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A Key Stone (Japanese: キーストーン Key Stone) is a Key Item introduced in Generation VI, which is used to allow a Pokémon holding a Mega Stone to Mega Evolve. Starting from Generation VIII, it is unobtainable.

Key Stone
Key Stone
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Key Stone
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Introduced in Generation VI
Generation VI Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items
Generation VII Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items

When the Key Stone is activated, the Pokémon's corresponding Mega Stone reacts to it, starting the Mega Evolution process. Trainers typically keep their Key Stone inside a personal accessory, such as a Mega Ring, Mega Bracelet, Z-Ring, or Z-Power Ring.

In the core series games

Player characters

Pokémon X and Y

Main article: Mega Ring

In Pokémon X and Y, the player characters hold their Key Stones in a Mega Ring, a large black bracelet that Calem and Serena wear on their left wrist.

The possession of one Mega Ring is offered to the player and each of their friends, who have to pick the most deserving out of their group. The selection is quickly whittled down to two people: the player and Serena or Calem (depending on the gender of the player). Upon defeating their rival, the player must obtain the Rumble Badge at the Shalour Gym and then go to the top of the Tower of Mastery to receive the ring from Korrina.

After the player has beaten their rival in Kiloude City, Professor Sycamore will upgrade their Mega Ring at the Anistar Sundial by having the player touch the sundial. Once upgraded, the player can then find hidden Mega Stones around Kalos from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Main article: Mega Bracelet

In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the player characters hold their Key Stones in a Mega Bracelet, a large white bracelet that Brendan and May wear on their left wrist. Steven gives the Mega Bracelet to the player on Southern Island after LatiosOR or LatiasAS, holding its respective Mega Stone, joins the player.

The player character also wears a special Mega Bracelet during Pokémon Contest Spectaculars, Brendan's being a Mega Cuff, a black band with a circle of large, connected red diamonds affixed to it, with the Key Stone embedded in the band, while May's is a Mega Charm, a chain of cream bows with the Key Stone embedded into a pink heart charm.

Secret Base Trainer avatars of player characters that have a Mega Bracelet will use it in battle if possible.

Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon

In Generation VII, after becoming the Champion, the player receives a Key Stone from Sina and Dexio at Ancient Poni PathSM/Poni PlainsUSUM after defeating Dexio. They hold their Key Stone in their Z-RingSM or Z-Power RingUSUM.

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!

In Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, the player receives a Key Stone from Blue at Professor Oak's Laboratory in Pallet Town after earning seven Badges and meeting Trace in front of the Viridian Gym. They do not hold it in any accessory and it does not show up on the player's models.

Non-player characters

Many non-player characters keep their Key Stones in special items, many of which differ from the items that the player can use.

Pokémon X and Y

  • Korrina uses a Mega Glove (Japanese: メガグローブ Mega Glove), which is a white glove she wears on her left hand.
  • Lysandre's Mega Ring (Japanese: メガリング Mega Ring) takes the form of a silver ring that he wears on the middle finger of his left hand.
  • Diantha uses a Mega Charm (Japanese: メガチャーム Mega Charm), which is a gold pendant she wears on her neck.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

  • Steven Stone uses a Mega Stickpin (Japanese: メガラペルピン Mega Lapel Pin), which is a pin he wears on the lapel of his jacket.
  • Wally uses a Mega Pendant (Japanese: メガペンダント Mega Pendant), which is a pendant he wears.
  • Archie uses a Mega Anchor (Japanese: メガイカリ Mega Anchor), which is a golden, anchor-shaped necklace he wears.
  • Maxie uses Mega Glasses (Japanese: メガメガネ Mega Glasses), which is a pair of glasses he wears.
  • Lisia uses a Mega Tiara (Japanese: メガティアラ Mega Tiara), which is a hair clip she wears.
  • Zinnia uses a Mega Anklet (Japanese: メガアンクレット Mega Anklet), which wraps around her right ankle.
  • Courtney and Matt use Mega Rings during the Delta Episode, which are not seen on their artwork.
  • Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia, and Drake use generic Key Stones after the Delta Episode, which are not seen on their artwork.

Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon

  • Sina and Dexio use white Mega Rings (Japanese: メガリング Mega Ring) that they each wear around their left wrist.
  • Some opponents at the Battle Tree and Battle Royal Dome use generic Key Stones, which do not show up on their models.

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!

