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XY021 : A Pokévision of Things to Come!
XY series
XY022 : Going for the Gold!
Mega Evolution Special I
ポケットモンスターXY特別編 最強メガシンカ ~Act I~
Pocket Monsters XY Special Episode: The Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act I~
First broadcast
Japan April 3, 2014
United States May 31, 2014
English themes
Opening None
Ending Mega Evolution Theme
Japanese themes
Opening None
Ending メガV(メガボルト)
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 冨岡淳広 Atsuhiro Tomioka
Storyboard 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Assistant director 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Animation director 岩根雅明 Masaaki Iwane
No additional credits are available at this time.

Pokémon: Mega Evolution Special I (Japanese: ポケットモンスターXY特別編 最強メガシンカ ~Act I~ Pocket Monsters XY Special Episode: The Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act I~) is the first Mega Evolution Special and the first special episode of the XY series. It first aired in Japan on April 3, 2014 and in the United States on May 31, 2014.

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Alain and his Charizard are on a mission to seek out and challenge Mega-Evolved Pokémon! They battle and defeat Astrid and her Mega Absol, unaware that they’re being watched. The observer is a young Trainer named Mairin, who’s just started her journey with her Chespin—and who has a lot of questions about Mega Evolution! Alain tells her he doesn’t have all the answers, but she’s still asking questions when he gets a call and has to leave.

She follows him to a cave, where he finds a Mega Stone. When he emerges, he’s challenged by Dragon Tamer Remo and his Mega Garchomp—with the Mega Stone on the line! Alain wins again, and afterward, Mairin tells him that she wants to learn to use Mega Evolution, too. But first, she’ll have to catch some more Pokémon!

Alain helps Mairin catch a Flabébé, and then he disappears when she takes it to a Pokémon Center. Nurse Joy tells Mairin that he went to a nearby restaurant to challenge the owner, Siebold of the Elite Four, and his Mega Blastoise. Mairin catches up just in time to watch the battle! The type disadvantage is too much for Charizard to overcome even after it Mega Evolves, and Alain is defeated—but Siebold is impressed with his strength. After the battle, Alain continues his journey, and Mairin is determined to go along with him and find a Mega Stone of her own!


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Mega Evolution: A new type of evolution. Some Pokémon are capable of Mega Evolution, but are there other Pokémon capable of it?

A Trainer named Alain battles another Trainer with his Pokémon, Charizard. His goal is to be the top trainer in battles involving Mega Evolution. Charizard battles against Absol, a Pokémon raised by Astrid. Both Pokémon Mega Evolve after Alain challenges Astrid to Mega Evolve her Absol. Charizard prevails over Absol by using Blast Burn to counter Absol's Dark Pulse. Mairin, a spectator of the battle, wants to know what happened to Charizard and Absol when they Mega Evolved. But then she brings up gossip from Lumiose City that a rampaging Garchomp ran loose and that a trainer freed her from enemy control, and afterwards saves a Pokémon falling from Prism Tower. This causes Alain to have a flashback, when he was Professor Sycamore's aide. Professor Sycamore was studying Mega Evolution and wants to know how it works and if it affects all Pokémon. Alain then wants to search for a Mega Stone to witness its power, which Professor Sycamore approves, and allows him to take a Charmander along. Suddenly, he receives a call where to go next, with Mairin tagging along, her curiosity piqued.

Mairin finds Alain in some old ruins. Inside, Alain finds a Mega Stone, but is troubled to what Pokémon it corresponds to. As he walks out, a man named Remo challenges him to battle, claiming that he needs the Mega Stone to bring it to his boss. Alain accepts, and Remo introduces to Charizard a Garchomp, Mega Evolved. The two Pokémon have an air battle, both suffering serious wounds after a fall, with Charizard winning and Garchomp collapsing from his wounds. Mairin, with some advice from Alain, catches Flabebe, her first Pokémon with Chespin. They then to heal their Pokémon, Alain leaving to battle, leaving her alone.

Nurse Joy tells Mairin that Alain left to challenge Siebold of the Elite Four. Mairin catches up to the two to watch the battle. Charizard faces off against a Blastoise, Siebold's Pokémon. Both Mega Evolve and battle, with Mega Blastoise having the advantage with its Mega Launcher and being a Water-type. Charizard tries to evade Blastoise's attacks but succumbs to its Hydro Pump. On the road again, Mairin wants to follow Alain so she can get a Mega Stone and Mega Evolve her Pokémon so she can beat him. He just shrugs and remembers Professor Sycamore declaring mankind is entering "a time of great change". But woe be in his way, for in a laboratory, there are charts displaying Mega Evolution and its possible power. A man smiles slyly as he looks for information.

Major events

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Pokémon debuts

Main series debuts





Alain Jonathan Silver Alain Kenshō Ono アラン 小野賢章
Mairin Zoe Martin Manon Mikako Komatsu マノン 小松未可子
Narration H.D. Quinn Narration Hideaki Tezuka ナレーション 手塚秀彰
Special appearances by
Astrid Kate Bristol Ayaka Miyuu Sawai アヤカ 沢井美優
Remo Marc Thompson Louie Kōichi Yamadera ルイ 山寺宏一
Siebold Eli James Zumi Hiroyuki Yoshino ズミ 吉野裕行
Lysandre H.D. Quinn Fleur-de-lis Hideaki Tezuka フラダリ 手塚秀彰
Professor Sycamore (anime) Jake Paque Platane Hiroshi Tsuchida プラターヌ 土門大


Animation supervisor *
  • Masaaki Iwane
  • 岩根雅明
  • Atsuhiro Tomioka
  • 冨岡淳広
  • Yūji Asada
  • 浅田裕二
Key animator
  • Masaaki Iwane
  • 岩根雅明
Chief animation supervisor
  • Toshihito Hirooka
  • 広岡トシヒト
  • Yūji Asada
  • 浅田裕二



  • In the flashback in which Professor Sycamore appears, his female Garchomp has a cut on her fin, a male-only trait.
  • In the credits of the English dub, Astrid's voice actress, Kate Bristol, is incorrectly credited as "Kate Briston".

Dub edits

  • In the Hindi dub, the intro scene with the multiple Mega Evolved Pokémon and the title card was skipped, and the episode started directly from the scene after the title card.

In other languages

XY021 : A Pokévision of Things to Come!
XY series
XY022 : Going for the Gold!
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