Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
Omega Alpha Adventure 21
Shogakukan mini-volume Episode 21 in Vol. 3
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 21 in Vol. 6
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Sootopolis City

Omega Alpha Adventure 21 (Japanese: EPISODE 21 Episode 21) is the 21st and final chapter of the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Emerald, Shelly, Tabitha, and the Trick Master put the finishing touches on the Aqua Suit and the Magma Suit, which are worn by Sapphire and Ruby, respectively. The Trick Master notes that they have added a feature that will safely teleport the two back to Sootopolis City after it detects the destruction of Grand Meteor Delta. Ruby asks about the Key Stones sewn into his suit, and Zinnia reveals that both her Key Stone and Aster's are included. Mr. Stone points out to them that the Green Orb has been embedded in Sapphire's suit. Emerald remarks that they will be unable to see themselves in their Contest Costumes while they wear their suits, but Sapphire jokes that she will have to see hers on a daily basis when she gets back, offending Ruby. They begin to bicker, but Winona and Wallace assure them that they'll have time to argue later.

Before they can get into Wallace's car, Steven notes that he hears a rumbling sound. The group turns to see Rayquaza charging toward them. Rayquaza grabs Ruby and Sapphire in its claws, then charges for the sky. Steven tells Wallace and Winona to report to their teams that their plan for the meteor's destruction is moving ahead of schedule. As Red, Green, the Draconid people, and other Trainers balance their Pokémon on contrails, Rayquaza shoots through the sky, startling them.

Rayquaza takes Ruby and Sapphire into outer space, and Ruby is stunned to see the size of the meteor. He starts to worry, but Sapphire assures him that Rayquaza is willing to work with them. Using the Key Stones in their suits, the two Mega Evolve Rayquaza. They shout for it to use Dragon Ascent, and it dashes toward the meteor at an incredible speed.

Watching through a screen, Professor Cozmo reports to Emerald, Steven, and the others that Grand Meteor Delta is breaking apart. Steven calls for all of the interception teams to prepare for the falling debris. Cozmo excitedly watches as the meteor is reduced to many small pieces, but Emerald points to an odd triangle that has appeared. Giovanni stares closely as the triangle divides and a double helix begins to emerge from it. Suddenly, all communication is lost.

Floating through outer space, Ruby and Sapphire are shocked to see a Deoxys appear and attack Rayquaza. Emerald tries to have Hoopa bring his friends back to the planet, but it is only able to pull out rubble from its rings. Deoxys summons all of the debris toward itself, then sends it hurtling toward the planet. Giovanni is unsurprised as he stares up at the Deoxys he had abandoned after its creation.

Sapphire commands Rayquaza to use Dragon Ascent and attack the core in Deoxys's chest. Rayquaza charges forward into Deoxys, following Sapphire's orders. Right as Deoxys notices the core is gone from its chest, the light fades from its eyes, and its limp figure begins to float through space.

While Ruby rejoices that the planet has been saved, he notices that Sapphire has gone quiet. Tears drip from her eyes as she confesses that the ticket Ruby had given her for the astronomy show was destroyed when she had fallen into the sea. Ruby remarks that they don't need the tickets, and gestures to the beauty of the cosmos around them. Sapphire cries, happy that she and Ruby get to spend their final moments together.

Suddenly, their grip on each other is broken apart, and the two are sent flying in different directions. Just as they call out each other's names, Rayquaza grabs onto both of them, back in its regular form. Ruby and Sapphire watch in surprise as Rayquaza takes them back to the planet. In Sootopolis City, Emerald and the others happily await their arrival.

On a new day, Emerald rests in a field, relieved that the world has been saved. His relaxation is cut short when he is hit in the head by a substitute doll. Emerald yells at Hoopa for throwing items from its hoop, when Ruby calls out to him, holding a Diancite. Emerald reveals that he had Hoopa look for it, and Ruby remarks that it is great timing, as Diancie will be leaving with Steven for the Kalos region the following day. Hoopa is shocked and dismayed to hear this, and Ruby realizes that he should have kept it a secret. Emerald assures Hoopa that it will be reunited with Diancie in the future.

Emerald then turns to Ruby to ask about his parting with Rayquaza, and Ruby confirms that he had given it a spicy Pokéblock before saying goodbye, because he could tell it had a Brave Nature. Ruby tells Emerald that he then asked Rayquaza to help save the world if it is ever threatened again, and Emerald mocks him for only giving it one Pokéblock. Emerald then mentions that Ruby should be on his way, which confuses him. Emerald reminds Ruby that Sapphire is waiting for him, then remarks how odd it is that he can easily tell the Nature of a Pokémon, but struggle to understand the feelings of a person. As Ruby prepares to leave on Latios, Emerald tells him that he's planning to meet with the Frontier Brains. The two say their goodbyes and part ways.

At a Contest Hall, Ruby meets with Sapphire, who is frustrated that he is late. The two get changed into their Contest Costumes and head for the stage. While the two perform with Diancie and Phado, they are happy to be able to think about their futures again. They remind themselves that this was possible thanks to the efforts of people and Pokémon who were willing to understand each other. While performing, Ruby Mega Evolves Diancie into Mega Diancie. Ruby and Sapphire joyfully command their Pokémon to use Dazzling Gleam and Giga Impact, respectively.

Major events

  • Ruby and Sapphire are outfitted with the Magma and Aqua Suits.
  • Rayquaza takes Ruby and Sapphire to confront Grand Meteor Delta in space.
  • Ruby and Sapphire Mega Evolve Rayquaza and have it attack Grand Meteor Delta.
  • Back on Earth, Steven commands the three regions to attack Grand Meteor Delta at once.
  • Grand Meteor Delta is destroyed, but a Deoxys that was contained inside emerges from a Delta Shield.
  • As Ruby and Sapphire confront the Deoxys, Giovanni confirms that the Deoxys is Organism No. 1 that was disposed of by Team Rocket.
  • Ruby and Sapphire defeat Organism No. 1 by shattering its core, sending it back to the depths of space.
  • Ruby and Sapphire return safely to everyone with Rayquaza.
  • Ruby has Hoopa use its rings to find a Diancite for him.
  • Diancie is revealed to be departing for the Kalos region with Steven.
  • Ruby and Sapphire perform in a Contest Spectacular together, where Ruby has Diancie Mega Evolve into Mega Diancie.
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Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
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