×400
5★ Power-Up ×1
Event Voucher L ×400
Special Skill Feather 20[note 1] ×1
Event Voucher L ×200
Skill Bracelet ×1
Event Voucher L ×200
Skill Bandanna ×1
Event Voucher L ×200
Skill Pin ×1
Event Voucher L ×200
5★ Scout Ticket ×1
Event Voucher L ×100
Skill Sphere ×10
Event Voucher L ×30
Green Skill Feather ×1
Event Voucher L ×15
Yellow Skill Feather ×1
Event Voucher L ×50
Co-op Sync Orb ×200
Event Voucher L ×50
Sync Orb ×50
(Sygna Suit Gladion & Magearna)
Event Voucher L ×100
Fairy Codex, Vol. 1 ×10
Event Voucher L ×50
Fairy Tome, Vol. 1 ×10
Event Voucher L ×30
Elite Four Notes ×10
Event Voucher L ×20
Gym Leader Notes ×10
Event Voucher L ×150
5-Pack Great Drink ++ Set ×50
Event Voucher L ×100
5-Pack Drink ++ Set ×50
Event Voucher L ×80
5-Pack Ultra Drink + Set ×50
Event Voucher L ×60
5-Pack Great Drink + Set ×50
Event Voucher L ×50
4★ Level-Up Manual ×10
Event Voucher L ×30
Skip Ticket ×10
Event Voucher L ×750
3★ Power-Up ×1
Event Voucher L ×10
3★ Level-Up Manual ×3
Event Voucher L ×10
5-Pack Drink + Set ×30
Event Voucher L ×10
5-Pack Ultra Drink Set ×40
Event Voucher L ×10
5-Pack Great Drink Set ×50


Event banner
1★ Mechanized—Love and Solitude
2★ Mechanized—Love and Solitude
3★ Mechanized—Love and Solitude
You Won't Be Lonely with Me
Splash screen artwork by kirisAki[1]


  • Pokémon Center (event conversation)
Name Text
Gladion Hmmm... Magearna, huh...
Lillie Apparently, Magearna is a Pokémon that was constructed over 500 years ago...
It was supposedly presented to a royal family at the time.
Lusamine Magearna is quite rare, so some miscreants might try to come after it.
Gladion No matter who gets in our way, I'll protect Magearna...

  • The Unclaimed Antique
Name Text
(Villa; Lusamine is talking to Lillie and Gladion)
Lusamine Gladion, Lillie, I have a favor to ask of you two.
Could you help me find this Magearna's Trainer?
(Lusamine sends out a Magearna)
Lillie Magearna...?
Gladion Isn't that a Mythical Pokémon that was constructed by humans over 500 years ago?
Lusamine Yes, it is. Someone had it delivered to an antique shop in Alola...
But there must've been some sort of mix-up, as it's unclear who it was meant for and who sent it. The Aether Foundation is currently looking after it.
Gladion So...we need to find whoever this Magearna was meant for?
Lusamine Exactly. Since so many people have gathered on Pasio from many different places...
I think we'll have a higher chance of finding a clue here that could lead us to that person.
Gladion OK. You can count on us.
Let's go, Lillie.
Lillie OK, Gladion!

  • Contrary Thoughts
Name Text
(Town; Gladion and Lillie are talking to various Trainers)
Gladion and the others searched around town for Magearna's Trainer...
(Fade to black)
but they didn't find any leads...
(Fade to Gladion and Lillie talking to each other by the fountain)
Gladion I didn't think that it'd be easy...
but zero progress at all is pretty rough.
Lillie We can't give up, Gladion. Let's try somewhere else!
??? That Pokémon... It's Magearna, isn't it?!
(Colress approaches Gladion and Lillie)
Lillie Colress?!
Colress Magearna—the mechanized Artificial Pokémon!
This is the first time I've ever seen the real thing! How fascinating!
Please, let me study it—for science!
Gladion Study it..?
Colress Indeed! Some say Magearna understands human language!
If I research that ability, perhaps we humans could discover a way to talk to Pokémon!
Which would, in turn, allow us to draw out even more of the potential of Poké—
Gladion Get lost.
I won't let you lay a single finger on Magearna.
Colress Oh, that's an awfully blunt response. May I ask why?
Gladion If you don't get why, I'm not gonna waste my breath explaining it.
If you really want Magearna, you'll have to take it from me by force.
(Gladion sends out his Silvally)
Lillie Gladion! Stop!
Colress Oh, I see—a Pokémon battle! Excellent!
Silvally is an artificially-created Pokémon, too, just like Magearna...
I'm also interested in seeing the strength of your bond with it!
(Colress sends out his Klinklang)
Gladion You—!
Lusamine Stop it, Gladion.
(Lusamine appears)
Lillie Mother!
Lusamine Allow me to explain.
This Pokémon, Magearna, is under the temporary custody of the Aether Foundation.
Right now, we're searching for its true Trainer...
As such, we can't assist you with your research.
Colress Oh, is that so? What a shame!
Well then, if you are unable to find its Trainer...
then please allow me to take custody of it!
Do excuse me, I'll be on my way now!
(Colress leaves)
Lillie Thank you, Mother.
Lusamine It's no trouble at all, dear. However...
(Lusamine and Lillie turn around and look at Gladion)
Gladion ... ... ...

