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Rara Gardevoir.png
Ruby's Gardevoir
Debuts in Creeping Past Cacnea
Caught at Route 34
Evolves in Prior to Rayquaza Redemption I
Metagross Investigates
Gender Female
Ability Synchronize
Nature Gentle
Current location With Ruby
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This Pokémon spent between 60 to 77 chapters as Ralts and 338 chapters as Kirlia.

Rara (Japanese: RURU), known as Ruru in Chuang Yi's translations, is a Gardevoir that Ruby owns in Pokémon Adventures and one of his first Pokémon. Rara was given to Ruby by his father, Norman. She is at level 70, her Characteristic is that she "hates to lose", and she is used in Smart Contests.


Ruby & Sapphire arc

Rara and Wally

Prior to the start of the manga, Rara was given to Ruby as a Ralts as a gift from his father, Norman. One day when Ruby was playing with Sapphire a Salamence attacked them and Ruby sent out Rara, Nana, and Kiki to fend it off. The three managed to scare it away, but Ruby got injured in the process, which scared Sapphire. Because of this incident Ruby decided to never battle in front of people again. Before moving to Hoenn, Rara was used by Ruby to win multiple contests in Johto.

Rara first appeared as a Ralts in Creeping Past Cacnea, where she was seen with Ruby on his trip to Hoenn. She is seen helping the moving truck get out of the mud by using Confusion.

In Tongue-Tied Kecleon, Rara is loaned to Wally to help him capture his first Pokémon. Rara was sent out against a Kecleon and attacked with Confusion. Due to her relentless attacks Kecleon tired himself out and was captured by Wally. Immediately after the capture an earthquake strikes and tears the ground apart, throwing Ruby into the sea. With no way to get out Ruby tells Rara to stay with Wally and watch over him.

After a long absence, Rara returns in Talk About Timing, Treecko, still under Wally's care. It is revealed that the two traveled to Pacifidlog Town so Wally could have a better place to recover from his illness. While there they are swept up by the storm caused by Kyogre and Rara soon senses a Treecko floating in the water. After saving him Norman shows up and shares a happy reunion with Rara. The three of them then head to the Sky Pillar for Wally's training. Rara is used alongside Wally's other Pokémon to help him advance through the fifty floors.

In Rayquaza Redemption I, Rara is revealed to have evolved into a Kirlia during the training at Sky Pillar. With the training complete Norman sends Wally to the top of Sky Pillar to awaken Rayquaza. Once awakened, Rara used Imprison to keep it in place while Grovyle attacked with Bullet Seed.

In It All Ends Now VIII, Rara is returned to Ruby.

Emerald arc

Synchronize activated as a Kirlia
Rara and Ruby

In Cunning Kirlia, Rara is used in Ruby's fight at the Battle Dome against Emerald and his Dusclops. The battle starts with Rara using Hypnosis to put Dusclops to sleep. He breaks free of the attack and attacks with a barrage of Shadow Balls. Surprised that Rara is still standing, Emerald has Dusclops use Fire Punch, which gives Rara a burn. Although Emerald thought that would help him win, Rara's Ability Synchronize activates, giving Dusclops the burn as well. On top of Rara using Imprison to keep Dusclops from using Shadow Ball, both Pokémon faint from the burn, resulting in a tie.

In The Final Battle VII, Rara was seen battling Guile Hideout's stolen Battle Tower Pokémon.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

In Metagross Investigates, Sapphire borrowed Rara to train her alongside her own Kirlia, Kirly, with the intent on evolving them into a Gardevoir battle duo. When the two began evolving, Sapphire accidentally unearthed a Dawn Stone and kicked it towards Kirly. The stone caused Kirly to evolve into a Gallade while Rara evolved into Gardevoir. In Swampert Smashes, Rara was reunited with Ruby, who was impressed by her new form.

In PS615, Rara was used alongside Kirly on top of Rayquaza to try and battle Zinnia. Though Rara used Misty Terrain to halve the damage from Zinnia's Salamence's attack, Rara and Kirly are attacked by a Noivern that was assisting Zinnia. Noivern's Boomburst hits Rara and Kirly, knocking them out in the process.

In PS616, Ruby received a Gardevoirite from the Elder of the Meteor Village. When Ruby was attacked by Sapphire due to a misunderstanding, he used Rara to defend himself from Kirly's attacks. When Sapphire had Kirly Mega Evolve into Mega Gallade, Ruby retaliated by having Rara Mega Evolve into Mega Gardevoir.

Personality and characteristics

Rara's Gardevoirite

Rara is intelligent and calm. Much like Ruby, she is flashy, loves to show off her looks, and hates getting dirty. Rara is very close to Ruby, which is demonstrated by her ability to sense his emotions even when he is far away. Despite Ruby's distaste towards battling, Rara is a very powerful battler.


See also: Mega Evolution
As a Ralts As a Kirlia As a Mega Gardevoir

Moves used

Using Confusion
as a Ralts
Using Misty Terrain
Move First Used In
Confusion Creeping Past Cacnea
Imprison Rayquaza Redemption I
Shock Wave Rayquaza Redemption I*
Hypnosis Cunning Kirlia
Shadow Ball Cunning Kirlia*
Misty Terrain  PS615
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Ruby was not present for either of Rara's evolutions.
  • Rara is the only one of Ruby's first Pokémon that:
    • Is dual-typed.
    • Is not weak to the Fighting type.
  • Rara is Ruby's only Pokémon that he uses in Contests whose Contest call is unknown.


Language Name Origin
Japanese RURU Ruru From ラルトス Ralts
English Rara (VIZ Media) From Ralts
Ruru (Chuang Yi) Same as her Japanese name
French Sasa From Tarsal (Ralts)
German Kiru From Kirlia
Spanish Ruru Same as her Japanese name
Italian Ruru Same as her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) RURU Ruru Same as her Japanese name
Korean 루루 Ruru Transliteration of her Japanese name
Brazilian Portuguese Rara From Ralts
Vietnamese Ruru Transliteration of her Japanese name

See also

For more information on this Pokémon's species, see Ralts, Kirlia, and Gardevoir.

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