  • All opponents that can Mega Evolve their Pokémon use generic Key Stones, which do not show up on their models.



Calem's Mega Ring Serena's Mega Ring Korrina's Mega Glove Lysandre's Mega Ring Diantha's Mega Charm
Brendan's Mega Bracelet May's Mega Bracelet Brendan's Mega Cuff May's Mega Charm Steven Stone's Mega Stickpin
Wally's Mega Pendant Archie's Mega Anchor Maxie's Mega Glasses Lisia's Mega Tiara Zinnia's Mega Anklet


Mega Ring Mega Bracelet Mega Cuff Mega Charm Key Stone
Key Stone


Games Cost Sell price


Allows the player to Mega Evolve their Pokémon if they hold the appropriate Mega Stone. Each Trainer can only Mega Evolve one Pokémon per battle.


Mega Ring
Games Description
XY This ring contains an untold power that somehow enables Pokémon carrying a Mega Stone to Mega Evolve in battle.
This ring contains an untold power that somehow enables Pokémon carrying Mega Stones to Mega Evolve in battle.
Mega Bracelet
Games Description
This cuff contains an untold power that somehow enables Pokémon carrying a Mega Stone to Mega Evolve in battle.
Key Stone
Games Description
ORAS A stone of unexplained power that makes Pokémon Mega Evolve.
SMUSUM A stone filled with an unexplained power. It makes Pokémon that battle with a Mega Stone Mega Evolve.
PE A stone filled with an unexplained power. It reacts to Mega Stones and makes Pokémon Mega Evolve.
SwSh A stone filled with an unexplained power. It makes Pokémon that battle with a Mega Stone Mega Evolve.


Games Method
XY Mega Ring: Tower of Mastery (from Korrina after earning the Rumble Badge)
ORAS Mega Bracelet: Southern Island (from Steven after obtaining LatiosOR/LatiasAS)
SM Key Stone: Ancient Poni Path (from Dexio after becoming Champion)
USUM Key Stone: Poni Plains (from Dexio after becoming Champion)
PE Key Stone: Professor Oak's Laboratory (from Blue after earning seven Badges)

In the spin-off games

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Pokémon Rumble World

The player obtains a Mega Key after completing the Raid of the Mighty General challenge.

In the anime

Main series

Pokémon the Series: XY

Alain showcasing his Mega Ring

In Mega Evolution Special I, Alain was seen wearing a Mega Ring similar to that of the protagonists of Pokémon X and Y. He uses it to Mega Evolve his Charizard into Mega Charizard X. In Mega Evolution Special II, it was revealed that he received it from Lysandre. After the Team Flare crisis, Alain gave his Mega Ring to the authorities to be used as evidence and resolved find himself a new Key Stone on his own.

In the same episode, Astrid was shown wearing her Key Stone as an earring on her right ear, while Remo had his Key Stone embedded into the tip of the umbrella that he carries with him. Siebold, a member of the Kalos Elite Four, was seen wearing his Key Stone in his necktie. Astrid's Key Stone made a brief reappearance during the opening credits of Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction.

In The Bonds of Evolution!, Diantha tapped into the power of her Mega Charm to Mega Evolve her Gardevoir, giving it the power to break free from Team Rocket's clutches. The Mega Charm has also been seen during Diantha's subsequent appearances.

In Mega Revelations!, Korrina was shown wearing her Key Stone in her Mega Glove, having received it from her grandfather. However, her Lucario lacked the Lucarionite, meaning that she wasn't able to use it yet. After obtaining a Lucarionite in The Cave of Trials!, she was soon able to use her Key Stone in order to Mega Evolve her Lucario.

In The Aura Storm!, Gurkinn uses a Key Stone to Mega Evolve his own Lucario. Similar to Korrina, he wears it in a glove on his left hand.

A Key Stone possessed by Mabel appeared in The Bonds of Mega Evolution!. Embedded in her walking stick, she uses it to Mega Evolve her Mawile into Mega Mawile.

In Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, a diamond Diancie had created and given to Bonnie earlier caused it to Mega Evolve, acting as a Key Stone. At the end of the movie, Bonnie returned the diamond to Diancie.

Mega Evolution Special II featured Steven Stone and his Mega Stickpin. Alain was able to recognize the Key Stone on the Champion's person, leading him to challenge Steven to a battle.