  • A True Family
Name Text
Lillie Gladion...
It reminds you of what happened with Nebby and Silvally, doesn't it?
Gladion ...Yeah.
Cosmog and Silvally were treated terribly when they were used for research at the Aether Foundation...
(Lusamine watches him silently)
Gladion We can't let that happen again.
That's why Colress's attitude made me see red... He only sees Pokémon as research subjects.
Lusamine ... ... ...
Gladion I was there for Silvally, and Cosmog had Lillie.
But at this rate, Magearna's gonna be all on its own.
That's why I want to help deliver it...
to the Trainer who's supposed to be its true family.
Lusamine Hmhm...
It's sad to be separated from family.
But sometimes circumstances make it unavoidable.
I'm sure you understand.
(Gladion stares at the ground)
Lusamine Furthermore, considering Magearna is such a rare Pokémon...
Some people might lie about being its rightful Trainer or try to take it by force...
If that happens, it's important to have someone who will stay by its side and protect it...
Entrusting an unclaimed Pokémon into a Trainer's care is something the foundation can arrange.
(Gladion is silent)
Lillie From what I can tell, Magearna seems to trust Gladion.
Maybe he could be Magearna's—
Gladion No.
I know how terrible it feels to be separated from family, which is why I know I can't replace that.
But...we can't just trust any old stranger with it, either...
Which is why Magearna should be reunited with its real family.
Let's go, Magearna.
(Gladion and Silvally leaves; Magearna is silent for a moment before running after them)
Lillie Gladion...
Lusamine He's being stubborn because he cares so deeply about Magearna, and what Colress said didn't help, either...
Lillie But...I'm sure Gladion and Magearna both want the same thing...
(Lusamine is silent)

  • A Luxurious Party
Name Text
(Park at sunset)
Gladion No leads today, either...
(Magearna makes a quiet cry and looks to the side)
Gladion Don't worry, Magearna.
(Magearna looks up at Gladion)
Gladion I'll definitely find your family.
??? Gladion!
(Lillie runs up)
Gladion Lillie. What's up?
Lillie I heard Lear's going to be holding a party at his manor soon.
Why don't we bring Magearna there?
Gladion What...?
Lillie I heard that a lot of people who are interested in antiques will be there.
Maybe one of them will know about Magearna!
Gladion Yeah...
(Transition to Lear's manor; Lear, Rachel, Sawyer, Lusamine, Lillie, Darach, Caitlin, and some others are gathered;
Lillie is wearing her anniversary outfit, and Lusamine is wearing her sygna suit)
On the day of the party...
(Gladion arrives, wearing his sygna suit; Magearna happily trots up behind him)
Caitlin Oh? And who is that elegant Pokémon?
Darach It's Magearna. A mechanized Pokémon, if I'm not mistaken.
Collector Oooooh, look at that!
Beauty It's absolutely gorgeous...
Gladion A moment of your time, if I may?
(Gladion and Lillie approach the Collector and the Beauty)
Gladion Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Gladion.
This is my younger sister, Lillie.
Lillie It's a pleasure to meet you.
Collector Oh my. Such good manners.
Beauty The pleasure is all mine, Gladion, Lillie.
Gladion We heard that you're all familiar with antiques...
Do you happen to know anything about a Trainer who got separated from this Magearna?
Beauty Oh... It's not your Pokémon, Gladion?
Gladion No, I'm just taking care of it for now.
Beauty Is that so? I thought you were a sync pair.
Collector I'm afraid none of us know of a Trainer who's searching for Magearna...
Gladion Do you have any other acquaintances who might know something?
Collector I'm afraid we don't. I'm so sorry we couldn't be of more help...
Gladion That's OK. Thank you for your time.
Lillie Good day to you all.
(Gladion and Magearna retreat to a different part of the room)
Gladion Should've known it wouldn't be that easy...
(Magearna cries out)
Gladion Magearna...
Hmph. I should be cheering YOU up, really...
(Lusamine and Lillie walk past the Collector and the Beauty)
Lusamine Everyone, are you ready?
Beauty Yes!
Collector Ready when you are.
Lusamine OK, I'll leave it to you.

