Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
Laglarge, Strike
Shogakukan mini-volume Episode 9 in Vol. 2
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 9 in Vol. 3
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 605 in Vol. 63
Series Pokémon Adventures

(Japanese: ラグラージ、たたく Laglarge, Strike) is the 605th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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After being knocked into a glowing portal by a mysterious Pokémon, Sapphire finds herself in a dark, enclosed space. Overhearing muffled sounds outside, Sapphire determines that she is inside of a rocket at the Mossdeep Space Center. She listens to Professor Cozmo and several Scientists as they discuss putting the dimensional shifter into the rocket and launching it toward the oncoming meteor. She hears that the dimensional shifter works by warping the meteor to an unknown destination.

Sapphire is frustrated with herself for getting too distracted by Ruby, recounting a day where the two met in Dewford Town after not seeing each other for a while. In the flashback, Ruby gives Sapphire a new set of clothes, as well as Rara and Mumu's Poké Balls. He asks her to train them, then turns around to leave. Before he does so, he asks her if she wants to go see an astronomy show with him, showing her the tickets. Surprised that he was able to get such elusive tickets, Sapphire accepts. Before Ruby leaves, he tells her that he's going to borrow her Wailord.

In the present, Sapphire finds that she is still unable to speak. She thinks about Ruby, then wonders if by not telling her, he was trying to protect her from the truth. She realizes that since he already knew, he was likely feeling equally upset. Determined to play her part to save the world, Sapphire escapes from the rocket and hands over the dimensional shifter to Professor Cozmo.

Back at Sea Mauville, Ruby and Mumu battle against Zinnia and her Goodra. When Goodra is about to use a powerful attack, Peeko flies in to block it and protect them. As Steven and his Metagross struggle to fight, Drake realizes that it is weaker than usual. Steven reveals that he had drained the life force of Metagross months ago in order to build the rocket at Mossdeep Space Center. Steven tells him that while he used many items, it wasn't enough to fully restore Metagross.

Several Team Magma Grunts and Team Aqua Grunts rush to Zinnia to report that Sapphire and the dimensional shifter have vanished. Ruby is shocked, but then a weary Emerald shows up to confirm that it is true, as the mysterious Pokémon follows him. When Emerald says that Sapphire and the dimensional shifter have fallen into one of the Pokémon's hoops, Zinnia laughs at the irony that a device created to make warp holes would be lost in a warp hole. She applauds the grunts, then turns toward Steven. Suddenly, the sludge from an attack that Goodra used earlier begins to harden, trapping him in place. Zinnia tries to steal Steven's Key Stone, but Ruby stops her. Seeing that she wants to collect Key Stones, he runs up behind her and gives her his and Emerald's Mega Bracelets.

After Zinnia leaves with her Salamence, Ruby runs to greet Mumu and Rara, complimenting them on their evolutions. Mr. Briney asks Ruby why he would give up the Mega Bracelets, but Ruby that reveals he did it to steal a scroll that was in Zinnia's possession, since Renza had asked about it earlier. After apologizing to Emerald for getting him involved in keeping secrets from Sapphire, Ruby asks him about the mysterious Pokémon accompanying him. Emerald turns to the Pokémon and demands to know where Sapphire is, but it doesn't appear to have an answer. Before Ruby and Emerald can leave to search for Rayquaza, Drake offers to take them to Meteor Falls.

On an island near Sea Mauville, Amber and Blaise spy on the others as they begin to depart. Through binoculars, Amber spots the mysterious Pokémon that is following Emerald. Blaise tells him that the Pokémon has the power to summon Legendary Pokémon, and that their next plan is to capture it.

Sitting around a television, Gabby and Ty are shocked to see a news story about meteorites crashing into the sea around Sootopolis City, using the footage that they had taken and purposely kept hidden. All around Hoenn, viewers are horrified to learn that a massive meteor is approaching the planet.

Major events

  • Sapphire ends up in the rocket shuttle in Mossdeep City.
  • Sapphire hands Professor Cozmo the dimensional shifter.
  • The battle against Zinnia continues.
  • Steven reveals that his Metagross also had its life energy drained for the dimensional shifter.
  • Emerald reveals the culprit to Sapphire's disappearance is the Pokémon he encountered before: Hoopa.
  • Zinnia goes after Steven's Key Stone, but Ruby stops her.
  • Ruby gives his and Emerald's Mega Bracelets to Zinnia to convince her to leave.
  • Zinnia leaves, but Ruby reveals he took her scroll.
  • Blaise and Amber spy from afar and aim to obtain Hoopa for its ability to summon Legendary Pokémon.
  • The Lumiose Press editor-in-chief releases the information about the meteoroid to the press, causing the entire Hoenn region to know about it.
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  • In the Japanese mini-volume Volume 2, this chapter was titled (Japanese: EPISODE 9 Episode 9).

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
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