In the same episode, a giant Key Stone was discovered by Steven and Alain. While Lysandre's scientists were inspecting it, Rayquaza appeared and used the Key Stone's power to Mega Evolve into Mega Rayquaza. Soon after, it disappeared along with the chaos created by Rayquaza's Draco Meteor. The stone reappeared in Mega Evolution Special III, along with Mega Rayquaza. It was eventually taken away by Lysandre's submarine to be studied at the Lysandre Labs.

In Garchomp's Mega Bond!, it was revealed that Professor Sycamore had found a Key Stone along with a piece of Garchompite. He uses them to Mega Evolve his Garchomp. In the same episode, it was revealed that Blaziken Mask keeps his Key Stone embedded in his belt buckle.

Multiple Key Stones appeared in Mega Evolution Special IV. A Trainer with a Mega Venusaur has his Key Stone inside of a pocket watch, a Mega Alakazam Trainer wears his Key Stone on his turban, Malva carries her Key Stone in a necklace, a Mega Banette Trainer has his embedded on his Banette puppet, and Lysandre has his Key Stone embedded in a Mega Ring he wears on his left hand.

A Key Stone belonging to Wulfric appeared in A Real Icebreaker!. The Snowbelle City Gym Leader keeps his Key Stone inside of the locket he wears around his neck, and uses it to Mega Evolve his Abomasnow.

In A League of His Own!, Trevor was revealed to have a Key Stone embedded on his camera's shutter button. With it, he is able to Mega Evolve his Charizard into Mega Charizard Y.

In Valuable Experience for All!, Sawyer was revealed to have a Key Stone attached on the end of his notebook latch. He uses it to Mega Evolve his Sceptile. In The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!, Sawyer revealed that he received his Key Stone from Steven.

A Key Stone held by Kimia appeared in Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, wearing it on a bracelet around her left wrist. She uses it to Mega Evolve her Shiny Gardevoir.

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

Misty showcasing her Key Stone

A Key Stone belonging to Brock, located on a necklace under his shirt, and a Key Stone belonging to Misty, located on her hair band, appeared in When Regions Collide!. They use them to Mega Evolve their Steelix and Gyarados, respectively.

In The Prism Between Light and Darkness!, Gozu was revealed to own a Key Stone embedded in a name tag necklace that is kept hidden under his Team Rocket uniform. He uses it to Mega Evolve his Aggron.

In Battling Besties!, Ilima was revealed to possess a Key Stone, which is attached to a string he can wear around his wrist. He uses it to Mega Evolve his Kangaskhan.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

In An Adventure of Mega Proportions!, Ash received a Mega Glove from Korrina. The Key Stone enhanced the Aura of both Ash and his Lucario, and also allowed them to locate the Mega Stone for the Aura Pokémon. After obtaining the Mega Stone, Ash became able to Mega Evolve his Lucario.

In Taking Two For The Team!, Drasna was shown to own a Key Stone, which she wears around her right wrist. She uses it to Mega Evolve her Altaria.

In Reuniting for the First Time!, Lisia used her Mega Tiara to Mega Evolve her Altaria, Ali, during the Lilycove City Pokémon Contest Spectacular.

In Curtain Up! Fight the Fights!, Alain was revealed to have acquired a new Mega Ring.

In The Fiery Road to Mastership!, Cynthia was revealed to own a Key Stone, which is embedded in her lipstick. She uses it to Mega Evolve her Garchomp.


Pokémon Origins

A Key Stone (right) in Pokémon Origins

In File 2: Cubone, after helping drive off driving Team Rocket out of the Pokémon Tower and helping the ghost of Marowak find peace, Red received a Key Stone and a Charizardite X from Mr. Fuji. The Key Stone and Mega Stone activated in File 4: Charizard during Red's showdown with Mewtwo, Mega Evolving his trusted first partner Pokémon, Charizard, into Mega Charizard X and giving them the strength to weaken Mewtwo so that Red could catch it. This Key Stone was not worn in any accessory.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Animated Trailer

In the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Animated Trailer, Brendan and May were seen wearing their Mega Bracelets. They used them to Mega Evolve the Hoenn first partner Pokémon.

Pokémon Generations

In The Vision, Brendan and Maxie were seen wearing their Mega Bracelet and Mega Glasses, respectively. Furthermore, Archie could be seen wearing his Mega Anchor in The Cavern. None of them were seen using their Key Stones, however.

