ハリさん Hari-san
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Mairin's Chespie
Debuts in Mega Evolution Special I
Caught at Lumiose City
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Mairin
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Chespin Yuka Terasaki Suzy Myers

Chespie (Japanese: ハリさん Hari-san) is Mairin's first partner Pokémon that she received from Professor Sycamore. It remains outside its Poké Ball.


Pokémon the Series: XY

Mega Evolution Specials

Chespie in a coma

Chespie first appeared in Mega Evolution Special I where it along with Mairin watched the battle between Alain and Astrid. After the battle, Chespie and Mairin went up to Alain when Mairin wanted to discuss to Alain about the different forms of Charizard and Absol. Chespie and Mairin followed Alain around while he battled various Mega Evolved Pokémon. Later, when Mairin encountered a Yellow Flower Flabébé, she had her Chespie battle her in order for Mairin to catch her. Chespie had trouble in the beginning as Flabébé was very fast. After Alain gave Mairin advice, Mairin had her Chespie use Toxic which weakened Flabébé enough and Mairin was able to catch her.

In Mega Evolution Special II, Chespie accompanied Mairin in Hoenn.

In Mega Evolution Special III, Chespie accompanied Mairin while she sneaked aboard a helicopter as Alain does not want her from coming. It protected Mairin from ice shards caused by the rampage of Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre who was trying to get a knocked out Alain to safety.

In Mega Evolution Special IV, Chespie accompanied Mairin to Lysandre Labs. After Alain refused to allow Mairin to travel with him, she asked Chespie to give her a moment alone. This resulted in Chespie following two scientists to a room where it found a Zygarde Core (Squishy) and some cells being subjected to some sort of evidently painful experiment. Chespie rescued Squishy after the equipment overloaded, but the energy Zygarde had been subjected to caused Chespie to fall into a coma, devastating Mairin.

Main series

Chespie made its first appearance outside the Mega Evolution Specials alongside Mairin in A Meeting of Two Journeys!, at Lysandre Labs. Alain called Lysandre for an update on the situation, only to be informed that nothing had changed at the time.

It appeared again in The Synchronicity Test!, where Mairin sent Alain a video of her and Chespie. Though Chespie had shown no signs of improvement, she assured Alain that the two of them were fine, and told him to do his best. Lysandre claimed that Alain could revive Chespie by collecting Mega Evolution energy. In truth, Lysandre had no intention of helping the Spiny Nut Pokémon; the energy was actually to power a machine to influence the mind of Zygarde. After Lysandre's true colors were exposed, Mairin set out to rescue Chespie from Lysandre Labs, with the help of Serena and Professor Sycamore. Chespie was eventually rescued in The Right Hero for the Right Job!. However, it ended up absorbed by Lysandre's fallback plan, a Giant Rock with the appearance of Zygarde 50% Forme, in Rocking Kalos Defenses!, although it was eventually rescued by Ash and Alain in Forming a More Perfect Union!, temporarily halting the Giant Rock. The energy was absorbed by the Giant Rock, and as a result, Chespie finally recovered. Squishy thanked it before leaving with Z2.

Chespie reappeared alongside its Trainer in Battling With a Clean Slate!, where it received a medal from Professor Sycamore for the heroic efforts against Team Flare. In The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!, it danced with its Trainer and Alain.

It appeared again in Till We Compete Again!, where it was standing by Mairin's side.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

In Curtain Up! Fight the Fights!, Chespie watched Alain's Masters Eight Tournament match against Leon.

In A Flood of Torrential Gains!, Chespie watched Ash's match against Leon.

Personality and characteristics

Chespie helping Mairin

Chespie tends to save its Trainer from trouble and helps her when she falls over. Chespie is also shown to be friendly with other Pokémon such as when it fist bumped Steven's Metagross after its battle. It shares some characteristics with Clemont's Chespin, in the sense that it can act goofy and be clumsy, similar to its Trainer. However, it has not been seen as gluttonous or mischievous. Similarly to Mairin, Chespie is a curious Pokémon with a strong sense of justice. It has been shown on several occasions to care deeply for its Trainer, using Vine Whip to prevent her from falling down and protecting her from harm.

Moves used

Using Toxic
Move First Used In
Vine Whip Mega Evolution Special I
Pin Missile Mega Evolution Special I
Toxic Mega Evolution Special I
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ハリさん Hari-san From ハリマロン Harimaron, Chespin
English, Italian, Spanish,
Brazilian Portuguese
Chespie From Chespin
French Mariss From Marisson, Chespin
German Igami From Igamaro, Chespin
Chinese (Mandarin) 哈力君 Hālì-jūn From 哈力栗 Hālìlì, Chespin
Chinese (Cantonese) 哈力仔 Hālihk-jái From 哈力馬龍 Hālihkmáhlùhng, Chespin


  • Chespie is the first non-Poison-type Pokémon in the anime to be seen using Toxic.

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