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シガナ Shigana
Gender Female
Hometown Meteor Village*
Region Hoenn
Trainer class Lorekeeper
Generation VI
Games Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Aster (Japanese: シガナ Shigana) is a character mentioned in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. She is never seen throughout either game and is implied to be deceased.

In the core series games

Aster is first mentioned at the beginning of the Delta Episode by Zinnia, who swears to Aster that she will protect the world from an incoming meteoroid.

Near the end of the Delta Episode, Zinnia reveals to the player that she and Aster used to be together all the time before the latter was lost.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

Aster debuts in this chapter. She was one of the Draconids and was given the title of Lorekeeper due to possessing special powers. She had also befriended Rayquaza, the Legendary Pokémon revered by the Draconids, and was the only known member of the clan to have permission to ride on top of it.

When the Devon Corporation came to the Embedded Tower in hopes of capturing Rayquaza so that the Pokémon Association could study it, Aster fought alongside Rayquaza in order to stop them. Though the battle went unseen, Rayquaza was successfully captured and taken away along with several Key Stones that Aster had collected. When Zinnia arrived at the tower, she found the area in flames and that Aster had died during the battle. Traumatized by Aster's death, Zinnia began to cry so much that her voice eventually gave out. She also took a partially burnt cloak belonging to Aster as a memento.

With Aster dead, the title of Lorekeeper was passed down to Zinnia. Despite this, some Draconids were opposed to Zinnia becoming the next Lorekeeper, as she was not as strong as Aster and did not possess the abilities needed to stop the meteoroid that was foreseen to crash into the planet.


Noivern is Aster's only known Pokémon. It was first seen helping Zinnia battle against Ruby and Sapphire in order to convince Rayquaza to join Zinnia's side. Sensing the lingering presence of Aster on top of Noivern, Rayquaza was attracted towards Noivern, who led it away from Ruby and Sapphire so that Zinnia could talk to Rayquaza alone.

Noivern's only known move is Boomburst.

Debut PS615
Main article: Rayquaza (Adventures)

Rayquaza is an ancient Legendary Pokémon revered by the Draconid people. In the past, Aster befriended Rayquaza and was the only known Draconid that was allowed to ride on top of its head.

Debut Rayquaza Redemption I


  • According to an interview with Shigeru Ohmori in the June 2015 issue of Nintendo Dream, Aster was a person with special powers who held the position of Lorekeeper before Zinnia[1], much like Aster in Pokémon Adventures.


Language Name Origin
Japanese シガナ Shigana From 此岸 shigan (mortal world; literally means this shore)
English Aster From Aster. Starts with the letter 'A' to contrast with the letter 'Z' in Zinnia.
French Marie-Lise From Amaryllis (Zinnia)
German Avelina From aveline (French for hazelnut)
Italian Siryl Palindrome of Lyris (Zinnia)
Spanish Felicia From the plant genus Felicia and the name Felicia, meaning happy
Korean 치아나 Chiana From 피아나 Piana (Zinnia) and 차안 (此岸) cha'an, mortal realm


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