Jade Orb

The Jade Orb (Japanese: もえぎいろのたま Verdant Orb) is a Key Item introduced in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. It is a legendary artifact that is associated with Rayquaza.

Jade Orb
Verdant Orb
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Jade Orb
Generation IV sprite
Introduced in Generation IV
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In the core series games


The Jade Orb is required to encounter Rayquaza in the Embedded Tower.


Games Description
A shiny green orb that is said to have a legend and has a deep connection with the Hoenn region.
A shiny green orb that is said to have a legend tied to it. It's known to have a deep connection with the Hoenn region.


Games Method
HGSS Professor Oak's Laboratory (from Professor Oak if he is shown a Kyogre from HeartGold and a Groudon from SoulSilver)

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

The Green Orb core in Pokémon Adventures

Ruby & Sapphire arc

While the Jade Orb has not appeared in the Pokémon Adventures manga, Norman revealed in It All Ends Now V that the reason why the Pokémon Association once captured and studied Rayquaza was in an attempt to create an artificial "Green Orb" (Japanese: 翠色の宝珠 Green Orb) in order to control it, but they failed to complete it.

Emerald arc

As shown in The Final Battle IV, the core of the unfinished Green Orb was eventually thrown away by Professor Yanase and subsequently found by Emerald, who started wearing it as a part of his accessories. In The Final Battle IX, Ruby theorized that the core's power to control Pokémon had helped Emerald in calming down the Pokémon that had been rampaging due to Guile Hideout's influence.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

In PS611, Emerald was revealed to have given the Green Orb core to Norman, who took it to the research facility where Rayquaza was held in captivity and used a machine to increase its purity. The process changed the core to a jade color and increased its strength. Despite the increase in strength, Norman was unable to utilize the core to control Rayquaza. When Ruby used the core, he was able to slightly control Rayquaza enough to influence its movements. When Sapphire used the core, she was able to peer into Rayquaza's mind, allowing her to hear its thoughts. When Ruby and Sapphire later prepared to ride Rayquaza to space in order to destroy Grand Meteor Delta, the Green Orb core was embedded in the Aqua Suit worn by Sapphire.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 草綠色寶珠 Chóuluhk-sīk Bóujyū
Mandarin 草綠色寶珠 / 草绿色宝珠 Cǎolǜ-sè Bǎozhū
  French Orbe Vert
  German Grüne Kugel
  Italian Sfera Verde
  Korean 연둣빛구슬 Yeondutbit Guseul
  Spanish Esfera Verde

Green Orb

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 翠色寶珠 Cheuisīk Bóujyū
Mandarin 翠色寶珠 Cuìsè Bǎozhū *
绿色宝珠 Lǜsè Bǎozhū *
  Korean 녹색구슬 Noksaek Guseul
  Brazilian Portuguese Orbe Verde
  Vietnamese Bảo ngọc Xanh non

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