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Aerilate スカイスキン
Sky Skin
Flavor text
Generation VI
Normal-type moves become Flying-type moves.
Generation VII
Normal-type moves become Flying-type moves. The power of those moves is boosted a little.
Generation VIII
Currently unknown

Aerilate (Japanese: スカイスキン Sky Skin) is an Ability introduced in Generation VI. Prior to Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it was the signature Ability of Mega Pinsir. All Pokémon that have this Ability are Flying-type Mega Evolutions.



In battle

Generation VI

Aerilate causes all Normal-type moves used by the Pokémon to become Flying-type and receive a 30% power boost.

Generation VII

Affected moves now receive a 20% power boost.

Outside of battle

Aerilate has no effect outside of battle.

Pokémon with Aerilate

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
Pinsir Pinsir
Mega Pinsir
Bug Flying Aerilate None None
Salamence Salamence
Mega Salamence
Dragon Flying Aerilate None None
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In other games

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series

Normal-type moves become Flying type and deal 20-25% more damage.


Games Description
SMD Normal-type moves that the Pokémon uses become Flying type and deal more damage!

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

None.png Zinnia Mega Salamence Hyper Voice Adventures.png None.png None.png
Mega Salamence
The user's Normal-type attacks become Flying-type.
Pokémon Method
User First Chapter Used In Notes
373M Salamence Mega Salamence's Normal-type attacks turn into Flying-type attacks.
Zinnia's Salamence Omega Alpha Adventure 3 Debut

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 飛行皮膚 Fēihàhng Pèihfū *
天空皮膚 Tīnhūng Pèihfū *
Mandarin 飛行皮膚 / 飞行皮肤 Fēixíng Pífū
France Flag.png French Peau Céleste
Germany Flag.png German Zenithaut
Italy Flag.png Italian Pellecielo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 스카이스킨 Sky Skin
Spain Flag.png Spanish Piel Celeste
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Da Trời

Variations of the Ability Aerilate

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