  • Gladion's True Feelings
Name Text
(Manor; Gladion and Magearna are talking to a Gentleman)
Gladion Do you happen to know Magearna's Trainer—
(Gladion and Magearna turn around)
Gladion What?!
(The Beauty and Collector are holding a Lady hostage; they turn around, revealing their Team Break masks)
Gladion Team Break?!
Masked Man Nobody move!
You know what'll happen to this hostage if you do!
(Their Pokémon cry out, frightening the Lady)
Masked Woman We have just one demand...
Hand over that Pokémon...Magearna!
Gladion (So, they're after Magearna...)
Masked Man And make it snappy! If you don't...
Caitlin *sigh* How inelegant...
Lillie Gladion!
Gladion Yeah, I know...
(Magearna starts to run towards the Team Break members)
Masked Man That's a good boy...
Gladion Now, Magearna!
(Magearna opens up its arm cannon, and everything goes white)
Masked Man Gwah! It's so bright!
Masked Woman I can't see!
Gladion This way!
(The light fades, revealing that the Lady has escaped; she and Magearna are standing behind Gladion)
Gladion Sorry, but I can't hand Magearna over to the likes of you.
Masked Man But Magearna isn't your Pokémon, right?
Why are you fighting so hard for a Pokémon that isn't even yours?
Gladion Because...
I want to protect it, that's why!
Lusamine ... ... ...
Gladion Even if it's just temporary...
Until Magearna is able to reunite with its true family...
I'll support it as its family—and I'll protect it!
Especially from people like you who only want it because it's so rare!
I'll even protect it from the unbearable loneliness! And I—
(Gladion's sync stone shines)
Gladion What was that?!
Masked Woman Brilliant!
Masked Man You formed a sync pair with Magearna! Magnificent, Gladion!
Gladion Wh-what? What are you saying?
Lusamine I'm sorry, Gladion.
(Lusamine approaches Gladion)
Lusamine I wanted you to admit your true feelings, which is why I did this—to test you...
(The Beauty and Collector take off their masks, and the Lady smiles)
Gladion Hmph... So that's what this was about?
That's low, Mom. Putting on an act like that...
(Town; Gladion and Magearna are talking to Colress in front of the fountain)
Gladion And that's what happened, so...
I can't give you Magearna.
Colress Oh? What a shame.
Gladion But...
If you want to come around and say hi to it every once in a while, you're welcome to do so.
Colress Understood! I'll hold you to that offer.
I'm looking forward to seeing how you and Magearna develop your bond!
(Colress leaves, revealing that Lillie and Lusamine are standing behind Gladion)
Lillie Mother, I wonder...
Was it your plan all along to have Gladion take care of Magearna?
Lusamine Who can say?
(Magearna cries out happily, and Gladion chuckles)


In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese 機械仕掛けの孤独と愛
Mandarin Chinese 機械結構的孤獨與愛
  French Solitude et sentiments mécaniques
  German Ein Fabrikat mit Gefühlen
  Italian La solitudine di un cuore artificiale
  Korean 기계장치의 고독과 사랑
  Spanish Los mecanismos del amor y la soledad


  1. Unlocks 70 HP, 60 Attack, 20 Defense, 60 Sp. Atk, 20 Sp. Def, and 20 Speed for the corresponding skill gear. Activated for Fairy, Alola, and Rival sync pairs. Additional effects are Fairy Moves ↑ 2%, Critastrophe 2%, and Fairy Zone: P-Move DR & S-Move DR 4%.


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