Pokémon Evolutions

Key Stones in Pokémon Evolutions

In The Visionary, Lysandre used his Mega Ring to Mega Evolve his Gyarados during his battle against Calem. Calem and Serena were also seen wearing a Mega Ring each, but they were not seen using them.

In The Wish, May was shown to own a Mega Bracelet, while Zinnia was shown to possess a Mega Anklet and four stolen Key Stones, which she used to summon Rayquaza. May later used her Mega Bracelet to Mega Evolve her Swampert to battle Rayquaza, and Rayquaza itself once she had caught it.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

A Mega Ring in Pokémon Adventures

X & Y arc

X was given a Mega Ring with a Key Stone inside from Gurkinn as a child. With it, he can Mega Evolve his Li'l Kanga, Salamè, Élec, Garma, and Rute, into Mega Kangaskhan, Mega Charizard X, Mega Manectric, Mega Gengar, and Mega Pinsir, respectively.

Those taught by Gurkinn, the Mega Evolution guru, tend to use Mega Gloves. This includes Korrina, three unnamed students, and Gurkinn himself. Gurkinn stated that he gave Key Stones to 16 people through a Mega Evolution successor ceremony, with X being the sole exception. He later gave his Key Stone to Y, thus making her a successor as well.

At Lysandre Café in Lumiose City, Diantha shields Y and her friends from Lysandre's Pokémon by using her Mega Charm to Mega Evolve her Gardevoir into Mega Gardevoir.

Lysandre later obtains a Mega Ring from Malva outfitted with a Key Stone stolen from Korrina.

At the Lost Hotel, Y is made a Mega Evolution successor by Gurkinn. She is given a Mega Ring outfitted with the Key Stone from Gurkinn's Mega Glove. With it, she can Mega Evolve her Solsol into Mega Absol.

Blue is later revealed to be a successor as well, keeping his Key Stone on a ring. When not in use, Blue wears the ring around his neck as a pendant. With it, he can Mega Evolve his Charizard into Mega Charizard Y.

Blaine later appears at the Pokémon Village, revealed to have reunited with Mewtwo. He had gained a Key Stone sometime prior and placed it in his cane, using it to Mega Evolve Mewtwo into either Mega Mewtwo Y or Mega Mewtwo X.

Mega Bracelets in Pokémon Adventures

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald acquired Mega Bracelets from Ultima and Steven in preparation for another disaster coming to Hoenn. In Claydol Unleashes, Ruby successfully used his Mega Bracelet and Latios's Latiosite to Mega Evolve the Eon Pokémon and soar with it to the Sky Pillar.

Many members of the Draconid people possess Key Stones, such as Zinnia, Renza, Jinga, Tomatoma, and the Meteor Village Elder. While Zinnia keeps her Key Stone in her Mega Anklet, Renza, Jinga, and Tomatoma keep theirs in arm bands, similar to Zinnia's anklet, while the Elder keeps hers in a walking cane. When battling Ruby and Sapphire, Zinnia wears a second Mega Anklet that originally belonged to Aster.

In PS602, Steven Mega Evolved his Metagross into Mega Metagross with his Mega Stickpin. In PS616, he reveals that he is a Mega Evolution successor, having obtained the Key Stone from Gurkinn. He later gives Zinnia a jar of Key Stones belonging to Aster that were taken from the Embedded Tower.

In PS607, Maxie and Archie used their Mega Glasses and Mega Anchor to Mega Evolve their Camerupt and Sharpedo respectively. After Maxie and Archie disappeared from exhausting the energy keeping their bodies stable, Blaise and Amber took their Key Stones and Mega-Evolving Pokémon.

When battling against Maxie and Archie, Red and Green used rings with patterns similar to the Mega Bracelets to Mega Evolve Saur and Blasty respectively to battle them. Though their rings resemble the one owned by Blue, it is unknown where they received them.

In PS616, Giovanni was revealed to have a Key Stone placed in the "R" of his chest pocket. With it, he can Mega Evolve his Beedrill.

In Omega Alpha Adventure 21, Ruby used his Mega Cuff to Mega Evolve Diancie for a Contest Appeal.



