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The Wish
The Wish
Web release
Japan December 9, 2021
United States December 9, 2021
English themes
Opening N/A
Japanese themes
Opening N/A
Ending N/A
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay Benjamin Townsend Benjamin Townsend
Storyboard 山元隼一 Jun’ichi Yamamoto
Assistant directors 松根マサト Masato Matsune
山元隼一 Jun’ichi Yamamoto
Animation directors 坂田愛子 Aiko Sakata
中矢利子 Toshiko Nakaya
酒井裕未 Hiromi Sakai
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The Wish (Japanese: ザ・ウィッシュ The Wish) is the sixth episode of Pokémon Evolutions. It was first released on The Pokémon Company International's official English YouTube channel, Pokémon TV, and The Pokémon Company's official Japanese YouTube channel on December 9, 2021.

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Her whole life, Zinnia was told to put her people’s wishes before her own and to uphold her duty to Hoenn. But when the Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza arrives, will she have what it takes?


As the sun begins to set over the Sky Pillar, Zinnia arrives on foot while May follows shortly after on Latios, proceeding to chase Zinnia up the tower. May finds that the ancient monument is worn and unstable, struggling to catch her breath after the floor collapses behind her as she climbs it. Laughing, Zinnia congratulates May on following her thus far and begins to tell the story of the Draconid people: one millennium prior, a large meteorite struck the Hoenn region, releasing immense power that caused Primal Groudon and Kyogre to fight each other in order to claim said power for themselves. As Zinnia regales the legend, the painted murals around her seem to come to life, showing Kyogre and Groudon attacking each other with Origin Pulse and Precipice Blades.

The intensity of the illusions briefly causes May to flinch before she continues scaling the tower after Zinnia, who explains that her people came together to express their fervent wish: that Rayquaza would arrive, clad in emerald light, to save them from the crisis. The strength of their wish was so powerful that not only was Rayquaza summoned, its appearance was changed through Mega Evolution and it successfully banished Kyogre and Groudon back to the depths of sea and land. Zinnia concludes that the Draconids then built the Sky Pillar to house the "rainbow stone" that granted Rayquaza its power. Looking at the Key Stone in her hand, Zinnia proceeds to reach the tower's summit; May, recovering from a fall she had experiencing the illusions, retrieves the Meteorite in her possession.

At the top, Zinnia recalls that the Draconids foretold that a larger meteorite would one day fall upon the Hoenn region, threatening to shatter the region. She expresses hopes that the Key Stones she's stolen will allow her to summon Rayquaza and save the region. Reaching Zinnia, May makes a last attempt to snatch the stolen stones from Zinnia, but Zinnia easily evades her. Remarking that her story has concluded, Zinnia reveals to May that summoning Rayquaza to save Hoenn has always been her duty, and asks May to take care of her Whismur, Aster, should anything befall her. As May nods in agreement, Zinnia raises the Key Stones in her hand and calls upon Rayquaza, who descends upon Dragonhark Altar but is unable to achieve Mega Evolution. Stunned by her failure, Zinnia realizes that Rayquaza doesn't have enough power and is at a loss after seeing that the Key Stones have no effect, just as May's Meteorite starts to glow. Zinnia recognizes the Meteorite's energy resembles that of a Mega Stone as May hurls it into the air, prompting Rayquaza to lunge and swallow it, taking it into itself.

Zinnia realizes that Rayquaza has chosen May over herself to be the region's savior, asking that May capture it as she gives May a Poké Ball. Heading into battle, May sends out her Aggron, who releases a Stone Edge that Rayquaza easily dodges, forcing May to switch to her Altaria. Rayquaza's Extreme Speed cleaves through Altaria's Dragon Pulse, sending the latter plummeting through the air and prompting May to recall it as well. May follows up with her Mega Swampert, who meets Rayquaza with a powerful Ice Punch that freezes Rayquaza over briefly. The sight causes Zinnia to flash back to her childhood, listening to a Lorekeeper telling her stories and preparing for her destiny of catching Rayquaza. Realizing that her destiny has slipped by her, Zinnia sheds tears as she yells to May to catch Rayquaza, which May proceeds to do with an Ultra Ball.

Thanking May, Zinnia makes one final request as the last Lorekeeper of the Draconids. From Pacifidlog Town, a pair of Pikachu watch on as Zinnia's Mega Salamence clashes with Mega Rayquaza in battle.

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