Z-Power Ring

A Z-Power Ring (Japanese: パワーリング Z-Power Ring) is a Key Item introduced in Generation VII. It is a bracelet that allows a Trainer and their Pokémon to gather the Z-Power required to perform Z-Moves.

Z-Power Ring
Z-Power Ring
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Z-Power Ring
Artwork from Generation VII
Introduced in Generation VII
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It can use more Z-Moves than the original Z-Ring from Pokémon Sun and Moon, which it replaces.

In the core series games



Comparison of a Collector wearing a Z-Ring (top) vs.
a Z-Power Ring (bottom). Note the size difference.

A Z-Power Ring is made by refining a Sparkling Stone. Z-Power Rings have a slot in the center where the wearer can insert a Z-Crystal as well as multiple other slots to store Z-Crystals not in use.

The player receives a Sparkling Stone from Tapu Koko in recognition of their bravery in protecting Nebby from a swarm of wild Spearow. After receiving their first partner Pokémon, Hala recognizes the stone, and upon realizing that the player has been recognized by the guardian deity of Melemele Island, offers to refine it. The player receives the finished product, a Z-Power Ring, after completing the ceremony battle with Hau. As the player proceeds through the island challenge, they will receive Z-Crystals for their Ring from the Captains and island kahunas.

Being a part of the rites of passage in Alola, Z-Power Rings are much more widely distributed in comparison to Key Stones in Kalos and Hoenn. All kahunas, members of the Alola Elite Four, and most captains use Z-Power Rings in battle against the player. Other key characters, such as Professor Kukui, Hau, and Gladion, have or obtain Z-Power Rings over the course of the story. The player will even battle the occasional minor character Trainer who will use a Z-Power Ring, usually after defeating all other Trainers in their given area.

Contrary to the lore, the player is never required to equip a specific Z-Crystal on their Z-Power Ring. The player can use any Z-Move so long as their Pokémon is holding an appropriate Z-Crystal and has an appropriate move.

During the post-game, Professor Kukui reveals that the Z-Power Rings are lost pieces of Necrozma that rained down onto Alola from Ultra Wormholes in the form of Sparkling Stones.


Games Cost Sell price


Allows the player to use Z-Crystals and Z-Moves with their Pokémon. Each Trainer can only use one Z-Move per battle.

After receiving a Key Stone from Dexio, the player can also Mega Evolve their Pokémon if they hold the appropriate Mega Stone. Each Trainer can only Mega Evolve one Pokémon per battle.


Games Description
A mysterious ring that enables Pokémon to use Z-Power. It requires both the willpower and the physical power of the Trainer wearing it.


Games Method
USUM Iki Town (from Hala after defeating Hau during the festival)


Concept art for the Z-Power Ring


Model of a typical Z-Power Ring in
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
Model of Olivia's Z-Power Ring in
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
Model of Nanu's Z-Power Ring in
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
Model of Hapu's Z-Power Ring in
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

In the anime

A Z-Power Ring in the anime

In Revealing the Stuff of Legend!, Ash received a Solganium Z from the newly evolved Nebby. Upon receiving it, Ash tried to fit the Z-Crystal in his Z-Ring, only to find it didn't fit. Upon seeing this, Tapu Koko took his Z-Ring and passed it among its fellow deities, each one blessing it. After being blessed with the Tapu's power, it became a Z-Power Ring, and could hold the Solganium Z. In Legend? Go! Friends? Go!, it was shown that Ash had left his Z-Power Ring in his room in Pallet Town with his Pikashunium Z as part of a collection of his trophies and treasures. In Ultra Exciting from the Shocking Start!, he was shown to have retrieved it for use against Volkner in their World Coronation Series match. It also saw usage in some of Ash's subsequent World Coronation Series battles, with him wearing it during all of his Masters Eight Tournament matches.

In Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?, Team Rocket received a Z-Power Ring from Nanu, which James used with their Darkinium Z, allowing his Mareanie to perform Black Hole Eclipse. In A Battle Hand-Off!, Jessie used the same Z-Power Ring and her Mimikium Z to perform Let's Snuggle Forever with her Mimikyu. In Thank You, Alola! The Journey Continues!, James left the Z-Power Ring with Mareanie before the Rocket trio returned to Kanto.

In Filling the Light with Darkness!, Gladion was revealed to have obtained a Z-Power Ring. In Securing the Future!, it allowed him to perform Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom with Lunala after he obtained a Lunalium Z from it.

In All Out, All of the Time!, the All-Out Brothers were shown to own a Z-Power Ring. They use it in conjunction with their Kommonium Z to perform Clangorous Soulblaze with their Kommo-o.


In the manga

A Z-Power Ring in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon arc

A Z-Power Ring was first seen in the Transcend!! Ultra Necrozma!, when Sun discovered that his Z-Ring had somehow turned into one at some point. Soliera theorized that the change could have been caused by Sun passing through Ultra Wormholes or him returning to Alola from Ultra Space.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese Z強力手環 Z-Kèuhnglihk Sáuwàahn
Mandarin Z強力手環 / Z强力手环 Z-Qiánglì Shǒuhuán
  French Super Bracelet Z
  German Z-Kraftring
  Italian Supercerchio Z
  Korean Z파워링 Z-Power Ring
  Russian Кольцо Сила-Z Kol'tso Sila-Z
  Spanish Superpulsera Z

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