  • The Key Stone items used by NPCs exist within the data of Pokémon X and Y and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. They have a sprite (a white question mark), but cannot be obtained in normal gameplay. They were programmed into the game because if not, NPCs wouldn't be able to Mega Evolve their Pokémon.
  • In Generation VI, before battle with a non-player character that can use Mega Evolution, the Key Stone accessory is often shown off. For Trainers that use VS sprites (such as Korrina and Diantha), often the Key Stone is clearly visible in the zoomed-in VS sprite. For Trainers that use 3D models (such as Lysandre and Zinnia), the camera often starts by focusing on the Key Stone before zooming out to show the full body. Some Trainers, such as Calem/Serena and Brendan/May, have the Key Stone accessory visible on their 3D model, but it is not focused on. However, other Trainers, such as Courtney, Matt and the Hoenn Elite Four, do not have visible Key Stones at all. Secret Base Trainers have no visible indication of possessing a Key Stone.

In other languages

Key Stone

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 鑰石 Yeuhksehk *
鍵石Gihnsehk *
Key Stone *
Mandarin 鑰石 / 钥石 Yàoshí *
進化鑰石 Jìnhuà Yàoshí *
關鍵石 Guānjiàn Shí *
  Danish Nøglesten
  Dutch Sleutelsteen
  Finnish Avainkivi
  French Gemme Sésame
  German Schlüssel-Stein
  Indonesian Batu Kunci
  Italian Pietrachiave
  Korean 키스톤 Key Stone
  Norwegian Nøkkelstein
  Polish Kamień Klucza
Portuguese   Brazil Pedra-Chave (S19)
Pedra Chave (S17-S18)
  Portugal Pedra Chave
  Russian Ключевой Камень Klyuchevoy Kamen'
Spanish   Latin America Piedra llave
  Spain Piedra activadora
  Swedish Nyckelsten
  Vietnamese Đá Chìa Khóa

Mega Charm

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 超級墜飾 Chīukāp Jeuihsīk
Mandarin 超級墜飾 / 超级坠饰 Chāojí Zhuìshì
  French Méga-Charme
  German Megaillon
  Italian Megaciondolo
  Korean 메가참 Mega Charm
  Spanish Megacolgante

Mega Glove

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 超級手套 Chīukāp Sáutou *
Mandarin 超級手套 / 超级手套 Chāojí Shǒutào *
  Finnish Megahanska
  French Méga-Gant
  German Mega-Handschuh
  Italian Megaguanto
  Korean 메가글러브 Mega Glove
  Polish Megarękawica
  Brazilian Portuguese Megaluva
  Spanish Megaguante

Mega Stickpin

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 超級領針 Chīukāp Léhngjām *
Mandarin 超級領針 / 超级领针 Chāojí Lǐngzhēn *
  French Méga-Pin
  German Mega-Anstecker
  Italian Megaspilla
  Korean 메가라펠핀 Mega Lapel Pin
  Spanish Megabroche

Mega Pendant

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 超級吊墜 Chīukāp Diujéui *
Mandarin 超級吊墜 / 超级吊坠 Chāojí Diàozhuì *
  French Méga-Pendentif
  German Mega-Anhänger
  Italian Megapendente
  Korean 메가펜던트 Mega Pendant
  Spanish Megacollar

Mega Glasses

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 超級眼鏡 Chīukāp Ngáahngéng *
Mandarin 超級眼鏡 / 超级眼镜 Chāojí Yǎnjìng *
  French Méga-Lunettes
  German Mega-Brille
  Italian Megaocchiali
  Korean 메가글라스 Mega Glass
  Spanish Megagafas

Mega Anchor

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 超級船錨 Chīukāp Syùhnmàauh *
Mandarin 超級船錨 / 超级船锚 Chāojí Chuánmáo *
  French Méga-Ancre
  German Mega-Anker
  Italian Megaancora
  Korean 메가앵커 Mega Anchor
  Spanish Megaancla

Mega Anklet

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 超級腳鐲 Chīukāp Geukjuhk *
Mandarin 超級腳鐲 / 超级脚镯 Chāojí Jiǎozhuó *
  French Méga-Grève
  German Mega-Beinreif
  Italian Megagambale
  Korean 메가앵클릿 Mega Anklet
  Spanish Megatobillera

Mega Tiara

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 超級頭冠 Chīukāp Tàuhgūn *
Mandarin 超級頭冠 / 超级头冠 Chāojí Tóuguān *
  French Méga-Barette
  German Mega-Diadem
  Italian Megatiara
  Korean 메가티아러 Mega Tiara
  Spanish Megatiara

Mega Ring

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Mega Bracelet

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Mega Cuff

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