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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
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Metagross Investigates
Metagross, Inspect
Shogakukan mini-volume Episode 0 in Vol. 1
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Shogakukan full volume Ch. 596 in Vol. 62
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Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Dewford Town

Metagross Investigates (Japanese: メタグロス、調べる Metagross, Inspect) is the 596th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the first chapter of the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc. This chapter was originally released as a prologue to the then-upcoming Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter and was included in Volume 4 of the Ruby & Sapphire arc re-release. It was later collected into the first volume of the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter.


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The chapter begins with an image of the Hoenn region, as the narration ponders the connections between beginnings and endings, as well as land and sea.

At Granite Cave, Steven Stone and Ultima observe an ancient mural that depicts Groudon and Kyogre. Steven is surprised that he has never seen the painting before, figuring it used to be blocked by rocks until they were crumbled by the last battle that had taken place in the cave. After Steven accidentally offends Ultima by calling her "Elder" while trying to be respectful, she asks him where the children are. Steven informs her that they are training at the beach.

Sapphire is shown standing on the shore as she battles her Kirlia, named Kirly, against Ruby's, which is named Rara. She yells out to Emerald, who is napping alongside his Sudowoodo, to command Ruby's Pokémon since he isn't around. He refuses, asking her why she is so invested in having them battle. Sapphire reveals that it is because she would like to see Rara and Kirly evolve into Gardevoir at the same time.

Soon enough, the two Pokémon begin to tremble, and a Dawn Stone comes flying from a cliff towards Kirly. Both Pokémon evolve, but Sapphire is shocked to see Kirly become a Gallade. Emerald laughs himself to tears, noting that an "elegant" Gardevoir and a "tough-looking" Gallade are perfect matches for Ruby and Sapphire. Sapphire responds by grabbing a massive boulder and throwing it at Emerald.

Back at Granite Cave, Steven ponders the meaning of an alpha symbol on the depiction of Kyogre, and an omega symbol on Groudon. Interrupting his concentration, Ultima asks him why he summoned her from Kanto. Right as Steven reminds her that he brought her for her skills as a Move Tutor, Chic, Mumu, and Emerald's Sceptile enter the area. Steven acknowledges that the three Pokémon have already learned their "ultimate" moves, but he believes that they must learn how to use those moves in their Mega Evolved forms, with Ultima's help. Ultima shows doubt in her ability to assist, as she has never seen Mega Evolution before, but Steven reassures her that her wisdom makes her the perfect person for the task. Ultima agrees to teach the three Pokémon, and as Steven prepares to introduce her to their owners, the two come across Sapphire chasing Emerald with a full-grown tree.

Later at the shore, Sapphire informs Steven of Rara and Kirly's evolution. Steven speculates that the reason Kirly evolved into Gallade was because it happened to have touched a Dawn Stone. He has the Pokédex holders introduce themselves to Ultima, but realizes that Ruby is not present. Emerald reveals that Ruby had left to appear on a televised Pokémon Contest, and Sapphire is angered that she was not informed. She tunes into the show, where the host, Lisia, introduces Ruby as a guest. When Sapphire sees Ruby on-screen, she becomes furious.

After the show, Ruby runs into Gabby and Ty outside of the studio. The two compliment him and ask him if he will continue participating in Pokémon Contests. Ruby tells them that he would love to, but wonders aloud about being potentially prevented from continuing. He reveals to the two that the reason he performed on the show was because he believed it would be his last contest.

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  • In the Japanese mini-volume Volume 1, this chapter was titled (Japanese: EPISODE 0 Episode 0).
  • In Sapphire's fantasy of her Kirly and Ruby's Rara as a Gardevoir pair, the pose they make is a reference to Kamen Riders Ichigō and Nigō from the original Kamen Rider series. Her referring to the pair as "a duo of strength and skill" also ties into this.

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PS595 : Magearna Moves
Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
PS597 : Latias Flies
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