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Latias Flies
Latias, Soar
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Series Pokémon Adventures

Latias Flies (Japanese: ラティアス、飛ぶ Latias, Soar) is the 597th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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At the Southern Island, Ruby plays the Eon Flute, attracting the attention of Latios and Latias. Thinking the flute is being played by Emerald, Latias excitedly flies down toward the island. Surprised to see Ruby instead, she changes her appearance into that of a human. Ruby is impressed by Latias's illusion, enthusing over her glass-like feathers. Latios warns Latias to be cautious, distrusting of Ruby. Latias reassures him that Ruby is a friend, as they once worked together at the Battle Frontier to fight a formidable opponent. Latios goes up to Ruby, asking him why he is present. Before Ruby can answer, Latios senses that it is because the world is in trouble. Ruby asks Latios to take him to a certain place, while Latias is told to stay at the island. As he rides on Latios's back, Ruby informs him that he has obtained a Mega Bracelet.

At Dewford Town, Sapphire, Steven, and Emerald work hard to practice the ultimate moves with Chic, Mumu, and Sceptile as Ultima watches. Ultima is unimpressed with their progress and halts their training to berate them. When Ultima suggests that Steven is overestimating Sapphire and Emerald's abilities, they become more dedicated in their training, to Ultima's joy. Steven commands Mumu to practice using Hydro Cannon as he leaves with his Beldum to take a phone call.

On the S.S. Tidal, Mr. Stone speaks with Steven over the phone, joined by Drake and Mr. Briney. Steven informs his father that he is working hard with the Hoenn Pokédex holders, and that Mr. Stone's Castform is still being cared for by Ruby. Mr. Stone asks Steven if he has told the three about the truth of why they are training, and Steven reveals that he hasn't given them all of the details. Mr. Stone offers to tell them himself, and Steven agrees to call him when Ruby returns. Before saying goodbye, Steven sends his father a picture of the mural in Granite Cave and asks him to tell him his thoughts. After Steven hangs up, Drake and Mr. Briney compliment Mr. Stone for his son's maturity, but Mr. Stone believes he still has some growing up to do. Crowding around Mr. Stone's device, the three examine the photo of the mural. Mr. Stone notes the alpha and omega symbols that Steven had found, but to his surprise, there is also the symbol of a delta, falling from the sky towards Kyogre and Groudon.

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PS596 : Metagross Investigates
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