PS599 : Salamence Evolves
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Gorebyss Changes Color
Sakurabyss, Turn Vivid
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Series Pokémon Adventures

Gorebyss Changes Color (Japanese: サクラビス、色づく Sakurabyss, Turn Vivid) is the 600th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Camping at the Sky Pillar with Latios, Ruby prepares a soup made from Berries. After having heard from Emerald that Ruby hates camping, Latios is confused as to why Ruby would spend the night in the tower. Ruby begins to explain, telling a story through a series of flashbacks.

Four years ago, Ruby's family attends a joint birthday party with Sapphire and her family. Ruby's excitement from completing his Pokémon Contest challenge leads him to offer help to Professor Birch and Sapphire while they research Pokémon distribution. Immediately after competing in the Pokédex holder tournament at the Battle Dome, the two set off on Sapphire's Wailord to begin their research. Interrupting his story to Latios, Ruby explains that he was surprised to enjoy exploring the Hoenn region with Sapphire, finding it beautiful.

Ruby reveals to Latios that even though he just learned to appreciate the outside world, it could all come to an end in nine days. He continues his story through another flashback, where he and Emerald are visiting Steven at his house in Mossdeep City. To their horror, Steven tells the two that a meteor is heading for the planet. He explains that the Devon Corporation has a plan for how to prevent the threat, but someone is trying to interfere. Steven tells Ruby and Emerald that he wants them to first stop the meteor, then stop whoever is trying to sabotage the Devon Corporation's plans. Steven gives them both Mega Bracelets, so that they can utilize Mega Evolution to become stronger. Ruby happily takes the shining bracelet, and Emerald yells at him for instantly believing Steven's story. After explaining that Sapphire was unable to come to the meeting because she is out working with her father, Ruby tells Steven that he will help him under one condition—that Sapphire is not told about the meteor. In the present, Ruby explains to Latios that he was initially skeptical to hear Steven's story, but after talking to Zinnia, he now knows it must be true.

Flying on her Salamence with Aster, Zinnia reflects on her encounter with Ruby, and how he revealed that he has a Mega Bracelet in his possession. She is infuriated that the Devon Corporation would take a precious Key Stone and turn it into jewelry. Zinnia then becomes bashful, apologizing after she realizes she must have scared Aster with her anger. Zinnia shifts her focus to destroying the meteor, reminding herself that it is more important than her hatred of the Devon Corporation. She vows to protect the world above anything else.

At Dewford Town, Steven applauds Sapphire and Emerald for Mega Evolving their Pokémon. Just as Sapphire wonders if her father knows that Pokémon can Mega Evolve, Sceptile and Chic suddenly change back into their regular forms. Steven explains that Mega Evolution can only happen during battle. He teaches Sapphire and Emerald how Key Stones and Mega Stones work, explaining how they represent the bond between a Trainer and their Pokémon.

On her Dragonite, Ultima flies down to Sapphire and Emerald to compliment them on the growth of their Pokémon. She tells them that Sceptile and Chic have fully mastered the ultimate moves, and the next step is to have them practice them in their Mega Evolved forms. Petting Mumu, Sapphire senses that it is feeling eager for Ruby to come back so that it can also Mega Evolve.

Sapphire turns to Steven to ask him whom they will be fighting, and he gives her a letter. Emerald reads it out loud when he sees Sapphire struggling to understand what it says. Sent by the Draconid people, the letter orders the Devon Corporation to stop using technology to avert the crisis facing Hoenn, threatening to destroy the company if they do not comply. Sapphire wonders if the Draconid people are similar to organizations like Team Magma and Team Aqua, but Steven isn't sure, only knowing that they come from an ancient tribe who coexist with Dragon-type Pokémon.

Right as Sapphire tries to get Emerald to keep training with her, Mr. Stone appears behind her. He greets the others, along with Mr. Briney and Drake, then asks everyone to come aboard the S.S. Tidal to speak in private. Onboard, Mr. Briney reveals to the group that they have located a secret place to train, an abandoned facility called Sea Mauville.

Reminiscing on the time he spent with Shelly and Matt, who have now gone missing, Amber enters the abandoned Team Aqua Hideout. To his shock, Matt and Shelly can be seen waving to him. Amber is overjoyed, but pauses when he remembers that there is a certain Trainer skilled in creating illusions with fire. Amber sends out a Gorebyss and attacks the figures of Shelly and Matt. The two disappear, and Amber hears a voice from nearby. Blaise hops down from above and lands beside Amber. He reveals that his friends from Team Magma have gone missing too, and suggests that the two of them join forces.

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PS599 : Salamence Evolves
Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
PS601 : Beedrill Prepares
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