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Series Pokémon Adventures

Salamence Evolves (Japanese: ボーマンダ、化わる Bohmander, Change) is the 599th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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At the Sky Pillar, Ruby attempts to interrogate Zinnia as he has her cornered. Despite Ruby appearing to have the upper hand, Zinnia is simply amused by him, and calls him a trespasser. To Ruby's surprise, Zinnia's Salamence prepares to fire a beam at him from behind. Right as Ruby is about to be hit, Latios swoops in to take him out of harm's way. Zinnia rises to her feet and touches the Key Stone on her anklet. She and Salamence are enveloped by a bright light, then Salamence appears in its Mega Evolved form. Ruby sends Latios after Salamence, but its upgraded defenses make it far more resilient to Latios's attacks.

After giving an overly dramatic speech that makes Latios wince, Ruby Mega Evolves Latios again. Salamence uses a powerful Hyper Voice attack, but Latios holds steady. Zinnia is surprised, and Ruby explains that he knew that when Salamence Mega Evolved, its ability would change to Aerilate and turn its Normal-type moves into Flying-type moves, allowing for a same-type attack bonus.

Latios moves at an incredible speed, and as Salamence struggles to keep up with his moves, he unleashes a powerful Luster Purge attack. Salamence collapses, and Ruby tells Zinnia that unlike the last time, he will do more than just scare it away. Zinnia bursts into laughter, realizing that her Salamence has fought against Ruby before. Zinnia tells Ruby that nine years ago, a boy had battled Salamence when her tribe tried to rescue a Legendary Pokémon from the Pokémon Association. She realizes that boy is Ruby, and it is revealed that it was Zinnia's Salamence that gave him his scar.

Looking at the Pokéblocks that had distracted Aster earlier, Zinnia realizes that Ruby had purposely used sour ones because he knew Aster had a Relaxed Nature. Impressed with his skills, she offers to tell him about what she plans to do when the aforementioned crisis hits Hoenn.

At a Contest Hall in Slateport City, Lisia gushes to an uninterested Chaz about Ruby's Pokémon Contest skills. She excitedly shows him a group of Pikachu who are modeling costumes that Ruby had designed himself. Chaz and his Machoke attempt to leave while Lisia is rambling, but she pulls him back to tell him about a conversation she overheard when she saw Ruby speak with Gabby and Ty.

Through a flashback, Lisia witnesses Ruby ominously tell the two reporters that the reason he came to the studio was because he believed it would be the last Pokémon Contest he would participate in. Lisia attempts to chase after him, but she sees him leap onto Sapphire's Wailord and sail away.

After Lisia finishes telling her story to Chaz in the present, he dismisses her concerns that Ruby's behavior could be related to anything important, and suggests that he found a more interesting hobby elsewhere. Lisia denies that Ruby would turn his back on Pokémon Contests, showing Chaz two Contest Costumes that Ruby had designed and claimed he was looking forward to wearing. While Chaz attempts to disagree, Lisia runs off to answer a phone call from her uncle.

At the Sky Pillar, Zinnia tells Ruby that a massive meteor is heading toward the planet, where it will bring its destruction. She explains that her tribe has known about the meteor for a thousand years, and that this knowledge has been passed down to her, making her their Lorekeeper. She denounces the Devon Corporation for using technology to interfere with her tribe's plans. Ruby reveals that he had received his Mega Bracelet from Steven Stone, but he denies being on anyone's side. He thanks Zinnia for answering his questions, and to his surprise, Zinnia thanks him in return. She tells him that it was because of his childhood efforts to fight Salamence that her tribe's Dragon-type Legendary Pokémon escaped from the research institute. She takes Aster onto her Salamence and departs, flying off into the sky.

On the S.S. Tidal, Mr. Stone uses a Devon Scope to watch Sapphire and Emerald train. The two activate the new Mega Bracelets on their wrists, allowing Chic and Sceptile to transform into their Mega Evolved forms. Mr. Stone tells Mr. Briney to steer his ship back to Dewford Town. Mr. Briney asks him if he's sure he wants to go through with his plans without Ruby, and Mr. Stone tells him that there isn't enough time to wait any longer. Mr. Stone reveals that he is going to need as much power as possible from Mega Blaziken and Mega Sceptile to fuel a dimensional shifter.

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PS598 : Claydol Unleashes
Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
PS600 : Gorebyss Changes Color
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