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Series Pokémon Adventures

Claydol Unleashes (Japanese: ネンドール、念じる Nendoll, Sense) is the 598th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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On the S.S. Tidal, Mr. Briney, Drake, and Mr. Stone study the photo of the mural that Steven has sent to them. Mr. Stone asks Drake his thoughts on the delta symbol in the painting, but he does not want to make any assumptions without more information.

At Dewford Town, Ultima finally allows Sapphire and Emerald to take a break from training their Pokémon to master their ultimate moves. She reports to Steven that she is impressed by the two's progress, believing they deserve to be Pokédex holders, unlike a certain Trainer who once lit her on fire with a Typhlosion. Ultima goes on to enthuse over the dedication of Mumu, Chic, and Sceptile to prepare for their Mega Evolution. Steven wonders if it is because the Pokémon can sense the Mega Stones he is carrying with him.

Sitting on the ground, Sapphire begins to wonder why Ruby is taking so long. She suspects that Emerald is keeping something from her, and he nervously asks what she is talking about. Sapphire tells Emerald that she is worried that Ruby has pressured himself to take on something important. Reminding her that Ruby had given her tickets to an astronomy show to watch together, Emerald tries to assure her that everything is fine. Sapphire takes out one of the tickets and stares at it with a dejected look on her face.

Soaring through the sky, Ruby rides on Latios's back. Latios directs Ruby to raise his Mega Bracelet into the air, which causes Latios to Mega Evolve. In his Mega Evolved form, Latios is able to fly at an incredible pace, and Ruby struggles to hang on. When Latios tells Ruby to open his eyes, he is amazed to see the entire Hoenn region beneath him. The two fly to the bottom floor of Sky Pillar.

As Ruby hesitates to enter Sky Pillar, he recalls how Wally had climbed up the tower while training with Norman, Ruby's father. Seeing Ruby's caution, Latios reassures him that he is a strong Trainer and that he will be fine, but Ruby remarks that he doesn't want himself and his Pokémon to get dirty.

As the two enter, Ruby spots a Claydol poking out through some rubble. After giving a showy introduction to his Castform, Ruby sends out Fofo. He commands Fofo to use Hail, and the ice storm knocks out the Claydol. A woman's voice calls out from the stairs, applauding Castform's use of a weather-changing move. She compares it to Kyogre and Groudon, mentioning their legendary battle, but then remarks that neither of those Pokémon were as impressive as the Dragon-type Pokémon that put an end to their fighting.

When Ruby reveals himself to be one of Hoenn's Pokédex holders, the woman leaps to her feet and runs. Ruby chases after her, pulling himself onto the stairs. Ruby reveals to Latios that he knows who the woman is, and was hoping to meet her at Sky Pillar. As he runs after her, a section of the floor crumbles beneath him, and Latios catches him by his Mega Bracelet. The woman reveals that the tower is ancient, and was built by her ancestors. As such, parts of it have crumbled over time, and the floor could collapse at any moment.

The woman sends out a Salamence as she demands for Ruby to leave. A Whismur, named Aster, watches by the woman's anklet as the Salamence attacks Ruby and Latios. Ruby recognizes the Salamence, and lifts up his hat to show the scar on his face. The woman commands Salamence to use Fire Blast, and as Latios is hit with a powerful flame, the woman remarks to Aster what an exciting battle she is having. To her surprise, Aster begins running down the stairs. The woman realizes that Aster is following a trail of Pokéblocks. When she takes one into her hands, her wrist is suddenly grabbed. Ruby swings her off of the stairs and tackles her to the ground. He reveals to her that he knows that her name is Zinnia, and tells her that he came to Sky Pillar to ask her about a crisis in Hoenn.

Meanwhile, at the observatory of the Mossdeep Space Center, Professor Cozmo finishes a phone call with Mr. Stone as a group of Scientists prod him to take a look at some data. The Scientists show Cozmo a picture of a meteor on a screen, telling him that it suddenly changed course and is now heading straight toward their planet. They determine that it is expected to land near Sootopolis City. Cozmo is unsure if what he is seeing is actually a meteor, but determines that whatever it is, it is going to hit the planet in ten days with catastrophic results.

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PS597 : Latias Flies
Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
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